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A Summary of Present Day Arathnos

This summary is intended only as a passing introduction, to acquaint the reader with the main themes of Abandoned Codex. Don't worry about memorizing it all if you're new though, the players here are very forgiving of the lower levels.
Further reading can be found elsewhere on the site, especially the stories page, the web forums, and by asking around on the mud itself.

Gods and the Second Age

The Ancient Codex is a pact between mortals and the Gods they worshipped in the First Age. The fall of the Gods heralded the end of said Age. The full story can be found here.

Only the Last Fragment of the Codex remains, and is what keeps those who are strong of will alive beyond death. The Gods will not take a soul unless they have special cause, or if that soul is truly defeated in all ways. However, there exists a Cult known as The Lorn, who believe that the last fragment also gives mortal souls special obligation to the Gods. They have chosen of their free will to sever these ties and face death fully when it comes.

The Gods of this, the Second Age, have left. Some occasionally dabble through prophets, avatars, or other spirits. Others lost part of themselves in the War and have been confined to the Ancient Battlegrounds on the island of Pentir. Some have threatened to return, fearing what might become of them if the Cult of the Lorn grow stronger.

Good and Evil

As the years passed, the adventuring population steadily grew in power. More and more achieved the rank of Avatar, and some progressed yet further beyond. Mana was formed, manipulated, and expended in the thousands. Eventually, this caused an instability in the natural balance of magical and spiritual energy in the world. Something deep and fundamental broke, as two inchoations, or sources, of energy tore into existence.

The source of magical energy appeared beneath the Halls of Forsaken. With it came beings of elemental magic who ran chaotically through the streets of Xantheus. Many organisations negotiated and battled for control, including the Sh'kura Nation and the Deathknights of Di Eamen.

It is currently suppressed.

The source of spiritual energy materialized west of Pentir, and was quickly taken by a powerful Drow necromancer who used it to create countless ghasts, ghouls, and wights. The necromancer was eventually killed by a group of adventurers; however, by then the amount of spiritual energy that had been claimed for Evil had built up to critical proportions: it took form as one being, and rampaged about the land jumping from host body to host body whilst building its own armies.

Eventually it grew weary of limits of a stolen body, so it grew its own in a willing recipient - the mage known as Meci. Nine months later a black-eyed boy was born in a slaughterhouse in Ofcol; his destiny dark.

The Mainland

More on Cenedl Thalos soon.

Xantheus and the Clans

More on The Mayor, The Clans, and their Many Enemies soon.

More on The Siege of Xantheus soon.

Pentir Island

The Island of Pentir lies in the tropical regions west of the Mainland. In the first few years of the Second Age, it was discovered by bold explorers from Xantheus, who colonized it. The initial turbulent times when organisations such as the Pentir Mafia and Di Eamen held sway, most notably marked by the assassination of the first Mayor, have since settled down.

Its main city bears the same name as the island, and is supplemented mainly by fishing, mineral wealth, limited agriculture, and trade with Xantheus. Although ostensibly owned by Xantheus, the latter's problems have caused Pentir City to largely govern herself. The physical distance between the island and mainland prevents most forms of magical teleportation, save for the intercontinental gate in Xantheus.

Pentir City is surrounded by native villages. Relations between them are of guarded distance, but little tension.

Djakiar and the Dragdorians

Djakiar is a hot, dry, desert continent far away. Its magical storms prevent teleportation, making it almost impossible for all but the most dedicated to visit.

See the story of the The Shining Arietis.

Other Stories of Note

The Sh'kura, a race descended from Dwarves, live by order and their emnity with the Vampires. Having no true homeland, they live in small towns and army camps spread all across the land. They are disliked within Xantheus for their belligerent military approach, and strict society that many deem fundamentally 'evil'. The story of their ancient feud is here.

Last updated August 2013.
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