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1. Sender: Ellis
Date: Sun Oct 9 14:18:01 2005
To: All
Subject: Cult of the Lorn
The Cult of the Lorn has found its way to Xantheus, after many years lost
in the deserts and villages. We are spread wide, but have one purpose;
to teach of the last Fragment of the Abandoned Codex of the Gods.
That which keeps you alive beyond death is the last tie the Gods
But it is a tie - and you will forever be beholden to those Gods
who abandoned you. When they return they will demand worship
and obedience, just as they did before - and their power over you
will still exist through the Codex.
But we are free. We have unlocked the secrets behind the Last Fragment.

We are Ex Codex.

Ellis, layman of the Cult of the Lorn.

2. Sender: Stormblade
Date: Mon Apr 18 01:35:07 2005
To: All
Subject: hehe
ohh my god
I just realized what i did
lets see what's one have to do now
everyone was so sure that stormblade was so weak
and now everyone who's felt the power of stormblade
is jealous or confused or something
I do appologize for that fellow avatars
I overstepped my boundaries when i started kickin
ass. but you guys can keep on keepin on
and i will see the ones of you i need to later.
We shall frolick in the garden amongst the roses
just don't get stuck by the thorns.

3. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Feb 6 00:10:56 2005
To: Dole
Subject: Re: "Protection"
You dare wage war against these lands only to
offer "protection" to those who would bend to your will?
You would not be the first to be so foolish.
You would not be the first to die from such a mistake.

The people of Arathnos are much more resiliant than
you seem to give us credit for ... you would be
wise to withdraw your forces before they are

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Arathnos
Leader, Acerbus Ira

4. Sender: Jasmine
Date: Mon May 16 16:02:37 2005
To: All
Subject: Learning
I wish to begin to search for more teachers of the learning skill. If there
should be anyone who would be willing to join my search please
let me know. I have found 2 and know that there must be other
teachers out there.
It is a useful skill and I wish to advance its use.

5. Sender: Dethan
Date: Mon Apr 11 01:14:02 2005
To: SOl
Subject: enough
Ok, sol, for the last time. I didnt call him to come get you! I called him
before you even got there man. My bag broke and I called him to bring
me a new one. Get it through your head. As if I'm around enough to care
if someone PK's you man. Gods!
-Dethan Stormblade

6. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Sat May 7 21:18:41 2005
To: Gnimelf
Subject: Hippie Church
I seek information on the Hippie Church, I would like
to meet with you as soon as possible.
Shadowkaun Slayner

7. Sender: Seph
Date: Wed Jan 19 08:16:45 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Re: Protection
Although I have been absent as of late, my wolves will
defend your kind. All those in need of sanctuary are welcome
under our protection, so long as your cause is just.

I will attempt to manifest my being more often now...
Yet something is draining my very being...
I feel tired, and weak...
Something... looming upon the horizon.
For the time being, let us deal with this event upon our table,
yet keep within your minds, I feel a great event coming...

Ghost Seph Eleision,
Number One, The Dark Anger.

8. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Mar 7 14:05:01 2005
To: Akastron
Subject: Challenge

I challenge you to a duel for the title of BloodMaster/Mistresss.
Please reply with date and time.


9. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Dec 21 15:50:20 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: Fane
Fane would not be of this world were it
not for the greedy fools who dwell in
the hole of the Forsaken.

Your slaying of a lowly mage aside, I see
little signs of progress. Improve your
efforts and you may well get your "truce".
Continue wasting my time and you will not.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

10. Sender: Deathwalker
Date: Fri May 6 17:00:27 2005
To: All
Subject: aquioing some stuff
To every one i am looking for any one with Poison.
i will buy the poison from anyone who has it
the thief for the angle of death

11. Sender: Solitude
Date: Sat May 28 03:20:52 2005
To: Lightwind
Subject: and so it shall end
Sh'kura are idiots
i hate the obsidian circle,
if you oppose them, come to me for assistance

12. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Wed May 4 19:31:42 2005
To: Fragma
Subject: us
Let us speak.
With blades or words, you may decide brother

13. Sender: Gnimelf
Date: Wed May 4 13:15:07 2005
To: All
Subject: Hippie church
Praise be to Hip'pi!
Elstin has returned and spoke to me. He has shared with me
great hope. A hope that these lands are not damned. That the
great Hip'pi has not forgoten us. The great Pope has come
to me with worry of our great church. As the past years
the Hippie Church has fallen. It is time to have it raise
agian! The Great Pope Elstin has blessed me with the quest
to find the founding members. I am calling out to my long
lost brothers Selmer and Nightblade. We been called upon
by our teacher and our God himself to save these lands
and to once agian recruite members. Now thanks to our
brother Akastron we have a place to gather and worship!
Now is a better time then ever to give our praises to

Praise be to Hip'pi
Praise be to Elstin
and Praise be to The Hippie Church

these are blessed times

Gnimelf Humperdink

14. Sender: Dengal
Date: Mon May 30 03:04:28 2005
To: Gnimelf
Subject: your order
Gnimelf, i have finished you order. so when ever i see you again.
i will give you your order for the price you have said.
Ok when ever i see you again.
Dengal The god of Unther Insanity

15. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 18 04:21:06 2005
To: Stormblade/Casik
Subject: Our Battle
Stormblade fell.
Casik ran.

Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

16. Sender: Mattheas
Date: Wed Mar 2 16:50:44 2005
To: Amen/All
Subject: Re: Contact
If you wish to know further, get in contact with me.
Once I am sure you can be trusted I shall share all
that I know.

Mattheas Gloriam of Pentir

17. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Fri Apr 8 20:57:32 2005
To: Meci
Subject: Re: More goodies
I shall not care if no one knows who I am or what I stand for.
I don not care if my body lays dead on the battlefield, it does not
matter to me. Do your worst child, for that is all you are, nothing
more than an insignificant speck to us. Bring your Doom Squad
and your children and everyone, for if i must fight them alone I
will do so. If i must fight them with allies then so be it, i care for few
things anymore, this world being one of them. So i say to you
do your worst, for it will be YOUR last child.

Shadowkaun Slayner
Warrior of the Wolf

18. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Dec 20 19:36:14 2005
To: Maxen
Subject: re: orcs
I do hope you are correct.
But with our war flags down, we have seen
little accomplished from Ira that show us any

-Lexi Lordison-

19. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Dec 20 20:56:39 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Mayor
I have decided to run for Mayor. I truely feel I can
adequetly lead this City in its time of need. I hold no grudge nor
favor between any clan, guild, or Church.

If I should be elected, I would set up a representation for each Clan
and Church. I shall also seek out the alliances that are no more.
I shall also seek to train the guards and the citizens in basic combat.

I hope that you all will find me a suitable canidate and I pray that
the city can be saved.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

20. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Dec 20 07:03:03 2005
To: Vicks/Xantheus
Subject: Petty
You continue to masquerade around like your clan has done
nothing, where infact, your clan is just as dishonest as
anyone other.
Your only interests are to kill, you have no other interest.
Your clan picked a war with us, a losing war for you all as well.
It is you all you put this town at continual risk.
We have no ties with Di Eamen, long been broken as Maxen
spoke. If you do not end your nonsense Vicks, you will
have this town destoryed. Forsaken wishes to protect the walls
inwhich is resides. Xantheus is an important place for us all.

As Maxen spoke, because of the sillyness of petty squabbles everyone
seems to have against us, because we are Forsaken, no other main
reason than that, Our Allies do not depend on us and therefore
leave us, or give us ultimatums for us to follow. The nations
that once stood with us now look at us and laugh.
You want to bring this town glory, start setting an example.
End this pettyness Vicks.

-Lexi Lordison-

21. Sender: Barkli
Date: Sun Jan 2 11:49:59 2005
To: All
Subject: Solar Flight and Weather
Greetings all,
To confirm what Balsa said in the note previous to my own,
I was able to cast a ritual to improve the environment such
that it would be conducive towards solar flight.
Unfortunately a few parameters seem to have been somewhat
less precise than I would have liked, and as you may have
noticed the weather around Xantheus has become considerably
warmer. Although this was not intentional, it is my hope that
it will be beneficial and that people will enjoy the sunny weather.

Brother Barkli

22. Sender: Speck
Date: Sat May 14 22:31:01 2005
To: All
Subject: attacks
I was attacked first while i was speaking to the guard about what was going on
as he was explaining it to me i was attacked
so what should i have done

23. Sender: Messiah
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:19:30 2005
To: Meci/Everyone.
Subject: Sheep.
Ahh, Meci.. The smile you bring to my face for the doors you
open for me. As regretable as it is that your games are working
on some of the populace, you also prove my case, and all
but confess that I have unveiled your simplistic plan to prey
on the weaker minded. All but offering yourself and any who
stand with you as martyrs for your cause. A means to an end,
I suppose. However, not all are so dim-witted. Like me, they will
see through this pathetic game of yours. To start, that will be
more than enough.

There is also the matter of you and yours being but sheep,
to us very much larger and nastier wolves. The only way
you have a chance of winning, is if we elect to play along.
You do have a secondary plan, don't you? Some means to
your end should this one fail? Well, no matter. I will simply
have to handle matters as they arise.

I do hope you have a nice day, little girl.

Brother Messiah.

24. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Dec 20 00:27:09 2005
To: Maxen
Subject: A final response
"Many moons ago"? "Outdated"?

I thought that the Sh'kura were known for
their long memories; your words leave the
impression that you have the memory of a
fool. Cedrick is still a member of the
Forsaken, actively threatening this town
and it's citizens, and you would speak
on his behalf? Disgusting. I had hoped
that you would at least serve as a viable
Mayoral Candidate; now I see that my Wolves
are the only ones who have the best interests
of this town at heart.

Go hunt your vampires, boy. You have no
future in politics.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

25. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue Dec 20 20:59:31 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: Re:
Blame? Meci gave birth to Fane! She opened him with open arms!
She brought him into this world! How can you can you sit idly by and
do nothing about this?

