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I am a thief. First and foremost. Embraced as I am by the blood, my life and aspirations are that of a rogue.

I was born into a merchant family, in a dawning age of prosperity. The early years are pointless to recollect, so lost in time as they are. They hold no bearing on my present unlife. I was abducted by a band of thieves as part of some elaborate scheme to punish my father for the crime of being rich. I was raised by the thieves who took me. From the age of 12 I was trained as a thief, a burglar, a pickpocket and a lurk. I know no more than that. At the age of 13 my body decided to change. My mind and eyes began to notice certain aspects of people I had paid no attention to earlier. Women, to be specific. So, I bought one for the night.

What did you expect, love? I'm a thief, she was a whore. It satisfied the body for a time, but left the mind blank. So be it, I don't need every corner of my mind filled anyway. I looked for her for another night in a few days, but she was gone. Such is the way of things, I found another. Though, I soon learned that the fine art of seduction is far cheaper, a skill I acquired as soon as possible.

Having made a name for myself quickly within the underworld though, I never wanted for money. If I needed it, I could always find a job. Steal this vase, cut that man's ear off… once, from a jealous lover, cut off something else. Warnings, theft, outright murder. Those were my meat and drink. I love my work.

At the age of 20, my father, Ejwevir finally caught up with me. He hadn't aged as much as you would expect. I thought him dead long ago, he was 60 by now, having married late. I was partly correct, too. He was a vampire. He and his vampire wife, Elya, tracked me down and came to me for a visit. I should probably have changed my name after I was abducted. Nevertheless. I found out my mother had killed herself after discovering my father's new… lifestyle. A shame that, I still loved her, despite 8 years of separation. But I don't dwell on things if I can help it. When Elya offered me a chance to spend eternity with my father, offered to be my adopted mother, I figured, why not. I could be a thief and still have some of the "normal" family life that people expect. Besides, a vampire and a thief are similar anyway.

So, I was embraced by my father's lover. Ej didn't like that much, jealous bastard. It was the first board nailed over the window of my relationship with my father. The rest of them were put up by the fact that I refused to give up my life as a thief. He was a merchant, after all, and still is for all that he is a vampire. Merchants simply can't abide thieves for some reason. I ended up having to leave. About 10 years later, I left that place. Hardest thing I've ever done.

I wandered from place to place. At least I didn't have to worry about food anymore. A vampire with scruples soon starves when forced to be homeless. Fortunately, I had few of them. I say I made a name for myself as a thief. Thieves aren't widely known outside their own circles though. They may be the greatest thief in their band, but the one across town may never hear of them. Certainly, it's safer that way. So, wandering around without roots, if I needed money I had to go freelance. That never fails to attract attention. Most thieves don't want anything to do with vampires however, especially ones they've never heard of before. So I never lingered in one place. Rogues are remarkably good at tracking down a vampire's lair when they want to.

Eventually, I ended up here. I'm tired of wandering. I want to settle. I don't want to look over my shoulder for the local rogue tracking me to my lair. I want, in short, a home. I am a thief. I am a vampire. I have been a wanderer. And I find I want to have roots again. Is that too much to ask? I hear that in this place, vampires are welcomed. I hear that, in Xantheus, thieves are tolerated. I hear word of a clan. A clan named Nightmare. A haven, perhaps a home? I shall see.

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