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1. Sender: Kandula
Date: Mon Jul 30 08:36:23 2007
To: All
Subject: My arrival
To all who care to read,
I am announcing my stay in your beloved city, for I have
found it a suitable home for myself. I have embraced the people as
brothers and sisters and am now glad to call Xantheus my home.
If you have any helpful advice about who I should speak to, to get a room
I would be much abliged to some direction. Thank you all.

Kandula Tsarian, The Lucky Trickster

2. Sender: Eckx
Date: Mon Sep 17 14:41:02 2007
To: All
Subject: continuation
After the former events had dwindled down there was much to talk about
amongst ourselves so we lingered discusing what must be done. Meci and
Elstin wandered off onto the island where he became inducted into the
infamous Doom Squad. Maxen lead me to a dark place where he threatened
my life because of my clan. It seems that it didn't matter where a hero
went, darkness was clouding the entire world. After asking for the
parchment from Meci, which she so declined, I chose to slay her for the
vital information that it may contain. I was unsucsesful.
Vicks and Slutihagen threatened Elstin who with quick wit made Vicks look
like a complete fool. Meci and I bickered, and all the while the lands
continued to fall into chaos. There were reports of citizens who died in
their sleep, with no apparent cause. A message screamed "... SLEEP ... "
and all around heard its call. After deciding to sleep we noticed that we
were being attacked by something in our sleep, some magical apparation
that did not exist in bodily form. I ventured to Winder Dreams and
killed a couple Orcs that had established a camp and where holding a
little boy captive. There is doubt in my mind as to that boy's identity,
with all this talk about The Fane and Dole I suspected that the boy was
no other than The Fane. When I searched the area I saw a makeshift camp
but no prison. Winter Dreams is corrupt and the evil forces move through
the Manilla Mountains, our city has been spotted. Our citizens are being
hanged and rioting. We are no closer to a resolve today than we were a
year ago. When I caled for help only Vicks and Slutihagen came, the
others abandoned our cause.

3. Sender: Psychotic
Date: Tue Jan 2 21:23:07 2007
To: Forsaken
Subject: waldo
i cant help but think about how stupid of a leader you are for saying such
everyone knows clerics are of a great help. when i helped everyone in forsaken
healing them on there ways and journeys. but never did i think forsaken would m
make an ass as a leader... go back to the barnyard where you belong you fool.
And may death find you forever and for always.

heeee haaaaaawwww

4. Sender: Maxen
Date: Mon Aug 6 18:30:00 2007
To: Akastron
Subject: Dangerous

I challenge you for the fourth spot on the most
Dangerous list.

You have one day.

Mauler Sir Maxen Roedran

5. Sender: Waldo
Date: Thu May 3 19:24:21 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: Seek me out

Seek me out.

I have something you might want.


6. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Sep 5 21:23:21 2007
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re: The way it works
It works that way for all except for the brainless
slugs that fill the ranks of the Forsaken. Apparently.

-Lord Vicks Erebor

7. Sender: Ardwick
Date: Fri Jun 1 16:59:05 2007
To: Clans
Subject: Month of Blood
Sword of Night -> Obsidian Circle
Obsidian Circle -> Acerbus Ira
Forsaken -> Sword of Night
Acerbus Ira -> Forsaken

8. Sender: Meci
Date: Sat Sep 15 05:12:30 2007
To: All
Subject: Latest Event
Today, Marshall Diana was being attacked by a gaint crazed monkey
from hell. Priest, Kellison, Spice, and I (who arrived first) rushed
to Diana's help. After a long fight, we defeated the monkey from hell.
Ofcol once again thanks Me for my assistance, and I them for letting me
birth the Fane in their lovely little town.
That is all.

Burn in hell, Xantheus

9. Sender: Ronin
Date: Thu May 24 01:48:38 2007
To: All
Subject: Puppetmaster
Last night a young message boy made his way into the town square and met with
Vicks, Neq, Akastron, Waldo, and myself.
He was hungry and exhausted, but with the aid of Neq's healing he was fit in no
He told us of his home, and how it had been destroyed by a powerful evil. He
came to us with a message from Gedhron that he was seeking aid, and we were to
meet with his master.
After discussing the situation with the messenger, he led us to Gedhron, where
we met with Quandrith, and his brother Juiles, leaders of the town.
Quandrith explained the situation - Refugees from his homeland had been taken
in by the residents of Gedhron, and that the young boy's town was overrun by
one known as the Puppetmaster.
He uses powerful magics to control an army to do his bidding, and is kept from
harm by 3 powerful guards.
He was seeking help to put a stop to the puppetmaster, but first he required a
show of our strength. He challenged us all to a fight to see if we would stand
a chance at helping him with this task.
Akastron lept at the chance to prove his mettle, the rest of us were quick to
Quandrith and his brother fought well, but we had the upper hand. As the
battle drew to a close - with Juiles incapacitated, Quandrith yielded. He was
pleased that his seeking us out was not in vain.

