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My name is Turgil Telepelen. Many elves wonder of my family name saying there are no Telepelen. They are correct only on so much as the name was stricken from the Elven Archive ages ago. My family was one of a few that supported the mingling of elves and humans. This was centuries ago and now all but forgotten. Many elves were strongly opposed to this idea. Now my family back then was very powerful and generally popular with most of the elven people. The council feared that our beliefs would taint the people so were banished along with others who believed as us. We travelled far north and crafted ships to sail away from our former homeland. Many moons past when out of nowhere we ran across an island. Our original destination was further away but everyone was in agreement that this was an omen and so the island became ou home. Now to let you know many human also journeyed with us. Those that were our friends and family (mingling had already taken place at this point) could not be separated. So at first out population of exiles were mostly humans and some elves. As the centuries past the population was intermix to such a degree that you could almost say that nearly everyone had human and elven blood. We lived in comfort, the island being a virtual paradise and our woodlore had not waned like our mainland brethren. We continued to live peacefully. About 200 years ago it was agreed by the council to see how the world at large was fairing in our absence. We have been away for many generations and though we were content on our island home we still were curious to know. Scouts were sent out to the mainland as well as other places of the world. Five years passed and still no word from any of the scouts. The council conviened and it was decided that a search party was to be sent to look for them. Before the party could be sent all of the scouts returned to the island. The council deliberated with the scouts for 3 days on all the information that they gathered. One amazing discovery was the disposition of elves towards humans and half-elvenkind. They were accepted as part of society and were no longer outcast and exiled! There were even communities of half-elves and the scouts were greeted warmly there. Also equally surprising was that no one had ever heard of our family! Even in the great capital of the elves (The new one. The one standing when we were exiled is now ruins) had no record of Telepelen in their archives. The last bit of relavent new was that the world in general was in chaos and turmoil. Wars ravage the land and many people have lost the ways of the ancient times which now we are the sole keepers. The council feared that if we were to reveal ourselves to the world we would be dragged into the wars and fighting and we too would lose our traditions and lives. The council decided to stay in exile. To watch the outside world but to not involve ourselves in it. Days later every person with adept knowledge of magic gathered at the center of our island and begun a powerful spell. It took many days to complete the casting, but when it was complete our island was removed from the eyes of the world. Only our people could find our island now. And so we watched. Even to this day we watch although more of us are allowed to leave to explore and scout the outside world. My father was gracious to allow me to live here in Xantheus, maybe to one day be an embassador for our people. Now that the world is more stable, maybe House Telepelen can once more be known to the rest of the world.....

Turgil Telepelen:

Born to parents that were both half-elven, and a family in exile from their homeland on the island of Mithnor hidden to the north of the mainland. He left home, driven by wanderlust and adventure. His path led him to the City of Xantheus and the story begins...

House Telepelen:

An ancient line that goes back to the first sundering of elves, they were the ones that did not oppose the mingling of elves and humans. Although noble and just they were exiled with those that believed as they to never return. Many generations later, they secretly sent out people to see how the rest of the world was faring since their exile. They found tolerance of half-elvenkind and that they were many in the world. They also found a world in turmoil due to the many wars that had occured. Also there are no mention of the house of Telepelen in any of the elven histories. Fearing that if discovered they would be brought into the wars, they continued their isolation and cloak the isle of Mithor in magic to hide them from the world. Even to this day, they are stay hidden from the world.

Meaning of names:

Many elven names are rooted in meaning. It is not uncomon for a child to remained un-named for many years. Some re-name themselves when a change in their life impacts who they are greatly. Here are some of the names and the meaning behind them:

Telepelen means "Silver Star". The house of Telepelen has always revered the heavens and the starry night sky. The Silver Star is the symbol of the family since its founding long ago.

Turgil means "Sky Gazer". Turgil Telepelen, like most of his family, loves the stars above. He would often lay down on a hilltop and gaze til the morning light.

Dagnir Valarauko means "Demons Bane". Turgil received this title for defending a village from a hoard of underworld demons. In the battle he slew the leader, a mighty balrog and hunted down the rest of the fleeing demons to the last.

Dagnir Helkeloki means "Bane of the Ice Dragon". This title Turgil gave himself after battling Icingdeath, the Great Ice Dragon. At the start of the battle, the great wyrm lunged out, disarming Turgil of his weapon. The sword was a weapon known as "Benediction". The battle ended with Icingdeath slain but the sword was lost, destroyed by Icingdeath. Since that day, Turgil has vowed vengence on all of Icingdeath's kin.

Turgil in Xantheus:

Many adventures did Turgil have after leaving the isle of Mithnor. He finally made it to the mainland and discovered the City of Xantheus. He was not prepared for the vast city, in all its splendor. At home people lived in small communities, noone built massive walls and and grand towers. He spent many days wandering its streets and knew that this was to be his new home. Many long years of adventuring took him to the corners of the world and yet he always returned to his new home of Xantheus. Finally upon achieving the status of avatar, His dreams of purchasing a home in Xantheus, was finally comming true...
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