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Nonla Arahnala

(as written by Sir Wedge Mathiu, Leader of Nonla Arahnala)

First Leader, Azriel
Second Leader, Gedhron
Third Leader, Mayln
Fourth and current Leader, Wedge

In this dark age of men, there are few places an adventurer can turn to for sanctuary from the evil beings that haunt the lands. In Xantheus, such a jewel exists; a light against the dark, Nonla Arahnala offers such sanctuary to those who desire it. Nonla Arahnala was founded by the Gold Dragon Falisvir, a True Dragon, in hopes that it may be the beginning of a greater good; that it may lead others from darker paths. As its leader, he chose Azriel, then left the clan to its own ends, intervening very seldomly. To Azriel he bestowed a great weapon, the Sword of Falisvir, which showed that Falisvir trusted Azriel to act as he would have wanted. Azriel, however, was replaced by Gedhron, who was, in turn, replaced by Mayln. I would speak more of Azriel and Gedhron, though they had ruled and left before I even arrived in these lands. Mayln was a powerful leader; daughter of Alucard Vehenemance, she was wise beyond her years, and commanded great authority. She had the charisma and knowledge capable of bringing peace among the other clans in Xantheus. Unfortunately, she felt a calling, and left the halls of Nonla, though she promises to return, she knows not when, and cannot disclose to where she has gone, although I believe she has returned to Damascus, or perhaps to seek a cure for her malfunctioning cookies... Never the less, she is sorely missed. In her absence, Nonla Arahnala was left leaderless for quite some time, until during a chance return visit, Mayln demoted herself to No.2 and appointed myself, Sir Wedge Mathiu, as the new leader of Nonla Arahnala. Although by chance, I hold the Sword of Falisvir as did Azriel, and Falisvir has visited our fair city, which he has not done in years. He leaves the following message:

'Proud Xantheus, how you have battled through the Ages of Man.
'I will not deliver you from the evil, which you have brought.
'But you have the goodness in your souls to redeem yourselves
'And one day you shall all be as Gods, safe from the touch of thine Enemy

'Nonla Arahnala shall lead the way.'

It is with these words that we begin with new fervor, and strive more vehemently than ever before to end the darkness that grips our lands, so that peace may once more rule the lands of Arathnos.

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