You speak of defending Xantheus and bringing the people together-
heres your chance. Make an example of those that act against it so others
will not follow in their footsteps. Besides, is it really such a great idea
to have an enemy of Xantheus walking around freely with no one watching them?

If you want to protect Xantheus, do something about it. I'm sick and tired of
you yapping your mouth and doing nothing else.


26. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sat May 14 22:12:23 2005
To: All
Subject: The Drill
Today a group of us were asked to help bring a dwarven drill
to a digging site, so that we will be able to make a well and produce
more water and such. So Norik, Jasmine, myself and Speck ventured
out to the dwarven barracks and met up with the drill carriers. We then
began our march to the site. Along the way some bandits led by
Fnord the Quick stopped and tried to steal our drill. Well after
playing with them for a while, we decided to just dispose of
them rather than let them take our drill. So we began our fight and
you'll never believe what happened! Speck of "Honor" attacked myself
and Norik! All we were doing was trying to save the drill and make life
easier on the people of Xantheus, But Speck is a traitor. A loyal
member to Sword of Night. Well if this isn't proof that
they are no good, then i dont know what will.
Anyways, After Norik and myself finished the little quarrel
with Speck and Fnord, We again ventured off to bring the drill to its site.
We were unprovoaked until we were just before the site. When a bunch
of orcs and trolls attacked.
We were able to dispose of them, and then once again of Speck.
The drill is now digging Xantheus a new well for water!

Maxen Roedran
Number Two, Obsidian Circle

27. Sender: Gnimelf
Date: Wed May 25 05:24:32 2005
To: Dengal
Subject: cost
I did the math before asking you to make these for me
and the cost of flasks. at 35,750 gold a piece comes to a total cost of
536,250 gold. So over 5 million seems a bit off.

Bishop Gnimelf Humperdink

28. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Dec 19 03:29:30 2005
To: Koptor
Subject: Re:
Acerbus Ira will participate in no council
where the voice of the Forsaken holds any
influence; their past actions demonstrate
a complete lack of concern regarding the
safety of this town and it's citizens.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

29. Sender: Omen
Date: Wed May 4 03:16:24 2005
To: Even/DoomSquad
Subject: for your information
Even do to certian reasons i was not able to accept your challenge.
The Next time you see me be ready to die.
The battle will determine whos stronger....
Of course i know who is....
just remeber this Revenge is a Bitch.
And im that Bitch.
Doom Squad will be slaughtered for tarnishing my honor.
The Omen of Death

30. Sender: Deathwalker
Date: Wed Apr 20 03:42:22 2005
To: All
Subject: about myself
to Doom Squad i have been looking for a society like yours for many of years. i
I have been deemed crazy, by the group of thiefs that found me after the attack
of my village. and to this day i have held in a lot of anger and pain.
but it seems that a trollish army attacked, a while back. is this correct...
i now fear that my father has found me. If he has i am doomed.
I must kill my father to protect myself.
But this cannot be done without help.
I have been looking at the so called great clans of this city.
None of them are worthy, but your socitey has risen above my very high standard
Now i ask you will you let me join your great and powerfull society?
I will be waiting for your response.

Deathwalker (this is a nickname)
P.S. i will only give my true name to those i can trust.

31. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 22:41:19 2005
To: Shadowkaun/All
Subject: Enjoy those goodies

Your message is was so powerful...
Caring fo the world and all...
A World that has no desires for you, a
world that leaves you alone,
a world inwhich your life has no real meaning.
This is the world that you choose to protect, then
let it be, but this is the world I choose to destory,
and destruction is what shall be. So spend
countless effort trying to protect it, but the same end
that you shall face, so will your world.

-Doom Squad Mother-

32. Sender: Deathwalker
Date: Thu Apr 28 02:28:33 2005
To: Sethar
Subject: whatever
sethar ok if you want it that way it will be done
the thief of the Angel of Death

33. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Dec 13 03:17:22 2005
To: Lucifer
Subject: A Reply
I assume when you refer to "Acerberus" that you
are refering to me and my wolves; to that end,
I offer you this reply:

We are through negotiating with the traitors and
fools in Forsaken. You are in no place to question
our honor nor our motives; Actions speak louder
than words, and the actions of the Forsaken leave
a clear conclusion that they are enemies of not
only Acerbus Ira, but also of Xantheus.

Your words are either spoken in deception or
ignorance. I have little patience for either
in such trying times.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira
Forsaken Destroyer

34. Sender: Neq
Date: Tue Jan 11 22:39:55 2005
To: All
Subject: Relocation
I say if the weather here continues to worsen i recommend moving
to another place such as Gedhron, It is a beautiful place, in need of
a little work but beautiful.

Neq Dow, The Cleric

35. Sender: Palermo
Date: Fri Jan 14 14:52:03 2005
To: Neq
Subject: re:
Move to Gedhron? So you and your foul vampires can try and
overrun another town?


36. Sender: Sonsaku
Date: Wed Feb 2 01:38:32 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: Brother Barkli, the Weather and the Occupation of Anon
Brother Barkli was in town this evening. We caught him in a scuffle with
Hrothgar the Bartender. After settling them both down, Brother Barkli
offered no help for the current heatwave, but suggested that we try
to relieve the tedium of the citizens life. On a related topic, things
have been stirring in Anon, and I would like to suggest that more watch
be placed on the battlements and in town. Perhaps some citizens would
volunteer some time to look to the city's safety?

Sonsaku Hakufu

37. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sat May 28 21:31:00 2005
To: Palermo
Subject: Meeting
I'd like a one-on-one meeting with you very soon.

38. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat May 14 21:42:49 2005
To: Speck
Subject: Challenge
As a service to the city of Xantheus,
I challenge you to a fight to the death.


39. Sender: Solitude
Date: Sun Apr 10 15:43:01 2005
To: Vicks
Subject: ...
this was an OOC thing trying to help dethan, then his clannie came
to his call and attacked me
they were not ill gotten goods, and it was an ooc action..
so put ooc things on the ooc board... jerk off

40. Sender: Sethar
Date: Tue Apr 26 23:28:41 2005
To: Deathwalker
Subject: all about yourself
deathwalker, your a freak, i cant wait to slay you
i havent decided wether i want to eat your heart
or slice off your head...

41. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Feb 7 16:23:53 2005
To: All
Subject: The Heat
Hi all,

I think the weather is really getting to the citizens
of Xantheus. I see angry citizens attacking anyone in
their path. I think someone must be done urgently
before the young ones suffer.


42. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:03:52 2005
To: Dengal/All
Subject: Silly Hope

For one, you shall do nothing but sit back and watch.
What can a peaceful clan based on letting people
run you over and not defending yourself or jumping out
of the way do?
Really you should not even bother opening your
mouth for only hopeless babble pours from it

-Doom Squad Mother-

43. Sender: Casik
Date: Fri Apr 15 17:16:29 2005
To: ALL/Akastron
Subject: lies
We died and fleed huh. thats funny because i remember having to track you down
many many times and yet you kept fleeing over and over again
now if you wish to act as though you can defeat us then we shall see again.
this is not over yet akastron.
you have been warned
Casik Fury, Xantheus Merchant

44. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Tue Dec 20 18:57:20 2005
To: All
Subject: war
You all seem to forget that when our backs are to the wall,
is when the animal is most dangerous, for then there is
only one way to go. i just hope that we don't wait until its
all too late.
I may not be much, but Xantheus, I am here for you, my fellow

Glaykor Fawson

45. Sender: Fragma
Date: Thu May 5 04:00:07 2005
To: Shadowkaun
Subject: RE: shadowkaun
My so called brother,
The only words will be with wepons. My quest in life is now clear
I will not rest untill every last Slayner is dead. There will be
no more of this trashy blood around. Including myself. My dearest
Lexi by my side i know my quest will be complete. Your only hope is
that i spare your life but other actions other then death. But needless to say
You will no longer have Slayner blood running through your veins. And do
not laugh at my quest. For you will hear word soon enough that of the untimely
death of both our younger brother and sister Grogni and Lenria. As well
as my aunts, and uncles. The family is shrinking fast. Soon it will be just you
and I. Prepare for something you never thought would ever happen

Fragma Slayner

46. Sender: Drederick
Date: Mon Feb 7 15:53:03 2005
To: All
Subject: prices
It is my unfortunate duty to announce that the price of
drinks has risen again owing to the inhospitable weather.

Drederick, proprietor of Milk and Cheese Groceries
Market Street, Xantheus City.

47. Sender: Solitude
Date: Fri May 13 10:02:26 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: "another one bites the dust"
score like 30 for the bad guys i guess
well atleast 2 against norik
too bad i accidently got the death blow
and looted
woops.... sucks im forsaken
and such a curius pixie

48. Sender: Amen
Date: Thu May 12 04:15:04 2005
To: Solitude/All
Subject: PK
Solitude... are you removing my notes?
You hiding something and am afraid people might know?
Anyway...i will keep posting this so remove all you want.
I will continue to hunt you and all of Forsaken till all
of you are dead.

You kept on trying to shove me out of town taking potshots
at me and i will not just let you do that repeatedly.
So you will now have to bear the consequences of being hunted
repeatedly day in day out.


49. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:28:18 2005
To: Messiah/All
Subject: Rebirth of Revolution
Brother Messiah

Of course I pray on the weaker mind, for that is what
I do. Pray on the weaker...and stronger. Keep that in
mind as well. And believe me, no plan comes
without a back up. Dole may be your main threat today,
but he will not be your only threat, and nor will Doom
Squad for that matter.
See if anyone has opened their eyes they will
notice a new dark force has risen, and no I
do not just speak of myself and the rest of
Doom Squad. But I suspect that no one knows
who I speak of, and so I shall let it remain a
a passing thought in you all...but keep that
thought in mind, for the future comes quicker than
you expect.

