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Wedge was born into a wealthy family of dragon-halves. He was the only pup of his parents. He was brought up to be well rounded. He studied texts on history, philosopy, and diplomacy. He was also tought how to fight. Around the age of 16, he decided to put his skills to use in the world. He left his home, and traveled to Xantheus. It was here that he learned of Knights, and aspired to be one. He furthered his skills to such an extent that when he rescued a maiden from Tiamat, he was recognized as a Knight, one of few in Xantheus. His stature has been recognized by the citizens, and they have granted him many special privlidges, concerning the safety of Xantheus, one example is that they have placed him in charge of running mayoral elections. He discovered a clan named Nonla Arahnala, and a true dragon named Falisvir. It was here that he found something to believe in, a religion of sorts. He now journeys in the name of Falisvir, and is blessed enough to wield a sword, which Falisvir blessed himself. He hopes to one day see Falisvir in the flesh. He has protected Xantheus against such monsters as Exless, the Matron Mother, and Izrick. He has aided Elstin in the discovery of a counter-element to drygonite. He is the No.1 of his clan, and is currently recording the history of Nonla Arahnala with the help of the clan's librarian, Master Roniok. He has also managed form allegiances with the religous section of New Ofcol, and the Dragons of Ryshikahnan. He strives constantly to protect the weak, and uphold the honor of Falisvir.
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