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1. Sender: Qaz
Date: Thu Sep 30 00:55:13 2004
To: Everyone
Subject: cured
could you spare some sanctuary for elendel ?
Elendel the level 10 half-elf warrior has cured me of my ailment.
a citizen taunted me so i attempted to charm it... however my spell
was flawed and somehow it became partially reversed. The citizen
then had me equip it and cast spells on it. It then tried to kill Elendel.
Elendel won the fight and i was freed from the treachery of the citizen.
this was the second time that the citizen tried to kill Endel. the first time
the citizen knew it would loose so it gave 100000 coins to endel to spare
his life. Shortly after this i equipted the citizen and he began his torment.
My gratitude goes out too you Endel.
Qaz Callahoni

2. Sender: Norik
Date: Fri Apr 2 01:04:58 2004
To: Seph
Subject: You...
Didn't you die?

Name your place, filthy Vampire.


3. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 27 19:13:53 2004
To: All
Subject: Thomas and Epyranth 2
He explained that we needed to travel to Djakiar for the
prophecies of Chronos to come to pass. Thus, we sought the
help of Master Bolkins, as he had provided safe passage to
several Xanthean adventurers in the past. However, before
he was able to send us to the island through the use of his
device, the vampire Cireen yet again appeared from nowhere.
Bolkins, ever resourceful as he is, was ready for her; from his
sleeve he slid a Utonium dagger, and met her advance with
a mighty slash: Cireen howled in pain and fled, leaving one of
her fingers mangled and bloody on the ground.

It was thus that we were able to transport to Djakiar, where we
were joined by Father Anaeas. We regrouped our party and soon found
a massive doorway made of stone. Thomas instructed
us that this was the place where the prophecy of Chronos would
come to pass; however, we were unable to find a way to penetrate
the massive stone walls of the cave.

4. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 2 03:03:33 2004
To: Fools
Subject: Fools
"War is still on, you fleabag"

These are the words you left me not even 2 weeks ago.
If my clan wishes me to make peace with you, that is what I
will do: Your input is not relevant to the process.

To the Forsaken, I say this: Those of you of honor who wish to cut
your ties with the Forsaken may yet find a home in Acerbus.
Those of you who remain at Cedrick's side will surely find nothing
but death and suffering.

Do not pretend to be the peacekeepers of Xantheus.
Do not pretend to be the voice of reason.
Do not pretend to be anything but the worthless bug you are.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

PS. If Acerbus is dying, why have some of your more honorable members
left to join our halls in recent weeks? Get a clue, or you will
soon find yourself with more open leadership positions than members.

5. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun Sep 12 21:58:05 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Grave News
People of Xantheus,
I have very grave news. Brother Andersen come to us requesting
us to scout the area of the Darkwood Forest. So a big group of us went
out and started looking around, We came across creatures of all sorts.
many orcs, elven rangers, snakelike creatures, etc. But we were able to
find out that a powerful Warlock was causing the forest to decay. We were
able to kill him. And we thought all would be well. Except the one known as Sau
l decided to continually attack Sir Palermo Roedran. Causing great distraction
amongst us. Then the one known as Fane Vattar came and tried to take over Broth
er Andersen, and Andersen was trying to fight him off, but orcs and trolls
continually came after him. We all tried to destroy the trolls... Well most of
us tried. Jamuraa and Saul decided instead of helping Andersen, they thought
lets attack Sir Palermo while he is trying to help save us. So Fane finnaly
closed his grip on Brother Andersen and basically ensured our doom.
I hope a miricale will happen soon, because we sure need it.

Squire Maxen Roedran

6. Sender: Grendel
Date: Fri Oct 15 00:28:27 2004
To: Kali/all
Subject: Funny?
Today, something funny happened to Grendel as well.
As I was hunting in Ghost Town, I accidentally
stepped on Kalindor's head, starting a fight that
nearly cost him his life.