When I dream of evil, I dream of blood, chaos, destruction,
and most importantly....Death. Something that never ends
not matter how much you think so.

-Doom Squad Mother-

50. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 05:57:51 2005
To: Norik
Subject: Your nonsense

Your tongue belongs in your mouth, for that is where it
is most useful.
Be silent for you have no knowledge of what is to come,
nor do you have any part in it.

-Doom Squad Mother-

51. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Mon May 16 18:35:28 2005
To: Jasmine
Subject: RE: Learning
I wish to assist in the search for the learning teachers
i know of one in pentir, and wish to also advance this skill


52. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Dec 20 18:11:06 2005
To: Maxen
Subject: re: Clans
Unfortunately, Acerbus Ira shows no sign of helping you
or this town. They are only on the path of war.
However, Forsaken is more than happy to assist you
against the armies which approach us.

-Lexi Lordison-

53. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Jan 3 03:52:39 2005
To: Vicks
Subject: Dole
I did not say "a kingdom of my own".
Why can't you guys see this as a peaceful way out?
Lets say he give this world or us or to the mayor or
whoever, wouldn't that be the peaceful way out?
Well...whatever..and bring on whatever you wanna start.


54. Sender: Speck
Date: Tue May 10 22:36:31 2005
To: All
Subject: attacks
The reason i helped attack vicks is because another ira helped attacked me
so i think someone needs to tell ira to leave son alone i would not attack ira
if they would not attack me first vicks attacked me so i attacked him now
uralaem attacks me and i attack vicks. as i see it the dead is done but if
i am attacked again then that is it and i will consider myself able to attack
any ira i wish.

55. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed May 11 03:48:53 2005
To: Speck
Subject: Choices
The choices we make in life
Determine the ways in which we die.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

56. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 20 20:50:16 2005
To: Citizens
Subject: Milita Call
After the orcs invaded our clan hall there was a collapse in the dwarven
mines, due to the heat. Months have gone by and still no resolution to
the heat. Glaykor, Maxen, Norik, Lexi and myself all ventured forth taking
much damage from the falling rocks and fumes that tormented us. Yet we saved
several of the innocent bystandards. Once this was accomplished and we were
beginning to relax the orc and troll army invaded Xantheus but they were
thwarted off by all of our combined cunning and grace. Maxen saccraficed his
life for this cause, yet we all did everything within our power to deter
Fane's army. Once they were all destroyed the Fane himself appeared for a
bleak moment and then dissapeard.
Xantheus hear my plea for camaraderie so that we may find a resolution
to the heat and the Fane. There is no alliance when I myself and my clan
mates are being attacked, and attacking the Fane's army. For the good
of the city i lay my life down. The good of Forsaken relies in the good
of the many. In three days from now I shall challenge the Fane. This
desperate attempt is the breaking point for my clan, we need this victory
all of Xantheus needs this victory, rise up and join the call.
All brothers and wolf alike raise your axe and your sword, withdraw your
maces and claws, this is a fight to the death.
-Solitude Star
Leader of Forsaken, Militant of Xantheus

57. Sender: Solitude
Date: Thu Dec 8 15:02:18 2005
To: Citizens
Subject: Hippi deciet
The wolf cried to the pig before slaughtering it,
"Dearest pig i am your friend, i am here to help show you the way
of love and peace and harmony." The pig replied "Oh no wolf i shall
not fall for your tricks! I shall never come out of hiding" but then
the wolf though of an idea! He began praying to the god of love and
told the god in a prayer that he would love all pigs. As the wolf
prayed loud enough for the pig to hear, it came out of hiding. The wolf
said to the pig: "Pig I have the power to kill, yet i will not harm you
please allow me to show you the way to blissful existance." and so the pig
fell for this deciet! However the pig was not eaten (right away) the wolf
made friends with the pig and invited him over to dinner. For a week the
pig and the wolf became the best friends ever, so the wolf suggested that the
pig bring his family to celebrate the fall festivities and being a gullible
little pig he did so, and when the family of ten little pigs showed up to
rejoyce at their new found peace and harmony they were all eaten except one!
the very last little pig who could not be eaten was truely a creature of good
and light, for he walked the lighted path of the peacefull.
This pig could not be harmed and could harm no others in return, this pig was
not gullible.
Be warned citizens, a deadly wolf is still a deadly wolf! Do not let his
sinister ways decieve you!
I know that i am forsaken by the gods, yet i cannot help but wonder
if we all are. And if the ways of the Hippi are just a craving for power
and greed, and their deadly ways shall bring more blood upon the streets!

58. Sender: Waldo
Date: Sun Feb 6 05:38:52 2005
To: Townspeople
Subject: Tired of the heat?
Tired of all this heat? Looking to get away for a while?
Come speak to Waldo and he'll take you to an underground
paradise! You'll spend all day deep underground, away
from the sun. The caves house many cool springs to refresh
you. You'll be with many friendly lizardmen during your
All this for the low low price of 5,000 gold coins!
Contact Waldo, of clan Forsaken, if you are tired of
this terrible heat!

59. Sender: Miko
Date: Sun Feb 13 11:17:00 2005
To: Amen
Subject: Mattheas
I think maybe he can't say here and wants us to contact
him privately, in case someone steals whatever it is he's
searching for.


60. Sender: Daemon
Date: Sun May 1 10:06:05 2005
To: Kymil
Subject: Re:
In regards to your message, perhaps you would like to

Daemon Schalevin of The Forsaken

61. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Sat Jan 15 15:32:00 2005
To: Kieron/Xantheus
Subject: Reply: Protection
I do not know about my fellow Xantheans, but i will fight to
protect you as long as i am able.
Perhaps you and your kind could seek refuge in Xantheus,
and all unite as one to fend off this enemy.

Shadowkaun Slayner, Warrior of the Wolf.

62. Sender: Palermo
Date: Thu May 26 08:11:40 2005
To: Citizens of Xantheus
Subject: A possible solution to the heat

I know you are greatly troubled by the current lack of water
within the city. Obsidian Circle has many skilled builders
and architects at its disposal. If you would like, we will
construct an aqueduct for you. However, this is no small
task and will take time. All we ask of Xantheus is for the
Sh'kuran people to be treated equally. We want the healers
and blacksmith to allow us service.

The choice is yours.

- Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

63. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Dec 20 00:06:46 2005
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
You know my motives, and they have been acomplished.
I have no quarrel with the wolves of Acerbus or the Warriors of
Forsaken. You say Acerbus will protect this city till its death.
But yet you refuse to do whats best for the City.
I garentee that the destruction of Xantheus that Velde predicted
will be in direct cause the Clan wars that plague this city.
And this does not fall on just Acerbus. And no the Forsaken are not
innocent of war either. And I have yet to see actual proof of such an
alliance with Di Eamen. Unless you speak of the alliance formed
by Cedrick many moons ago. If that is the case, I believe your a bit

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

64. Sender: Jasmine
Date: Tue May 17 05:28:48 2005
To: Lucifer/All
Subject: Learning ...
Yes I too have been to see the teacher in the garden on pentir. I have
also been to see Pope Elstin. There must be more teachers out there
Should anyone have any ideas on what direction we should venture first
please share them. I am anxious to get closer to adepting this skill.
Or if anyone know of any other teachers please let me know.

65. Sender: Lightwind
Date: Fri May 27 12:11:17 2005
To: Citizens
Subject: and so it begins
Once again the Sh'kur are trying to move in. Have we forgotten so soon
the armies they marched to the east but a few short years ago?

They may be strong, and they may be proud of their honour, and I may
even venture that they have been known to keep the occasional promise,
but ultimately their souls are evil and their quest is for power
above all else.
Every inch of ground we lend them now will cost tenfold to reclaim
once this crisis is over.
Do not be tricked.

Lightwind of the Elven Woods

66. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sun Jan 2 00:42:56 2005
To: All
Subject: Quest
Recently a new cleric has appeared to take the place of
nformed us that he would make solar flight more effective. He
sent us out to find something called "light sand" and a place
to make the spell more effective, in a place clear of trees,
close to Xantheus. I joined soon after the quest was started,
so I didn't hear all the details in the beginning. Several
parties went in quest of the sand and all ended up on a beach
somewhere on the island of Pentir Some scattered trolls were
found and killed, but these seemed to have nothing to do with
the sand. Finally Terotyl found this mysterious sand, but was
to take a ferry back to the mainland. Being an impatient
soul, I cast beneficial spells on him until he had enough
favor from the gods to bring himself back with their
blessings. We all returned to the cathedral altar to discuss
where this spell should be cast. We then took the new brother
to the hilltop outside of town and channeled magic through
him to make his spell casting easier, the clouds lifted and
disappeared and the harsh cold winds became less so. I am
about to try the spell to see what has changed, if anything.
It works a lot faster and with less spell failure than it
used to....I obviously need to play with it a bit more to
see if anything else is different about it.
Will keep you updated!

67. Sender: Wedge
Date: Wed Jan 5 17:35:04 2005
To: Concerned
Subject: Weather
It might not be a bad idea for some mages with the required
skill to try their hand at affected the weather. It may be
necessary to create the needed rain ourselves.

Sir Wedge

68. Sender: Selmer
Date: Wed Jan 12 02:47:54 2005
To: Neq
Subject: Re.
Abandon Xantheus?
Neq Sir,
This I ask you.
When Regicide tormented the lives of many did we run?
When Cedrick opened the inchoation(sp?) and released foul demons, did
we run?
When Di Eamen walked through the streets causing chaos amongst little
children, did we run?
When the Priest King came from his hellish dwelling and walked the town's
streets, did we run?
If the answer to all these is the same as mine, do you see yourself running?
...Me Neither...

69. Sender: Maxen
Date: Mon Dec 19 22:27:06 2005
To: Clans/Xantheus
Subject: Time to Learn
At one point in time Acerbus and Forsaken were at
peace with one another. I believe the reasons where to focus
on a common goal. That was to Protect this city.

