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The winds ran through the dank tunnels of Naragunud as usually that night, yet it was not just another added to it's long history. In the cold darkness of its caverns the chieftain's wife had just given life to two sons. The names of the twins were Dain and Nain Uzbakul.
All went well in the caves and the tribe prospered, until fate struck a nasty blow. Vampires and Sh'kur had always been able to maintain some form of peacefulness between their peoples, but the continued provocations of the vampires led to a terrible war between the two races. The vampires were driven from the Sh'kur homelands as were the Sh'kur driven from their settlements in Vampire territory.
A punishing expedition was sent to the Vampire hinterlands, under the command of Gror Uzbakul. Their bounties were plentiful, but costly. One night Gror and his brother Thror were hunting the remnants of the vampire villagers they had just conquered. Nobody but Thror knows exactly what happened but Gror was never seen again. When they returned to the village Gror's wife ordered Nain and Dain to leave and take Thrain - the new born son of Gror - with them, to be safe from the imminent struggles for leadership. So the three brothers wondered of into the world and took on new names.

Towards strangers they would now refer to themselves as Doomweaver, Caligula and Toutatis. During the time of their flight from Naragunud Thrain was brought up without ever having a real home. Years later they arrived in Xantheus and heard about a clan called Forsaken that has been a home for the outcasts of the world. They decided to spend the night in the local inn and sign up the next morning. But during the night Thrain escaped and when the twins next saw him he had joined the clan called Acerbus Ira.
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