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My name is Summer and I am a human vampire.
I have lived here for more lifetimes then I care to count. I like this place best of all the lands I have traveled. I was a member of the Order Nightshade, who are here to help people. During my absence Nightshade merged with Nightmare and have since become Sword of Night. I wed the god of the unkown, Daoushiinan, unfortunately the Dark War interfered greatly with our time together and eventually drove him away from our land. During a hunt shortly after my husband's dissappearance I allowed my body to be killed by the evil sorcerer Markaugh. My soul lived on, haunting that place until centries later my beloved returned to Arathnos and with the aid of a powerful cleric, Maxim and many other dear friends, he restored my life to me. My joy was shortlived however, my Daoushiinan gave his immortality and his life in order to save me. I seldom visit the city, I prefer haunting the Manilla Mountains that my love created for me, but when I am home in Nightshade's hall I will be glad to aid those I can. I will do all I can to help those in need, especially my kindred.
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New and improved features

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General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

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