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The Awakening

The stormy day started with shadows flickering at the edge of our vision and a mysterious note from Zorian the wizard. It basically said that a lifeforce had formed from the inchoation and that it was trying to inhabit a body. Elementals attacked, soon to be followed by the abduction of Nightblade. Nightblade didn't seem to fit the bill for the entity's thirst for power for he was released from its power.

We went to see Zorian to find out if he could tell us more of what was going on. He told us that the ghost was now working its way towards the chessboard and a way had to be found to seal it from the ghost. The ghost then tried to possess me. But for some reason it could not get past the spiritual power and goodness that this priest wields and could not abduct me at that time. (More likely I was too weak physically for it's desires.)

We went to the chessboard and found the gates rusted open, but had thoughts on possibly using magic to seal the chessboard and keep the ghost at bay. Zorian had a ritual that would work if we could only puzzle out how to work it.

Zorian said to us," 'There are a few ways. Barriers anywhere can be made by dedicated groups of high-ranking Paladins, for example." Alas we had no Paladins with us.

Zorian said to us," Then there is a ritual. Strong in the center, crucial on the outside, Symmetry is the key to any good ritual, and a chessboard is no exception. Do not forget the importance of the pawns in the endgame. Once the ritual is prepared, to enact it you must all deny the magic of the Chessboard of Paradys to this spirit."

We couldn't agree on a plan and most of us were confused by these cryptic answers. But Indigo and the others soon had a plan and off we went to the chessboard again. Then confusion set us back again as Indigo was abducted. Nightblade came up with a new scenario and we tried to accomplish his plan. But we took too much time. The spirit had fully possessed Indigo. He came upon us on the chessboard and tried to kill Vicks and murdered Nightblade and myself as well as anyone else that was in the area. Indigo, or at least the entity that is in possession his body, fled as we tried to regroup. So be warned. There is a new evil in this world and we need to find a way to defeat it and return Indigo to us unharmed.
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