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1. Sender: Ellis
Date: Sat Mar 4 15:46:20 2006
To: All
Subject: A Warning from the Lorn
A group has formed within our Church who debate its teachings.
They have quietly broken their ties. We cannot kill them, for such would
be against our religion. We ask that you also refrain from harming them, and
to treat them with respect.
You should however be aware that they seek a way to free ALL from the
Last Fragment.

Ellis, layman of the Cult of the Lorn.

2. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Feb 7 01:42:41 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Fane
Do not speak to me of Fane, boy. I know more
than a fool like yourself could ever know.
You clap for the Forsaken for attempting to
cease hostilities with Acerbus? Good for you.
Perhaps you were also clapping when the Forsaken
collaborated in Fane's creation.
The Forsaken have betrayed this town countless
times; yet you suggest that we simply forgive
and forget. Should the Forsaken prove useful
in the destruction of Fane, Acerbus may yet forgive.

But we shall not forget.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

3. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Jul 13 09:46:47 2006
To: Solitude
Subject: re: Xantheus
Or, we could just blow it up before Fane does. That's always fun.

4. Sender: Dethan
Date: Mon Jan 9 00:31:48 2006
To: Draver
Subject: trinket
I have found your trinket...get ahold of me to have it returned.
-Sir Dethan Hip'pi Ap Stormblade, Hand of Elstin

5. Sender: Telemachus
Date: Sun Aug 20 18:19:40 2006
To: Cedrick
Subject: crying wolf
I believe that story ends with the child being eatten by a wolf.

6. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Apr 11 00:28:49 2006
To: Anyone
Subject: Offer
I have a job offering for anyone interested.
See me as soon as possible for more information
You must be of suitable stature and race.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Acting Leader of Obsidian Circle

7. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Thu Aug 10 00:39:50 2006
To: Xantheus
Subject: Recent events...
Day of the Great Gods, 19th of the Month of Sektober.

Attacks on the city by elementals point towards the reactivation
of one of the inchoations. During the attacks, the one known as
"Tomas" was spotted in Xantheus Square, as well as his black dragon
Epyranth. How he is tied to these events is unknown. Zorian, keen
and wise as ever, was quick to inform us of how to stop the attcks.
Upon gathering items of elemental significance at his request, they
were brought to him and he began the casting of the seal. While he
was casting, Vicks, Seph, Waldo and myself cleared out the town of
elementals. We were soon thereafter ambushed by trolls, orcs and
The forces of darkness were driven away, but they leave a sour taste
in one's mouth. Activity from an inchoation and the forces that
raided the city all point towards Fane's return to these lands.
We must all be careful, citizens and adventurers alike. If Fane is
truly out there once more, then no one is safe...
Uralaem, orphan of Tarashem, Servant of Light, Wolf Eternal.

8. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Thu Feb 9 18:44:47 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
Whats 'humaine' anyway, did you mean humane?
My actions have said nothing, my words have harmed not, except for your
scewed perception of reality. Last I checked we were alliances, and as
my keen observations have noted, you are quick to challenge, either because
you are bored or are not bright enough to notice that "humane" treatment
is not slaughtering those who are weaker than you.
How would you say that you would not be responsible if you attacked me with
your portal?
tsk tsk, there is no need to bicker. You simply did not like the way that I
stated things, so just say so. There is no need for this pointless babbling.
Lets do lunch. I know a great salesman around the enterance to the newbie
academy who sells wonderfull rabbit meat and the tastiest water this side of
the mainland!

Hugs and kisses,

9. Sender: Koptor
Date: Mon Jan 2 13:42:04 2006
To: Maxen
Subject: Election
To say again what I say before; to elect someone such as Sir Dethan
to a position of executive power within the city would be futile, as none
of Forsaken or their sympathizers would ever obey his word.

Such division is not what is needed with the city still in turmoil.

Koptor Rikoptar

10. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Wed Feb 8 17:44:13 2006
To: Acerbus
Subject: Worth
I have an idea. Lets put down a list of all the crimes supposedly
commited. And then we all shall review the list and compare it to that
of what the Fane is doing. If it is less than that of the Fane, can we
quit squabbling about it untill the city is saved or something?
Or we could just hang all of the forsaken from the town square.
In Death,

11. Sender: Dengal
Date: Sun Feb 5 03:04:20 2006
To: Citizens/all
Subject: RE: Xantheus City
You are right.......but we still must bring a voice of reason.
these times are crucial to the future of this city.
if no one does anything, then i fear that this town will be dead
in a few months
but why doesn't any one search out a wise prophet,
for an answer, to why Xantheus City must suffer.
If need be I will search for a wise prophet, for answers.
concerned for Xantheus

12. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Fri Jun 2 03:28:47 2006
To: All
Subject: The End part II
VenGanze gave us an hour before he would end the world, and thus, we all
gathered at the cathedral altar to discuss available options to stop him.
Soon fiery rain began to fall from the sky burning buildings and people
across the land. With the help of the captain, we managed to evacuate
all the citizens into the cathedral. Built of stone, it would be the
safest place to seek shelter against the rain. Through discussing, we
decided that the best option was to build a portal and send VenGanze
away to another world, stopping him, if only for a time.
We searched across the land for mages of great standing and power, to
learn about the steps necessary to create said portal. Edoak the titan
mage told me that it was necessary to find three Lythos stones, and an
arched structure. Priest's inquiries up north at Elven tower with Palathius
revealed more detailed steps to constructing the portal.

13. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Feb 9 00:17:37 2006
To: Iniquitious
Subject: Actions and Words
You are attempting to govern the actions of Acerbus;
something which you have no buisiness doing. I am
tired of fools rushing to the aid of the Forsaken,
seemingly ignorant of the destruction they have wrought.
You have already proven yourself no friend of Acerbus;
that was made clear before you even posted your note.
Actions speak louder than words, boy.

See you soon

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

14. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Thu Jul 6 01:21:40 2006
To: All
Subject: Sad Tidings
Not but three days ago, the town of Xantheus was again besieged
by orcs. They were more powerful than any of the ones that have
previously attacked. Amidst the tumult of what was going on, a
dreadful rumour was said, Fane may well be back in Arathnos...
While this remains to be confirmed, the fact is that we have been
attacked by more powerful orcs, and that we should all remain cautious
what with the possibility of it being true.
what with the possibility of it being true.
Be careful out there friends, we could be in for a bigger storm
than ever before.

15. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Feb 9 18:00:00 2006
To: Iniquitious
Subject: Re:
What's 'qping' anyway? If you are refering
to my training, I would be happy to put my
skills against yours in a duel to the death
in order to determine who's skills are
sharper. And do not be envious that I have
mastered the magical art of the portal; in
the end it will simply make your death
quicker and more humaine. Unless you are
not my enemy, of course.
But your words and actions indicate otherwise.
Palermo, Norik ... I suggest you do a better job
of keeping your young ones in line. I cannot
be held responsible should they get hurt.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

16. Sender: Priest
Date: Tue Sep 12 23:57:16 2006
To: All
Subject: Re: Proud and Opressive
Lord Cedrick, Lady Erilyn, Lords of Obsidian Circle,
Adventurers and citizens alike, I feel we should all
give thanks to the Lord Vicks and whatever forces he has
at his muster, that in their generosity they have
decided not to bully us around and opress us. We all should
be grateful that they have dained to give us the right to
live, to exist at all. Woe be unto those who cross the
proud and fat wolves, else they decide the best course of
our lives, which appears to me to be the loss of said

Yes, yes, we must all be mindful of our places and remember
to scrape and grovel before our wardens.

17. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Aug 22 14:49:40 2006
To: Cedrick
Subject: Wolves
This city is already full of wolves, my boy.
And their eyes are focused on you.