Appologies, "mate"

Grendel Stormblade
Vengeance Seeker

7. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Sun Oct 24 18:46:50 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Audience
Dear Vicks, I seek an audiance with you as soon as possible

8. Sender: Quakank
Date: Thu May 13 20:27:06 2004
To: Lieutenant
Subject: Re:
Honestly, you're the Lieutenant of the Sh'kur Army, what
does it matter to you what vampire he wants to kill? In fact,
I think you should be hastening to supply him with this water
and aid in his quest to slay whichever vampire he wishes. Unless
of course you only accepted the rank of Lieutenant for show, and
you actually have little desire to aid the sh'kur. But we all know you
wouldn't do that, would you Jander?

9. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Mon May 10 18:47:34 2004
To: Seph
Subject: Re:
Sure thing! If you ever show your face around here I'll gladly chat
with you! I'm really a very good conversationalist.

10. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Wed Mar 31 22:16:29 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re: My proposition
mmm, i remember being in forsaken once, and i remember also
being told that YOU wanted this war Cedrick. YOU planned the
hole in forsakens HQ, you told me and my Brother that you constantly went into
Ira's HQ and raided their chest. YOU planned this war. YOU started it.
Vicks wants justice, and will get it by any means. is that to much to ask
i take blame for my parts in this war. but YOU cedrick need to live up
to your own mistakes.

Please grow up.

Shadowkaun Slayner

11. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Thu Mar 25 19:52:32 2004
To: All
Subject: Meh
For someone who is the leader of a clan with the motto clan before self
you tend to put yourself first a great deal
As for Xantheus i dont care if it is destroyed
offers me little anyway


12. Sender: Sethar
Date: Thu Nov 18 11:17:12 2004
To: All
Subject: Current Events
For those that may not know me my name is Sethar Bumbler
I am a new addition to DoomSquad, in other words i am to
fullfill the spot Haji. I am more serious about events
than he was. I understand how the People of this city would
be upset, that is why i shall be available to talk to
concering any attention DoomSquad my bring. Even with the
loss of our former member our ideal shall not change.
The ideal of slaughtering shall continue. None of us
in DoomSquad mind aggraving you and we shall not stop
our merciless killing untill we have perfected our magic
untill we have reached our greatest potential. Then we
as a group shall take on whomever desires protest.
i currently am asking for DoomSquad to split into sections
Alpha and Bravo: Alpha will clear the shire of weaklings
and Bravo will clear the Holy Grove. Then we shall regroup
and clear the pitifull Gnomes.
Also it has come to my attention that certain avatars wish
to support our demise. DoomSquad shall be obtaining gold
and putting bounties out on these annoyances.
As far as a trial goes, only DoomSquad shall decide if we
will show up to any such event.
Sethar Bumbler

13. Sender: Messiah
Date: Mon May 24 18:43:32 2004
To: All
Subject: Seeking someone.
I am called Messiah. This is but one of many
worlds that i have traveled in search of knowledge
and power. I reveal myself now, as I search out
the strongest among you. I am but a student seeking
to learn new techniques, and better myself. That's
why I search out the strongest of you, to watch,
to mimic your ways of fighting, to further my
power for the battles soon to come.

I would be greatly pleased if one among you
could guide and direct me in the ways of fighting,
and if not that, point me in the direction of your
strongest fighter.

The Battle Monk.

14. Sender: Neq
Date: Sun Nov 14 23:09:08 2004
To: Doomsquad
Subject: employment
I believe killing innocent haflings for no reason
is a crime, and if I hear of anymore exploits of this nature
I will do my best to make sure that those who have died
will make you pay the price

Neq Dow, The Cleric

15. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 16 22:51:43 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re:
Tell me, little one ... how is it you plan to carry on this
war when all of your forces have seemingly deserted Xantheus?
My wolves hunt freely across these great lands ... I suggest
you begin considering surrendering yourself; there are only so
many holes to hide in in Arathnos.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

