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I am a half-elven Avatar Ranger. I was loyal to Nightshade, now I am loyal to Nightmare. I will help those in need, I will aid all. I care not for the petty squabbles of war, but I help all characters, regardless of allegiance, for they may merely be pawns, sent to carry out the orders of another. All I ask in return for my aid, is that you help me in return, or help another. All you have to do, is ask. But do not ask the impossible.

OOC : I'm Malaysian, I live in Malaysia, I study in Malaysia, I'm proud of Malaysia.
I also play X-Wing vs TIE-Fighter, and am a bored Jedi pilot. If you want to fly with me, look for me at:

Internet Gaming Zone
I can also be found sometimes at
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General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

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