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The Legacy of Forsaken:

Forsaken was the first ever clan of deadlies to start up in Arathnos. They were founded back when the gods still showed favor to the people and were favorites of Thaok a lower god of war. They were first led by Fasa, a dark vampire who at times remembered the gentlemanly ways of his mortal life, but most often reverted to the dark deadly ways of the beast within him. Fruit, a deadly theif with no morals, and Knightmare, a dangerous vampire that seemed unbeatable, assisted Fasa. These three were outcasts for various reasons and banded together because no one else wanted them.

They called to the dungeon they took over, the other outcasts of the land. The outcasts where offered a place where they did not have to be ashamed of their true self. A place where they wouldn't be frowned upon if they killed for no reason or if they lied or cheated. Only the strong were allowed to walk within the halls.

Naturally the people of the land resisted such a place within the city and the clan suffered many blows as it tried to grow. Their leader Fasa soon started wandering farther and farther from the land. Fruit was run out of town by a group in outrage at his betrayal of Lord Wolfric; the betrayal that led to Lord Wolfric's first departure from the city and a betrayal many still do not forgive. Knightmare took the clan over for a while and they prospered, but he soon lost heart with his clan and turned to the halls of Nightmare, thinking the vampires there might understand him better. Unfortunately Knightmare would never find a true home and wanders about the land. He rarely shows his face to anyone now.

The next leader to take on Forsaken was a mighty warrior by the name of Sephiroth. Sephiroth led the clan with great anger and violence. Yet, by now the once honorable Wolf order had turned deadly and was tainted by Ioseph, an evil warrior whose mark the clan still fights to be rid of.

The Wolf fought with no honor and soon drove Sephiroth to the verge of insanity. His friend Slart forced him from leadership the same day he met Lady Magyana. Magyana strove to help Sephiroth find peace. The Wolf was led by Muerto at the time and Muerto insisted that should Magyana be with Sephiroth she had to give up leadership to Nightmare because Muerto did not believe Sephiroth could turn his back on Forsaken forever.

Slart, with the help of his wife Arctic, tried to lead Forsaken, but the two had found love and had lost some of the hatred that had driven Forsaken to survive all this time. Forsaken lived in a state of near death until Contradox took it over.

Contradox helped bring about a peace for the clan. He brought power back into Forsaken, but also brought respect. His only mistake was when he insulted Magyana and threatened her clan. Though only Magyana and Contradox know what really happened, it led to Contradox giving himself over to Nightmare for justice. Sephiroth accepted Contradox's offer and took his head as payment.

Lady Jericho then stepped up to take over Contradox's quest. His death, though a high price to pay, brought reestablished peace between Forsaken and Nightmare. At this same time the Wolf also went through leaders and a name change, finally ending as Acerbus Ira and at peace, through the return of Lord Wolfric. He and Jericho forged a peace between the two clans and Jericho departed the land to return home, thinking her and Contradox had done enough that the clan could live on without her.

There was great disagreement in the clan about who should lead now. Jericho's husband Drak felt he should and Kalyposo, the one directly below Jericho in leadership felt she should. As no decision could be made the clan was without any leaders for a while. Temporarily Devian, an archangel that had fallen, led the clan but nothing permanent came to term.

Finally Seph, a vampire who was taken in by Sephiroth and his family, decided he wanted to try and breathe life back into the clan his brother loved so much. Unfortunately Seph couldn't bring back what the bitter inner arguments after Jericho left had killed and he too soon left the clan and sought sanctuary in Sword of Night.

Doomweaver took over the clan and with the help of his brother Caligula, they united with Bruenor to become a solid leading force. They were able to keep the peace betweent he clan for a long time, alowing forsaken to prosper and grow strong in numbes once more.

But then Doomweaver and Caligula were called upon from their homelands. They decided to leave Kalypso in charge while they were gone, as Bruenor had other matters to attend to at the time.

While Doomweaver was away a horrible evil force by the name of Regicide moved into clan Forsaken. Regicide's goal was to completely take over Arathnos by force. He brainwashed Kalypso and was using her power as leader to get what he desired. When Doomweaver returned to his beloved clan he was saddened at how Kalypso allowed such a horrible beast like Regicide in and Doomweaver took sanctuary in Acerbus Ira.

As Regicide got further into his plans, a group of warriors emerged one afternoon to take him out. This group consisted of two Acerbus Ira members and one Forsaken member. The Ira members were Indigo and Vicks, the leader and the Forsaken warrior was Akastron.

Due to akastron's hard work and dedication, he was able to fight the beast Regicide toe to toe taking the hits and returning his own. While Akastron fought, Vicks did his job to help damage the beast. The battle was turned around when the great adventurer Indigo, a warrior like no other, smashed into Regicide leaving him open for any and all attacks. Regicide was soon demolished and sent back to where he came from.

Forsaken was free of his turmoil and thus Akastron gained the position of Number 1, right next to Kalypso. To this day, Kalypso has been gone from the clan adventuring in many things and Akastron has taken the duty of bringing Forsaken back to life. He loves his clan and tries his best to have it turn out well.

After some time, Akastron had too many other priorities to keep leading Forsaken, so he stepped down, leaving the clan in Cedrick's hands, while putting Indra as the #1. Indra, however, was a warmonger and was constantly trying to coerce Cedrick into starting wars with everyone. Cedrick and his allies soon saw this, and managed to convince Indra to step down - but not before Indra vowed his vengeance against Cedrick, who had repeatedly humiliated him for his actions.

Forsaken is currently being led by Cedrick and his right hand Quakank.
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