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The Loss

The faces of our memories...the faces of our enemies
The colors of our souls...the prices of our tolls
Have we so wandered...wandered far and away
Have we so forgotten...that words rely on us to say?
Sweet kisses goodbye...the sweet crying at night
Time lingers for no man...and aganist time, we fight

My friend Ill hold you close, when night comes and when night fades
Ill remember how we battled with fury, and saw the truth in all charades

Time is our enemy...because it flies so fast
But our bonds will never die through time, because we'll always have the past

So here in my dream walk with me, tell me where you've been
We can hope away and you can talk with me, we'll laugh at the follies of men

Then the daylight breaks and we rise to walk into the suns light
Ill hold to you and bury my eyes, pray when I open them it will again be night

Alas however it ends here, its time to wave goodbye
But in my heart your face will never fade, your voice will never die


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