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The Voyages of the Shining Arietis

As recounted by Bolkins, Quartermaster of the Grand Army of Xantheus, and Trader Extraordinaire.

Month of Sektober
The sky is filled with a brilliant orange as the sun sets in the west. Xantheus disappears off the horizon as the Shining Arietis cuts its way through the waters.
Despite the shaky start and potentially lethal encouter with a group of lizard-beings, the boat continues unabashed, ever on southwards. Most of the ship's crew show little interest in socialising with the adventuring classes, viewing them as snooty magic-wielders with little in common with the "lower" classes. They do, however, show a basic level of respect to those given passage to protect them from harm.
As night closes in, there is little sound other than the chopping of the waters on the hull. Below deck, an oil lantern is lit.

Month of the Winter Wolf
As the Shining Arietis makes her way through the increasingly choppy waters of the Southern Ocean, spirits remain high. The wind has been favourable, leading to some predictions of an early arrival. The only incident of note was a brief skraling attack on Vicks' watch, in which one was slain, and the others chased away.
The crew are becoming gradually more sociable, and Saul has begun training them in combat skills. Attempts to teach them the art of spellcasting have come to little, however, as they are for the most part of low to moderate intelligence and are not innately magical beings.
The last seagull was seen returning to shore on the fourth day.

Month of the Frost Giant
The ship encounters unexpected land, with a strange island. We stop for some much needed rest and relaxation, as well as to gather supplies. Barely as soon as she arrived, the ever-determined cargo ship "The Shining Arietis" sets off once again into the sunset.
Barely a few days into the fresh leg of the journey, an unexpected Vampiric visitor awakens in the hold. I confront the intruder, Daemon Schalevin, and decide to eject him at the next island. Where 'the next island' might be found is, however, uncertain.

Month of the Old Forces
As high winds carry the Shining Arietis onward towards Djakiar, another kind of presence is felt. A disruption in magical energies; a 'magical storm' if you will, barely perceivable by non-casters, grows in force by the day.
Then, as magic above deck is shut out completely, land is sighted.
A small vessel of the Djakiar Imperial Harbour Watch confronts the ship, and after much heated debate decides to bring the crew to land to present themselves to the council. The Dragon-Halves ("Dragdorians?") Vicks and Wedge are required to wear collars of Drygonite and be given as 'Harbour Tax'.
Using an attack by Southern Skralings as diversion, the Shining Arietis heads back out to seek an alternate port to land, and to secure a location for their gate beacon somewhere where the influence of the magical storm does not hinder higher forms of magic.
After several hours of journeying, a tiny island a few miles out is landed upon. The crew each make contact with the gate beacon, which allows for their resummoning. I head out in a small lifeboat with two of his crew to scout out the area, and to retrieve the clothes required by Wedge.

Month of the Leopard
Unexpected developments in Xantheus place further journeying on indefinite hold. This continues for several months.

Month of the Dark Shades
Freshly restocked and ready from a recent battle with the Dark Spirit known as Fane, an attempt is made by Saul, Vicks, Wedge, and Retribution to return to the portal beacon. However, the spirit interferes at the last moment, tearing the portal and sending the adventurers to a ghostly unfamiliar place.
Ghasts appear, created by Fane, slaying Retribution. Eventually the area is cleared, the portal retrieved, and Retribution restored to life.
Landing upon the island, the party return to the old familiar ship. The crew now long gone, Saul's familiarity with the boat comes to good use. The anchor is lifted and they set sail to Djakiar.
Their arrival is met with guarded suspicion, until Retribution attempts to bribe a guard and the party is arrested. In the meantime, another group of guards attempt to confiscate the ship, but it is suddenly vanished by persons unknown.
How they were able to escape and return to Xantheus is currently a mystery to me.

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