Both Clans seem to be very selfish in the sense that
they are only worried about how their clan wins in this situation.
I hate to tell all of you, But this is bigger than any clan, guild or order.
This is existance as we know it. Yet petty squabbles continue and the
main problem is continually ignored.

Why do you think our allies are no longer contacted with us?
Why do you suppose that even the Sh'kur Nation is at the point of
breaking off contact with Xantheus. Xantheus holds great power and people,
but divided we are nothing. We hurt and break ourselves continually,
weakening each other, and helping Fane grow more and more powerful
by the day.

I think what needs to be done is establish a government, establish peace
within ourselves and then bring back our allies that disbanded from us.
Only then will Fane be defeated.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

70. Sender: Norik
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:27:51 2005
To: Meci
Subject: Re:
Do your worst.


71. Sender: Solitude
Date: Thu Dec 15 01:29:11 2005
To: Vicks
Subject: Tarot Cards
You Vicks hardly ever leave your clan hall except for when it suits you
so listening to your rambles means nothing to me.
The day that i avatar i shall show you the might of forsaken!
not a day sooner and not a day later!
Be ready vicks! The pack of Forsaken shall rip through your
precious wolves, just as we have been.

Worry not about the fight Lord Vicks Erebor, The Tarot cards
Have already shown me that i am destined to be the King of Swords
in this fight!

- Solitude Star

72. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Feb 7 20:43:13 2005
To: All
Subject: The Heat
Hi all,

I have noticed that when the citizens are sleeping,
they arent that much affected by the heat. I have thus
put some of them to sleep, hoping that with enough rest,
they will feel better. If what i am doing is wrong or
if there's a better solution, feel free to wake them up



73. Sender: Meci
Date: Tue Dec 20 18:34:03 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Your failures
You are All Fools.
You think anyone can save you now?
Xantheus will crash and burn...
These people will turn into walking zombies...
And there is nothing any of you can do about it.

-Doom Squad Mother-
Meci Windigo

74. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Thu May 5 19:16:48 2005
To: Fragma
Subject: Us
Leave them be, You know it was only father who wished this.
I do not lie when i say that our mother was most distessed when
you were banished. THis is what ultimately caused her death
Grogni and Lenria know nothing and have not done anything,
in fact I've heard rumors that Lenria is taking after you brother...
Please this is between You, father and I, no one else.

Shadowkaun Slayner

75. Sender: Norik
Date: Sun Apr 17 23:33:09 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: Casik, Stormblade and Akastron
I propose a fight to the death:
Casik and Stormblade vs Akastron

In order to assure fairness, I will take care of
security issues, for a fee, of course. I will also
handle any bets.


76. Sender: Akastron
Date: Tue Feb 1 02:34:15 2005
To: All
Subject: Heat
This heat is rediculous! My streams are evaporating upon
casting and my throat is far too dry to speak clearly! What can
be done? Too much time has passed without talk of the weather.
The towns people are in thirst and prices will run the villagers
from the town! Please help us!

In desperate need for a quench of thirs,

77. Sender: Messiah
Date: Fri Apr 8 02:54:34 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: My friends
My friends, and any whom I hold sway with, it is
very important that I be heard right now in what I
am to say. Meci's plan, the plan of this would
be squad of doom is simply to pray on the hates,
morals and virtues within us all, to make us
desire the destruction they may indeed deserve.
However, to give into this urge to fight them, to
even pay these children any mind is to strengthen
our true enemy, the one who threatens us all, even
the so called doom squad. See these games for
what they indeed are. To have hope, we must rise
above such simple baiting, and prove that we
are indeed better.

I understand what I ask may be difficult, even seem
cowardly, but the little girl is right. Shall any of us
give into these desires of death and destruction, it
will indeed lead to a most unpleasant downfall.

78. Sender: Balsa
Date: Wed Jan 5 03:57:56 2005
To: All
Subject: Tropical Heatwave
As I recently told you, a "brother" came to make solar flight
easier for us clerical types. I think perhaps, like so many
things that start out as a good idea, this one was bad....has
anyone seen it rain since then? I have not. I think perhaps
we are going to turn our world into a desert.
Does anyone know where we can find this Brother?
I think we need to speak to him and see if he can reverse his
If he really is a brother. We were a bit too trusting of a
stranger, no one even thought to question him or his true
motives in our greed for a "better" spell.
PS OOC too bad i didn't post this earlier, read the ic board
just before posting.

79. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Dec 20 12:06:54 2005
To: Clans of Xantheus
Subject: Re:
I want it known that I hold no favor nor grudge
against any clan. My previous notes were directed toward
Acerbus Ira not because they are the guilty party, but
because they sent a reply.

All clans must at least make a Cease Fire agreement
between themselves. Including Obsidian Cirlce and
Sword of Night, although, that war is basically non-existant.

I do not know if the Treaty with the Sh'kur Nation and the
Kindred of Cireen is still in place with Ashenkur leading the
armies rightfully once again, but if they can have peace from
an eternal war, surely Acerbus Ira, Forsaken, Obsidian Circle and
Sword of Night can also cease the fighting for this time.

As I have said before, They only way Xantheus will survive this
war is if EVERYONE works together towards a common goal.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

80. Sender: Dethan
Date: Tue Dec 6 04:13:41 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: accusations
Dengal, Solitude, People of Xantheus
Deadly? What exactly is deadly? The black widow's bite is deadly.
A tornado is deadly, as is disease.
What exactly makes the distinction? I am what I am, this is true, but
Hip'pi knows that some times, force must be met with equal force.
That is why myself and Shadowkaun do what we do. We are willing to
defend this town, it's people, and our beliefs with our lives. I am "deadly"
so that I may better defend this town, the church, and my friends.
I am not deadly because I am evil or sadistic. Indeed, I have been blessed
with the great Visions of Order, a powerful artifact that cannot be worn by any
who are not pure of heart and soul.
I hope that is enough Dengal.
-Dethan Hip'pi ap Stormblade, Knight of Hip'pi
Warrior of the Wolf

81. Sender: Dole
Date: Sat Feb 5 23:11:34 2005
To: All
Subject: To the Villages and Towns of Arathnos
As you can see, my army has already taken Anon, and we have sacked Castle

I offer to you, the towns of Arathnos, protection. Close your borders
to Xantheus and I will see to it that you do not suffer a similar

You have until the next full moon.

Dole Fallowfield

82. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 20 20:54:15 2005
To: Norik
Subject: no more
We need not blame and bicker untill this has ended, afterward do as must
be done. I would propose waiting.

83. Sender: Robin
Date: Mon Jan 10 11:17:44 2005
To: Balsa and Concerned
Subject: Re: Weather, and Attempts to Change it
Neq and I attempted to silmultaneously cast as well with exactly the same
result. I fear greater ritualized magics will be the only true fix if we
are to return the weather back to its more moderate temperatures. I am
working with Neq and other to try and find a solution, but I have not seen
Brother Barkli recently, and thus cannot co-ordinate efforts with him or
any others of his order. Only time will tell.


84. Sender: Harpell
Date: Fri Apr 8 07:48:31 2005
To: All
Subject: An exciting adventure!
Today I went on the most exciting adventure! I travelled to the
far west of here, to the city of Naukral! I had to camp outside the
city walls for quite some time, though. Apparently they won't let anyone
in until the sun rises. Once I was able to enter I was amazed at
all the sights! I was hungry so I went to this fancy little place
there. They didn't have pancakes so I ordered a plate of
shrimp and salad. It was quite tasty, I do daresay! I went into
some of the shops there as well. I tried not to spend to much money,
but there was a little clothing shop that had extremely nice
outfits. There was even this big white wedding dress on display!
After I bought me some new pants I went and sat on the dock of
quite a large lake. The fishermen were very nice. One of
them even used some tofu I made as bait! Too bad for this heat
wave, though. The guards were only allowing a certain amount of
water to be taken from the lake. I was just about to make
myself and a few fishermen a snack when a wave knocked me off
the dock and into the water! I was quite scary, I do daresay!
My quick thinking saved me as I used a bit of magic to take
me back to my clan hall! I was tired so I made myself some
pancakes and went to bed. And that's the end of my adventure!

The Nonla Cave Cleaner

85. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Apr 15 18:29:38 2005
To: Casik
Subject: re: lies
Correct me if I am wrong sir, but the situation on my hands was
outnumbering. It was not a simple battle between yourself and I,
not even a SIMPLE battle between Yourself, Stormblade, and I...
No, no, sir. I dealt with Yourself, who fled many times, amongst
being blown to bits, Stormblade, who also fled on many occasions
and took a considerable amount of poundings, but it seems as though
Lhoch, the Spirit of Purity, and the spirit of Thieves also wanted
to test my power. Now that we speak, Lhoch, the Spirit of Purity,
and the spirit of Thieves have all been taken care of. That only
leaves yourself, and Stormblade... a simple battle I can certainly
deal with. Remark all you'd like, threaten as much as you can now,
because when I force you to nill health, Your last Sight will be
my devestating bow, disintegrating you into fractional pieces.


86. Sender: Guard
Date: Fri Jan 14 21:30:29 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Protection
Anon fell to the enemy, and water supplies are low.
We are worried that Xantheus is not protecting us.

Kieron, a gnomish guard of Akalof.

87. Sender: Meci
Date: Sat Apr 9 21:45:56 2005
To: Omen/All
Subject: Toilet Paper

Even though I use your apology to wipe myself,
I shall on some level accept it. I will keep it in the
back of my mind.
And that is the good, in this evil.

Don't think just because you have come to realize
that you are wrong and worthless means anything
to me.
It simply proves a point that was made.

-Doom Squad Mother-

88. Sender: Meci
Date: Tue Dec 20 21:22:42 2005
To: All
Subject: Imbeciles
I accept.

You shall die by the Fane's hands.

