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Inspired by the all the stories, I've decided to write my own. This is partly based on my experience on the MUD. Its also a story of what could have been.
  -- Matri

"Into the Unknown"

As I laid myself down, weary and exhausted after healing the many wounded adventurers in Xantheus, I reflected on my original mission here. Namely, to get out of here. I'm still not sure exactly how I came to be here. The last thing I was doing, I was sitting in front of my PC, surfing and playing. Next thing I knew, I was in a stone tower of some sort.

That was years ago. I later learnt that this realm I'm in, this land Arathnos, is very much a backwater land. Most of its citizens are simple barbarians, kill to be killed. But some of them also became civilised, creating this city of Xantheus, posting guards to keep out the more dangerous monsters. Still, all this killing tends to empty out the land, so the gods have devised a way to ressurect its citizens, by transferring their consciousness into a new body as the old dies.

I don't exactly relish the though of being production-line, but at least it keeps my alive long enough to find my way home. I've almost given up hope, to settle down in the city, seeing as I've already gained the respect of its citizens, friend and foe alike. But then I found something that gave me new hope.

I have been hearing reports of some leaving the realm, and not returning. Some of them old friends, like my August, with whom I shared a kinship. Possibly they have found a way out. If that was so, then I would try too. Unfortunately, I have no idea where they last went. Perhaps and expedition into some of the farther and more remote, and possibly dangerous, areas will help. Somewhere out there, is a way for me to get home. I have to try. Fully refreshed, I gather myself, checking my supplies. My training here as a Ranger allows me to survive for a few days without food, but better to be safe than sorry. Gripping my axe, and feeling its warmth coursing through me, I set off for the unknown.

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