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The Legacy of The Wolf, known today as Acerbus Ira

Wolfric was a dwarven ranger. After so many years it is unclear if the great Lord was raised by or with wolves. Whatever the origion he had a deep respect for wolves and so named the order he and his two most trusted friends, DarkReaper and August, after his beloved creatures. Wolfric led the order with honor and in peace.

However as the gods became restless and the Great War drew near, much changed within The Wolf. August had long since moved on to other places and DarkReaper lost all his heart when his wife disappeared. This left Wolfric alone in an order of new blood; new blood that felt the rising chaos around them and wanted to answer it. Wolfric finally gave into the desires of his order and stepped down, giving leadership to a brave warrior by the name of Ioseph. Wolfric roamed the forests of the land and came upon a young vampire and her companions. By now the Great War had started in earnest and The Wolf had turned evil and chaotic.

Lord Wolfric was at a low point in his life and found no joy in life, until these three kindred showed him a path through the darkness. Lord Wolfric spent many nights helping Magyana, one of the kindred, plan out a way to create a sanctuary for her kindred. Unfortunately, fate would not smile on Wolfric and one night while out alone, the evil of his once noble order weighing heavey on his heart, he foolishly called out to the few remaining gods for help in avenging his past. A theif nearby, saw this and betrayed Wolfric to the city, a city full of people who distrusted and hated the gods destroying their homes.

Wolfric left Xantheus in shame a few nights later. Ioseph led The Wolf to great power during his reign, but it was an evil power and soon his evil grew too much and the land itself rejected him. No one has heard from him since. The clan lay in silent decay for many years, a few former members struggling to understand the past were unable to walk away from the quiet rainforest The Wolf called home.

Finally Ethiylas stepped foward. The past is unclear on how long he had been within The Wolf, for he looked back and saw the honor of Lord Wolfric and wanted to touch that honor. With the brief help of one of Lord Wolfric's decendants, Caedes, Ethiylas renamed The Wolf to Acerbus Ira. Acerbus Ira means Dark Anger in the old tongue. He wanted to bring honor and justice back to the clan and peace to the city. Time came and all looked well for the clan, then for reasons unknown out of the clan Ethiylas left the land for a time.

A powerful vampire by the name of Muerto stepped up to lead the clan next. Muerto was a mighty fighter and decided that it was Acerbus Ira's responsibility to destroy the evil outcasts know as clan Forsaken. While the idea was a noble one it opened Acerbus Ira back up to the bloodlust Ioseph first tainted the clan with. Muerto led the clan in victory for many years against Forsaken, but eventually felt his time with the clan was over. He left the clan to a friend and fellow kindred, Nameless.

Nameless left the sanctuary of Nightmare to lead Acerbus Ira, however his bloodlust for destroying wasn't as powerful as the members filling Acerbus Ira's halls. Nameless was wise enough to see the changes Forsaken's new leader, Contradox, was making and no longer saw the clan as an evil to be destroyed. He spent much time trying to convince Acerbus Ira of this but could not win the fight, so eventually he stepped down from the clan and returned to the santurary of Nightmare.

A young warrior by the name of Surge stepped up to lead the members of Acerbus Ira on their blood hunt. As with most wild warriors, Surge's leadership was short lived. A vampire named Thoth tried to take control of the chaotic clan next, but was unable to hold onto the clan through the raging conflictions of the newer, chotic members and a resurgance in older honorable members.

Finally the chaos was calmed when Lord Wolfric returned to Acerbus Ira. No one denied the mighty ranger's place as leader of Acerbus Ira. Returned to his home Wolfric set out to rid Acerbus Ira once and for all of the evil taint Ioseph started. Wolfric, with the aid of Vicks and Indigo made peace with Forsaken and made great progress towards cleansing the rainforest of all the evil of the past. Unfortunately Lord Wolfric was unable to stay in Xantheous for long and he left the clan in the secure hands of Vicks.

There was a brief time of peace, but soon the proud blood of Vicks clashed with the arrogant blood of Alucard, the then leader of Sword of Night. After several attacks against his members, Vicks was left with little choice; diplomacy had failed, and Acerbus was again plunged into war. The war became an ugly and dishonorable blemish on both sides, and nearly destroyed the very foundation of both clans. Although the war was never fully resolved, the attacks soon ceased, and a tentative ceasefire was reached. While the war is still not completely forgotten, both clans have turned towards a goal of peace. Soon after, Vicks stepped down from his position as leader, having grown tired of fighting. He departed from Xantheus, and left the clan in the capable hands of Norik.

Time passed, and eventually the halls of Acerbus slowly emptied. Norik no longer held interest in leading the clan, and soon he offered the position back to Vicks, who had begun frequenting Xantheus to stay in touch with the clan. It was thus Vicks again took over the leadership of Acerbus.

With the help of his brother Indigo, and a young ranger by the name of Rhaz, Vicks again set his energy towards rebuilding the clan. The war between Acerbus Ira and the Forsaken has once again flared up, and the clan struggles to maintain its honor in a violent and unpredictable world.
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