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Connecting to Abandoned Codex

The mud can be found at abandonedcodex.net, port 4000.

Although telnet (supplied with almost all computers) works fine, we recommend the following mud clients:


Mudlet - an increasingly popular client, also available for Mac.

Pueblo - This is the recommended client for Abandoned Codex, since it enables enhanced content such as images and sound. It's also totally free. Some people have reported difficulties running under Windows 10 however.

zMud - A lot of players prefer this because it has simpler setting up of triggers (although note that some types of trigger are against mud rules - read up on 'help bots' online before using any). It only has partial support for Pueblo control codes, however, and it costs money.

Portal - We don't know anyone who uses this, so can't comment. It also costs money.


tintin++ - One of the true originals. No GUI required.

tinyfugue - Another console-based client.

Kmud - A client for KDE.


Both tintin and tinyfugue (above) can be compiled for OS X. If anyone's had any luck with a Pueblo-supporting OS X client then let us know.

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