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Diaspora (Disbanded)

Diaspora band together to share their knowledge and provide a level of safety against the more malicious creatures of the world. Although the members tend to be academics, not all of their ranks are so high-minded. Many are merely adventurers who like the thrill of discovering new places and battling new creatures.

All are welcome to Diaspora, so long as they have a story to share and a sword to lend in the defense of their fellow members. Diaspora are led by Bercilak.
Latest News

Av3 and Norkives

General mud forums de-announced at mudsnippets.net

General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

New site goes online.

Quest notification mailing list created.

News functions written.

Changes to illusionary magic - 'save versus wands' is now 'save versus wands or illusion'; fright and disintegrate updated accordingly.

New website begins production.

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