10. Sender: Eckx
Date: Mon Sep 17 05:21:18 2007
To: All
Subject: ALERT
Today Dethan was accosted by a wandering orc whlie he travelled north of town.
The heroes of Xantheus gathered and ventrued into the manilla mountains where
we saw many trolls, bugbear, and orcs. The gathering was weak and couldn't
defend themselves. We learned from the earlier parties mistakes and quickly
killed all the evil creatures who opposed us. With much teamwork we achieved
our goal, yet much is unkown at this time. It is suspected that the manilla
mountains is not their hold, but a roadway for them. The only loss involved was
that Meci absconded with the only infromation we could derive from them. There
was a letter on one of the orc's possesion, but we are left to wonder what it
may say or mean. Keep up the vigilance heroes, our foes may be weak but we are
My thanks go out to Neq, Vicks, Fragma, Priest, Slutihagan for their battle
prowess. Be away, Be vigilant.

11. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 9 17:39:14 2007
To: All
Subject: A New Threat pt.2
physical toll on us was high. I fear that Charles will surface
again ... and soon. We must be prepared to battle him, especially
should he turn his focus to Xantheus.

The Cult of the Lorn must be stopped.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

12. Sender: Ardwick
Date: Wed May 16 19:26:20 2007
To: All
Subject: Blood Anew
Forsaken -> Obsidian Circle
Acerbus Ira -> Sword of Night
Obsidian Circle -> Forsaken
Sword of Night -> Acerbus Ira

13. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon May 7 23:59:43 2007
To: Ardwick
Subject: A Message for Fane
**** The head of a massive troll is nailed to the ******
*** noticeboard by way of a long, black broadsword *****
*** It has been severed just below the jaw, and scars **
*** riddle it's disfigured form. Below it hangs an *****
*** emblem of the clan Acerbus Ira *****

14. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 9 17:38:28 2007
To: All
Subject: A New Threat
Villagers and Adventurers of Arathnos;

As I write this, I fear that a new evil is growing in strength.
Allow me to explain: Recently, Akastron and myself were
patrolling the island when word reached us that Chief Kuran
sought the aid of adventurers at the Volcano Village. We set
out immediately.

Upon reaching the village, we were greeted by Kuran ... he
seemed deeply distressed. He explained that recently his village
had been approached by the Cult of the Lorn; they had offered
to "free" the villagers from their bonds to the Gods. After some
counsil, the villagers rebuffed the offer of the Cult; they were
worried that more harm than good would come from it. It was
then that the true trouble began. Soon after, people from the
village slowly began to transform into undead. With the blessings
of Chief Kuran, we set about purging the village of the ghasts
and wraiths that had overrun the paths leading out of the village.

After some time, we encountered a man named "Charles" within
Pentir Forest: a Necraladin operating in the service of the Cult
of the Lorn. After a lengthy battle, Charles fled; however, the

15. Sender: Seph
Date: Sat Apr 21 04:04:55 2007
To: Akastron
Subject: Challenge
You challenge is accepted, old friend.
See me in person to set a date.

Ghost Seph Eleison Vehenemance,
Number One, the Dark Anger

16. Sender: Mythic
Date: Tue May 1 07:10:35 2007
To: Xantheus
Subject: Charles
Dear Xantheus,

Charles showed is face once more in this town, attacking
our precious city using the body of Cengfus.

At first he spirit was far to dumb to escape my tricks and
was easily defeated. A second time the the spirit showed up
it had become much smarter and I was unable to scare him.
Fortunately there was plenty of force to curse the soul. Akastron,
Vicks, and Ronin supplied the force. Neq aided us with his
healing magic. And I, I aided by looking my best and therefore
showed the world I could not break down my highest quality. I
know, many thanks. The spirit continued to come back multiple
times but was easily crushed. It was even stupid enough
to bring some vampire friends, but they were even weaker.

