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The Dark War was over. People were trying to regroup and find their way through the destruction. The once great order of Nightshade was hit hard. Their fearless leader, Balroth, seemed different. The members wondered if he had seen one too many battles in this land, after all he started Nightshade to protect the people from the immortal Uecef and his evil army of undead. Now yet again, Uecef had brought havoc unto the land; was this perhaps too much for the peaceful leader? Or perhaps it was seeing the world he had risked his life defending so many times turn so dark. More and more of the people of Arathnos had turned to a darker life of kill or be killed. Even Nightshade's ally, The Wolf, had turned from a peaceful order to a deadly clan. The once peaceful people who had walked the halls of Nightshade's Headquarters were outnumbered and giving up. Many of the great members of Nightshade had not found their way back to the safety of Nightshade's walls.

The final blow came unexpected late one night. The mighty Balroth left. Nightshade is still shaken over the loss, but its members are determined to carry out Balroth's goals of protecting the citizens of New Darkhaven and helping the peaceful people of Arathnos when they need it. Balroth's departure has become Nightshade's greatest weakness -- it leaves them with no leader -- and its greatest strength -- they are once again focusing on a common goal.

If any of you newcomers wonder about Balroth, ask; we will gladly tell tales of his mighty battles.

For those of you that don't know me, I am Summer. I am the mortal wife of Daoushiinan and a proud member of Nightshade and the Clans Council. This note is to talk a bit about Nightshade. Seems in all the confusion after the war, people have forgotten this peaceful order and what it represents. So I thought I'd enlighten those that search for a place within these dark and deadly times. Nightshade is a peaceful order created to help the peaceful people of Arathnos. It was created by this world's first Avatar, Balroth. After the Dark War (I have no better name for the times that befell us), Balroth became different and soon felt the need to leave his home in Arathnos. No one knows where this mighty warrior has chosen to go, or if he will return. The members of Nightshade are deeply saddened by this but know they must go on. The city of New DarkHaven where they live has become a dangerous place. The people are turning to a deadlier way of life - to kill or be killed. The members of Nightshade are trying to regroup and form a place of safety for the remaining peaceful citizens. That is where we stand now. None of the older members have been able to bring themselves to take Balroth's place as leader (too many memories of our dear friend and leader). So perhaps if you too search to help those remaining peacefuls you might want to wander to clan street and check out our Note board. There you can learn a little more about the peaceful order and the mighty Balroth. We welcome all those peacefuls searching for a way to help the peaceful minority in Arathnos.

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