Lord Vicks Erebor

18. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Oct 20 16:12:34 2006
To: Omen
Subject: re
Oh. Well I must have gotten all that hair on your chin mixed up for
what's normally seen on males. I'm terribly sorry for the mixup and even
more sorry for any potential future lovers... unless of course they're
currently in Forsaken. They'd be pathetic enough to stoop that low and
figure hey, a lay is a lay. But we will not continue into that any further.
As far as the friendly advice to kill myself, I deter from that path for
numerous reasons. One reason why I won't go through with the suicide happens
to rest on your shoulders. *as you read this you get the feeling Akastron's
facial features change to show a sinister evil grin* And the second reason
I don't bow down to your command and obey your request is simply because
myself and ALL of the town of Xantheus spend more time laughing at you
than taking you seriously. Ideas: Shave the beard, Act more ladylike, Take
a shower, and keep bringing your clan lower and lower by speaking.
Thanks for your time.


19. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Sep 17 04:25:06 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
If that's a threat, it appears to be pretty empty. Perhaps you
could follow through? I wanted the war over because it was a
waste of time for us both, but considering you keep bringing
it up, I wonder how sincere you are. We will keep our word
and not bother with you anymore, but if you intend
on starting anything else with us, be aware that this time
we'll finish it.

20. Sender: Draver
Date: Sun Jan 8 23:02:07 2006
To: All
Subject: Things that Happened
So lotsa stuff happened today. You all missed it, but I didnt.
That Shadowkaun paladin guy, he was there too.
There was this lady from Ofcol, Priestess something or other.
And she asked us to clear the Thalos place out.
And so we did.
But we didnt get there yet, we had to make a gate, or repair it.
So we needed to get steel to repair the gate.
That Jim guy in Ofcol, his furnace bit me. It hurt. But he needed us to
go out and get some steel. Wouldn't ya know it theres steel right
outside of town in this tower. I found a red potion.
Magically this red potion, when you drink it, will remove your blind
eyes, making you see again. How do you drink a potion when you're
blind though?! Hehehehehehehe!
Anyway, we got some steel, went back to the bar.
Shadowkaun said no, i remembered about the steel and we gave it
to Jim. Then i dropped my trinket. I really liked that trinket.
It was glass and really shiney and when you moved it in the light
you got pictures all over the walls. And it was glass. I dropped it.
It broke. I cant remember where i got it from. I hope i can buy another
one just like it. Oh and Jim said the steel for the gate will be ready soon, so
say we can go back and get it, and then repair the thalos gate and then
clear out thalos of all the llamas and beholders so Tomas can have
a throne.
If you find a glass trinket let me know.

21. Sender: Draethor
Date: Fri Sep 29 02:23:28 2006
To: Elias
Subject: Guards
My guess is that the guards no exactly what they are as well
or else they wouldnt be able to take the bribes.

22. Sender: Sigmund
Date: Wed Oct 18 06:32:57 2006
To: All
Subject: It's your fault.
Speaking in behlf of Fane, though unofficially, he
extends his most gracious appreciation and thanks
to each and every single one of you. Without all
the hate, the violence, the threats, the petulance,
and the dissent among you, why, he'd be nothing at

Being a young man, one born to these terrible and
trying times, I find nothing to look forward to but
a very unsavory end to us all. So, on behalf of myself,
and those still too young or old to adventure and make
a difference, I now give my thanks to you all. I thank
you for bringing this upon on us, I thank you for
strengthening the evil which swallows this world a
little more each day. Thank you all, for damning us all.

Sigmund, The Disgruntled

23. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Feb 10 23:15:43 2006
To: Maxen/All
Subject: my Voices and another thing
Dont be dissing the voices in my head.
they have rights too. but thats not what i was talking about
for the last 5-7 notes Vicks has posted, there has be someform of threat
this is all i was talking about.
But never mind me and my voices, for they are telling me to.....
..................well i cant tell you at the moment.
Concerned for Xantheus

24. Sender: Messiah
Date: Sun Apr 23 00:59:00 2006
To: All
Subject: Goodbye.
Greetings to you all,

I regret the impersonal nature of this note, but
perhaps it will best this way. For this note is the
last that I speak to you all as the Brother Messiah.
The time has come for me to abandon both titles to
those more fit to possess them at this time. I am,
and always be what I am, and though I can be friend
and Brother to many of you, a herald of what is to come
for all, I chose now to follow a path closer to my
heart, my true being.

25. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Jan 6 02:20:26 2006
To: All
Subject: Xantheus Under Siege II
To the south stood an army of trolls the likes of which I have never
in all my days seen. Their numbers were too great to count; it was
as if a forest of the beasts had sprouted overnight on our very
doorstep. Behind them, in the distance, legions of bugbears could
be seen marching into position. After discussing our options
(and agreeing that surrender was not an option), we made our way
to the south gate to meet the fate that awaited us.
As we engaged the trolls, it became quickly apparent that we had
not the manpower to deal with such a force. Our strength was
depleted, our numbers few. The trolls began to close around us,
cutting off any possible escape. All was seemingly lost.

At that moment, blasts of fire begain raining from the sky, striking
the trolls down one by one where they stood. It was Master Thomas,
riding prodly on the back of the Great Dragon Epyranth. Blessed
be the citizens of this town! With the aid of Thomas and Epyranth,
the remnants of Fane's army were quickly scattered.

26. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Thu Feb 9 15:25:36 2006
To: Worthless people
Subject: pointless babbling
You are a man of genius, for I did not attack Uralaem, she attacked me,
it seems she grouped with my prey and didn't like me attacking her, so
she grouped. But anyway here it is. These are not words of the circle
these are words of my pride.

It seems that you have been sitting on your arse waiting for something to
do, you do not go qping much as of late, instead you sit idle, waiting for
certain people to attack. You either walk to them because you have no other
way, or you stand there casting portals to them like a lazy arse.
It seems now that you have fresh blood wich is someone who obviously can't
duel with you because of a far greater balance in class learning, you are
jumping like frogs at a fly. My note earlier was neither a defense to the
Forsaken, nor was it intended to be an attack with words at you, yet you
made it out to be.

You are really pathetic if you believe you can sway such fictitious
thoughts into reality, You are even more pathetic if you prey on those
weaker than you.

But I completly understand if you simply must go attack someone, just
remember that life is one big circle, what goes around comes around

with hugs and kisses,

27. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Thu Feb 9 00:03:39 2006
To: Vicks/All
Subject: Egotistical, Superior Attitude
Your attitude disgust me Vicks.
You are calling me boy, and yet you know nothing of me.
Do not bring my clan and or race into this matter for
wich I have spoken.
With this kind of attitude I expect nothing less than
for you to threaten me with your blades and put words
inside my mouth onto note.

I suggest that you learn how to communicate with people
instead of sounding obnoxious.
And what is wrong with me asking questions? Am I not a
citizen of this town? Quit sounding so self important.

More powerful than me correct you be,
More of a man or stronger not you be,

The Ever concerned

28. Sender: Feyvel
Date: Thu Aug 17 02:19:26 2006
To: Cedrick
Subject: blame
I could be mistaken, friend Cedrick, but Lady Ura has made no
mention of you or yours in her posting. Which begs the question,
why would you have bothered to bring up the issue, before anybody
had mentionned it? Is there something we should know, that you're
not telling us?

29. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Sep 14 02:49:28 2006
To: Priest
Subject: A Reply
Perhaps you think we should be thanking the Lady
Erilyn for all her help defending Xantheus?
Or "Lord" Cedrick? Indeed, we wouldn't be able
to save this town from Fane and the elementals
had "Lord" Cedrick and his clan not unleashed them
upon us. The Circle are the only ones you have
mentioned that have done anything to benefit
this town in it's time of need, and even they
are scarce of late.

