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Credits and Contact Details

Current Mud Administrators

Gareth, Owner / Creator


Alucard, Armenium, Azriel, Brakko, Daoushiinan, Gareth, Magus, Malkarian, NeoFish, Nightblade, Norik, Palermo, Pro, Seph, Shadows, Sharina, Talinn, Uecef, Waldo.
We've had a lot of builders over the years, so the above is based on the arealist of the main port - if you think you've been unfairly left out then please let Gareth know.

Codebase and Derivative Credits

RepMUD (2006): Gareth Poulton
Smaug (1997): Thoric, Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn, Swordbearer, Rennard, Tricops, Gorog.
Merc (1993): Furey, Hatchet, Kahn.
Diku (1991): Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Michael Seifert, Sebastian Hammer.

Additional Code

Energon, code written especially for Abandoned Codex
Leviathan, snippets
Tsunami, snippets
Phlash at oswd.org, template for current website

Past Administrators

Daoushiinan, Delvael, Derg, Energon, Owl, Seven / Slab, Shadows, Tashaii, Terran, Thaok, Uecef, Wulfgar / Zarathos.

Other Past Staff

Chingan / Doomweaver, Previous Website
Talinn, Building Port Head
Palermo, Building Port Head

If you know of anyone we've missed out in this or any other section, or if you're listed here and want a link to your website, please let Gareth know.
Latest News

More New and improved features

New and improved features

Building Port Fixed

Konwaa expansion

New area

Av3 and Norkives

General mud forums de-announced at mudsnippets.net

General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

New site goes online.

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