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These are important stories related to the history of Abandoned Codex, and a therefore a must-read for serious roleplayers.

In The Beginning - The main story of how Arathnos, the world of Abandoned Codex, was shaped.
Vampires vs Sh'kur - The origin of the ancient emnity.
Xantheus election report - The election of a mayor to the city-state.
Chronos' first prophecy - A foretelling by the one known as 'The Historian'.
The Voyage of the Shining Arietis - One of the most epic quests embarked upon in recent times.
Apotheosis of Malevolence - The continuing saga of Urtavu.


Stories written by player characters, about their own experiences. If you wish to submit a story, email it to Gareth.

Four Gifts to the Bright City
The Izbakuls
By way of Explanation, by Malthus
Into the Unknown, by Matri
The Priestess' Gift, by Menion
The Torturer, by Bercilak
The Transformation
Ghost Story, by Matri
A Kender's Telling, by Nightblade
The Awakening
Seph Eleison's Story, by Seph

Note: some of the author names are lost. If you can help us find them, contact Gareth.

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