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New submissions always welcome. Email them in plain text format or basic html (<p>, <b>, and <i> tags only) to Gareth.

A bardic poem, by Branye
Dreamy lines, by Branye
The initiate, by Uecef
The last one, by Branye
The loss, by Jericho
Magyana, by Magyana
Ryissha, by Ryissha
All those who seek war, by Uecef
Trollish feast, by Uecef
Latest News

Av3 and Norkives

General mud forums de-announced at mudsnippets.net

General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

New site goes online.

Quest notification mailing list created.

News functions written.

Changes to illusionary magic - 'save versus wands' is now 'save versus wands or illusion'; fright and disintegrate updated accordingly.

New website begins production.

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