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The Transformation

Colcun caught his balance as he landed somewhat uncomfortably in the town square as he was still getting used to the idea of "Word of Recall", and the transportation from one place to the next. He had hopes of meeting Magyana, so as to perhaps impress the beautiful vampire of his new learned skills in search. He thanked the Gods for making it back in one piece...... after all, Wilam was rather intimidating. Magyana yet again returned to his mind... he couldn't help himself. Perhaps he was falling in love. Often in the night, he would hear her voice soothing his battle wounds, and his heart, just by the sound of her voice, floating on the wind. In fact it was this hearing of her voice that made him wish to meet her in person. And shortly after meeting her, he knew that he must do what he could to please her.
Night fell, as he continued to think about his encounter with Bercilak, and his rather tasteless killing of the citizens of this town, and the voice that he heard nightly floating on the wind. Suddenly out of the darkness something shadowy flew over the square, jumping from one building to the next. He sensed a great evil, but was unsure what to do. It was rather obvious this town didn't have dark things bolting from one building to the next all the time, So his curiosity got the best of him, and he bolted after what ever it was. The shadow jumped yet again, making Colcun hard on breath. Suddenly, without realizing it, he stood before the great Cathedral of Xantheus City. The creature had vanished some where about here. Suddenly, the familiar voice came upon the wind.....and for the first time, there was great alarm in the voice.
He was in grave danger. He looked up, where the gargoyles watched over the church. Hunched next to one of them, was a dark shape. Then two red eyes peered out of the darkness. Colcun knew he was in trouble. He could no longer move, he was so tired, and for some odd reason, he could not recall. He began to become frantic. Then a slow hissing was heard, and the shadow dropped down before him. It beared its great white fangs, and hissed a very evil hiss. It grinned slightly, and said, "Ah it would appear that this cat's curiosity will indeed kill it." It moved very slowly around Colcun, playing with it's prey. Suddenly, a flash of darkness, the vampire was upon Colcun, tossing to the ground. The vampires eyes rolled back, as it grabbed Colcun's wrist, slashing it open with its teeth. Blood spurted from the new wound, and the vampire screamed with glee. Colcun slowly became delirious. Then darkness enveloped him. As conciousness came back to him, he layed in a dream:
About him were many people, all pale, and all with a red wine of sort. One of the people came up to him, and offered him a drink of his wine. Feeling rather out of sorts, Colcun agreed. The man who fed it to him quietly murmured, "There you go Tasloi. Enjoy your new lot in life." Confusion grappled him and he shook awake to see before him the neck of the creature before him. He quickly withdrew, looking at the vampire in shock horror. For before him, the vampire who had stolen his life, lay lifeless itself, and covering it, and the area about it was a pool of blood. Colcun slowly walked over to the now dead corpse, turning it face up. The vampires face, was in a position of pure pain, as the now still hands grasped the long jagged blade, "Snake bite", which ran through his heart.
Slightly the wind picked up, and Colcun looked about in slight anguish. What now? What now?, he quietly asked himself in his mind. An answer came, and it was one, that Colcun would have to live with forever. Move on Tasloi. You have a destiny to fullfill.
Tasloi slipped into the shadows in search for answers....as the corpse slowly turned to ashes, and floated off in the wind.
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