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A kender's telling

I had taken some time from my exciting travels to relax in the stunning clan hall of Nonla Arahanala. It really is a fine place, lots of dragons, shiny things, very exciting. Well just as I was having a seat in the sanctuary of the clans past leader, I heard a shout about some ruckus near the executioner! Being the inquisitive kender I am, I immediately made my presence known. Tripping over myself in my haste to reach Mirza, I almost fell on top of a tired looking fellow by the name of Maeglin. He looked quite the spiffy chap, though he was bleeding quite badly. I noticed that there were others there as well. Lord Glaykor Fawson, Lord Cedrick, and Saul, that butcher guy, and from what I could tell Saul's business as a butcher wasn't going so well, his money pouch wasn't very full. Apparently Maeglin and his daughter Allasse, who by the way is a very pretty girl, had been traveling in their coach from Xantheus to Gedhron city with their servant Daeron when they were ambushed by a band of orc raiders! Maeglin said he and Daeron fought the orcs off while the pretty girl escaped. At this point Maeglin seemed to lose consciousness, perhaps the heat had gotten to him, but I grabbed my hoopak and skipped off in search of the pretty girl singing a merry traveling tune.

It seems I had gone the wrong way though as a shout from Glaykor announced that the ruined coach was in the completely opposite direction from where I had skipped off to. When I arrived at the coach the first thing I noted was that Glaykor didn't have such a large pouch of money either. Then I saw the mangled body of Daeron the servant and the severely damaged coach. Maeglin had woken up and made his way to us at the Crossroads and told us his daughter had run south, so that's where I headed.

After getting lost several times and playing on the beach for a while I returned to the Crossroads to find that Saul and Maeglin hadn't moved. They finally started south in search of the man's daughter and I was forced to chase after them, as they seemed to have forgotten I was there. We all met up at a crossroad that seemed to be covered in blood of all things, and we questioned a dark looking knight. He refused to tell us anything without payment, so thinking he apparently needs the money I gave him back his pouch of gold. To my surprise he then told us his spies saw the girl head south and then east. Well after some confusing twists and turns and a couple backtracks we made our way towards the ogre swamps.

Ogres are actually very interesting people. They can't quite carry a conversation, and their eating habits aren't exactly pretty, but they can break some really big things! After Saul, Maeglin, and myself wandered around in a mist for several minutes we finally found our way out only to see that Glaykor had already come across the girl and killed a wight that was guarding her. Boy was she pretty. I do admire the lovely girls and she was quite the looker. Pretty doe eyes, a dainty form...Well she seemed scared so after a touching family reunion we brought her back and met up with everyone at Mirza again. Once there, Maeglin asked us to seek revenge on the orcs and bring back his ring that they stole. He said they stopped chasing him at the east gate and went north from there.

Back on the road again, we wandered around, backtracked, and finally found the party of orc raiders and their captain. A vicious fight ensued and it was quite exciting! I myself single-handedly fought off the advances of the orcs, whacking their dumb heads with my hoopak and dodging their clumsy blows! I dodged in, spun, stabbed out! BAM! DEAD ORC! Dodge! Parry! HA! DEAD ORC! It was quite thrilling! Oh yes, Saul and Glaykor helped too. I retrieved Maeglin's ring from the corpse of the orc captain as Glaykor laid the badly mangled corpse of a bunny rabbit to rest. Sadly, the poor bunny had gotten caught in the crossfire and was trampled to death during the fight. We will miss him.

Unfortunately upon returning to Maeglin I was forced to give the ring I found to him. It really was a nice ring, shiny and smooth, and it fit well on my finger. On the bright side though, Maeglin paid the three of us for retrieving his ring, getting revenge on the orcs, and rescuing his daughter. As the two prepared to depart I was so distracted by the beautiful Allasse that I somehow had acquired Saul's share of the reward as well! Not wanting to embarrass myself I returned it to him without him noticing and then waved goodbye to Maeglin and Allasse.
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