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Glaykor hasn't much first or even secondhand knowledge of his early years. But this is what he has been able to piece together during his travels and searchesů

His mother (her name to this day is still unknown to him) was taken as a slave during a raid in his home forest. During her enslavement she became pregnant by her master and the result was Glaykor. Then one night while her keeper slept, she ran away into the darkness of night. Not wanting the same life for her son, his mother fled with the baby in her arms. The slavers pursued and his mother, not able to find any help as they enclosed on her, hid him in a roadside shrine. Then with the last of her strength, she drew the slavers way from the shrine. She never returned. The next morning, a passing pilgrim, stopping to worship at the shrine, found the sleeping babe and took him in as a search for the child's parents was organized.

Finally, they handed the child over to a family of elves to be raised in what was his supposed homeland. As he grew, his human half emerged, aging him faster than the usual elf. A racial hatred started to show in the elf village toward him. Soon after his fiancÚe left him for a "true" elf. Slowly, the whole village shunned him. He became an outcast to the only life he knew. He left in despair, brokenhearted, maddened. Soon he started on a path of darkness, killing any elf that crossed his path. Months later a traveling priest found and approached the blood crazed adolescent and preached to him the ways of healing and love, and the powers above. He made a proposal to Glaykor for him to join the clergy. Having nothing else in his life to look forward to, he accepted the priest's offer and joined the brotherhood. He was very adept in his studies and quickly grew to journeyman status. Forced to wander again, lonely and looking for a place to call home, he traveled, using his time to find out more about his past.

On his travels he met an elf maiden named Aleria. War raged in his heart between the things that this race had done to him and the teaching he recently received. His teachings won out and he befriended the maiden. They traveled together for several years. He started to feel love for this elf, yet she only saw him as a brother. She soon after ran off with another elf. Glaykor used his anger to forge ahead in his trainings vowing to never get involved with elves again.

For several more years he traveled and explored. Defeating the hobgoblins that threatened the gnomes, wargs in the dark forests, and even the goblins of Doom Mountain. After his forays into the woods, he would stop in the city square and heal the citizens and adventurers there. That is where he caught the eye of a certain clan leader. Lord Graucsh Fawson, the vampiric Leader of Sword of Night, watched and soon met with him. He was totally different than the vampires of yore that he had heard about and had shown Glaykor some other areas that needed help from adventurers of his worth. Glaykor soon flourish under Graucsh's tutelage. He also caught the eye of Mayln, Lady of Nonla Arahnala, who also saw the care for others even at the risk of his own life that Glaykor possessed. She also saw something that Graucsh has missed, the trouble in Glaykor's heart. She provided the healing to his heart while Graucsh healed his mind and and together his soul. Graucsh was the first to give him a home, where Glaykor resides still, in Swords of Night.

Now with a place to call home, taking a chance again, he fell in love once more. This time it was to another half-elf. Many years Kylena and Glaykor explored together. Finally Glaykor proposed and she accepted, but the wedding was to wait until they felt they were able carve out their own niche in the world. As they advanced, they decided to explore the Hellspire Mountains. Many close calls they had there, until the accident that tore them apart forever. While exploring with another group, they were separated in a storm. Most of the group perished. Angered by the loss of lives Kylena raged and left the city, leaving a note saying that she'd never return. So once more he was left. Suicidal, he went on a killing spree, losing himself in battle after battle. To him, nothing would be the same. In his despair, he would fall for one that deep down he knew could never feel the same for him. So he kept his emotions hid, and even attended her wedding in the year that followed. For her he would have even left his home, his clan. But it couldn't be. She was Nonla Arahnala and he believed that his help should go to all that needed it. Not just those that followed the light. Even though he could be loyal to her, he could never be loyal to the beliefs of her clan. He had other whirlwind romances but they couldn't compare to that which could never be. So he went back to the gloom of despair that swallowed his soul.

He watched war erupt between his clan and those that he thought of as friends. So with Magyana's permission, he exiled himself from the clan. He withdrew his healings and spells from both sides of the conflict, hiding in inns and such so he wouldn't be tempted to unjustly help those in the war. As in all wars, there was no winner and soon new leaders were needed. Glaykor returned and soon became the Lord of Nightshade, the #2 of Sword of Night. A resurgence of Sh'kur had come to the city and with it the Clan's heroes of old. They placed control of "the Weapons" into Glaykor's hands, which if there is ever a need great enough, he had but to summon them and wield them like them as the weapons they were. With that, all those he loved as family went their separate ways.

Then once again from the depths of his loneliness, he fell in love again. Praylon entered his clan and gained his friendship. He asked Magyana and her son Graucsh for use of their surname for he felt closer to them as family than any others. They accepted Glaykor with open arms. Now he truly had a family and for the first time, a surname.

With that he became Glaykor Fawson. With this, his emotions and sense of duty warred. Yet Praylon understood Glaykor's sense of duty and his innate shyness. So she proposed to him. He watched her grow in power and soon they believed that it was time. They married even though they had no place to settle down. But secret meetings at inns away from all the noise of town had a romance of their own. She soon left for an exploration of a new land. And alas he was abandoned again, with only a ring to remember her by. Wandering in hopes of finding her, he walked many lands. Finally duty won and he took the position of Leader of the Swords. He worked at maintaining peace while not disrupting freedoms.

Then Balsa entered his life and stole his heart. Rallying himself for another heartbreak, he asked for her hand. They were married at the top of the rainbow bridge with the astral lights twinkling all around. He still occasionally travels the land looking for his lost mother and hoping to find her and those that have left these lands. However his duty to his clan and the love for Balsa always brings him back. And the rest is... the future.
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