Finally, some essences of the spirit were captured and the
five of us locked them away in the Xantheus jail.

I've never meet Charles, but he is a dirty bastard who
needs to be taken down. Im guessing hes also not much
of a looker...

Mythic, your pretty little friend with tricks

17. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed May 2 05:58:11 2007
To: All
Subject: Re: Charles' Attack
I believe he meant to say "Cegfuin", the former
(See: Deceased) spokesman of Di Eamen.

18. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Mar 25 17:09:05 2007
To: Waldo
Subject: Challenge
Waldo, your time has come.
A Challenge for your spot will insue.
The countdown starts now.


19. Sender: Elstin
Date: Sun Sep 16 03:18:47 2007
To: Meci
Subject: Re: Elstin

I will be most.. honored to meet with you in person
to discuss the circumstances surrounding the attack on myself.
You have left me curious as always to what this small..
gift may be. I will discuss no further of this insidence through
a note.

Pope of the Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour

20. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Jan 13 23:59:17 2007
To: Psychotic
Subject: Re: Waldo
Waldo is as trustworthy as he is merciful.
There are two kinds of people who follow
him: fools, and those who have nothing to

Lord Vicks Erebor

21. Sender: Ardwick
Date: Mon May 14 06:06:23 2007
To: Deadlies
Subject: Month of Blood
The Month of Blood begins tomorrow.

22. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Aug 14 20:19:43 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
Because it doesn't work that way, ya bumpkin

23. Sender: Melys
Date: Tue May 1 14:34:26 2007
To: Mythic
Subject: Charles
Who is Cengfus?

24. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Mar 23 07:00:55 2007
To: Xantheus
Subject: Rebuilding Xantheus?
Just the other day, a man named Saloumis appeared.
He claimed to be a representative of the influential head of a
very widespread trading company, Bryth.
He offered us a trade - the company would put its vast wealth to work
and help reconstruct Xantheus, if we would allow them to use the
city as a part of their trade route.
Several avatars were present to hear his petition, and most of
them opposed it, claiming that it would turn Xantheus over to
the company itself.
However, myself and Ronin alone saw the logic in this move.
That this city is bordering on ruin is not news to anyone, and
it has been this way for a while.
I don't know about you, fair citizens, but this city was once
a bastion of wealth and power, and I would like to see it
restored to its former glory.
Many others would, as well - and don't forget the citizens who
live here, the common working man whose livelihood is based on
this city's health.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

25. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Aug 13 16:05:26 2007
To: Kandula
Subject: Re: trouble
What was so "suspicious" about him?
And why didn't you just ask him what he
was up to?

26. Sender: Dethan
Date: Fri Mar 23 07:07:52 2007
To: Xantheus
Subject: Rebuilding
This Bryth is a known associate of Regicide, before his
demise. Let us not forget that. People group together due
to common goals, interests or ideals. I somehow doubt that
Bryth is the exception to this rule. Be on your look out, all of
you. Avatars, citizens and adventurers. Be careful.
-Dethan Ap Hip'pi Stormblade, Hand of Elstin
--Blade of the Wolf

27. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Feb 22 19:59:24 2007
To: Dengal
Subject: Re

I will look further into the situation with Farizuku before I make any
kind of rational decision. Either get more information to me; What he wants
or what purpose he has come to us; or Set up a meeting directly with the
rest of the town to question his cause. Don't jump so quickly to the aid of
one without finding the motive and intentions behind the situation. Regicide
taught Xantheus that one.


28. Sender: Charles
Date: Sun Apr 29 13:27:41 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: A New Threat?
I have brought back the essence of one you once knew, and reformed
his body to be my servant for ever more.

29. Sender: Oderno
Date: Sat Sep 15 16:52:06 2007
To: All
Subject: Fane
Today Elstin Slutigan and I were in town when the captain of the guard
said that he requested help. He had spotted a dozen or more orc scouts
gathering information for Fane. We attempted to gather item that could
be used to create a powerfull spell in which to hold these orcs. Without
succes Elstin and Slutigan began an assault upon the orcs located
in the manilla mountains. Aparently one got away and we are uncertain
of what information they have gathered.