16. Sender: Norik
Date: Thu Jun 24 06:21:51 2004
To: All
Subject: Adventures
Vicks, Yasmine, Uralaem, Psychotic, Neq and I were
involved in an adventure earlier today. The lizardman
Stotriz came to Mirza and wished to trade with us.
He asked for a dwarven crest, with a warhammer and
a pickaxe over a shining mountail of mithril.
None of us have heard of it before, so we went to
the dwarven village to try to find some information.
We talked to the owner of the Hide & Tooth store,
but he refused to tell us anything. We then went to
Hellspires to visit Dragg. He was able to identify
the crest as that of the Hraucis clan. The clan was
annihilated and the remnants of the clan settled in
the dwarven village. After thanking Dragg, we then
went and paid the storekeeper another visit, but
he was uncooperative as before and even threatened
to call the guards on us. We left and visited
Granite Head, the baker. When asked about Hraucis,
he too was uncooperative. Wandering around the
dwarven village, we bumped into the mazekeeper,
who attacked us for mentioning the queen,
and then the doctor from the hospital. Neither were
able to help us. Finally, we stumbled upon Rhartic,

17. Sender: Wedge
Date: Tue Nov 23 03:08:49 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: Execution
Yes, Palermo, it is hard for me to host the duel roles. One as a
Knight of Xantheus, and the other as Leader of Nonla Arahnala. If
the trial is held and the people want an execution, then it will be
so. Perhaps the Citizens would opt for rehabilitation? Doubtful. I
am merely organizing the opportunity for the citizens and adventurers
to do what they see fit. Perhaps they will say as others have,
"The grove and shire are none of our concern." Then so be it. But
I must try my best to see that the people's voices are heard. As for
training the Shire and Grove to fight and defend themselves, that is
a very good idea, and a good next step. But, it will take time, and
some, like those of the grove, may not wish to fight. The main point
is that the slaughtering of the peaceful people must cease immediately.
In response to some of the notes I have seen posted, I will do what I
so foolishly failed to due first, and may Falisvir forgive me for it, but
that is to speak to the Doom Squad and try to reach a compromise with them.
So this portion of the note is to them. I wish to speak with one of you
or all of you. If only one, then it should be one who speaks for the whole.
If nothing is resolved, we will see what the desire of the people is.
My final question is to everyone, does this seem like a reasonable
course of action?

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus

18. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Wed Apr 7 18:44:26 2004
To: All
Subject: Super Store!!!
Hi there. I have a bunch of really neat stuff I can't
hold onto anymore, so I'm selling/trading them. I have
no set price, but I would prefer rare items in trade, as
I have quite a collection of gold in my bank account. Due
to that fact, I will have to ask a slightly larger price in gold
than usual if you decide you can only pay that way. Please
make offers in mail form to myself. Thanks!
----------------------------------- Stock ------------------------------------
(1) Visions of Chaos - deathloyal
(2) Visions of Order - Not DL
(3) Twisted Nails of Fate - ALL DL, fingerwear (sorry guys :) )
(1) Damnation - Not DL
(2) Warp Cloak - 1 is DL
(3) metal collar - none DL
(2) snakeskin belt - 1 DL
belt of stealth - rename, deathloyaled
(1) sleeves of ice - Not DL
(1) Aspect of the Hydra - deathloyaled
(1) black mask - Not DL
(1) Whip of the Law - +4 enchant, not DL
I will of course sell the easier to get items and nonDLed for
much lower prices, cause I'm not a jerk :P Please make me offers,
I like rare toys, hehehe. If you need stats on the items, please ask
through mail, I'll send them to you.

19. Sender: Daemon
Date: Tue Mar 23 11:29:57 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Yes or No
I had the opportunity to feed on a few wolves, members of Ira,
recently and specifically did not based on the word of Seph.
Not only are you making your leaders look foolish, you are
also making your clan appear bloodthirsty. IF nothing has
been finalized, so be it... I shall begin the hunt...
However, IF a cease fire is in effect, state a simple yes or
no... I do not want any further ramblings on this matter, I
do not want excuses or accusations to the leaders of either
of our clans... I just want a simple yes or no...

