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Hello, my name is Dain Izbakul and this is my story.

It all began what now seems like eons ago, even before the war between the Vampires and the Sh'kur. on a dark night in the dank tunnels of Naragunud, the border settlement of the tribe led by the Izbakul family. The chieftain's wife was in labour and after a long struggle gave birth to two sons named Dain and Nain.

For some years the boys grew up in a nourishing environment for as the sons of the leader they received the best training anyone could get so as to prepare them the day they would have to take up the leadership of the clan themselves. Both boys excelled in different fields. Dain proved very capable in the field of knowledge and study while Nain grew to be an excellent fighter.
Gror Izbakul

Then the great war between Vampires and Sh'kur came. Vampires weren't exactly great friends with Sh'kur before but apart from the occasional slaughter of a traveller who wandered into enemy territory there were no major conflicts. This all changed when a Sh'kur was found lying dead inside Sh'kuran borders. It is one thing to kill intruders but it is another when your subjects can no longer be safe within the empire's borders.

Action had to be taken and Gror, chieftain of Naragunud summoned the allied clans' leaders to discuss the matter. It was decided that Gror would take the command of a punishing expedition, that would ransack any Vampire settlements and kill any Kindred found within a week of the empire's borders and was to leave a mooncycle later. And so it was done, Gror assembled every man that could be spared without leaving the village totally undefended to leave the town and his pregnant wife at the dawn of light, and as he walked, leading his army over the horizon the howling of wolves could be heard.

Two days later they arrived at the rendez-vous point and set up camp to await the other clans. As soon as everyone had arrived a final tactical conference was held in which it was decided that the army would be split up into two parts : Gror would lead the main army that would undertake the primary assault on villages and a second army led by Thror, Gror's younger brother, that would go around the village and hide amidst the trees to await any inhabitant that would try to flee. This tactic proved very efficient and after a month's campain the Vampire population was decimated. It was decided that the death of the departed brethren was avenged in a proper manner and that the safety of the empire's population was sufficiently secured, hence the command to break up camp for the last time was given. But the night before the party was to return home Thror invited Gror on a night hunt to celebrate the victorious ending of their campain. Gror who was very fond of hunting and quite proficient at it could not resist and the two disappeared into the night.
Thror Izbakul

In the middle of the night the camp was woken up abruptly with loud screaming and yelling. Thror came running into the camp alone, screaming Gror died in a battle with a ferocious bear. When Thror was asked about the wound he had that was clearly a sword's wound he stated that in the fray of the fight he was cut by his brother's sword. This explanation suffised for the others as it was unthinkable that one would murder one of his own blood. Everybody was shocked and after a messenger was sent out to Naragunud to announce their leader's demise everyone returned to their tents to await the end of the sleepless night, for great was the anticlimax after thier victory.

The messenger arrived in Naragunud and the town went into mourning over their beloved leader's untimely departure. Gror's wife however was not convinced by the story Thror had spun and because the twins were too young to take on them the leadership of the clan and thus Thror was bound to become chiftain she sent them and Thrain, the newborn son of Gror out of the village only to return when they were at the fullest of their strengths to claim the leadership of the clan.

And so the three brothers fled into the night, with no more than the clothes on their back and the small supply of food they had been able to rummage. They took on new names to keep anyone from knowing their real identities, from then on they would be known as Doomweaver, Caligula and Toutatis; and so thwarting any attempt from Thror's part to hunt them down they wandered for many years, working here and there to survive and learning the ways of the world outside the empire. Often they weren't welcome and had to flee, other times they found no place to stay. And so Thrain grew up never knowing the safety of a home, nor his birth village.
Dain Izbakul - Doomweaver

After wandering through many countries and conquering natural barriers like mountains, seas and deserts they arrived in a large city called Xantheus. Creatures of all kinds were here, many of which the brothers had never encountered before even on their long voyage. The city proved to be fairly tolerant of Sh'kur so they decided to stay there to build a life and await their opportunity to go home and claim back what was rightfully theirs.

And so the brothers set up their life in the city, making friends and enemies, working and training there, and after a short while they were satisfied with what their new home had to give them. For the twins it was a temporary home, as they still longed for their village in the caves, but for Thrain this was the first home he'd ever known, and he liked it. The twins - not noticing their brother's straying - became acquainted and befriended with a clan known as the Forsaken. They welcomed the friendship and help offered by this clan and decided to join it. Thrain however met other people while the twins were on there everlasting path towards regaining their title and clan, and he joined another clan known as Acerbus Ira.

Dain and Nain tried to convince their brother to join them but could not. And so the brothers grew up separate for the first time. The twins reached adulthood in Forsaken, while Thrain did so in Acerbus Ira. Doomweaver and Caligula gradually made their way up into the clan ranks and ultimately took on it's leadership, doing exactly what they had been educated to do. But the twins were restless at hearts as they could not reunite with their brother who was unwilling to let go of his friends in the rivaling clan, and up to this day this wound still bleeds their hearts.
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