The Wolves of Acerbus will continue to keep
this town safe; even for those who do not
have the sense to see it.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

30. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Fri Jun 2 03:22:57 2006
To: All
Subject: The End part I
During out travels through the titan kingdom, Neq the Cleric, Brother
Messiah and myself heard alarm bells ringing from the manilla mountain
range. En route to the mountains, we stopped when we heard the City
guard captain yelling orders to his troops to strengthen the barrier
at the gate. Upon our arrival, we learned that there were some beasts
besieging the town. Upon further inspection, we learned that the monsters
were minions of the evil vampire VenGanze, and that he was searching
for a "ghost man", which turned out to be Seph.
After a short conversation, VenGanze dissapeared from the mountain
range, leaving a small village in the range burnt down and destroyed.
Seph appeared soon after and mentionned something about the end of this
world and how it happened before on his world. Venganze proceded to
set the sky ablaze and soon it began to rain embers and ash and brimstone.

31. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Mar 26 04:05:51 2006
To: Priest
Subject: A reply
For you to refer to the crimes of the Forsaken
against both Acerbus Ira and Xantheus as "petty"
is an insult both to my clan and this town.
For one claiming to be so intensely aware of
the goings on in Arathnos to make such a claim
is both foolish and unwise.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

32. Sender: Dengal
Date: Thu Feb 9 22:36:13 2006
To: Maxen/all
Subject: RE:
well as i have not been around for a bit due to unforseen circumstaces ,
i have not been informed, but why do they still have the flags up.......
why cant they take them down until Xantheus is returned to normal....
or at leason a path to normal
this is the mnain question i have.
Concerned for Xantheus survivil

33. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Jan 3 01:37:54 2006
To: Lexi/all
Subject: God Attacks
The Lorn would be the Cult of the Lorn.

The people that have forsaken the Gods.
They are the ones who have disturbed the gods and their

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

34. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Aug 21 19:11:20 2006
To: Telemachus
Subject: re:
Yes, so perhaps the accusers should keep their eyes open for the
real wolf, lest it gets in.

35. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Aug 20 09:51:25 2006
To: Feyvel
Subject: re:
First of all, my response was addressing Uralaem.

Second of all, we have nothing to hide, and never did. However, that
doesn't seem to stop the rest of this city from pointing their fingers
at us whenever something unnatural occurs. Whether it involves Fane
Vattar, or even the occasional, independent orc raid, somehow
Forsaken gets involved. There's a story I hear the citizens of Xantheus
tell their children... something about crying wolf?

36. Sender: Maxen
Date: Wed Mar 15 22:06:30 2006
To: Cireen
Subject: Ceasefire
They wore the crest of Sword of Night, and I now
hold the blade from their corpse. If you did not order
that attack, then Someone else under you did.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

37. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Fri Jun 2 03:35:17 2006
To: All
Subject: The End III
Priest, however, was lost to the void before he could reveal the process
to us, and thus it was necessary for myself to go to the tower and speak
with Palathius myself. Before I could however, I had to find the three
Lythos stones from the Brone brother's mining camp, and from the
dwarven mining post east of town. Palathius told me how to arrange the
stones and that it was necessary to construct the portal in a place of
great. A catalyst was also necessary in the construction of the portal.
Before he could reveal to me the location that would suffice for the
ritual, minions of VenGanze assaulted the tower and murdered Palathius.
Seph, thinking quickly, thought that the stone circle south of Sludig's
keep might be an appropriate place to create the portal.
As soon as we had figured out what to do, VenGanze's voice boomed
across the land, saying that we were out of time. We ran as quickly as
we could to the stones, and constructed the portal. VenGanze quickly
made his appearance, taunting us and telling us that our efforts were
for naught.

38. Sender: Dengal
Date: Thu Feb 9 20:06:21 2006
To: All/Vicks
Subject: LIst
Why Ira, wont you calm yourselves long enough to save our town.
Make the list of forsakens grievences and of fanes ten we,
will see what your oproblem is.
until you have produced this list your words are of no vaule.
worried for Xantheus

39. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Mar 29 01:19:16 2006
To: Priest
Subject: Current Events
It would seem you have your own problems;
I would suggest you deal with them before
you waste anymore time refering to the
crimes of the Forsaken as "petty". Perhaps
if it were your home ... your family ... that
was attacked you might feel differently.
At any rate, Acerbus will deal with it's own
matters, as we always have. You are free to
help us.

Or get out of the way.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

40. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Jan 6 02:19:16 2006
To: All
Subject: Xantheus Under Siege I
As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, yesterday
Xantheus found itself under attack by the armies of Fane
Vattar. The first wave was spotted coming from the North
by our lookouts; Captain Braynham quickly assembled his
guards and what few adventurers he could find. Akastron,
myself, Norik, Maxen and Baalszkaar answered his call.
We quickly separated to gather equipment for our guards
so that they might be better able to handle the onslaught that
faced us, but soon enough the hoard was upon us.

A mighty battle was fought at the North gate. We attempted
to block their path as best we could, but we were soon
overpowered and the gate blown wide open. Captain
Peter valiantly joined in the frey, and we were able to
repel the rest of the orcs. It was then that we heard cries
from the west; A section of the Western Wall had been collapsed,
and more orcs were flowing through the breach. Another
fierce battle ensued, as the fighting spilled into the streets
of Xantheus. After much bloodshed, we were able to repel
this second wave as well. Hopes were high as we routed the
remaining orcs from our walls; however, that hope quickly faded...

41. Sender: Waldo
Date: Tue Dec 26 03:00:18 2006
To: Alls
Subject: Weak
You are even weaker now for writing that note than you were when
you were in Forsaken. You only lasted as long as you did because
another leader thought you had potential. You didn't. I saw the
error in the other leader's thinking and made it right.

The strong members of Forsaken have nothing to worry about.


42. Sender: Maxen
Date: Wed Mar 15 21:59:17 2006
To: General Ashenkur
Subject: Cease Fire

Recently Vampires acting on behalf of the Sword
of Night attacked the Halls of Obsidian Circle.
They have directly violated the cease fire treaty.
I would like to meet to discuss this and other things.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Acting Leader, Obsidian Circle

43. Sender: Dengal
Date: Mon Feb 6 21:38:00 2006
To: Vicks/ all
Subject: re
Even though i agree about forsaken and Ira. there are more importatn
things going on rightnow
and if you cannot wait to destroy tanother clan,
then you are mistaken with your goals
we will all need to corraperate if we even dare to take on fane
and his army. i know this will be hard for Ira, but Forsaken has seen this.
and i clap that they have takenthe war flags dowwn in the dire time of need.
Yet you still keep yours flying. and you want to fight Fane. ha
if you want to go against his armies alone then do so.
the rest of us will unite if needexdd.
i will have no pity when you are brought back on a strecher.
as to the rest of you we need to unite if we even have a chance against Fanes a

44. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Oct 29 01:31:45 2006
To: Xantheus
Subject: Hiatus
See subject. As such, the words that spout from the mouths of my
underlings have nothing to do with Forsaken, myself, or its
other members. Thank you for your time.


45. Sender: VenGanze
Date: Sun Apr 2 10:06:31 2006
To: Those That Wallow in this Filth
Subject: Happy Tidings
Shame you cannot hear the snickering that occurs as I delve
into that mortal tool "writing." Such wasted time, better suited
to a young girl or a fine drink. Perhaps a fire...
Yet you mortal fools squabble with eachother using quill and
parchment with the premise of looking intelligent to one another,
all the while beating your chests swollen and red for no importance.