Pray to your fake gods, they have abandoned you!
Your effort to convert me to 'good' is impossible.

Everyone else,
I fear i missed my son's appearance, but with the satisfaction
of knowing a death came from it, I feel warm inside. Maxen's
blood will spill again, and so shall the rest of you. Fane
is stronger than you all. Do not try to believe
you have any chance in the world.
Continue on your paths of death, that is all it takes.

-Doom Squad Mother-
Meci Windigo

89. Sender: Amen
Date: Sat Feb 12 05:24:42 2005
To: Mattheas
Subject: My search
Hi Mattheas,

Could you be alittle more specific?
We are not gods here. We do not know how to read your mind.
You seem to be saying that you are searching for something
but you expect us to know what that something is? Wierrrddd.


90. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sat Dec 31 22:21:48 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Election
Dear Citizens,

I feel that if an election is to take place, that it should
take place in the near future. The HourGlass of our live's and
Xantheus's life is slowly ticking away. And sooner than we realize
it will be to late, No one will want deal with the Xantheus with no
form of Government what so ever.

So from what I can tell, the Canidates for Mayor are
Sir Dethan Stormblade, Knight of Hip'pi and Acerbus Ira.
Sir Maxen Roedran, Knight of General Ashenkur and Obsidian Circle.

So I ask the Citizens and people to reply with either
more nominations for Mayor, or times for this Election to take place.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

91. Sender: Palermo
Date: Fri May 27 14:56:35 2005
To: Lightwind/Citizens
Subject: re: and so it begins

Yes, it's true the Sh'kura Army presented themselves to Xantheus.
They were here to remove the evil that plagued the streets of this
city. Since the removal of the evil vampires that roamed the
streets no Sh'kuran soldier has been seen within these walls.
What power did the army gain by that? None.

Citizens, how long do you think you can last on that well before
it dries? An aqueduct is needed. The well is a good idea for now,
but this weather may last many years. The aqueduct can stretch
to the ocean if needed! All I ask is that the Sh'kura be treated
equally within the city! Now, what _power_ will I, or the army,
gain out of this? None. The aqueduct will benefit the entire city,
not to mention the surrounding cities and towns.

-Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

92. Sender: Balsa
Date: Thu Jan 6 00:51:46 2005
To: Robin
Subject: weather
I also tried to control the weather. I got it almost cold but
no rain.
I think we need several of us to try at once to get some
rain, or food is going to be so expensive for the people
the poor will start dying.
Disease is also a serious problem during heat waves in
temperate zones.
Oh and I am thirsty

93. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Dec 19 05:20:40 2005
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
That's real sweet, Vicks, but if you get a say, we get a say.
I for one have no qualms with participating, unlike you.
However, my clan and I have a habit of not taking so well to people
who attempt to exert control over us, so whoever ends up running this
town had better do it in a way that is favorable to us, or else
the streets and alleys of Xantheus will be a bit hard to navigate,
what with all the spilled blood.

This is a mere warning.


94. Sender: Akastron
Date: Tue Apr 26 04:18:04 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: re: fear
You seem to enjoy yourself very much. Not so long ago, only few days to
be exact, you fled from my grasps while adventuring through the world
of the Titans. Can you explain how, "what can harbor against me
that i can not prevail?" flew right out of your mentality? You fled,
ran, and hid faster than I've ever seen. What is it you ran from? me?
Surely it wasn't me, because you fear not anyone! Learn your place...

--You can talk with the rest of us--
--but you can not walk with the best of us--


95. Sender: Mattheas
Date: Fri Feb 11 17:09:30 2005
To: All
Subject: My search
Greetings Xantheus

I have been travelling the mainland for some time
now, and some of you may know of me. I came to
Xantheus seeking information, and I have reached
the limits of what I can explore and discover on
my own. Now I seek your help.

I am searching for several items of great importance.
These items are quite, how shall I put this, unique.
I shall not risk saying anything further at this point,
as I know not what forces monitor this noticeboard.
If you come across any of these items, I implore you
to contact me as soon as possible. Perhaps some of
them have already been discovered. If that is the
case, my cause becomes that much more urgent.

I realize my timing is not the greatest, what with
your recent droughts and what not, but I cannot
afford to waste any more time.

Destiny must be fulfilled.

96. Sender: Dethan
Date: Sat Dec 17 02:36:53 2005
To: Xantheus\
Subject: leadership
People of Xantheus,
I stand by my desire to take the reins of leadership over this great
city. I will do all that I can do defend the town, alongside the guards.
I will aid in their training to further their combat knowledge and their
abilities to protect this fair city. We will, if need be, carry the fight to
the heart of this evil that plagues our land.
I will do all that I can for Xantheus, even if it means my death.
-Sir Dethan Hip'pi Ap Stormblade, Hand of Elstin
-Warrior of the Wolf

97. Sender: Dethan
Date: Wed Apr 13 21:39:50 2005
To: Amen
Subject: beating dead horses
Couldn't care less Amen, to be honest. Go about pretending
to be a god while the rest of the world falls apart. I don't overly
care. What possible USE an unclanned avatar could have for that
low of a level equipment is beyond me, but whatever, enjoy!
-Dethan Stormblade
-Claw of the Wolf

98. Sender: Cireen
Date: Sat Oct 1 14:57:07 2005
To: All
Subject: An Important Announcement
In the wake of last week's attack on the Vampire town of Inuzokacefuvil, both
Lord Adiux and I met with the General of the Sh'kura Armies, Karvin Jeruth.

It has become apparent that the sinister shadow that has fallen upon the land,
who is called Fane Vattar, is one of pure destruction. It is not to be
bargained with, or negotiated with, neither does it embrace the beauty of
The other thing we have agreed upon is that this threat is larger than our
total forces.

Therefore, on this day, a formal truce is declared between the Armies of the
Sh'kur Nation, Inuzokacefuvil, Clan Nightmare, and all Vampire-kin of
Xantheus. This will be in effect until the threat of the Darkness has passed.

Queen of all Vampires

99. Sender: Messiah
Date: Tue Apr 5 01:48:08 2005
To: All
Subject: An observation.
Strange, is it not, that even as our lands and crops
turn to dust, that as our rivers evaporate away into the barest
of trickles, that so many of us can be more interested
in who has the biggest sword. When do we finally come
together in peace and cooperation to address a threat
that endangers all of us? By the day, our situation gets
worse. Soon there will not be the crops to feed us, nor
the water to quench our thirst. The animals will begin
to migrate, or die off. What then is to become of us? I'm
sure till the very end, we will be bickering and fighting
amongst ourselves. I do not know that I have the literary
talent to express my disappointment in this, or how
sad of a situation this is.

A time of choices and action is upon us, friends.
Choose wisely.

Brother Messiah.

100. Sender: Set
Date: Sat Dec 17 04:38:01 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Leadership
Perhaps if you are worried about to much power given to one person
maybe a Council, or Senate of somesorts. Where more than one
mind may go to work to better our situation. Or perhaps a Republic
of sorts. In a sense, have a leader, but the "senate" keeps them in
check and makes sure they don't gain to much power or makes
life miserable for the citizens.
Just an idea.

Set Conierra

101. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 20 21:01:42 2005
To: Meci
Subject: challenge
Then it shall be done.
Meci Windio i challenge you to a duel to the death.
You have one days time to prepare.
Use your time wisely or i might cath you while you
are unaware.

102. Sender: Solitude
Date: Wed Apr 13 10:27:03 2005
To: Amen
Subject: .
Amen, i had looted you before and returned your eq to you
return the eq you have stolen from this clan. it is not mine
but it is my clan mates equipment
you shall return his eq, either through peace, or i shall return it
to him when i take it from your corpse.

103. Sender: Norik
Date: Mon Feb 7 21:09:25 2005
To: All
Subject: One possible solution to the heat
With Zorian's help, we were able to find one possible
solution to the heatwave. If we can gather 5 mages
or warwizards, they can form a metaconcert to improve
the strength of the control weather spell.

5 mages or warwizards, levels 60 or higher are required
to perform the ceremony. I suggest we start rounding
up those who can participate soon, before the whole city
goes crazy.


104. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 29 04:04:51 2005
To: Deathwalker
Subject: Not my problem

What a sad situation you are in...
It makes you come off as weak...running from your problem
We don't like weak

-Doom Squad Mother-

105. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Apr 8 03:01:56 2005
To: All
Subject: re: Doom Squad
as a member of nonhla i have to agree with messiah, we cannot let them prey on
our inner hatreds, and our morals. but we can only let them go so far.
If they start this "revolution" what shall we do to stop it?

The Monk of hope, light, and morals

106. Sender: Dengal
Date: Fri Nov 11 02:44:05 2005
To: Dethan
Subject: RE:
You may say that Hip'pi is still around.
but you cannot prove anything untill he shows himself,
to all of us
Once he can show him self i can and will believe.
Dethan you say that he showed you the way.
you might of been on drugs for all we know.
There are few people i believe, I must have proof to believe.
those who i do trust they earned it.
If and when Hip'pi shows himself to all,
I and many people will believe.
It seems that Hip'pi is afraid to show himself.
the God of Insanity.

107. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat May 14 21:29:04 2005
To: All
Subject: Speck- An Enemy of Xantheus
I hereby declare Speck as an enemy of Xantheus. In our latest
mission to assist the Dwarven Kingdon, he chose to side with
bandits in an attempt to disrupt the installation of a water
well in the Plains of the North. Actions speak louder than words,
and if you do not believe what I say here, ask Jasmine, one of his
fellow clan members.


108. Sender: Amen
Date: Sun May 22 16:48:05 2005
To: Palermo
Subject: Talks
Hi Palermo,

We need to talk about matters of urgent importance.
Please inform me of a proper time and place and
we'll meet up.