30. Sender: Tenecabo
Date: Tue Mar 27 03:26:11 2007
To: The Dishonorable
Subject: Our Deal
It has come to my attention that our deal has not been honored. It is
quite unfortunate for the citizens of this town that I am required to
seek retribution for this crime. Perhaps a unit of my drow soldiers will
convince you to follow through with your promises in the future?


31. Sender: Andrea
Date: Fri Aug 3 15:45:35 2007
To: Clans
Subject: Month of Blood
This terrible curse had been lifted from the city. Feel at ease and at peace.

Andrea, Priestess of Ofcol and Cenedl Thalos

32. Sender: Neq
Date: Wed May 2 16:39:34 2007
To: All
Subject: Resting
Because of the Battle with Cegfuin. I will be returning
to my hometown of Gedhron to visit with family
for a while. If anyone needs me I stay in a hut
on the southwest side of Gedhron.

Neq Dow, The Cleric

33. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Mar 21 14:55:50 2007
To: Psychotic
Subject: Forsaken
All Forsaken are vermin and deserve death.
So long as they dwell within her walls,
Xantheus will never be safe.

This goes for Waldo.
This goes for Cedrick.
This goes for you.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

34. Sender: Iecef
Date: Sun Feb 11 11:36:37 2007
To: All
Subject: A Self Introduction
Attention, is not seeked. Until now, I've not revealed myself though I am no
stranger in this land. My posting here is to find a companion among
you. Since my birth someone who was before ALL who is now, told
me of a legend that is not to be told in this parchment. Yea, I await
responce from one who seeks not glory, fortune, but one who seeks
truth and...

...a return to days long forgotten among us in this godless age.

You will find me.

- Iecef

35. Sender: Ronin
Date: Wed Mar 28 03:18:39 2007
To: All
Subject: re: Drow attack
Last night, the town was indeed attacked by a detatchment of Drow
soldiers, and priests alike.
Many of us fought to protect the town, but were quickly overwhelmed.
Peter, the captain of the guard joined the battle towards the end, but
he was captured.
It would seem the cloud over Xantheus has become darker still... though
I thought it not possible.

- Ronin Il'Corlain

36. Sender: Waldo
Date: Wed Aug 1 13:15:10 2007
To: Kandula
Subject: Help
What are you?


37. Sender: Eckx
Date: Tue Jul 31 05:58:25 2007
To: Kandula
Subject: Xantheus
With the title "The Lucky Trickster" I would suggest Waldo.

38. Sender: Dethan
Date: Thu Mar 22 07:19:02 2007
To: Waldo
Subject: Challenge
I, Sir Dethan Hip'pi Ap Stormblade, challenge you to one on one
combat in the Deadliest tournement! You have one week to reply,
at which time we will set out the rules for the fight.

39. Sender: Kandula
Date: Mon Aug 13 02:03:31 2007
To: All
Subject: trouble
I know I am new to this town but I saw a suspicious creature lurking
around the road you call law. I'm not sure of it's name or even
if it is a threat but I thought well to bring this to your attention
before something happens. so keep your eyes peeled for the misterious
little thing. He was Very short with extremely light colored hair
and his dagger had a red rune on it of some sort. it glared in the
moonlight as he passed.

your fellow citizen,
Kandula Tsarian

40. Sender: Dethan
Date: Thu Mar 22 06:42:20 2007
To: Ronin
Subject: challenege
I challenege you in regards to the Deadliest contest!
We are both here now, so let us decide this now.
No loot fight, we will do this the old way, honorable.
Let me know!

41. Sender: Waldo
Date: Thu Apr 26 23:18:45 2007
To: Nonla
Subject: Morbid
Morbid has been trapped in a painting. Do not look for his escape.

Your clan members lifes are in danger.


42. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Feb 23 06:50:26 2007
To: All
Subject: regarding farizuku
Forgive me for my lack of information, about the one known as farizuku
i have had the time to think what he has said over
he told me of how his people's gods have left them also.
here is the main jist of it, his people are dying out, they do not have the gif
of rebirth like we do. he was part of the bo'gi tribe, but
now he is of all the tribes. he came here with hope of finding Heros.
he mistook me as a hero but i told him i would tell the heros.
he is (i believe) the last of the Bo'gi, but he does not want to be called
he left to spread the word to the tribes, that the heros of legend
are real and there is hope.
when i find out more i will keep you informed.
Dengal Monk on Nonla Arahnala

43. Sender: Waldo
Date: Mon Mar 26 01:49:25 2007
To: Akastron
Subject: Accept
I accept.

As your leader's corpse rots on the road outside the gate, so shall


44. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Mar 22 03:20:52 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: Vermin?
We're not the same people you knew us to be, Vicks.
I have since renounced the way of the warrior and taken up the
mantle of a mage - as such, my interest no longer lies in anything
involving conflict. My prime interests, now, are magical research.
This war between us ended a long time ago, so why not embrace
this peace and be friends?

