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The BloodMistress of Codex, Amen Pongtiplat.

Origin of the creature known as BloodMistress Countess Amen Pongtiplat dates almost as far back as the beginning of time, when only the selected few was hailed as Avatars.

Tricia, the human follower and the number one of the once infamous order of NightShade wandered around in the realm looking for new adventures after attaining the rank of Avatarhood. After many battles fought and lost, she began to lose faith in the human race and in the realm of Codex. She wandered for a time in solitude and suffering, travelling from realm to realm, in search of the meaning of life. Failing to find what she is seeking for, she decided to return back to Codex to settle down as her final home.

On her return, she realized that many familiar faces and friends that she has known are no longer around. Her beloved order of NightShade is also disbanded because her leader Balroth has died. She found a new home in a new clan called Nightmare and soon starts to rebuild her life. Finding none worthy of her love, she decides to impregnate herself magically in order to have an offspring. Seeking the help from the power of darkness, she conceived herself a daughter and Amen was born. With her knowledge of the realm of Codex, she tries her utmost best to guide Amen along the path of good. However, the powers of darkness has already been instilled inside Amen and she soon drift along the evil path, becoming a deadly person who would kill without thought or mercy.

Tricia tried to warn Amen, to save her from the evils of the darkness, but Amen, being prideful and disobedient, rejected her and welcomed evil's embrace. Feeling totally despaired with Amen, Tricia cursed her, that she would always fear the holy powers of good, that she would eat only ashes, and drink only blood. And that she would be marked, so death would not touch her, and she would be doomed to wander forever in darkness and misery.

Amen wandered around for a time, feeling lost and confused about why her mother had treated her this way. Failing to find a release from this torment, she met a vampire named Contradox and realized that she has actually become a vampire. Contradox taught her the natures of a vampire, and she learned that vampires have a natural aversion to all things holy and cannot set foot on Holy Ground and it will cause them great pain, but will procure no permanent injury. With this knowledge in mind, she set out to train in the art of survivor and warfare as she has learnt that when she is old and powerful enough, she can withstand the discomfort caused by Holy Relics, and even enter Consecrated Churches at will.

With constant training in combat and survivor within the realm of Codex, Amen soon rose in ranks amongst the vampires in the realm, becoming one of the most powerful vampires. During the course of killings, Amen found many friends as well as foes and after much thought and consideration, she decided to join the Clan Forsaken and to call it her home. She found life in the clan to be fulfilling at times, but due to the differences among members of the clan, she was forced to leave the clan. Seeing no hope left for Clan Forsaken due to poor leadership, she wandered amidst the realm alone. Soon, a monk named Doomweaver rose amongst the ranks in Forsaken and took leadership of the clan. He had plans to bring glory back to Clan Forsaken and with his ideas and proposals, he managed to woo Amen back into the clan.

Back in familiar grounds, Amen found new motivation to improve herself and thus seek constant training to improve mentally as well as physically. As she improved herself, she realized that vampires were not the feared race that it once was. It seemed that the power of darkness is not as powerful as it used to be. Some mystical force seemed to be draining powers away from vampires all around the realm. With renewed vigor, she set out to find out what was going on and to try to salvage the situation and restore some of the former glory back to her race.

The Saga Continues

Without a clue as to where to begin her search, Amen returned back to the basics and went looking for her mother, Tricia Pongtiplat. After much pleading, Tricia revealed that the key to knowledge lay with the powers of darkness. Legends have it that the origin of the powers of darkness is imbued within a demi god named Xtitoman. All who prayed to Xtitoman will receive his favors and in return, they would also be cursed forever, cursed to be the wandering undead, and banished to become vampires. Although cursed, these vampires would possess the powers of the dark one, thus becoming powerful beings. However, recent rumors has it that Xtitoman was seduced by a female warrior during one of his recruitment adventures and now, he is no longer interested in recruiting lost souls. He now trains warriors to do his dirty job, bestowing them with the magical abilities to heal themselves when they are injured.

Hearing with disbelief, Amen realized that the dark one no longer favors her. That is probably why she is slowly losing her powers. She thanked her mother for telling her all this and wandered off, contemplating what can be done to salvage the situation. As she wandered around in search of the answer, a thought came into her mind. " I could just search out this female warrior and kill her. That way, Xtitoman would favor me again." In order to find the female warrior, Amen must first find Xtitoman. Legend has it that a crazy priest living deep within the realm might have some knowledge about his whereabouts. Asking around, Amen was told that the mad priest king of the city of Chaos, the one known as Txachamitxchual might be the one that I should talk to regarding the whereabouts of Xtitoman. Braving untold dangers, Amen finally reached the lair of the mad priest. Upon meeting Txachamitxchual, Amen was immediately attacked. Trying to reason with him failed and Amen was left with no choice but to kill him. Upon his death, Amen uncovered a weapon of great powers inside his corpse. With closer examination, she realized that there are some symbols and lines engrave on the surface of the blade forming a kind of map.

Pondering what these markings might mean, Txachamitxchaul suddenly comes back to life attacking Amen. Caught off guard, Amen fought bravely and managed to kill the mad priest yet again. She discovered another similar sword within his corpse and this sword too has those funny markings. On closer inspection, she realized that the markings on the second sword are different from the first one. She finally realized that these markings might actually be a map of some kind. Joining the swords together, she found out that it shows of a map to an island somewhere. This perhaps could be the answer she has been searching for. After noting down the directions needed, she sacrificed the swords and to her amazement, a pair of visors appears. Wearing the visors, she realized that it gave her the power to see all invisible things. This further reinforces the theory that she is on the right track. With this newfound ability, she sets out in search of the mysterious island.

Path into the unknown

With such a demanding task ahead, Amen felt she needed help. Thus, she returned back to her clan to look through the list of members that might be willing to help her. It is at this point that she realized something amiss. She realized that there are a high number of warriors within the ranks in the clan. Would they still stay loyal to the clan and help her with her task or will they be blinded by their natural instincts as warriors? After much consideration, she decided that it isn't worth the risk to depend on her clan members for help with this task, but where can she find help? After much consideration, she decides to leave clan Forsaken and seek help outside the clan. With deep felt sadness, she asked to be outcast and sets off looking for fellow like-minded vampires that are willing to aid her with her task.

While on her search for a covent of vampires to aid her with her task, Amen began to be filled with her natural vampire instinct. Vampires usually hunt alone and will attack anyone that is not part of their group and Amen felt herself filled with the desire to kill anyone that is deemed outside her group. Thus, on one occasion, while she was hunting in Olympus, she saw a thief by the name of Waldo hunting. She approaches him and without any warning slashes she sword at him. Within a few rounds of fighting, she slayed Waldo. She found a scarlet cape inside Waldo's corpse and she picked it up and wears it proudly about her body. Feeling satisfied with her kill, she returned back to town to rest and try to recruit some vampires to aid her.
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