Daemon Schalevin

20. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Mon Nov 22 23:41:14 2004
To: All
Subject: Xantheus/Thomas/many more
Dear members of Xantheus. I have some news for you all.
Yesterday Saul, Vicks, Norik, Myself and Adrian were approached
by the Prophet Chronos. He told us it was time for the boy to be
introduced to Xantheus, that he was now 17. We all asked who the boy
was, Chronos said it was the boy named Thomas. No one knew who this boy was
So Chronos told us that he is prohecide to be the King of Xantheus.
He said he had been in hiding and the only person who new his location was
himself and Father Anaeas. He told us to go and get him at Old Thalos.
So we ventured to Old Thalos and we greeted the boy in the temple.
He told us how he must go to the island of Djakiar and meet someone
there to determine his destiny. Just then we heard a voice from outside the
temple calling us outside. We readied our weapons and ventured forth outside
We were immediatley attacked by Trolls and Orcs. We defeated them
fairley easily due to our numbers in strength. We kepted walking until we
were met by a being named Dole, we were attacked by his shaman and most of
us had to flee quickly, This shaman was most powerful. He yelled that he would
call his shaman off. And we met and talked with him about
what he was doing here. But sensing danger i went back to Thomas to keep
him safe or at least by time for the others to return if we were attacked.
The others came back, and we discussed what we must do. Thomas insisted
that we take him directly to the island of Djakiar. But Adrian said he could no
t transport us there magically. that we would need to find another way.
Someone suggested Sir Bolkins, and others suggested various things,
like the hole in Forsakens HQ, speaking with the wizard of Di Eamon, things

21. Sender: Neq
Date: Wed Jun 9 23:13:52 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Celebration
Citzens of Xantheus,
I salute you for being at peace for so long. I know
we are living in troubling times. That is why I propose that we
should celebrate while we can. So Lets gather together one day
no better yet lets celebrate for an entire week with food and drink
and music.

Neq Dow

22. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Oct 8 04:31:56 2004
To: Bronze
Subject: re: Nock
No, Nock good. Nock hunt and kill mangy mutt. Go Nock go. Nock
wear Bronze wolf visor. Good Nock. Nock get treat.

23. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 19 04:53:16 2004
To: Any
Subject: Revival
I seek information regarding the revival of the dead.
I will not give up on Indigo yet; something in my heart tells
me there is still hope for him. I urge any who think they may
be able to help to contact me as soon as possible:
time is of the essence.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira
Brother of Indigo

24. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 5 22:24:56 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re:
Keep your mouth closed, coward. Your fate is
already sealed.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Forsaken Destroyer

25. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 25 20:01:17 2004
To: All
Subject: re:
These are the people you think will help us save Xantheus?

Lord Vicks Erebor

26. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Mar 18 01:05:31 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: Artifacts
To those of you who do not know, our land was threatened once by
an evil dragon who called himself Izrick. He sought out several
relics in order to make himself stronger, but he was destroyed by
many adventurers before he reached the apex of his power. In doing
so, these relics were scattered. With the threat of Fane looming
so near, I believe these relics could be useful. As a whole, we
only have 2, there are 6 total. One in particular is a mirror. It
is here where I implore you to assist me in finding this. Its
where-abouts are completely un-known, which is why I need your
assistance. Any information is helpful. I wish you all the
best of luck in your adventures.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
No.1 Nonla Arahnala
Servant of Falisvir

27. Sender: Alucard
Date: Sat May 8 13:19:56 2004
To: All
Subject: An ancient evil
Greetings and salutations,

This city seems to have changed in the time I have been gone, but this old
being still exists!