Cedrick Elysium

45. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Sep 10 02:18:57 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: re: re: the way it works
Speaking of brainless slugs, how's your mother?


46. Sender: Sarlok
Date: Wed May 30 20:40:51 2007
To: All
Subject: Mana crystals
Greetings fellow adventurers.
I am seeking crimson mana crystals. I can offer gold, and to a somewhat
lesser degree - spells in trade.
For the time being I require eight crystals, but will certainly not turn
away any extras.

- Sarlok

47. Sender: Kandula
Date: Tue Jul 31 08:37:01 2007
To: Waldo
Subject: help
The note Eckx replied to me mentioned your name.
Would you be willing to take a young Trickster
under your wing for a bit?


48. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu May 3 03:51:00 2007
To: Citizens of Arathnos
Subject: The Location of Charles
Citizens of Arathnos, I need your help.

I wish to locate the base of operations for the
Necraladin known as "Charles". Once his location
has been found, I seek to form an assault party
which will converge on his location, with the
intention of ending his life. We cannot sit
back and allow him to continue to attack us
with his "servants" from afar; we must take the
fight to his doorstep.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

49. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Feb 15 01:19:39 2007
To: All
Subject: Trouble
Adventurers Beware:

Last night while I travel these lands, a challenge came from across
the northern lights. It read as such:

Attention, attention... there is there is a race being held! The winner
receives a formidable prize and the losers receive mockery! Advance
swiftly to Jarl's Rift, touch upon his throne and proclaim yourself
victor and king for all to know!:

Few adventurers tried but many townsfolk took part. There was a team
from 0fcol, Pentir, and even the tribes-women from the Bwani Village.
...- All Failed-...

Beware my fellow friends, history looms the air. One of three threats
was diminished and seemingly forever forgotten... until now.

Bryth has returned.


50. Sender: Ronin
Date: Thu Mar 22 06:43:21 2007
To: Dethan
Subject: re: My imminent demise
I accept your challenge.
- Ronin

51. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon Apr 16 21:37:24 2007
To: Seph
Subject: Challenge

I challenge you to a battle for your position of WarMaster. Standard
reply rules apply. Let me know for scheduling.


52. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Jan 15 07:39:50 2007
To: Psychotic
Subject: re: Waldo
Waldo is the only (active) person I can think of qualified to take
my place, actually.

(ooc: and seeing as i hardly play anymore, G or whoever can do that if
they want :v )

53. Sender: Psychotic
Date: Wed Mar 21 01:36:57 2007
To: Everyone
Subject: Waldo
Hello all.
tis i psychotic, i have come with news of that whois called waldo.
waldo has proven himself to me without a doubt to be a generous
kind outgoing person and has also given me back my eq.
if you cannot trust waldo then i pitty you, he is here to help
people on their journeys what their journey may be. you should trust him
give him the chance to prove himself to you like he has proven to me.
you might still think of him as a thief and will kill you just cause he can,
but i never thought i'd trust him ever, but a few days ago he has proven himsel
himself to me as a worthy advisarry.
please trust him or give him the chance foer he has changed in personality.
sincerley Psychotic

54. Sender: Ardwick
Date: Sat May 5 09:30:34 2007
To: Deadlies
Subject: A Message from Fane
Prepare yourselves.

The Month of Blood draws near.

Lieutenant Ardwick

55. Sender: Ronin
Date: Mon Mar 26 02:36:43 2007
To: All
Subject: Waldo Humperdink
It has come to my attention that there is a certain level of mistrust
and to some degree, hatred towards Waldo.
My dealings with Waldo, and to a certain extent the clan Forsaken with
which he is associated, have been most welcomed and above all - helpful.
Waldo has always been willing to assist me should the need arise in
times of misfortune.