I find it pathetic.
Therefore, know that this "city" I have so elegantly charmed with my
presence for so long is no longer required. Rather than wave a finger
and have this greasy spot of filth removed from the wilted countryside,
I'd much rather have some entertainment, and watch you all suffer the
constant press of those who serve me.

And to the vampire who made the foolish mistake of venturing a guess
as to what I am: make no mistake, foolish lesser demon, I am a god.
And soon, this world shall tremble as I slowly peel the flesh from your
broken bodies, one miserable screaming soul at a time.

Oh, and there will be begging and weaping, so cry to your sluts of gods
while you still posess your throats.
[The note ends not with a signature, but with a streak of blood stretching
outwards from the application of clawed hands.]

46. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Feb 10 06:14:43 2006
To: Iniquitous
Subject: Puzzled
Iniquitous, your words intrigue me.
'Last I checked we were alliances'. I suppose you
forgot to 'check' before you attacked a member
of Acerbus and their escort? On top of that,
you seem to stand behind your actions, going
out of your way to undermine and insult me.
All the while offering nothing in the way
of remorse or appology.

I'm not sure if 'better late than never' will
be good enough at this point.

See you soon.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

47. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Feb 12 18:46:22 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: A Final Reply
You are an idiot. I would sooner fight
the armies of Fane alone than alongside
the likes of you. Kindly do not write
any more notes to me, as your opinion
will never affect my judgement, nor that
of my clan. Were you deadly, I would
hunt you for sport, for you hold no more
intellect than the beasts that I hunt to
feed upon. I am finished with you.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

48. Sender: Cireen
Date: Wed Mar 15 22:02:00 2006
To: Ashenkur
Subject: Ceasefire
I am aware of no order for any Vampire under me to attack the Circle.


49. Sender: Norik
Date: Wed Apr 5 03:48:44 2006
To: Seph
Subject: It is time.

We need to talk. You know what this is about. Come see me.


50. Sender: Priest
Date: Sat Mar 25 21:19:46 2006
To: Everyone
Subject: Kindly advice.
Hmph. All you children should start
packing up your toys and various distractions
and move on. Simply put, you bickering brats
are anything but ready, not even close to
being prepared for what is to come. Do
yourselves the favor and admit defeat now,
it'll be a lot less shameful in the long

Given the state of things in this day and
age, the end of it all isn't really something
to mourn. Afterall, the once great houses
and clans have fallen into shame and ruin.
What is truly disgusting, even to this black
heart of mine, is that the so called defenders
of this once proud city can't even begin to
put aside their petty differnces for the
salvation of this city, this land, or even
for themselves.

Ahh well, you children enjoy the fruits of
your "labor".

Priest D'Saridon, The Spider.

51. Sender: Dengal
Date: Sun Feb 5 07:40:10 2006
To: All/citizens
Subject: problems
So the Prophets have said the destruction of Xantheus,
is coming. Oh well my on personal prophet sees the,
rejuvination of Xantheus into the greatest city ever.
I will Find a way to save Xantheus. MARK MY WORDS.
I will not sleep til i have found that way.
Do not give up, this town has held its own,
aganist the vampire ruler, Fane, Dole, and many more,
villians. We can survive this, if you give up, i fear that
the prophets will be correct. and my seeing will be wrong.
there is hope for us yet. so here i go.
Vicks and Cedrick, put aside your bickering and
put the Future of the city first. then after this town has
been revived you can go back to bickering.
Every one else I say the same to you.
I will leave you with this.
If you want Xantheus to survive, come together and help out.
concerned for Xantheus

52. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun Mar 26 00:21:21 2006
To: Priest
Subject: Re:

You speak to all the clans as if everyone is at fault
I have not seen a Forsaken and Ira board fight in quit
e some time. The only "bickering, fighting etc" I have witnessed
was an attack upon myself from a vampire acting on behalf of
your clan. So Perhaps you should learn how to find
accurate information.

And if you are also speaking of the Lorn, I could honestly
care less for their religion, let them do what they want.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Acting Leader, Obsidian Circle

53. Sender: Priest
Date: Mon Mar 27 19:05:35 2006
To: All
Subject: Venganze
I have spent time in the company of
Venganze. I was speaking to him and
observing his nature while the rest
were hunting for him and dealing with
his followers.

Leave it to say, this time gave me
some information that has led to
some theories. It is my theory that
Venganze almost feeds off fear and
hate, it excites him in ways best
left unstated. As I'm sure many have
noticed, failure to fear him, to
hate him bores him, perhaps even
annoy him. Beyond these observations,
I've come to believe that Venganze
loses nothing for being hunted and
faught. From speaking with him, and
what he let slip, it seems to be
exactly what he wants and needs.

Be cautious in dealing with this one,
and be mindful of possible manipulations
and their repercusions.

54. Sender: Mong
Date: Sat Jul 22 15:50:12 2006
To: Xantheus Captian Peter
Subject: Aid
I am Mong SluuVth and I am on my way to become strong enough to
become a master of herbal medicines, untill that day arrives
you have the sword of mine and the blade of my sister Womg Sluuvth.

Good Day,

55. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Fri Jun 2 03:51:22 2006
To: All
Subject: The End V
The Angel returned to his world, leaving many questions unanswered,
and deeming it more important that Seph recover from what had happened,
we agreed to leave the questions unanswered and we adjourned to our
respective locales, and contemplated all that had transpired.
Soon we expect that things will be explained and we will come to understand
what's happened.
A great tragedy has been narrowly avoided. We should all be grateful.

56. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Feb 4 15:48:11 2006
To: Dengal/all
Subject: Re: Mayor
You will be the voice of the citizens?
Then I suppose you may as well join them
in their rioting. This city is filled with
anger and fear, and yet there are still those
who struggle for power?
Xantheus is currently under marital law. Until
the rioting ceases, we have neither the means
nor mindset to campaign. I would suggest that
we hold off on any further political discussions
until we are certain we will have a town left
to govern.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

57. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Feb 8 21:13:56 2006
To: Iniquitious
Subject: Business
Mind your own, boy.

Many of the Forsaken's crimes relate directly
to Fane Vattar. But I digress ... I need
justify nothing to you. If Obsidian Circle
is concerned, have your leaders speak with me.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

58. Sender: Dengal
Date: Sun Feb 12 01:43:55 2006
Subject: list of people to declare war on.
Ok here is a list of people to declare war on.
1. people who think, (not me)
2. People who are aligned with forsaken.
3. The mentally Insane, (me)
4. People who are ugly, (most likly me)
5. people that do not have the same opinion of Vicks
6. Diana.
7. Di Eamen
9. Vicks little toe (it does not like vicks)
10. just plain old ME, Dengal
here is your list Vicks, please use it well.

59. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Fri Jun 2 03:44:29 2006
To: All
Subject: The End part IV
After a great deal of banter on behalf of VenGanze, Seph completed the
creation of the portal, and used his being as the catalyst to open it.
Sacrificing himself to open the gate to another world. Unfortunately,
there wasnt enough force behind the magic to send VenGanze away.
More of his minions were loosed upon Neq and myself, the last two
adventurers present. After we defeated them, VenGanze himself began to
approach us, intent on a fight. He stopped in his tracks however, as a
shining figure stepped out of the portal. The great figure, an archangel,
defeated VenGanze with ease, and banished him through the portal.
He told us soon after that his minions were still running rampant through
the lands. We intercepted them in Ofcol, and on Pentir, returning after
to the stones, only to encounter a demonic zealot under his command.
During the battle, which was not going well, the angel stepped in and
destroyed the demon. After this, we all returned to seph's side. The
angel revived him and revealed to us that he was seph's brother and
that they had both been banished to seperate worlds during childhood

60. Sender: Dengal
Date: Sat Feb 4 07:45:46 2006
To: Citizens all
Subject: Mayor??
is there an mayor at the moment?
if not i want to become the Mayor.
if i become mayor i will help the town revive
destroy those who are destroying this beutiful town.
but the citizens need a voice too.
so i would hold counsels every so often for the citizens voice.
Dengal concerned for Xantheus.

61. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Mon Jan 2 01:28:53 2006
To: All
Subject: Gambling
My name is Iniquitous Action, I am new to these lands.
Anyone wanting a dice game just ask, I am a gambling man.

62. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Sat Feb 11 06:37:10 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: Dinner-Movie-Sleepover?
But guy, I just wanna give you a hug!
and a Tickle-Tickle-Tickle
goochi goo... goochi goo...

love you,
hugs and kisses,
Iniquitous, The desperate

63. Sender: Priest
Date: Sun Mar 26 06:54:10 2006
To: Maxen
Subject: Curiosity

As I am hardly the only one intrigued
by your mystery attacker, I have but
this to say to you.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

With any luck, we may find out for true
not only who your attacker was, but
who was behind them.

This is acceptable to you, yes?

Priest D'Saridon, The Spider.

64. Sender: Dengal
Date: Sat Feb 11 11:02:57 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: RE: error
I am not trying to spare myself. you have found my mistake.
i forgot to add the clinical insane to the people to declare war on.
i am sorry for this
shhhh NOT KNOW, they dont need to know that.
sorry for that, one of my voices tried to "get out"/
but luckly for me i have ways of dealing my with insanity.
I dont know what to do know since you have runined my way of letting,
my "political" voice "out". i do not know what this will lead to.
Do you???? please tell me.
Scared of the Voices

65. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Jan 9 15:37:23 2006
To: Duppy
Subject: Re: Charles
He's the one hanging from the meathook.

Another unfortunate victim of the riots.

Lord Vicks Erebor

66. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Sep 17 20:31:56 2006
To: Forsaken
Subject: re

You said last time that you would finish it.
I'll go to war with your whole clan myself. Why? Because I can.
Don't talk small-guy... walk.


67. Sender: Ellis
Date: Fri Mar 24 15:25:08 2006
To: All
Subject: Beware the God of War
The Ancient Gods fumble for life.
Only the Cult of the Lorn is free.

Layman of the Lorn

68. Sender: Seph
Date: Tue Feb 28 23:05:31 2006
To: All
Subject: The End
Dispair, friends, foe, kin and stranger.
Dispair with the very deeps of your heart.
Dispair with me, for all is lost.
The demon of my past has been released by a foolish one,
known as the 'Master'. He has summoned the remains of an
evil that cannot be controlled, slowed or put to an end.
He has summoned the end of times.
The demon is young now, yet he will grow.
Every time you strike out in anger against another.
Every time you hate, you lie, you steal, he shall feed.
He shall not be stopped untill this world is at an end.
I can no longer hold my post, I fear I have failed this world.
I have brought about its end.
I beg simply forgiveness, while the hours grow shorter.
I shall force myself into exile, and make peace before all is lost.

I am sorry.
Ghost Seph Eleison.

69. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Oct 19 07:27:14 2006
To: Forsaken
Subject: Re
Is Omen the best you have to offer? I sure hope not. He's so goofy
and funny looking. I like how he argues his points... with little real
knowledge to back them up. He's so funny. Omen, do you have much input
on what happens with your thriving clan? Have you visited the Priest King
during your travels and extinguished his tromp through Xantheus? Were
you present when Regicide tried to squash the town? Do you know Ande?
How about Cireen? Have you been acquainted with the Demon of Souls or
Count Alucard? Does Dethan ring a bell? How about Daemon? My point is
simple. You know nothing. All you know is Fane... and he is the result
of your pathetic organization, or lack there of. And regarding Fane,
were you involved in figuring out a way to save our city from him? Do
you consider yourself a part of our city? I don't se why you would. In
due time you will perish and fall from this world. You will be nothing
great in your time and know even less. We will keep it at that. Feel
free to make more humerous comments regarding your clan's position. We
all thoroughly enjoy them.


70. Sender: Iniquitous
Date: Mon Feb 27 04:21:48 2006
To: All
Subject: Bones
[ 28] Seph: Remains
Sun Feb 26 05:17:11 2006
To: Sword of Night
I have spoken briefly with your guards, who have granted
me the transfer of my remains from the tower of Nightmare
into the grove of the Acerbus Ira, for i have had constructed
a more permanent location for their burial.
I thank the Sword of Night for keeping watch of my remains
for all these long years, the gesture shall not be forgotten.

Ghost Seph Eleison Vehenemance
Number One, Acerbus Ira
and so a master came into possesion of the bones.
As he drank brandy with me, and Vicks wached, he talked about
how these bones could become a very powerfull weapon.
And now the circle comes to possess these bones.
If you think of attacking the master's guards, be carefull
they are strong indeed.
The master used the bones to send lightning through all the Xantheus
and he attacked our very city.
Through assistance of many people, we have defeated him.

-Long Live The Circle

71. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Aug 25 04:00:10 2006
To: Forsaken
Subject: End to War
We are satisfied that the ranks of Forsaken have
been reduced to a level that no longer serves as
an active threat to Xantheus; we shall lower our
war flags in order to focus more of our efforts
on the elimination of Fane Vattar. But be warned:
this does not mean you are safe from our blades.
Tread with caution; we shall be watching you.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

72. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Feb 9 06:42:44 2006
To: Iniquitous
Subject: Re:

I haven't forgotten that you attacked Uralaem blindly...

I hope you haven't either.


73. Sender: Omen
Date: Fri Oct 20 05:07:49 2006
To: Akastron
Subject: regarding my sex
you Ignorant fool i am a woman, you dumb blonde
you are seriously retarded.....i am a woman and you are a pile of cow manure
get over your self and go kill your self and maybe.....
just maybe this Town will survive

74. Sender: Iorek
Date: Sat Dec 23 23:43:04 2006
To: Psychotic
Subject: Re: Shock and Awe!
"All I can say is if your in Forsaken your leader is a lying
coniving backstabbing thief and given the chance he will do
the same to you as he did me."

WHAT?! Waldo?! I simply can't believe he would do such a thing!
After all these years of his honest, hardworking, trustworthy
actions, he falls so low!

Making the true Forsaken proud, Waldo!

- Iorek Byrnison

75. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Feb 11 01:59:21 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Questions
You seem to have many questions for me.

I have one for you:

What buisiness is it of yours what Acerbus does
or does not do? You have no right to meddle in
our affairs, nor demand any kind of 'proof' from
us that we are in the right. This is because we
have nothing to proove to you.

And I see nothing in your notes that changes
that simple fact.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

76. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Feb 5 16:50:55 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Re: Forsaken
On a side note, do not feel it necessary to voice
your support of cowards and traitors in my presence;
That you would attempt to minimize their crimes
against this town as simple "bickering" with
Acerbus Ira shows your lack of awareness and
common sense.

Do not speak on things you do not understand.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

77. Sender: Neq
Date: Tue May 16 00:49:28 2006
To: All
Today at 1 o'clock pm, Day of the Moon, 7th th month of the Heat.

At first i didn't think it was true until it stopped and I realized
that it truly was rain.

Neq Dow, The Cleric

78. Sender: Solitude
Date: Sat Jul 8 08:58:13 2006
To: Citizens
Subject: Oh decrepid Xantheus!
Xantheus is already dead. None of the heros of the past venture through
here anymore. Xantheus is weak and decrepid, who shall stand and fight?
Certainly not I, for I have a calling in the netherworld. Perhaps if you
send a messenger to me I shall lend my assistance.
Wach this roll call. it shall be opened today, but not many will sign
it for days to come, perhaps even a weeks time before we get a half
dozen signatures of the mighty avatars, if that is even enough.
Perhaps we should think of moving far away from the Fane to a safe land.
If you will stand every day and look out for Fane vote yes,
If you have a calling which prevents you from showing up everyday
vote no! And if you are truely wise and wish to move away vote abstain.