109. Sender: Fragma
Date: Fri May 6 06:09:54 2005
To: Shadowkaun
Subject: Present
I have a lovely present for you.


110. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue Dec 20 21:07:05 2005
To: Shadowkaun
Subject: Re:
Death or no death, something must be done to contain Meci. I propose
putting her into a jail of some sorts until the whole Fane matter is
taken care of. Perhaps it might even lure him out and we will be able
to finish him right then and there.


111. Sender: Neq
Date: Wed Feb 2 01:36:39 2005
To: All
Subject: Weather
After listening to Brother Barkli, evidently as you may well
know from Sonsaku Hakufu's note, the ceremony can't be
reversed. So once again anyone with any ideas please
come forward. Also I will begin attempting to ease
some of the heat by casting spells even if it only works
for a little bit. I assume it is better than nothing
at all

Neq Dow, The Cleric

112. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun May 1 11:08:53 2005
To: Kymil
Subject: re:
You are weak and pathetic...
Must we say more?


113. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:00:47 2005
To: Messiah/All
Subject: "Goodness" vanishment
Brother Messiah

As you can see, destruction and death is in the hearts
of everyone. Face it, your hope and "goodness" is simply
Oh yes, and thanks for announcing I am correct, but I
already knew that.

-Doom Squad Mother-

114. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 20 19:34:10 2005
To: Citizens
Subject: Our Sacrifice
Forsaken will make the first leap of faith for the great city of Xantheus
I have removed the war flags from the Acerbus despited our desire for
If there is any wisdom in the clan of Acerbus at all, they will join us
in temporary peace untill this dispute has been resolved and the city
has been saved.
Furthermore any insults shall not be acknowleged untill the city is safe
and no bickering will be tolorated by my clan untill this has been resolved
- Solitude Star
Forsaken Leader

115. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun May 15 09:03:47 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Speck
Guess what? Speck is all talk.

Norik demolished him.
I would have, if he hadn't run away like a scared dog.


116. Sender: Maxen
Date: Fri Dec 16 03:02:14 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Leader
Dear Citizens,
Our Allies grow impatient at our laziness and lack of motivation in
these trying times of War. The time has come to select a leader
for Xantheus. Whether it be a knight like Sir Dethan or myself, or a
normal person. We need a leader, whether it be through democracy
or through a selection of sorts. This problem needs to be addressed
as soon as possible.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

117. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 9 03:40:06 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: Recent Events
I suggest you return your ill-gotten goods while
you still have the option. If we are forced to
take them from you (or even worse, prevented from
doing so), I promise you you will lose far more
than you have gained on this day.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

118. Sender: Meci
Date: Thu Feb 3 13:47:58 2005
To: Citizens
Subject: heat
We the Doom Squad have heard your talk of how hot the city is, and we
also agree that there is a sweltering heat in this city. Since the Doom Squad
loves this city and its people so much we have decided to please you by
adding campfires to all the locations in the city. in addition the members
in our society will work as feverishly possible to make the weather better so t
he sun will shine as bright as anyone would enjoy. As this heat grows more
intense i feel a burning in my stomach as this baby of mine grows. Fear not
citizens of this city, the heat should not worry you, the path of chaos and
evil shall overtake you yet.
Meci "The Mother" Doom Squad

119. Sender: Palermo
Date: Sun Jan 2 17:37:33 2005
To: All
Subject: Anon
Anon was taken over by Dole's army today. The Heirophant yelled
for help as orcs and trolls attacked the holy grove. Myself, Norik,
and Yasmine were the only people to defend the grove. Dole talked
with us a while and we got no information out of him. We then traveled
back to Xantheus thinking the danger had passed. Unfortunately, the
attack on the holy grove was a front to keep us away from Anon as it
was taken over by Dole's army. A few villagers escaped and informed
us that there were thousands of trolls within the boarded walls.

The foul thing that is known as "Amen" attempted to serve Dole
for rewards. Will the citizens of Xantheus let Sword of Night
reside within its walls now... when they seek riches instead of
defending the villages around us? Think heavily on this matter,
or soon the bloodsuckers will try to take over your precious city.

Weaponsmaster Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

120. Sender: Gnimelf
Date: Sun May 8 04:13:50 2005
To: Shadowkaun
Subject: RE: Hippie Church
Dear Shadowkaun,
I will be around alot so i hope to speak to you
soon about the wonderful word of Hip'pi and the Hippie Church
I hear you are a very caring warrior stuck in a battle you wish not
to be in. Look foward to talking to you soon

Bishop Gnimelf Humperdink
praise be to Hip'pi!

121. Sender: Deathwalker
Date: Thu Apr 28 03:00:03 2005
To: Sethar
Subject: terms
sethar if after you meet me, you still want to kill me then ill oblige but unti
l then, i will not cause any harm to DS till either i get to join your great so
or i untill i become powerfull enough to destroy you.

DeathWalker the Thief of the Angel of Death

122. Sender: Fragma
Date: Sat Apr 23 00:19:06 2005
To: Shadowkaun
Subject: father
I ran into father the other day, twas not a happy moment
for he greeted me with his sword
I fought father for many rounds until he was finally stopped by my dagger
He is not dead as he wished i was but he did let me in on something
he wanted to know why i was still alive, why you didnt finish me
off like you where sent to do! Is this true my brother? You did not
come to find me, you came to kill me, i curse thee
i have no family, no blood line, no brother
take your pride elsewhere

Fragma Slayner

123. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon Apr 18 04:25:55 2005
To: Norik/Ca/St
Subject: fight
There's plenty of opertunity to "fight to the death" between Casik
and Stormblade and I. I mean, just ask Casik... score, another one
for the good guys. and many more to come... Ira 2 Morons 0


124. Sender: Palermo
Date: Sat May 28 19:42:15 2005
To: Sol
Subject: re:
Wouldn't the idiot be someone who tries to jump me and gets beat
down? I believe so. If anyone opposes my clan, I suggest you
think twice about going to Solitude for assistance. He's
rediculously weak and stupid. He makes a great punching bag, however.

-Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

125. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 13 06:35:16 2005
To: Peoples
Subject: Forsaken
I too am done fighting with words, you can find me practicing the art
of my sword and the incantations of my spells. If any Acerbus thinks to
be worth of a challenge and in my range, have no fear i shall find you soon
enough. I shall rid this world of your evil!

If anyone else wishes to take sides to defend the honor of this clan I
hold dear, come to arms to slay the Acerbus!
There is a war going on and I hear far too much talk about wolves, yet
they are loosing the battle! I recall that my clan helped you meet your
fate in the Ancient Battlegrounds.
Forsaken shall not loose, and anyone wishing to join us in this glorious
victory and quest point drain just seek out myself or my leaders.
For once we can all agree to something: quit these battle for words.

126. Sender: Dengal
Date: Wed May 25 16:55:55 2005
To: Gnimelf
Subject: miscaculation
sorry for the mistaske i must of miscaculated
i overcounted wasy toomuch
soory for that
i will accept your price
Dengal the God of unther insanity

127. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed May 25 06:26:06 2005
To: Dengal
Subject: An old saying
A fool and his overpriced potions will never
be parted. Save, perhaps by an even bigger fool.

Bishop Gnimelf does not appear to be the fool you seek.

Lord Vicks Erebor

128. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Apr 17 19:58:35 2005
To: Stormblade
Subject: Re:
Its quite concerning that you express interest in destroying
one of the fine leaders that built your clan. Why do you want to fight
Lord Alucard? Its pathetic to know such disobedience lives in Sword
of Night, but your intentions, as of late, are becoming clear. You start
fights you cannot finish, you post challenges you cannot uphold, and
you flee whenever confronted. Sword of Night is much too good for
your kind. You belong in Forsaken, with the rest of the yellow low-
Lifes that hide behind those walls. Continue your current path and
death will we your only escape, and when Im done with you, youll
be happy death saved you from all the power I can exert.
Tick-tockyoure running out

129. Sender: Maxen
Date: Thu Dec 15 21:46:01 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: The Sh'kur Armies
People of Xantheus!
It is with great joy that i announce that Colonel Karvin Jeroth
is no longer the leader of the Sh'kura Armies. General Ashenkur has
returned to lead. With help from myself, Akastron Humperdink and an
ex soldied in the armies named K' Tarn. The Sh'kur Nation will now return
to it's former power underneath the great Leadership of the only True
Also, Palermo, I must speak with you concerning some things.

Sir Maxen Roedran, Knight of Ashenkur

130. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue Dec 20 20:52:28 2005
To: All
Subject: Fane
I propose that we start by punishing those that brought him into this world:
Meci and her Doom Squad


131. Sender: Solitude
Date: Thu Dec 15 21:40:27 2005
To: All
Subject: Kymil
bwahaha, a sympathy killing for the weak
one shall not happen again!
-Solitude Star

132. Sender: Koptor
Date: Sun Dec 18 16:25:03 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Leadership
I agree with Set.
There are very few people involved in politics today who do not polarize
opinion. To elect one individual to a position of supreme power and expect
all the people and clans of Xantheus to obey that one person seems
I suggest a council made up of one representative from each clan, a
representative from one of the citizen's worker guilds, and a chairman
who is not affiliated to any clan.

Given how infrequently some clans are seen, it seems appropriate
to also specify that a quorum of four must vote in order for a decision
to be passed (with fair opportunity given for the other council members to
vote, naturally).

Koptor Rikoptar

133. Sender: Speck
Date: Mon May 16 16:21:12 2005
To: Whoever
Subject: blah blah blah
funny that you should say to ask jasmine cause she does know and she has
allready told a few people what really happened

134. Sender: Maxen
Date: Tue Dec 20 19:28:43 2005
To: Lexi
Subject: Orcs
Do not be to quick to blame Acerbus. Obviously Fane
has his allies within these walls in the Doom Squad.
I fear he is now trying to separate us even more by doing this.
Please be patient, and see what other Information is
out there.