Be on the lookout for me, i've decided to emerge from the shadows yet again.
Even though most of you probably don't know of me, to those that do remember me
I wish to meet up with some of you and learn of what has happened in the time
I have been gone.

-DeathMaster Lord Alucard Vehenemance of Ofcol.

28. Sender: Neq
Date: Thu Mar 25 06:08:52 2004
To: Vick & Cedrick
Subject: Final Solution
Why try to go for peace. I think they, Cedrick and Vicks, and
who ever else they chose of their clan should meet one day
and fight and whoever loses should have to leave the town.
Okay maybe not leave to town, but their clan should be disbanded

Neq Dow

29. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Mon Nov 22 23:54:07 2004
To: All
Subject: Xantheus/Thomas/manymore2
like that. We finally decided it would be safer to go with Sir Bolkins.
We immediatly transported ourselves out of there for Dole was sending
more trolls and orcs after us. Adrian in despiration brought us to a place
i have never seen before. It was the into the Titan Kingdom. It seems that
the Titans have overthrown the Olympians. But anyways. The King
Arrawyn or something along those lines, yelled for his guards. But
we disposed of him before they arrived. We decided that it was still
not safe here, so we returned to Xantheus. For this place is not far from
our glorious hovel. We then ventured to the Marina. And were met by
Bolkins. We were asking him about transportation to this island, when
suddenly Cireen, Queen of the vampires, appears and wields and utonium
dagger. If i remember right, i belive this is used to slay dragons. I could be
wrong... But anyways, Bolkins protected Thomas by attacking Cireen.
He cut off her finger, she screamed in pain and fled from us. One thing i forgo
t to mention was that when Chronos had finished talked to us Cireen had
appeared and told him enough. Then blasted his head off with a ball of light.
But back to what i was saying. After Cireen was dealt with. Bolkins asked for
Eight million gold for the trip. Adrian payed him. Just then Retribution joined
us for our journey. We enter the portal and were transported to this island.
We were intially seperated, but when we regrouped we set off to find the
doors Chronos had prophecide about. We found them, but there was no
obvious way to enter. Then the volcano on the island began to stir
causing us to fall about and then from the tip of it erupted a huge dragon

30. Sender: Meci
Date: Wed Nov 17 04:18:17 2004
To: All
Subject: The Fane
My lover Haji has fallen to his death after a visit with the Fane.
To the Doom Squad this is a great tragedy, but we will not
mourn his death, but embrace it. We have a set date at which we
shall terrorize the Shire, Holy Grove, and ever other innocent
life we want. Just because my lover is dead does not mean
his spirit, or the love we shared it dead as well. His soul will always
stay with me, and our children will grown even more powerful than
we were and continue to pass on our line of destruction.
This letter written by me, like all other letter from this day forth,
was written in his blood! He will live on!

31. Sender: Palermo
Date: Wed Oct 13 21:11:21 2004
To: Onyx
Subject: re:
It didn't attack me.

Maybe it just doesn't like you.

Sir Palermo Roedran

32. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue May 11 06:56:58 2004
To: Norik
Subject: re:
Isn't Cegfuin long dead?

33. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Thu Mar 4 23:07:45 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Re: Fools
Those of us with honor would never desert our clan
as for seeking a home in Acerbus, i would rather die
I will stand by cedrick and yes we will see death and suffering
the death and suffering of those who stand in the way of Forsaken

Do you presume yourselves to be the peacekeepers of xantheus Vicks?
Do you believe your the voice of reason?
And do you pretend no to be a worthless bug?

Lucifer, Tainted One

34. Sender: Wedge
Date: Tue Apr 13 06:43:23 2004
To: Citizens of Xantheus
Subject: Emergency Vote
Citizens of Xantheus,

All the land is currently threatened by the possibility of a demon
awakening. A demented mage is currently trying to gather all the
pieces of an amulet to summon this demon. He has all but one
piece, and Xantheus holds the last. To complicate matters, the
Dorw wish for us to give them the relic or allow them to help
protect our city by allowing numerous drow into our walls.
It is this question I pass along to you. In the absence
of a mayor, I am casting this decision to a vote. Do
you, Citizens of Xantheus, wish to allow the Drow within
our walls to protect our city?

