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Akastron Humperdink

BloodMaster Akastron Humperdink was born of obvious dwarven descent. His mother was a beautiful, well as beautiful as a dwarf can be, lumberjack. Her life was miserable and not rewarding. She was forced to work continuously through her pregnancy with Akastron. She worked side by side with her husband, Digruci, and hated much of their slave labor life. Digruci saw his wife, Bella, as the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet. Bella had Akastron one breezy fall evening, right as the winter moved in.

Bella and Digruci assembled in line, like every day of their life, one behind the other. Bella seemed to be on edge more so than usual today and she had a giddy laugh all early morning. The camp they worked at was a vicious labor camp for an unknown being. Masterminding the camp were very hideous and dangerous vampires only known as The Harwich 3.

As Bella, Digruci, and the rest of the camp walked one behind the other to their job site for the day, Bella turned and whispered over her shoulder, Its finally here. She, of course, was referring to her unborn son-to-be. As work progressed as normal that windy morning the camp Gestapo walked their normal paths. Digruci was escorted to the watering hole nearby to silence his thirst and to cool his forehead. Bella, not more than 45 feet away, swung hard at her tree.

Her latest stroke went almost through the tree in one solid hit but came up short leaving only a few small inches left to sever. She wedged the axe handle against her leg and put her whole body into releasing the blade from the tree. The extreme pushing on her stomach, the manual labor every day, and the excessive turning and twisting involved with being a lumberjack has forced the birth to develop faster than usual; about 3 and a half times faster. Akastron was fully developed inside her womb and was almost to the point of opening his eyes and stretching himself outward.

A loud crash echoed the camp, as usual, as another tree fell. This tree happened to be relatively close to Digruci himself. He turned around in a startled fashion and saw his wife smothered in branches. Her standing position was immediately collapsed to prone and she lay motionless on the forest floor. Unbeknown to all, the birthing process had begun. There is somewhat of a comatose feel to birthing a rapidly developed newborn and Bella was experiencing it full tilt. The good part about this side affect to having a baby was that no pain was felt until largely later into her recovery. There, in the midst of axe blades and wood, streams and birds, birth Akastron.

After Bellas birthing was over she was put back to work. The remainder of her days would consist of axe handling, log carrying, and an outstanding emotional relationship with her amazing and caring husband. Digruci felt the same about his wife and, although their days were physically exhausting, their nights bore passion and love until their elderly deaths.

There was much deciding going on between Bella and Digruci about what the future for Akastron was to hold. After a relentless arguing, the parents figured that for their son to have the best life possible, he would have to be abandoned, or forsakened from them. This abandonment held no similar bearing to most other cases of abandonment. Akastron was let go to get away from the physical aspects of slave daily life. Since none of the camp was escapable, Akastron was to be hidden in the daily wood deposit and sent far away. Bella and Digruci sealed the last bag to outbound the camp in a fashion that would allow for adequate breathing and movement for the young Akastron. The intent of the seal being weaker than usual is to allow for Akastron's escape, assuming he could figure out how. If he hadn't... he'd be dead.

Time Passes

A grumbling began the morning as Akastron's stomach groan for attention. The night before left him sparing most of his rations for an emergency purpose. As his eyes opened and he scanned the underbrush surrounding him, he noticed hooves romping around his food ration and baggage. In a matter of milliseconds his talons sank deep within the neck of a great big deer. There was no hesitation following his initial attack and two or three more attacks were delivered to the head, chest, and belly of the beast. The forest floor was quiet and the sound of animals scurrying away from the cry of the deer echoed for a short time after the animal lay dead. Akastron fed himself happily and prepared for his journey abroad. Living under the guidance of only his instincts has taught him to fend for himself. The competition for food in the forest was very high and the danger surrounding a hunt was enough to scare any warrior away. There was an underlying secret, a method to his madness if you will, that kept Akastron just sane enough to survive where all others would have failed.

Akastron was always alone during the summer, fall, spring, and even more alone during the winter when all of natures beasts hibernate. The sound of lonesome echoed in Akastron's head during all hours of the day and it even haunted his dreams. His choppy dreams consisted of pain and anguish, as well as crying and insecurity. The biggest wish Akastron had on his mind was of fellowship, of leadership, and of trust. He spent many nights crying himself to sleep, scaring off any possibility of a decent breakfast. Life was rough and tiring for him.

The youth in Akastron never existed because from his first day of existence he was to survive on his own. Stalking and killing prey became Akastron's daily routine and from eating only meat Akastron grew to an enormous muscular physique. As he approached a bend in the forest Akastron sensed, in the air, discomfort. He quickly and quietly vanished into the woods and made himself undetectable by most everyone with any ability. Akastron snuck up upon a young lad who was also stalking prey but in a different form. The person stalking the animals in this part of the woods was named Waldo and an interesting brotherhood was born this day...


