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The Tiddlywink Squad - The Forgotten History of 'Acerbus Ira'

Many years ago the clans of Acerbus Ira, Forsaken, and Nightmare (Now known as SoN), were at peace. Ira and Forsaken had a verbal agreement between them to not attack each other very often, and to keep fairly peaceful relations. Oddly enough, this peace tended to work for many, but it also caused problems for more than a few. For the clan Forsaken was created to be a home for outcasts and those not enthused with the common social mentality of Xantheus. The clan of Acerbus Ira was created as an honorable clan that tended to seek out evil and purge it from the city. It was their way, and the Forsaken were a natural enemy.

This peace having gone on for some time, had practically turned Forsaken into any other clan, kind, social, helpful. Nothing like what it was meant to be. Due to this, Ira became more relaxed and more sociable to all, for they no longer had mortal enemies. This doesn't seem like a big problem to many, but indeed it was. Since Forsaken no longer harbored the real forsaken people, the outcasts had no where to turn. They wandered clanless, and without a cause, or joined one of the three clans and were forced to hide their true selves within.

This would lead to a problem that would plague Xantheus for some time. Within the clan of Acerbus Ira a group of restless people began to form, dedicated to killing anyone not of a clan, for if they were to attack Forsaken the war would start anew, and no one seemed to want that. So they killed the clanless for their own amusement, and the occasional Forsaken, since small scuffles usually didn't cause much of a problem. Slowly the group became more and more restless. They were indeed much more like outcasts than true members of Ira, and they slowly realized this themselves.

As the group within Ira grew more it became more like a miniclan within Ira, and it's own leaders arose, Surge, Daemon, and Jadical, and they called their miniclan The Tiddlywink Squad, and became an elite killing machine. These three began to think and plot amongst themselves. They wished for a war, they enjoyed the killing of others and wanted more. But the state of the clans was not prepared for war. They discussed moving to Forsaken and trying to convince it's supposedly forsaken members into war but the clan leadership was too firm, being led by Contradox, the sh'kura Vampire, Jericho, and Drak. These three were strong and would not budge.

The leadership of Acerbus, however, was not nearly as strong. They had only one real leader, known only as Nameless. He was seen as a weak minded fool by the TWS and thus, they could easily remove him. About this time the true outcasts of Xantheus began to flock towards the squad, and those who were seen as powerful and dangerous killers were accepted. Among these new outcasts was one of the first pureblood vampires to be seen in Arathnos, Iorek Byrnison. Iorek was taken in by the leaders and quickly learned their methods, under the skilled leadership and instruction of Jadical. As weeks past Iorek became a very devoted member and took to their ways of killing quite easily.

He became another leader of the miniclan and slowly plans began to form. The squad wanted their own clan where they could reign, but they didn't have the ability to make a true clan on their own. Thus, they formed a plan to take control of Ira. One day the leaders of TWS met in the Ira clanhall with Nameless, and they ordered him to step down from his position of leadership and put them in his place. He of course refused, for he was a leader of a clan, and thus had more power over them. It was then Iorek brought forth their trump card if you will. He threatened Nameless with the fact that a clan with less than 5 active members would be disbanded.

The insurgents threatened to take all their members from the clan of Acerbus Ira, which would leave the clan with a mere two members. Nameless had no choice but to step down. He left the clan completely after making Surge the Leader of the it, with Jadical as Number One, and Iorek as Number Two. The Tiddlywink Squad now had it's own clan. They immediately began the war again, and before Forsaken knew what hit them, Ira had slain at least twenty members. This would not seem like much, except that the Squad had only six to seven members itself.

Forsaken finally began to realize they there was actually a war going on but instead of attacking back they attempted to talk. Sending letters which threatened to start the war again, but the squad simply laughed, because that was indeed what they wanted. Eventually Forsaken began to at least attempt to fight back, but they stood no chance. Through the years the clans had got the crazy notion of honor stuck in their systems, and thus, Forsaken expected the enemy to show as much honor as well. Unfortunately for them, they were quite wrong.

Forsaken fell many times to the 'dishonorable' yet witty and intelligent schemes of the new Acerbus Ira. The Squad members took a liking to attacking when the enemy least expected it, or when they had the least chance of winning. These tactics were not very well liked amongst the populus of Xantheus and slowly the entire city was up in arms against the aggressors. Finally people began to take more intelligent courses of dealing with them, fighting along the same lines, trying their best attempts at causing distrust within the clan in an attempt to break it up, and also recruiting some spies to send into the Squad to keep an eye on them. Their attempts at breaking up the faction loyalty to itself never stood a chance. The Squad had become more than just a clan. Surge had left it but was soon replaced by the one known as Dethan Stormblade who quickly became a leader, having the personality and skill the the clan desired.