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
Knight of Xantheus

35. Sender: Palermo
Date: Mon Nov 22 18:33:51 2004
To: Wedge/Cits
Subject: re: Why Xantheus
There's nothing wrong with the citizens of Xantheus protecting
other towns and villages. But that doesn't mean to hold an
execution. That's not helping the other towns. More people will
come around to kill again, will they not? Instead of avenging
the lesser towns and villages, help them grow stronger, Teach
them magic so they can heal themselves. Teach them to fight so
they can defend themselves. Attempting to execute every murderer
that commits crimes against other places is pointless. It doesn't
_help_ other towns, and it certainly doesn't help Xantheus.

One question, Wedge. Will you, a member of Nonla Arahnala watch
as Mirza sends another being to his death? Wouldn't a person
so dedicated to stopping murder and chaos think of a more
decent way of punishment? Your starting to think more and more
like the disgusting Vampires, Sir Wedge. Maybe you should spend
some time in Konwaa to clear you mind.

Weaponsmaster Sir Palermo Roedran

36. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Mon Nov 22 23:59:36 2004
To: All
Subject: Xantheus/Thomas/manymore3
Thomas had told us earlier that he would seek him to. His name was
Epyranth. He was to determine what kind of age we were to begin.
THe dragon flew around while changing many colors. He finally
settled on black. Thomas seemed slightly distressed. Then Thomas
asked him what was going to happen. The dragon said you know what
this means and what i must do. Thomas asked to go with him.
Thomas then told us that black was the color of the first age. and That
in the first age. Epyranth had destroyed all that lived on the island.
The dragon came down and Thomas went off with him.

So this could mean good things or bad things.
But something to think about here. Fane Vattar is dead.
Dole took his place as the prime evil, so if we had so much trouble
with Fane, we are now dealing with someone much stronger than him.
Just another thing to keep you up at night with worry.

Good day to you all,

Shadowkaun Slayner, Warrior of the Wolf

37. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Oct 1 03:10:09 2004
To: Amen
Subject: BM
It's been a while since we last battled. I post my challenge today for
your BM title. You have 1 week.


38. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Apr 8 03:56:32 2004
To: Amen
Subject: BloodMaster/Mistress
Amen, I am hereby challenging you for position of BloodMaster. Please
respond to me to set a date. You have 1 week

WarMaster Akastron

39. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Apr 8 03:19:41 2004
To: All
Subject: Challenge
Cedrick = dead

40. Sender: Meci
Date: Fri Nov 12 23:50:12 2004
To: All
Subject: Lowbie quest
Haji, Thulla, and I were recruited to help
the shire rid it's grounds of orc spys and warriors.
In our process of destorying the orcs a couple of shiriffs
were killed. Eventually the orc's, somehow, grew a brain and
started cloaking themselves, so the normal eye could not see them.
But to their dismay we eventually killed them all. After the battles
we were rewarded and now live on to tell our story.
Praise the Doom Squad!

41. Sender: Norik
Date: Thu Jun 24 06:23:40 2004
To: All
Subject: Adventures part 2
one of the miners. He was willing to help us and he
told us where to find the crest. First, we had to
find the key, which was hidden behind the mirror in
the Queen's bedroom in the castle. After finding
the key, he told us that the crest was hidden under
the Wine Cellars. Neq knew where they were, and after
some searching, we were able to find the trap door
and descend into the darkness. Immediately, two
dwarven high guards attacked us, but we were able to
slay them. Before the crest was found, three more
guards fell to our weapons. Uralaem picked up the
crest, and we went back to Stotriz to finish the trade.
Before handing it over, Uralaem demanded to know why
Stotriz wanted the crest. He said that the dwarves
working with Ghrissik required it as a fee and that
the Ghrissik wished to continue their relations and
thus, he pays them. Satisfied with the explaination,
Uralaem gave him the crest. "Isskyssossk will be pleased"
said Stotriz when she gave him the crest. As reward,
he offered us either information, or items. After a
small conference, we chose to ask him some questions.
We asked who the Ghrissik and Isskyssossk were.
Isskyssossk is the grand chief. The Ghrissik, the

