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We had a FAQ, but then we decided it wasn't really a FAQ, it was more a way of presenting the mud. So this is blank for now while we present the mud on the 'Introduction' page, and wait for some questions to emerge frequently.

Some things we might address:
What's the best mud client?
I'm having trouble displaying images with my mud client.
Who should I go for with questions or for help about various things?
What class/race do you recommend?
How 'easy' is the mud? How long does it take to reach maximum level?
What's the best way to go about roleplaying?
Can I start a restricted class or special class/race combination?
What are the conditions for remorting? Av2?

Latest News

Av3 and Norkives

General mud forums de-announced at mudsnippets.net

General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

New site goes online.

Quest notification mailing list created.

News functions written.

Changes to illusionary magic - 'save versus wands' is now 'save versus wands or illusion'; fright and disintegrate updated accordingly.

New website begins production.

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