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In these pages I shall unfold to you, my past, my end, my reason for being. This is my story.

I take you back now, many years into the past. Where it all began. I was a young man, perhaps even not much out of boyhood. I wasn't as I am now back then, I was just a normal gith man, who had made a home for his family and his wife. Under my roof were my loving parent's, my sister Samantha, and my dear wife Chessa. I doubt it possible that we could have been happier, fertil lands as far as the eye could see. There we had no worries, no war, no hate we had a perfect peace. Ah well. But nothing lasts forever then does it? As things sometimes change in a heartbeat, it was that with our heaven for it changed to a hell incarnit in mere moments. This is where I begin.

One morning when the sun was barely double it's height up the horizon A band of twenty odd Sh'kur stumbled upon my families farm. I, we were so naive. We welcomed them to our hearth, and offerd to share the little food and wine we had with our so unexpected guests.

I look back now and can not help but curse myself, for if I knew then what I know now, those leering and grining faces would have told me what they planned. But being that I was nothing more then an uneducated country lout The whole of my family was slaughtered simply for the amusment of those pigs. They forced me to watch the three days they did this, to the very point of holding my eyelids open.

For three days they raped and tortured my mother, sister and wife. Father and I were simply tortured. I can still hear their cries and screams so very clearly, my dear Chessa crying and screaming that I help her, that I save them. But most now, I remember that man's laughter, the one who lead these men, the one who took Chessa for himself, for his amusment. For those three hellish days I was forced to watch as he did this to my wife, as he raped, and slowly tortured her to death.

I can remember the look in her eyes as the last breath finally left her. That look haunts me yet to this day. I welcomed "death" when it came from a dagger to my heart. I was never embraced to become a vampire. I was made from my own desire for vengence. That is what I am, vengence. once I complete my quest to have the life of that man, and make his family suffer as I have, only then will I have my peace in death.
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