Sir Maxen Roedran
Knight of Ashenkur

135. Sender: Amen
Date: Sun May 29 15:26:34 2005
To: Palermo
Subject: Talks
Hi Palermo,

Has your number 1, Norik spoken to you yet about what
i have discussed with him? if your agreeable, perhaps
more discussion etc can be arranged before anything concrete
can be put to paper.


136. Sender: Stormblade
Date: Sun Apr 17 00:48:34 2005
To: Akastron
Subject: haha
how many qp you loose and how many potions you quaff
that's all i got to say
we will see and invite your boy alucard to come with you
next time

137. Sender: Solitude
Date: Mon Apr 25 20:29:31 2005
To: Akastron
Subject: Fear?
wow i completly missed your note Akaston
note 194 clearly states i should have fear...
but fear what? what can harbar against me
that i can not prevail?
---- The Pixieburger of Despair!

138. Sender: Kymil
Date: Thu Dec 15 13:40:37 2005
To: All
Subject: Re

Solitude is fatally wounded...
Your pound massacres Solitude!
Solitude is dead.

"If any Acerbus thinks to be worth of a challenge and in my range,
have no fear i shall find you soon enough. I shall rid this world
of your evil!" - Solitude


139. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sat Apr 9 17:06:42 2005
To: Forsaken
Subject: Solitude
Solitude... you're a marked man...

140. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Dec 20 16:10:01 2005
To: All
Subject: A dangerous Game
I will say it again: Acerbus Ira will hold
no cease-fire with those who broker deals
with entities such as Di Eamen and Fane Vattar.

I am tired of hearing the Forsaken cry about
their ill-treatment, only to watch those same
trators betray this city time after time.
That they still have a place within these
walls at all is a wonder in itself. How
long will we let them sit upon such a
gateway of power? One which they have already
used to put this town at great risk, no less.

Dormant or not, mark my words, the Forsaken
will one day find means to use it in another
grab for power. Rest assured Acerbus will
be here to defend this town, regardless of
whether or not you heed my warnings now.

I only hope that we will be enough.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

141. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Apr 26 17:59:17 2005
To: Aka-wimp (teeheehee)
Subject: Fear
i can explain! i shall prevail! yes i fled faster and hid faster than
ever seen! that is why i shall defeat you. of course i fled, i was
unprepared for combat. Thank you for your candor, i mean you
openenly admit you are slow...... i know im a quick pixie! but these
fist of fury shall one midnight come knocking on your skull. your
idle threats are amusing. i know my place, and you do not irritate me
when you say i cannot walk with the rest because i dont walk, i fly
hehe... well anyways its been fun writing and all...
dont let your old age slow down more than your eyes!
p.s. your are a fool to think your a monster, ive seen more frightening
pixies! teeheeeheee

142. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Tue May 17 17:36:16 2005
To: Jasmine
Subject: Learning...
i visited Pope Elstin
but he was unable to teach me any further
he told me had had taught me all he could n i would have to
learn it on my own


143. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Apr 15 15:01:19 2005
To: SoN
Subject: Stormblade
Sword of Night,
While I was adventuring, your clan member Stormblade brought Casik to
my area and proceeded to attack me. I suggest you reprimand Stormblade
for such silly actions, or I will. There is much respect between both clans
and you should know of such disobediance. Casik died, Stormblade fled...
Next time he will not be so lucky and I will keep his posessions.


144. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Tue Dec 13 03:39:55 2005
To: All
Subject: Hip'pi
I as well am threw with note conversations.
Any who are interested in the wonderous Hip'pi
please see myself, Sir Dethan, Bishop Gnimelf or
Pope Elstin. Any of us would be more than willing to
explain the wonders of Hip'pi and our views on subjects
that are constantly debated here.

Know that it is Hip'pi that gives me strength when I am in
the most need and allows me to show love and compassion
to all.

Shadowkaun MacMurrough
Paladin of the Wolf
{Hip'p Church}

145. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Sun Dec 11 13:33:32 2005
To: Yall
Subject: meh
Whats not to say that Acerberus are the evil in these lands?
We the forsaken are merely ridding the world of this evil
who can say what is good and evil
i cant, can you?


146. Sender: Reality
Date: Sat May 21 14:02:54 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Our well
The other day our well was attacked by orc's. I myself tried to help fight them
off but was not strong enough and almost died trying to save our well.
Thanks to Palmero and Vicks the orc's died trying to attack
our well. Please do not let the orc's destory our well. Be on guard that
they are trying to and help protect it. We should not want our city to be
without water.

147. Sender: Karvin
Date: Sat Oct 1 14:58:12 2005
To: Palermo
Subject: Obsidian Circle
Sir Palermo,
Your clan will also be expected to sign this truce. I shall send Rancor

Gen. Karvin

148. Sender: Norik
Date: Mon Apr 18 01:37:22 2005
To: Stormblade
Subject: Re:
Please allow me to prove that you are as weak
as everyone thinks you are. Name your time and place.


149. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Tue Dec 20 21:04:22 2005
To: Norik
Subject: Re:

Perhaps Solitude is right in a sense. Death is not always
the best option. Perhaps Hip'pi will be able to save her soul.
I think it would be best she taken to see the Pope. He will sureley
know what to do.

Shadowkaun MacMurrough
Paladin of the Wolf
{Hip'pi Church}

150. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Thu Dec 22 08:45:23 2005
To: All
Subject: q Break
I sahlle be away for a few weeks
my absence will not be too long
i may have many tales to tell

Lucifer Lancrain

P.s see ooc note

151. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Dec 14 00:36:39 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: Winning?
I remember the days when the Forsaken used to roam
the lands free of cares, hunting and scavenging
to their hearts content.

That all changed the day you attacked our halls,
and nearly destroyed this town in the process.

These days it seems the Forsaken spend their time
writing notes about their greatness, all from the
comfort of their little hole.

When you are suitably prepared for death, Acerbus
shall arrange it.

Lord Vicks Erebor

152. Sender: Omen
Date: Fri Apr 8 23:39:14 2005
To: Meci/All
Subject: re:Rebirth of Revolution
Meci Meci Meci.... wow. you dream of blood, chaos, destruction, and Death.
So do i.... but its not like your dreams. mine are of the day when me and my cl
annies regain the former glory of Forsaken, but the blood is of any one who is
trying to destroy the peace that this town has.
You and Doom Squad may think that death and destruction is OK, well your right
it is a fun thing to do, but not when there is a greater evil.

P.S. your clan will never be the greater evil... EVER

Death to all and to all a good rest.
the Omen of Death

153. Sender: Pheonix
Date: Thu May 5 21:51:35 2005
To: Sword of Night
Subject: Membership
Sword of Night Members:
I have been traveling these parts for some time now, and it has come to my
attantion that to live the path I have chosen, I would need friends to protect
as well as protect others. I have heard good things about your clan in particul
and am wondering if I could seek refuge with in your walls. Please let me know
for the longer I am a solitary, the more I fear.
Pheonix Lave...

154. Sender: Bolkins
Date: Mon Jan 3 19:25:21 2005
To: All
Subject: Weather and trade
I am sad to say that prices of food on the open market have increased
by as much as 500% in response to the unseasonal weather.
If it continues much further we may have to begin relying on the
mages for our food and drink - if there are enough to go round.

(on behalf of the traders of Xantheus and Ofcol)

155. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Jan 3 03:09:48 2005
To: Amen
Subject: Dole
So you would offer your support to Dole and his legion of
beasts if he were to offer you a kingdom of your own?
It seems you are indeed one of the vampires master Palermo
is always ranting about; you seek nothing but power and
serve no interests but your own. I hope you have gotten
all of your "inqueries" out of your system; if I find you
co-operating with Dole I will finish what I started.

Lord Vicks Erebor

156. Sender: Reinhold
Date: Mon Feb 7 15:49:00 2005
To: Dole
Subject: Xantheus
Xantheus has done little for our benefit. I see no loss in denying
trade with their merchants.

Duke Reinhold

157. Sender: Solitude
Date: Tue Dec 20 21:43:18 2005
To: Norik-All
Subject: Fane's destruction
You drain Meci's life essence.
Your necromantic touch devastates Meci!
Meci is DEAD!
You receive 31642 experience points.
You recive a 16469 gold bounty, for killing Meci.
Bolts of blue energy rise from the corpse, seeping into you.
I will do what must be done to preserve our Safety. Citizens hear
my plea and accompany me to fight Fane
-Solitude Star
Leader of Forsaken
A Militant for Xantheus

158. Sender: Speck
Date: Sun May 15 05:58:19 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: What really happened
Before anyone has any other comments i would like to say that in regards to the
earlier attacks i was attacked while i myself was trying to help the dwarven
guard move the drill but maxen and noriks plan was to attack me before they
even left town so how could i have sided with an enemy when all i did was
come back from town to attack the ones who attacked me while i was trying to
help the dwarf move the drill and then afterwards we agreed to attack no longer
but still when i went to the dif site i was attacked again, so either way
i did not side with an enemy i stood up for myself i will no longer let oc
act as high and mighty as they think they are
i have defeated norik in battle and maxen has backed down from my challenge
what more can i say

Speck of Honor, of the Trollmoors

159. Sender: Omen
Date: Wed May 4 04:44:25 2005
To: Kymil
Subject: your cowardice
kymil You Coward you fleed from me....
Acording to you forsaken sucks. this means your afraid of me
i will kill you kymil next time i see you
The Omen of Death

160. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Apr 8 06:29:24 2005
To: Norik
Subject: Have fun

It has already started...

-Doom Squad Mother-

161. Sender: Palermo
Date: Wed May 11 03:49:52 2005
To: Speck
Subject: re:
Uralaem didn't attack you. I attacked you. Get your facts straight.

Weaponsmaster Sir Palermo Roedran

162. Sender: Kymil
Date: Wed Apr 27 04:26:30 2005
To: Forsaken
Subject: Your Clan
You are weak and pathetic...
Must I say more?