42. Sender: Iorek
Date: Thu Mar 25 17:17:02 2004
To: All
Subject: Heh
And yet again Vicks purposely offends the Forsaken
in an attempt to keep the war moving. What a complete
surprise. Really, you'd think someone who claims to
want to protect Xantheus would be a bit more
interested in getting a treaty signed to protect
the city, rather than making attempts to inflate
his ego ever more. Oh yes but wait, the only
important thing to Vicks is, why...Vicks himself!
Wouldn't want to make himself look bad now
would he?
Of course not.
Can't do that...Not like it doesn't happen every
time he posts a note.

Iorek Byrnison

43. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Mar 22 00:43:57 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Attack
Are you backing out of our peace treaty already?

Perhaps you should have a word with Saul.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

44. Sender: Violence
Date: Thu Apr 1 16:23:14 2004
To: Cedrick, Forsaken, Ira
Subject: Sides Taken
Cedrick, I have made my decision. I said sides needed to be chosen and
warned that greater efforts of peace should be strove for, instead of
constant threats, both veiled and overt. Now the time has come, and as I
told you I would, old friend, I have made my choice...

This old one will not remain impartial in this conflict, and I must pledge
support to Vicks and Acerbus Ira. As disturbing as your attempted attack
on the lady Yasmine was, it was not half as disturbing to me as your attempt
to weasel out of it and hide from Seph. Perhaps you will take a lesson
from this, that no true friend will follow his compatriot into the darkness.
This war will not be pleasant, nor will dealing with Fane Vattar, but maybe
now you will see that your position is quite precarious. Perhaps Vicks will
be merciful and offer you the chance to make recompense. Perhaps.
Perhaps it is too late.

45. Sender: Karvin
Date: Sun Jul 25 10:09:00 2004
To: Obsidian Circle
Subject: Your Reformation
You Sh'kura of Xantheus,
Very well, reform Doksidian if you must. But I shall appoint two
of mine to watch over you. Do not think that I will hesitate in
acting on any member of the Order who behaves in as disgraceful
a manner as some of the Sh'kur of Xantheus have done.
My men have opened the gates to the ancient halls.

Colonel Karvin Jeroth

46. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 25 02:43:42 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Patience
Threaten me again and you will lose the ability to speak, write,
listen, and comprehend. You dare try and use Xantheus as a shield
to hide behind in your lowest moments?

I will still meet with you to discuss the terms of the proposed
treaty ... that matter now rests in your hands. However, rest assured
that was not the last time my blades will carve Waldo's flesh,
treaty or not. Perhaps the same could be said for you.

That is now also in your hands.

Choose wisely

Lord Vicks Erebor

47. Sender: Qaz
Date: Wed Sep 29 17:13:51 2004
To: Everyone
Subject: please read
I must have a wierd diseas or something because i have lost my ability to
hear or speak, for now the only form of communication i have is hand
gestures and notes. For my friends out there do not consider me rude if i
am not able to converse with you, i am not ignoring you.

48. Sender: Jander
Date: Wed May 12 18:14:21 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: Worthy
Please point me to the words where he says
"I am using this holy water to slay a vampire"

and which vampire for that matter?


