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In Character Organisations

Entry requirements shown in italics. 'PK' refers to characters set Deadly.


Acerbus Ira, the Dark Anger, a deadly clan born of The Wolf. (PK only)
Di Eamen, the Deathknights. (Invite only)
Forsaken, the first deadly clan. (PK only)
Nonla Arahnala, an order dedicated to peace, learning, and healing. (Non-PK only)
Sword of Night, a gothic clan with a dark past. (PK optional)
Obsidian Circle, a breakaway clan of Sh'kur. (PK recommended)

Other factions

-<L>-<S>-, a small group with motivations unknown.
Tiddlywink Squad, the notorious elite killing unit of Acerbus Ira. (permanently disbanded)
The Hippi Church, a group of clerics and healers who draw strength from the ancient god Hip'pi.

Disbanded Clans

Diaspora, an order of academics and luminaries.
Nightshade, a peaceful order now absorbed by Nightmare, which in turn became Sword of Night
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New and improved features

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