163. Sender: Captain
Date: Thu Feb 10 18:31:22 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: Riots
By my authority as Captain of the Guard, until the riots have ceased,
I declare Xantheus to be in a state of emergency, and under
martial law.
The penalty for looting will be death.

164. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Fri Jan 14 21:50:05 2005
To: All
Subject: weather/crops
Clerics and others that have refined the control weather spell and
have much power to cast the spell can keep the weather cool and
tolerable and even seems to stop evaporation. But we need to work
on getting water to the fields and such through create spring spells as
well as irrigation channels and water conservation methods in growing
the crops. Compost materials and such would help maintain the moisture
levels in the fields with the help of mages and their create spring spells.
It's not a perfect plan but we can help or at least start doing something
about this current problem until a way can be made to solve it. I've been
able to maintain the cooler conditions for weeks with some rest now and
then to replenish my spirit to start anew, but we all need to pitch in.
I'll be trying to talk to some of the farmers in the area and hopefully with
their help and maybe any druids that want to lend a hand, we can come
up with something to change this condition.

Yours in service,
Glaykor Fawson

165. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue May 10 18:39:55 2005
To: Sword of Night
Subject: A Warning
Today I was ambushed by the ones known as
Speck and Stormblade. Because they both
fled before I could finish what they started,
I wish to make it clear that they will not
be able to hide behind the veil of Sword of
Night. All other Sword of Night members are
advised to stay clear; I do not wish to further
damage the relationship between our clans ;)

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

166. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Jan 3 02:53:12 2005
To: All/Palermo
Subject: Anon
I attempted to serve Dole?? I was merely enquiring about the rewards
of serving him. If the rewards is just, wouldn't it be an easier
way out of all this bloodshed? If for example the reward would
be to rule Xantheus or Anon or whatever, wouldn't that stop all
the bloodshed and also keep the peace at the same time?


167. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Thu Feb 3 02:07:07 2005
To: All
Subject: Heat/Anon/everything else
I offer my services to our allies, though i fear
that Kieron's information is true, Anon is destroyed.
Though I feel we can rebuild it, but for now we
must focus on defeating our present enemy.
I due have a question for the spellcasters,
is there no spell to cool off our troops?
Perhaps creating a temporary coolance
to the soldiers and citizens and allies.
or another that would make the heat
more bearable. Perhaps maybe we can
equip the citzens with the armor of
the icing death. These are a few suggestions I
thought of..

Shadowkaun Slayner, Defender of Xantheus

168. Sender: Robin
Date: Wed Jan 5 20:43:17 2005
To: Concerned
Subject: Weather Modification Attempts
At the suggestion of Wedge, I have attempted to modify the weather
to invite cooler air back into the region. At the expense of a
signifcant amount of magical energies I was able to bring in a
cool southerly wind for a few hours. I believe it would take a
more experienced and powerful wielder of magics casting almost
constantly to keep the weather at a cooler state. We may have to
consult someone more powerful, and risk disrupting the weather more
than it already is or learn to live with the increased temperature.
I will continue my efforts in this area, but I fear that I am neither
powerful enough nor knowledgeable enough to effect a permanent change.

Robin Sena

169. Sender: Amen
Date: Wed Apr 13 10:33:13 2005
To: Solitude
Subject: re:
Why are you guys whinning about me looting your eqs
when you dragged me out of town and attacked me?
If you don't wanna die or be looted, don't attack me!

And don't act so high and mighty about you returning me
my eqs. When you looted me, you didnt offer to return it
at all. But when i looted you back, you decided to trade
my eqs back for the return of yours.

So...you guys are not getting your eqs back. Come get it from me


170. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Dec 19 23:54:28 2005
To: Maxen
Subject: Re:
Make peace with the traitors and lowlives
that make up the Forsaken if you wish;
to call Acerbus "selfish" for refusing to
do so only makes you look foolish.
I, for one, would sooner die than co-operate
with Di Eamen collaborators. Perhaps your
motives differ from ours?

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

171. Sender: Omen
Date: Wed Feb 9 17:12:44 2005
To: All
Subject: idea
untill we can round up the mages we should just put the citizens out of their m

172. Sender: Dethan
Date: Thu Dec 22 00:31:00 2005
To: Xantheus
Subject: times...
Citizens, friends, rivals;
I will continue to run for mayor, even if I am not elected, I will do
all that I can do keep the promises I made to you during my running.
But no matter WHAT we decide, council, or mayor...we need to do it
soon. We need a unified front, a full force to fight back at our foes, not
a splintered group of clans and wanderers attacking when they think it
is best.
To that end, I, Sir Dethan Stormblade, declare my intent to follow the
peace between all clans, and all races, until such time as this evil known
as Fane is punished.
-Dethan Hip'pi Ap Stormblade, Hand of Elstin

173. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Wed Dec 21 20:14:39 2005
To: All
Subject: Council
I have to disagree with idea of a council
i think Xantheus should continue to be ran as it is
who are we to decide the path of the citizens of this city

Lucifer Lancrain

174. Sender: Meci
Date: Sat Apr 9 03:14:41 2005
To: Omen/All
Subject: Lesson 2

You are truely an idiot.
Evil is evil...that is all there is too it.

Now go walk into a wall, I am sure that is what
you do best anyways...

-Doom Squad Mother-

175. Sender: Lexi
Date: Tue Dec 20 19:15:56 2005
To: All
Subject: Orcs
Forsaken was Attacked by Orcs today.
They invaded our Clan and tried to loot our chest.
We were able to kill them at the cost of Edraven fleeing.
No other clan was attacked.
We fear that this is of Ira's will. They want war with us
so bad, they have formed an alliance with the enemy.
They have choosen not to help this town at all, but
to fight against it. As we have seen through Vick's words
all he wants is War.

-Lexi Lordison-

176. Sender: Dengal
Date: Wed May 25 04:28:26 2005
To: Bishop Gnimelf
Subject: about your order
Bishop gnimelf i have seven of the 15 potions made already.
acording to my caculations this will cost around 5.50 million gold
due to the price of the flasks i had to buy.
this is why this is up there in price
you will have to pay first before you get the bag
thanks for using Dengal the God of Unther Insanity.

177. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Thu Dec 8 23:07:01 2005
To: Dengal
Subject: That Man
Ask any around these lands with honourable reputations, that the one who seek
to save you from the "dreadful" Hip'pi Church is consequently a fool. He leads
a clan called Forsaken for a reason. They are the outcasts, they themselves
have allied with a foe you hate. Fane Vattar, it is publically known in all of
Xantheus, I am surprised you did not, perhaps your travels in aiding the
citizens you did not hear this... But that does not matter. Truth be told sir,
the man whom you are listening to is the evil in which you seek to destroy.
This man obviously being Solitude Star, leader of Forsaken. I trust that you
will see the truth in these matters Dengal, for if not, I shall pray for your s

Peace be with you fellow fighter,

Shadowkaun MacMurrough
Paladin of the Wolf
{ Hip'pi Church}

178. Sender: Norik
Date: Sun May 15 10:08:36 2005
To: All
Subject: Re: Speck
Is this your pathetic attempt to justify the fact that YOU attacked ME
while I was in the middle of fighting BANDITS that sought to capture
the drill? Your insolence jeapordized the whole operation.
Regardless of how you phrase it, you assisted the bandits by attacking me.
That is fact, and last I checked, actions speak louder than words.

I hereby suggest that this matter be inspected by an official
committee to determine the appropriate punishment for Speck.


179. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon May 16 06:16:12 2005
To: All
Subject: War
Forsaken 0

Acerbus 1


180. Sender: Palermo
Date: Thu Feb 3 04:55:34 2005
To: All
Subject: re: heat
Would it be possible to get a large group together and travel to the
Manilla Mountains and get as much snow and ice and bring it back to the city?
I'm sure if a few mages went along they could keep the snow and ice from
melting on the return trip. Or we could send people out to the docks and start
gathering water for the troops. What about the other cities and towns around?
Are they affected by this heat wave? If not, maybe they'll be willing to send
us water. I'm sure the brave adventurers of Xantheus have saved them from
certain death enough times.


181. Sender: Dengal
Date: Wed May 25 23:07:44 2005
To: Gnimelf
Subject: cont.
Gnimelf that price will do for me
and according to my privous note i made a mistakei have redone my caculations a
and found that you are right
i will accept your price for the potions

182. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Fri Apr 8 22:53:10 2005
To: Meci
Subject: Re:
Bring it on Child

183. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Sun Feb 6 13:59:18 2005
To: Xantheans
Subject: Re: Tired of the Heat?
Please fellow Xantheans, the Shadowmaster decieves you.
Sure you will be away from the heat, but you will also be slaves.
Which is "a way of life" there. So if you want to pay to be a slave,
Please feel free and go ahead, but i figured you out to be told the
whole truth

Shadowkaun Slayner, Soldier of the Wolf

184. Sender: Neq
Date: Tue Jan 4 00:52:01 2005
To: All
Subject: changes
Due to the Change of weather, I am asking any and all to report
changes that they may have noticed. I am especially looking
for replies from druids in any change in the forest surrounding us

Neq Dow, The Green Cleric

185. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu May 12 19:06:45 2005
To: Everyone
Subject: "Another one bites the dust"

Another one for the good guys...


186. Sender: Omen
Date: Sat Apr 9 20:19:13 2005
To: Meci/all
Subject: apologys (for something i did not even know about)
Meci Meci..... i am writing this for one reason.
To apologize to Doom Squad. If i was on Doom Squad, i have forgotten.
But i have realized that being with Doom Squad would have brought me down even
more, then i am. People like me are not for Doom Squad.
Forsaken has taken much better care for me then Doom squad has ever.
Meci I may like to be "evil" but Evil can have good ways.
Doom Squad has too much to prove to the other clans before getting respect.
I wish you well, in your upcoming battles with the clans.

Death to All and to All a Good Rest.
the Omen of Death

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