I ask you to please reconsider your opinions.
I strongly believe that this level of disdain towards Waldo is without


- Ronin Il'Corlain

56. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Mar 16 04:15:57 2007
To: All
Subject: regarding our mayor
I believe that the time is here for a new mayor, our mayor has left
and hasnt returned yet
Citizens of Xantheus speak up and tell us what is wrong.
The rioting has gotten out of hand.....executions hourly, the guard are trying
their best to control them but even they dont have the man power.
a New mayor must be picked, or Xantheus is lost.
Dengal First Monk of Nonla Arahanala

57. Sender: Meci
Date: Mon Sep 17 18:43:17 2007
To: Vicks
Subject: The Note
Unless the gods return, and hand that note to you, it has
already been taken care of. You and no other from this town,
will ever see it's contents. Better luck next time.


58. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Sep 17 17:51:38 2007
To: All
Subject: Meci's "Letter"

She currently holds a note containing instructions
from Fane's lieutenant Dole to their armies.
We must discover the contents of that note at
all costs; by words or by blood, that note
must be made public.

And Acerbus will do everything possible to ensure
that it is.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

59. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 30 03:35:34 2007
To: Charles
Subject: Your End
You have already scarred these lands enough to warrant
death; now it seems you have made it personal.

My blades will find their way to your throat in time,
Master Charles. And when they do, none of your breatheren
will be able to save you.

Honor Before Glory
Clan Before Self.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

60. Sender: Kandula
Date: Tue Aug 7 04:31:57 2007
To: Waldo
Subject: Trickery
I am an Illusionist of the human kind. you will see, I am short with very long
arms. I have many tricks up my sleeve if you would like to teach me more, I
would be much abliged to learning your sneaky ways.


61. Sender: Dengal
Date: Thu Feb 22 08:52:07 2007
To: All
i have just encountered a man who went by the name of Farizuku, who is a formor
bo'gi tribesman but now works for all Tribes. he came to me while no one was ar
ound. his people are in trouble. he came hoping to find heros.
his people are in need of desperte help. I will be the first to join their caus
e. contact me if you are willing to join their cause, or write a note.
Dengal Monk of Nonla

62. Sender: Ronin
Date: Thu May 24 01:49:21 2007
To: All
Subject: Puppetmaster (contd.)
(contd. from previous note)

Neq left shortly after the fight to tend to the needs of the wounded refugees,
while the rest of us met with Quandrith in Xantheus square.
It was agreed that we would aid him, and were to meet in a weeks time.

- Ronin

63. Sender: Meci
Date: Sat Sep 15 17:19:02 2007
To: Elstin
Subject: Discovery
As I hear it, you are no longer with Hip'pi. I can only figure, that my boy
Fane had something to do with this. It has been a while since I have seen
him in person, perhaps you can give me a brief discription of what he
looks to be?
I sure hope you all had a lovely visit. Good job failing, Orcs can
be such useful creatures. I'm sure Fane is pleased.
Oh, and Elstin, I was left a small gift that you may be
interested to see, considering you former Hip'pi now.

Reminder to all,
The day comes closer where your blood shall spill,
The hour draws nearer where darkness shall cover,
Prepare for nothing for none of you will save this place,
You all will parish under his will.


64. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sat Jan 27 18:53:33 2007
To: All
Subject: NEWS
Hello adventurers!

For the first time in Xantheus history...(suspense is building)
I, Akastron Humperdink offer my services for the expansion and completion
of one's training! (leveling excessively fast and virtually death free)
My knowledge of the island, the mainland, and the distance in between has
brought me to a new chapter in my life and now it is time to share it with
the masses! (a light applause can be heard in your head as you picture Akastron
standing upon the square announcing this immaculate news.)
How can this be you ask? Can this be free you say? The answers will be given
to all of those who seek them. Your first step on the path of immortality is
to contact me! Please feel free to drop me a mail or a simple hello would do
splendid! I look forward to expanding your knowledge of the area and your
experience too.

*small disclaimer on the bottom*
All rights reserved: Akastron Inc. Results typical but vary depending race/
class/personal experience. All sales final, no refunds available, yadda
yadda yadda.


65. Sender: Ardwick
Date: Fri Jul 13 16:35:09 2007
To: Clans of Xantheus
Subject: Months of Blood
Sword of Night -> Forsaken
Acerbus Ira -> Obsidian Circle
Forsaken -> Sword of Night
Obsidian Circle -> Acerbus Ira

Let blood flow.

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