They had become extremely close knit, more like a dedicated family than a clan, and their loyalties were only to themselves. The spying didn't work either. Unfortunately for the spies, it didn't take long for the squad to figure it out. Although the spy system didn't exactly work, it did in a way bring the downfall of the faction. The constant spying caused its members to become somewhat paranoid about who joined, and thus their numbers stayed at a solid five to eight people at a time. One such example of the paranoia dealt with one named Shasta, someone who very much wanted to be a part of the TWS. Shasta joined up, and was doing well in the clan for a couple days until the leaders noticed his lack of killing skill. He was defeated several times much to their chagrin. The leaders began to be suspicious of Shasta, being that they knew little of him and eventually decided to be rid of him.

This time they would show what happens to spies though. They took Shasta out hunting with them one day, and when they reached the city of Ofcol, Iorek and Armenelos, attacked, slaying Shasta in a mere second and Jadical then cast Shasta from the clan. Not long after this encounter a warrior known as Thwalyn entered the ranks, and became a great member, an efficient killer, and was well liked among the clan. As time passed the clan plagued the city of Xantheus by killing constantly. Their numbers were low, and their clan consisted only of Jadical - Leader, Dethan Stormblade - Number One, Iorek Byrnison - Number Two, Thwalyn, Jewel, Eternity, Draveth and Armenelos. In a short time these few people caused the clan kills to sky-rocket, far above one hundred kills, and far above that of the Forsaken. The entire clan worked as a unit, sharing kills and experiences, helping one another, and supporting each other. They rained chaos down upon the city, and on one night the roads outside the gates of Xantheus were littered with corpses. The squad having seen much prey wandering the streets at the time, worked together and and they slayed almost twice their number. Time passed and things stayed the same, the TWS using tricks and power to kill, such as:

1)Shouting for help at Phunbaba, an evil statue in the Art Gallery. A foolish woman actually came to help him, and when she attacked the statue, Jadical struck.
2)Sitting in the chessboard, feigning unconciousness(afk) and striking down his enemies as they came to defeat him.

1)Using the inherent skill of the vampire to take the form of mist, and move silently to his victims.
2)Using raw power, defeating up to 5 enemies at one time, most commonly taking on 2 at a time, but quite capable of more.

The entire clan did these types of things. They were experienced and damn good at killing. No one could match their skill, and no one could deny that. Unfortunately in time the clan was forced to gain more members in order to safeguard their continued existence. Their failure to do so led to the disbanding of the squad. The TWS couldn't accept this and continued to kill. As time passed Iorek Byrnison left the faction, retired after killing many enemies, but his nephew came to take his place. He was known as Panserbjorne, a deadly warrior and with as much skill as Iorek. Finally a clan was created, known as Di Eamen, and was to be the home of all the great killers and powers. But the squad, still being too few in number were refused entry. This was the last straw for some. The TWS had given up Ira for Di Eamen, but they were denied entry. The faction fell to pieces. They had no clan and most of their members had slowly disappeared from the lands.

Soon, only Jadical, Panserbjorne, Dethan, and Thwalyn remained. Panserbjorne continued his killing spree, refusing to accept the fall of the clan. Dethan had gained the status of Avatar and slowly became grudingly accepted among the other avatars, mainly due to his friendship with the powerful Alucard. Thwalyn disappeared for a while, but occasionally returned to help in Panserbjorne's killing spree. Jadical left the realms for a while, but returned and finally achieved the rank of Avatar, against all odds, for everyone was attempting to kill him. He somehow had gained a huge amount of power in his quest to avatarhood and was feared among even the oldest avatars. But his life of power was not to last. He was soon destroyed by the power of the Gods and was not to be seen again. The fall of his leader caused Panserbjorne to lose heart, and he slowly faded away as well.

The clans had regained their members and leadership. Forsaken was soon under new leadership, Drak and Jericho having been dishonored by their lousy performance against the squad, and Contradox having died. Acerbus Ira regained it's honor, and was soon led by Vicks, the mortal enemy of Panserbjorne. All seemed to be back in order, and the years of death appeared to be over.

The End?

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