-Solitude Star.

79. Sender: Priest
Date: Sun Mar 26 06:39:27 2006
To: Vicks/All
Subject: At length
To continue the thought of where
I last left off.

I simply know I am crazy, for such
will never happen. It seems rather
well proven that we are incapable
of such. So, let's all save ourselves
the time and trouble and get down
to what we're good at. Throwing
threats around and making war. Let
us further degrade ourselves and
make the end come sooner and easier.

Priest D'Saridon, The Spider.

80. Sender: Indigo
Date: Mon Apr 3 23:27:24 2006
To: All
Subject: Nonla
Dear Citizens of Xantheus and Travellers passing through,
As many of you may know Nonla Arahnala has been quite
dormant for a long time. I have been commissioned by
Falisvir himself to restore this nearly dead order.
So Nonla Arahnala has returned to full status. Any of
you who wish to join and clan that does not suffer
through the quarrels of clans and would rather help
Falisvir and I in restoring Xantheus to the great
city it once was and help in defeating these dark arts
that have overshadowed the city. Please leave my a note
at the Nonla Info Center or send me a mudmail.
Indigo Erebor Fabrovir

81. Sender: Akastron
Date: Wed Oct 18 18:28:53 2006
To: All
Subject: Sig/For/Fane
I thank Forsaken. They're the reason for all of this world's problems.
Acerbus Ira just cleans up the abundant messes. Go ahead and thank your
evil but don't ever thank the good. One day I might decide not to solve
every problem your pathetic clan can come up with. One of these days,
when you show yourselves again, I might unleash a hellish evil upon your
doorstep and watch you writhe in pathetic agony. You're all disgusting
maggoty filth. If you don't see it my way then you can try to show me how
I should see it. I don't expect anyone to speak up, nor even Fane himself.
But I guess that's what this world has come to. Idle threats. So keep
blabbing your mouths: Sigmund, Forsaken, Fane, etc... Because whether or
not I die, fighting will always be my forte. Cheers to you and yours...


82. Sender: Lexi
Date: Sun Apr 16 22:48:49 2006
To: All
Subject: Priestess of Ofcol
Today, The Priestess of Ofcol requested our assistance.
Solitude, Norik, Maxen, and I were required to bring
three letters of invitations to The Thain of the Shire,
The Chief Trollypolly, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot.
However, the drow princess, for reasons we do not know,
did not want these invitations to get out and sent warriors
to stop us as well as herself. She murdered the priestess of Ofcol,
and made us flee in our tracks. However, we were able, after she
once again attacked us, to kill her.
Beware of the Drow in these parts, they will most likely be very

-Lexi Lordison-

83. Sender: Koptor
Date: Mon Jan 9 17:01:20 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: Re: Charles
Didn't Ruffis suffer a similar fate at the hands of a cloaked assassin a few
years ago?
Seems being the Butcher of Xantheus is a very risky profession.

Koptor Rikoptar

84. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Jan 10 21:28:05 2006
To: General Ashenkur
Subject: Request
General Ashenkur,

On behalf of Obsidian Circle,
Myself, Norik Greywolf and Sir Palermo Roedran request
an audience with your presence. We have much to discuss.
and It is vital that we meet at soon as possible.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Number Two, Obsidian Circlew
Knight of Ashenkur

85. Sender: Maxen
Date: Thu Feb 9 20:49:50 2006
To: Dengal/All
Subject: Acerbus
I say We stop blaming Acerbus for being belligerent
towards the people of this town. I have not seen a
Member of Acerbus strike a Forsaken in quite some time.
And Vicks has made it quite clear time and time again,
that when the time comes that we are attacked, an alliance
will be made during that time to anyone who claims to be
aiding Xantheus. So I think everyone should just shut up
and leave Acerbus alone, They have done nothing except
take precautions.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight Of Ashenkur
Number 2 Obsidian Circle

86. Sender: Priest
Date: Sun Mar 26 06:31:52 2006
To: Vicks/All
Subject: At length
Ahh, Lord Vicks, I'm so glad you
decided to step forward and take
part in this. One might say I
was even hopeful.

Now then, since we are sharing our
opinions so nicely, here is one
of my own for you. Forsaken has
indeed commited some despicable
acts, but then, who hasn't?

You see, as guilty as Forsaken is,
Ira is equally so, if in a different
manner. But then, on that particular
note, far too many are guilty. One
would think however with the city
still rioting, an unexplained attack
and looming threats that could likely
crush all before it, that just maybe
in the interest of survival and having
something to squable over in the
future, all might set aside what
differnces they may have to face
these trials as one cohesive unit.

87. Sender: Solitude
Date: Sun Apr 9 00:14:04 2006
To: People
Subject: Teacher of Learning
Anyone visited a powerfull teacher recently?
Help show me where he/she is and I will reward you!
I am in need of much learning and I will pay
1 000 000 gold coins to anyone who can assist me
payment will be half up front and half after.
-Solitude Star

88. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Jan 3 00:52:08 2006
To: All
Subject: God Attacks
Today the God of Hellfire came into town looking for "The Lorn"
The god said he would slay until he found it, forcing Neq and Myself, along
with Iniquitous and Baalszkaar, to kill him.
We are not sure what or who the Lorn is for he would not
stop to talk with us and was determined to kill and slaughter.

-Lexi Lordison-

89. Sender: Maxen
Date: Fri Feb 10 20:59:48 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Time to Stop

Who gave you the authority to disrespect
and make fun of one of the elder adventurers. When
you have not done much to help the city what so ever.
You blab on and on about Acerbus and how its wrong
and such. But yet you do nothing. You walk by the notice
board and probably say to yourself, " Oh! The voices in my
head are telling me to write a stupid note that has no meaning
and obviously has not changed anybody's mind. So why don't
You shut up, drop the subject and stop complaing about everyone
else and worry about yourself.

Sick of Stupid Notes,
Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Number 2 Obsidian Circle

90. Sender: Priest
Date: Sun Mar 26 03:00:39 2006
To: Everyone
Subject: Information.
First and foremost, I do direct my words to
everyone, even to my own clan. Secondly,
just because of there haven't been incidents
of late, doesn't mean the problem is not there.
Not that I owe Maxen, or any of you any form
of explination, leave it to say too many problems
remain to fester, too many things ignored.

Now, as for the attack upon Obsidian Circle,
reportedly enacted by a vampire baring the mark
of Sword of Night. It is rather unfortunate that
none of our leaders, nor members seem to know
who this attacker may be. Do rest assured however
that the matter is being looked into. It is my personal
opinion that this vampire is but a rogue acting of
their own accord. Furthermore, it is suspect that
this vampire is but someone trying to create more
problems than there already are.

Of course, this is all assuming the attack itself
was real, and not some fabrication of the Circles
for some excuse to strike out.

Priest D'Saridon, The Spider.

91. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Jan 6 02:24:10 2006
To: All
Subject: Xantheus Under Siege III
Thomas has returned to unite Arathnos, to take his spot as King
of Xantheus as the Great Prophet Chronos predicted.
His return gives hope to all those pure of heart who dwell
within these lands.

