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Palermo Roedran, Vampire Hunter

Palermo was born in a small Sh'kura village. He had plans to become a powerful mage for his community. While on a hunting trip with his father, Neshom, three vampires approached them. Neshom, knowing all about vampires immediately drew is weapons and stood in a defensive stance. The vampires began chanting and waving their arms about. Nothing happened. Then the vampires came at Neshom in a fury. Neshom, a seasoned warrior, held them at bay. After a while Neshom began to tire. He yelled to Palermo run back to the village. Palermo got back to the village a few hours later, very tired. Neshom never made it back. The next morning Neshom's body was found hanging outside the village, his internal organs removed.
Palermo stopped his training as a mage and began to learn to fighting styles of the warrior. He quickly became the strongest warrior in his village. An elder of the village noticed how strong Palermo was getting and asked him to be the head of the militia. Palermo accepted the offer. Palermo and the soldiers of the village began coordinating attacks on known vampire lairs throughout Arathnos. On these raids Palermo took different body parts back to the blacksmith in his village. The blacksmith used magic to make different items for Palermo. Palermo, however, wanted to further his training as a warrior instead of being in the militia. He decided to travel Arathnos and begin training again.
Palermo traveled to a village called Anon. He was welcomed there and he began training the the members of Anon's militia. He sparred every chance he could get, increasing his fighting capabilities. After spending many weeks in Anon he decided to leave. From Anon he traveled to Ofcol. He was welcomed there as well. He spent many weeks there as well, but soon left. He then traveled to Xantheus, a known vampire haven.
The moment he set foot into Xantheus he was disgusted. Vampires roamed the streets attacking him. He slayed each and every one of the undead. He began learning more about Xantheus and the people who lived there. He learned of the different clans and of the different people. After learning that Vampires were members of clans and that they were welcomed by some Sh'kur he started attacking any and every Vampire.
After staying in Xantheus a few weeks he was welcomed by an old friend, Mercutio Roedran. Mercutio, Palermo's cousin, decided to help rid Xantheus of Vampires. They fight side by side and are willing to die for each other.

Because of Palermo's constant battles with the Vampires of Arathnos, he was made a Dark Knight by Karvin. He will do anything for Karvin, or die trying.

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