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Xantheus Mayoral Election Report

As the Mayor of Xantheus decided to leave his post, it was time to put a new one in charge. Kirren, Friedman, Levet, Abu, Elstin, Dethan, Lain, and Lady Mayln all ran for the position. Lain was the first candidate to enter the race, adapting a policy geared toward cleaning up the street inside the city, keeping its citizens safe, and making Xantheus a "shining beacon in a land dominated by chaos and strife."
The second candidate to enter the race was Dethan, he said he would make no false promises, but that he would clean up the street of thieves and maintain order, so that people could live safely. Next to enter the electoral race was Pope Elstin, taking a platform that stated he would attempt to eliminate the prejudice in the city by getting rid of the Sh'kur hunters that roam our streets.
Levet also entered the running, saying people could be who they are, that he would make more parks, and most of all, "Money money money!" It was a surprise to everyone to realize that Abu the Monkey was running for mayor with a campaign slogan of "OooOok Ook Ook," which roughly translates to "I make good mayor! I love you!"
The most anticipated candidate, Lady Mayln, entered late in the election race. She made her presence known, preaching peace and equality for all peoples, regardless of race or lifestyle, advocating that all could live in peace. The last candidate to enter was Friedman, claiming to be "The Sane Choice."

Kirren, Friedman, and Levet trailed in the results, obtaining 1.0%, 1.8%, and 1.9% of the vote. The lack of support for these three candidates was probably due to their lack of a political platform, and the fact that they were relatively new to the city. Abu drew 8.0% thanks to his simple approach and his "cuteness." Elstin aquired 11.0% of the peoples vote, which is mostly credited to his role as Pope in the church. Dethan, thanks to his large family and reputation, laid claim to 14.1%. The race was close between the top two candidates, Mayln and Lain. Lain with her amazingly well constructed political platform and political ability won 26.7% of the vote. Mayln came away the winner, with most crediting her reputation, clan, and peaceful approach. The election was officiated by Sir Wedge, who also presented the new Mayoress with her title.

Mayoress Mayln is now in charge of the fundamental care of the city, such as crime, taxes, law, and up-keep. Mayoress Mayln is a fine person, and will do a great job leading our city.

- Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
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