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The Abandoned Codex

This is the story of how Arathnos was shaped, and what its situation is today.

In antiquity, the cries of mortals bearing the struggle of life rose, a cry for a higher power, a cry for a god. As the cries grew, out of the mystical force which is the universe spun a sentient being to fill that void. As it grew in shape, form, and consciousness, it took upon itself the mantle of the God of Life.

He pitied the plight of the mortals, and took mercy on them by creating the Ancient Codex by which all would be governed. The codex brought peace and prosperity to the mortal realms by establishing the order by which all would be governed.

Tahysien Mir was the first, and under him were created the lesser gods, those which would govern the individual aspects of the realms. As the mortals' worship grew more fervent, so grew the form and consciousness of the gods. They revelled worship and favoured the mortals accordingly.

Thinking that he was no longer needed in these realms, the God of Life left matters in the hands of his minions. He wandered far and wide, exploring the cosmos and spreading the seeds of life throughout the universe.

As the gods gained worshippers, so they gained power. And, as always happens when great power is bestowed upon any sentient being, corruption began to seep into the Codex.

The Gods became greedy, vying with each other for worshippers and power. They began eying each other, envious of each worshipper. They began bestowing more and more benefits upon prospective acolytes, hoping to draw these mortals to their cause.

Tahysien Mir, the most powerful of the gods, was not immune to this. He became jealous of the growing power of the lesser gods. He desired above all else to keep his position as the highest of the gods.

The gods began bickering amongst themselves, and set their loyal mortals to warring against each other. The war soon rose to a fever pitch, the mortals demolishing themselves amongst each other. In their preoccupation with war, everyone, god and mortal alike, forgot about the existence and ruling of the God of Life. The battle raged on, until the day that the God of Life returned.

The God of Life, after seeding the universe, decided to return to his first project, and check on its progress.

He returned to a scene of chaos. The world lay in ruins, only a few mortals remaining alive. The gods were battling with all their might against each other, each one hoping to win the war and become the highest god.

The God of Life was enraged when he saw what had happened. It was then that he knew it was a mistake to create beings who had such great power. He was disturbed, however, to find that they had grown in power so much that he could not simply wipe them away with a swipe of his hand. He found that he would have to battle them, one by one.

Upon his return, the gods stopped their bickering, and turned their focus to the God of Life. They immediately split, some siding with the god of life, some against. The ensuing battle was the greatest conflict in the history of the universe. The mortals' world was wrecked nearly beyond salvaging.

The gods battled among each other for over 500 years. God after god was destroyed, until finally only two opponents remained.

The God of Life was one of these. He was greatly weakened by the lengthy war, but believed he had enough strength left to defeat his last remaining creation.

The other remaining immortal was Uecef, the God of Honour. In this war, however, even Uecef had thrown off all aspects of Honour and Decency.

The two faced off, ready to battle to the death. When they engaged, the entire world shook with their might. When the dust settled, both beings lay dying on the battlefield. Neither had the strength to get up.

Such was the end of gods, and the Codex was left empty, abandoned except for the mortals, who had been forgotten in the great war.

Whilst the gods were battling among themselves, the mortals rebuilt some semblance of civilization. They grew to hate the gods for what they had done to the world. They vowed never to worship another as a god again.

They chose to instead focus their attention inside themselves, developing their ways of life into an art form, and gaining power from being the best at what they were.

From the ashes of the Abandoned Codex arose a new society. The mortals became dedicated, with a sharp purpose in mind.

From this mindset came a new type of person. They intensely trained themselves, both spiritually and mentally. At the culmination of their training, they were fierce warriors, having practiced and perfected both the Martial Arts and various magical arts. They were the monks, and they epitomized the mindset brought on by the destruction of the gods.

Today the gods are nothing but legend, though the mere mention of them brings a strong sense of dread to any who hear...

Such is the state of the Abandoned Codex in the current day. It is a world of chaos, with little form or order. The gods left behind them much destruction and confusion. How will things sort themselves out? Only time will tell. Perhaps you can be part of the solution...

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