Walls can be rebuilt, weapons reforged.
It is hope that we must protect at all
costs; today it seems there may be more
than some had thought.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Xantheus

92. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Jan 7 04:00:23 2006
To: Citizens
Subject: Return to Order
My dear citizens of Xantheus, what has become
of you? Fear is not an excuse for the complete
lack of common sense and dignity that you are
now displaying; much blood was spilled to protect
this town, and this is how you react? We are doing
all we can during tough times; it is up to you
to come together to do the same.
We must begin repairs on the walls and extinguish
these fires, but the rioting must stop before we
can make any progress whatsoever. If something
does not change, and quickly, this town will
be in no shape to survive any further assaults on
it's gates.

Lord Vicks Erebor

93. Sender: Maxen
Date: Mon Feb 6 22:54:00 2006
To: Ashenkur
Subject: Request

I again request an audience, I think that we
can resolve much if we meet together to discuss certain

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Number Two Obsidian Circle

94. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Feb 10 03:08:05 2006
To: All
Subject: Acerbus
How would "ending" the war solve any problems
whatsoever? Acerbus has an ongoing conflict
with Forsaken; should they wish to end it,
they are free to reveal all of their dealings
with the Deathknights of Di Eamen, and
accept some responsibility for the state this
town finds itself in. They must also make
amends for their attack on the forests of
Acerbus. Until they have done all these
things, they have no right to ask for peace.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

95. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Aug 25 11:41:33 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: re: End to War
Although that's awfully arrogant of you, we accept your terms.
Our flags will be lowered as well, but just keep in mind that
we're not as impotent and vulnerable as you think.
Cedrick Elysium, of the Forsaken

96. Sender: Neq
Date: Fri Oct 20 20:10:17 2006
To: All
Subject: age
many years ago i asked for someone to find me an item
that would give me youth. Now I found a smock that takes
3 years off from my age. Its WONDERFUL!!!

Neq Dow

97. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Feb 8 05:01:37 2006
To: Lexi/all
Subject: Vengeance
The Forsaken have many crimes to answer for,
both against Xantheus and Acerbus Ira.
Until these crimes have been rectified,
Acerbus will continue to have grievance with
the Forsaken. However, as I have stated
before, in the event of an attack on the city,
Acerbus will ally itself with all those who
claim loyalty to Xantheus, be they Forsaken
or not. However, should we find any hint
of co-operation with Fane, know that the
Wolves of Acerbus shall turn their blades
upon you.

And, as I have also stated before
We do not forget.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

98. Sender: Kellison
Date: Wed Oct 11 06:57:00 2006
To: All
Subject: Ex Codex
Your gods have abandoned you. Why would you live under their rule when
they return?

Death is a small price to pay for freedom


99. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Feb 10 19:11:42 2006
To: Vicks ALLL
Subject: the wraith of vicks
Vicks Vicks Vicks Vicks
why do you threaten so much. i can undestand some things.
but the way you are threating every single note you put on this borad.
why even write a long note.
why dont youy just make a notwith this written in it.
but of course that goes against IRas beliefs......
why dont you just declare War on every one that thinks.
that way you can kill every one with out having ot write a note for it.
Where is the proof that Forsaken is working with di eamen
I want proof that they are working with DI Eamen.
Oh well Vicks
why dont you keep making threats in every single note you post.
concered of the wrath of vicks.

100. Sender: Palermo
Date: Mon Jan 9 13:57:03 2006
To: Ashenkur
Subject: Talk
I request a meeting with you. We have a few things to talk

Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

101. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Sep 29 21:13:22 2006
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re

I rarely ever see you do anything more than just pass through Xantheus.
Are you too afraid to pass outside of Xantheus? Why haven't you responded
to my public threat of your clan? Have you even left your sanctuary since
I posted it? ahaha. I'm so funny.


102. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Feb 7 03:12:58 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: Hating
For some reason you have made all these assumptions about Forsaken.
This only continues to make yourself look like an ass. Forsaken
had nothing to do with Fane's creation. Your looking in the wrong place
to place blame. Forsaken has been continueing to help this town, even
attacked by Fane's army. Forsaken has stopped warring on Acerbus
in favor of aligning with everyone to stop the Fane. Yet you still
keep your clan at war with us, which helps no one.
We did not place war on you first, the leaders of Acerbus did.
In mear protection of ourself did we retaliate.
So when this town is destoryed by your ignorance and fury, it
shall be you, who will need forgiveness from all of us who
live within Xantheus' Walls.

-Lexi Lordison-
Number 1 of Forsaken

103. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun Feb 5 05:08:42 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Re:
The prophets have spoken Dengal
They prophecied the destruction of Xantheus

Giving you thoughts to help you sleep,
Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

104. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Aug 15 07:46:39 2006
To: Uralaem
Subject: re:
Surely you're not pointing at us?

105. Sender: Neq
Date: Tue May 9 21:37:48 2006
To: Adventures
Subject: Potions
I am currently collecting all kinds of potions from every
corner of the land. If you happen to come across any
during your travels fellow adventures. I would be
very grateful if you could save these potions and give
them to me. Along with the info of where you got it from.

Neq Dow, The Cleric

106. Sender: Elias
Date: Wed Sep 27 11:43:28 2006
To: All
My father was executed by the city guards under their oppressive
martial law. He was INNOCENT of the crimes they accused him of,
and he was given NO TRIAL.
Stand, citizens! The City Guard have done more evil within these
walls than the orcs did, for at least the orcs know what they be!

Elias Lobert

107. Sender: Maxen
Date: Mon Apr 3 03:18:05 2006
To: All
Subject: Of great importance
I see a solution, but it must not be posted publicaly.
The great adventurers of this city must meet together.
Time and place must also not be spoken publically.
Enemies are everywhere. Make sure you know
who your friends are.

I await replies on meetings.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight Of Ashenkur
Acting Leader of Obsidian Circle

108. Sender: Grinjler
Date: Wed Jun 28 23:49:04 2006
To: All
Subject: Help Wanted
WANTED: Hardy working men for mining at the Silverstone Mines.
Only those of below 25th rank will be admitted.

Follow the Great Western Road westwards and around from the north gate of
Xantheus until you stand Before the Manilla Mountains.
Then go west, southwest, and finally south.

109. Sender: Priest
Date: Mon Apr 3 12:16:46 2006
To: Everyone
Subject: Meeting.
How I love having the right to say this,
you all should have listened to me in the
first place. I gave warning, I told you
all to come together, to be prepared. Well
maybe now you all will pay closer attention.

Either way, having some insight to offer,
I'll keep further scathing remarks to myself
and attempt to be of use. I will be at this
meeting once a time and place is set.

Priest D'Saridon, The Spider.

110. Sender: Uecef
Date: Fri Mar 24 09:13:10 2006
To: All
Subject: Beware the Ogre Battle
Ogre fight ogre. Do not interfere.

111. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Sep 29 04:41:12 2006
To: Elias
Subject: re: INJUSTICE
If it makes you feel any better, I usually end up killing a half-dozen
of them every time I pass through Xantheus.

112. Sender: Maxen
Date: Thu Feb 9 19:40:43 2006
To: Vicks
Subject: The Issues
He is speaking on his own behalf. Not on behalf of
the Circle. There still lives an alliance of forms
between Acerbus and Obsidian Circle, We honor this.
And any attack on either side would result in a breach
of this alliance and meetings between Leadership would
half to take place.

The attack resulting in the defeat of Uralaem has been delt with.
And I let Iniquitous know that another such attack would be dealt with
severley. If the Circle will abaid by our alliance, I think it is only fair
that Acerbus shall as well. Vicks if you have a problem with my
clan or my clan mate I suggest you speak with Myself, Palermo or Norik
to discuss the matter. I do not like my clan being threatend, and I know you
feel the same way. Which is why I think we need to drop this issue and move

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur
Number 2 Obsidian Cirlce

113. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun Mar 26 06:27:10 2006
To: Priest
Subject: Re:
Perhaps you would like a closer look at his blade?

