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The Legacy of Nightmare and Sword of Night:

Nightmare was breathed into life during the Great War where the gods battled over power. The idea of it came from Countess Magyana, a young but proud vampire at the time. She sought to create a sanctuary for her kindred - a place where a vampire could be the beast and the person and be welcome for both aspects. She turned to the help of her newest and dearest friends, Tirre and Lord Wolfric to start the clan.

Though Lord Wolfric's betrayal by Fruit soon led to his departure from the land, Magyana and Tirre didn't give up on their goal. Another kindred, by the name of Raist, and a ranger, who once trained with Lord Wolfric, stepped up to aid the ladies in finding a home for the clan and in deciding what ground rules such a haven would need.

The ranger soon disappeared and was replaced by Tasloi, a new vampire who was unwillingly embraced into the eternal darkness. Tasloi found an abandoned church and with the help of Thaok, made the needed adjustments to turn it into a home for the clan. Nightmare lived in much peace, taking in all kindred who came seeking for aid.

However the peace was not to last, Tasloi never could accept his life as a kindred, and gave into a poison that robbed his life from him. Magyana turned bitter at the loss of her lover and the clan lost a touch of warmth and joy it once had. During this time Nightmare continued to grow in power, but the power was turning darker. Yet, a small reminder from Magyana's past brought her out of her coldness and saved the clan from the darkness that threatened it.

Balthamel, a mage that had long ago befriended Magyana, came to her seeking sanctuary for his order. Balthamel had taken over Nightshade, an order Magyana remembered well from before the Great War, but Nightshade was suffering as more and more of the city turned dark and evil. Magyana opened Nightmare's doors to her friend and those left of the order she once knew and Nightmare began its quest of honor in serving and protecting the city.

Soon after this merger, Magyana met up with Lord Sephiroth. She knew the warrior in passing but had never spoken much to him, but this night he looked very depressed so she stopped to speak to him. It turned out that he had left Forsaken and was looking for a way to control his anger and live in peace. His story reminded Magyana of her own battle with the beast that she offered Sephiroth sanctuary in Nightmare. The two became very close and Lord Muerto, the then leader of the Wolf, was angered over the relationship. Muerto demanded that Magyana step down as leader of Nightmare if she wished to associate with Sephiroth. At the same time Magyana's son, Graucsh, found his way to Magyana and she decided that it was time she focused on her family instead of her clan. She stepped down leaving the clan in the hands of Balthamel and Matri on the condition that her son be allowed to help rule the clan. All agreed and all was well for a brief while.

However soon the pressures of leading a clan that thrived so much off blood and death got to Balthamel and the mage stepped down, giving leadership to Graucsh. Graucsh led with the assistance of Magyana for many years. Under Graucsh's leadership Nightmare changed its name to Sword of Night and gave Nightshade equal status within the clan. However while the Sword of Night fought to prove peacefuls and deadlies could live together the world outside the clan halls were becoming more dangerous. The Sh'kur were appearing in the land and more and more outsiders came threatening the city.

In an effort to protect Sword of Night and prepare it for the battle all could taste coming, Magyana took control of the clan from Graucsh and gave it to Alucard. Alucard brought a strong and brave warrior, known as Dethan, into the leadership with him. The two of them work to protect Sword of Night from any and all threats. The calm voice of Matri, as Nightshade's representative in the leadership, and Magyana's wisdom aid them in ensuring Sword of Night will survive through many more lifetimes.

But times change as wars are forgotten and new enemies rear up to claim the attention of all. With the end of the war the leaders left to explore the lands and new ones were chosen to fill the void. Valadonis rose from the ranks of Nightshade to take the leadership during this lull of conflicts. Kayanti became lady of Nightshade even though a madness soon took her from the clan. Leadership of Nightmare passed hands many times as the peace soon led those to wander away for chances to claim honor in battles far away.

Then the hardest hit claimed the clan. Magyanna, who's mother-like wisdom aided the leaders of the clan left for parts unknown as the Sh'kur slowly reasserted themselves and their power into the lives of those in the city. Leadership was needed again.

Valadonis called on Amen to lead in the Halls of Nightmare and Glaykor in Nightshade. More battles were fought but thankfully no war raged yet the clans started to draw sides.

Leadership was called on again. With the training he had gotten from his mentor Graucsh in the old ways of the clan, Glaykor took charge of the Swords with Amen as Lady of Nightmare, leading the front in the battle against the insults of the vile 'Twisted Ones' and Erilyn Lady of Nightshade.
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