Waldo snuck quietly between the shadows of the trees and between the splitting of the tree bark his hair gracefully flowing in the wind. Akastron positioned himself across from Waldo while Waldo had no idea. As Waldo darted up to the innocent rabbit, swinging his fist in the air, Akastron lashed out and snatched the rabbit prior to Waldos strike. Waldo fell on his face because the force of the attack brought him lunging to make the play on the rabbit. Akastron couldnt help but laugh at Waldo after he fell. The rabbit was at peace while in Akastron's hands, he had a way of dealing with animals, as his hands glide smoothly down the rabbits fur. Waldo, still in shock, looked up from the ground and blurted, Hey, hes mine! After much deliberation and decision-making, Akastron found himself following Waldo back to his hole in the wall. At this point in time Akastron was desperate for interaction and Waldo was the first non-violent person hed ever encounter.

As Akastron adventure closer to an unknown city, he was baffled at the noise coming from the center square. Hed never seen so many people before and wasnt very culturally aware so to speak. The first person Akastron laid eyes on in the great town known to him has Xantheus was Lord Alucard. As Akastrong walked by he felt his blood raise and his fists tense. There was something about this individual, Alucard I mean, that set Akastron right off. There is a fury inside of Akastron that most nobody has ever seen.

Once aboard clan Forsaken, Akastron learned how to contribute to a group effort. This was Akastron's first ever organized group and he felt proud to be known as Forsaken, although he had no real idea of what Forsaken meant. Akastron grew in stature along with Waldo and their friendship reached new heights. They had a pact for each other and sealed the deal with a secret blood-brothering ceremony. Waldo, being a dirty thief, led Akastron to believe that following Waldo would bring Akastron to everything he ever wanted; friends, leadership, and even talks of love. Akastron believed everything Waldo said and did exactly what Waldo asked. Waldo had attacked Akastron on numerous occasions, including circling Akastron while he fought Julius of Olympus. There is a scar left from Waldos most disheartening backstabs on Akastron's side, a scar in the shape of a heart broken in half. Akastron didnt spend much time in clan Forsaken as he felt out of place and Waldos deception became expected. He soon left to search for another purpose.

Clan Acerbus Ira

Months passed and Akastron still hung around Xantheus. He became more social and interacted with most everyone who walked inside the city. He had no negative feelings towards any of clan Forsaken and even none for Waldo. As more time passed his stature rose and he found himself asking upon Vicks Erebor for small aids. Akastron put his trust into Vicks and knew Vicks wouldnt lead him stray. Vicks was the leader of Clan Acerbus Ira and Akastron associated himself with most of their members. The day finally came when Akastron joined their ranks and much of Akastron's childhood dreams were finally a realization. His wish for brotherhood or fellowship was immensely granted by the enormous size of Iras force. There was a lot of laughing and smiling amongst Akastron, something he'd never felt since his arrival on this planet.

Many years have passed and Akastron remain as much in love with Clan Acerbus Ira as the first day he joined; even more now, to be honest. Akastron still gets a deep churning when he is in the presence of the vampires but through teachings in Ira and following Vicks leadership he has been able to silence most of those feelings... But one day theyll get the best of him...

A journey home: Akastron's rage delivered

Akastron learned about some of his past through knowledgeable men in town. They predicted the beginning of his life and aided him in knowing where he was born. With the information in his pocket, Clan Acerbus Ira backing his decision, Akastron packed his bags and made his way for home.

The camp was still very much in use and the slaves worked just as hard today as they did 25 years ago, the day Akastron was born. Coming up to the camp Akastron noticed a large building to the Southeast corner. It was becoming dark and the horn blew for the workers to quit for the day. Three enormous figures moved quietly from the building Akastron had noticed, their massive bodies made quite a shadow even in the dark of night. The most unsettling feeling rose in Akastron's stomach as he could smell blood, death, and fear. The three figures slipped quietly through the night with Akastron in hot pursuit. Their path led them to the feeding grounds where three tied up prisoners sat, shaking their heads and crying. All three prisoners were male and of heavier size. There was almost no time for decision-making, Akastron knew what had to be done.

The fight lasted less than 20 seconds and on the ground were three lifeless bodies. Akastron's eyes burned like fire spreading through the driest woods of the most warmest climate. Covered in blood and fading in and out of realism, Akastron fell to the ground passing out because of the sudden blood change in his body.

When he woke, only only trees and silence surrounded Akastron, once again. His attack on the Harwich 3 had caused the camp to awry and it sent people running for freedom. The camp was burnt and the three victims that were going to be dinner had escaped and made off for the woods. Nobody had thanked Akastron for his part in their liberation and instead, left him to die. Akastron's realization of the importance of his clan, the insignificance of his being to his people, and the lack of will to find his parents, led him to one final decision. The past would be forgotten and his return home would be heart warming and satisfying to no end.

Today, Akastron is seen walking through the aged halls of Acerbus Ira. He has his hands in everything to do with the protecting of Xantheus because Xantheus is the home he was destined to have. There hasnt been much interaction between Akastron and vampires since his brutal killing of The Harwich 3 but theres much to learn about his inner thoughts. Perhaps only time can tell when his inner self entangles his being... perhaps.

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