114. Sender: Seph
Date: Tue Feb 21 01:51:12 2006
To: All
Subject: My Story
There have been many young adventurers lately interested in
my story, and little time with which to tell it...

(Story is continued on the webpage.
Stories / Seph Eleison's Story.
Worth a read, to say the least ;)

115. Sender: Neq
Date: Sat Jan 7 07:39:40 2006
To: All
Subject: Job
I am currently searching for an item that is very important to me.
This item you were on your head it is around level 59. I am willing
to pay 25k to 50k gc for each item a person brings to me that
fits this criteria. But I will not pay for the same item someone
else has already brought me. Also to the person who finds the
item I need there is a 200k gc bonus.
Again the requirements are
1. be between the levels of 57 and 61
2. must wear on head
------------fine print --------------------
if you are not the first to bring me an item i will not give
any gold, and if you handed it to me without first seeing if
I already had the item i reserve the right to keep the item

yours truly
Neq Dow, the cleric

116. Sender: Peter
Date: Mon Jan 2 18:01:34 2006
To: All
Subject: Report on next invasion
Intelligence has reached us that the next attack of Fane and his legions
will be this coming week, and that it will be a large push to topple the
city. Be alert!

Cpt Peter Braynam
Captain of the Guard

117. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Sep 12 05:09:36 2006
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re: Impotent and Vulnerable
Regardless of what I "think", your clan is
scattered and baseless ... most hunts end
when the prey becomes scarce. Simply be
grateful that we do not seek your extinction.

Not that you don't seem to be doing a fine job
with that yourselves.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

118. Sender: Baalszkaar
Date: Fri Jan 6 16:40:52 2006
To: Everybody
Subject: Emporer Tomas
Tomas also say that Xantheous will be destroyed. Destroyed bad! Maybe
he will unite the peoples. But Baalszkaar is suspicious. Wise men say
those who seek power do so for their own ends. Whatever, we're in for
some hard times.

Also, anybody notice that the citizens are being executed here almost
The new executioner has been busy.
Hoping not to be next on the gallows,

119. Sender: Dethan
Date: Tue Jan 10 23:43:24 2006
To: Xantheus\
Subject: fading
Friends, Foes, Citizens...
These times and troubles weigh heavily upon my mind, and
my soul. I see so much death and chaos, and I see my past,
knowing that I did the same thing...
Though it pains me to say this, I must retreat from you all for
a time. I need to clear my head, and shake loose of the demons
of my past.
To the temple of Hip'pi I will go, seeking it's hallowed ground to help
ease my troubled mind, and guard my shadowed soul.
Should you have need of me, there are those who know how to get
ahold of me, throughout time and space...simply seek them out.
Farewell friends.....Hip'pi walk with you in these evil times.
-Sir Dethan Hip'pi ap Stormblade, Hand of Elstin
-Warrior of the Wolf

120. Sender: Jasmine
Date: Mon Mar 27 07:00:10 2006
To: All
Subject: Venganze again.....
Once again we find Venganze up to evil deeds. The chief of kendermore
daughter had been missing for hours when we heard the commotion.
On our search we were attacked by 3 of his fools. I myself was forced
to flee from the fight for it was intense. We regrouped and went back
to find the chief's daughter had already been used for Venganze's
evil games. I myself had died so was not there to see his death but
of course he was made to pay for his actions once again. I wonder what
other evil deeds he has in mind for his "games"

121. Sender: Valthonis
Date: Thu Mar 30 05:38:49 2006
To: All
Subject: vengaze
From what I have gleaned of this being, it would seem that
death, pain, torture, only empower him. Specifically, HIS death,
pain and torture. Has no one stopped to wonder how he gained
such power so quickly? Each time he is struck down, he arises
stronger and more powerful than before. We must find a way
to contain him; banish him. If we keep killing him, we may well
acsend him to a state of demi-godhood...
-Valthonis Vehenemance, Guardian of Night

122. Sender: Dethan
Date: Mon Apr 3 06:46:46 2006
To: Xantheus
Subject: be warned
Be on the look out, as this evening, I ran into a minion of Vengaze,
here in town, on Hawk street. Be wary, they are gaining in power as
quickly as their dark master does.
-Sir Dethan Hip'pi Ap Stormblade, Hand of Elstin
-Warrior of the Wolf

123. Sender: Neq
Date: Wed Mar 15 21:33:59 2006
To: All
Subject: anon
I strolled passed anon on my way home to Gedhron the other day
it is still super quiet sometimes i wonder if anyone is even
anyone in there anymore.

Neq Dow, the Cleric

124. Sender: Duppy
Date: Mon Jan 9 13:33:33 2006
To: Everybody
Subject: Chuck's Meats
What happened to Charles the Butcher? He was just there, wasn't he?
We all know about the mystical properties of death and the almighty
curse/blessing of the "re-pop". What happened to him?! Is he still
waiting for the parathaurmatic elistimecationary Retrevius de Corpus?
Where's Chuckie?
I want turkey...

125. Sender: Neq
Date: Fri Jan 6 23:15:27 2006
To: All
Subject: in case you didn't notice
the town is on fire!

126. Sender: Omen
Date: Thu Oct 19 07:06:27 2006
To: Aka
Subject: regarding:
Oh ungrateful Aka, you are full of your self......you blame Forsaken for all of
of your problems.....how about this you ungrateful wench, you start taking resp
onsiblitly for what you have started and what you have done to this now dying c
ity. we at forsaken have tried to save this town many times,
but you always blame us for whatever mistakes your clan have done to mess up.
we have been there when your clan was no where to be seen, and still you blame
forsaken for the state of this town
Omen of Death.

127. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Feb 5 15:55:44 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: Aid
We must find a way to stop this heatwave and
calm the citizens. Then we must begin repairs
on the city, namely the Western wall, which
currently lies in ruin. Then we must find a
way to kill Fane.

An easy road, it is not. But it seems our only
path leads into the darkness.

Once all of these things are accomplished, we
may begin discussing the future of this city.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader Acerbus Ira

128. Sender: Psychotic
Date: Tue Dec 19 19:24:40 2006
To: Clan forsaken
Subject: WALDO
to all forsaken members,
waldo was once a good friend and my clan leader.
i quit playing on a regular basis since he did the most unthinkable thing
ever that i could have imagined.
I have been playing this mud for a very long time until waldo befriended me
he killed me then stole my clan bag and that held my rare eq. it took me a long
long time and effort to get. for starters he stole my clan bag wich held my
2 twisted nails of fate and my carpace of krucaz wich are hard to get and i
could not wear them for the fact you needed to be 84-85 to be able to
wear them. i tried getting these things back but he killed me then stole
my clan bag then he outcasted me from the clan. wich all he needed
to do was tell me he was going to outcast me before stealing all my belongings
and outcasting me. since then i havent played nor had the ambition to play
because of this. all i can say is if your in forsaken your leader is a lying
coniving backstabbing thief and given the chance he will do the same to you
as he did me.

sincerely, Psychotic lvl 84 cleric/gith
and once a good clan member

129. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Mar 29 21:04:13 2006
To: Priest/all
Subject: Re: VenGanze
I would have to agree ... after his attack
on Ofcol I tracked him for a time. He
attempted attacks on several other towns
and villages; I managed to cripple him
multiple times, but each time he simply
attempted to resume his carnage. After
some time, I lost his trail. It was not
long after that he kidnapped the children
from the Xantheus daycare. We must find
a way to end him, once and for all, before
he is allowed to cause any more bloodshed.

He cannot be reasoned with; he must be destroyed.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

130. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Feb 11 03:34:39 2006
To: Dengal
Subject: One other thing
'why dont you just declare War on every one that thinks.'

Are you trying to spare yourself?

Lord Vicks Erebor

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