49. Sender: Wedge
Date: Tue Aug 10 23:49:58 2004
To: Everyone
Subject: Adventure x 3

Our town was recently visited by the blue dragon Arequatra, a good
friend of mine. She informed us that she had leads to the where-
abouts of 3 dragon relics. These are the relics that scattered across
the land when Izrick defeated. One, a fisherman in Ofcol had found,
another was held by the goblins, but they had recently lost it, and
the third was held by a royal family near Anon. The large number
of adventurers who had gathered split up to seek out these three
relics. The ring was lost in the river, which Valeryan, after a long
and grueling search was able to recover, this was the relic the fisherman
had found. A mirror was held by the royal family near Anon, but
sadly, their daughter was kidnapped by ogres, and sacrificed to a
large red dragon, who was a member of the dark sect. The dragon was
slain and the mirror recovered. The poor girls life could not be
saved. Last, a crown was stolen from the goblins by a thief, who
in turn lost it in a card game to a sh'kura, who in turn was slain
by a dwarf vampire, who in turn was slain by the Xantheus
Adventurers, who recovered the last relic, the crown. Needless
to say it was quit an eventful day.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

50. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Oct 14 06:29:45 2004
To: Whomever
Subject: Lhoch
Well that's not very nice. Someone should give him a hug.

51. Sender: Nock
Date: Sat Oct 9 00:15:56 2004
To: All
Subject: a crumpled note
:: strange lines and circles are written on this note ::

:: you cannot make out anything from the note ::

:: it seems the one who wrote the note cannot read or write ::

52. Sender: Magik
Date: Mon May 31 23:46:23 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: reply
I am the mightiest mage in the lands - Please contact me
and let me know what task you have for me. Also I should warn you
I am not cheap. Thanks

Magik, Archmage for the Greater Good

53. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Nov 30 22:06:52 2004
To: All
Subject: "Daughter" and Dole
Today the city was attacked by a small number
of orcs; several of us gathered to easily
dispatch them. Soon after, an orc by the
name of "Daughter" entered our walls to
declare that she had ammased an army and
was planning to use it in an assault upon
Xantheus. It was then that the elf known
as Dole arrived; he immediately proceeded
to kill "Daughter" and announce that he had
now assumed control of Daughter's army.

It would seem that Dole is merging the armies of
Fane with other rogue groups of orcs and trolls,
uniting them under a single purpose. We must
find a way to deter this threat, lest we find
ourselves surrounded.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

54. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Mar 26 23:44:55 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re: Proposal
I'm glad you've finally taken off your blindfold, Vicks.

Amendments... well, NO fighting between our clans would
be nice. Deadly or no, the purpose of a peace treaty
is peace, not limited war. No fighting during quests is
good. Proposal #3 is unnecessary, as there will be no
fighting. So it boils down to this:

-Acerbus Ira and the Forsaken shall no longer physically
duel one another unless both parties are in complete agreeance.
Once Fane Vattar shows himself, we shall join together to
destroy him.

After Fane is gone, we will see what happens... but I have
hope that there can be true peace between us.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

55. Sender: Alucard
Date: Sun Oct 31 20:08:24 2004
To: All
Subject: LS
I am currently seeking out people who wish to join my cause
and drive the LS folks out of Xantheus and Pentir for good.

They attack for no real reason and when you try and reason with them,
they ignore you.

I currently have quite a force behind me already, but am always
seeking more bodies to fight for the cause of good.

-Lord Alucard

56. Sender: Kalindor
Date: Thu Oct 14 06:55:17 2004
To: The people
Subject: A small scroll
::written in a tight, neat script::
The funniest thing happened today. Nock went to give back an Acerbus
Ira clanbag to Grendel who we slayed earlier. When Nock went to throw
the bag he accidentally dropped it and I accidentally stepped on it
sacrificing it to the gods...

Nock thought this was hilarious and laughed the whole way back to the

:: signed ::

57. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue May 11 00:06:27 2004
To: All
Subject: Ira/Saken War
It seems Cedrick has finally come to his senses:
this war is now over. Be warned, however, I will
be keeping my eye on you, halfling.

Lloydryn, I need to speak with you.

-Lord Vicks Erebor

58. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 22 17:45:57 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re:
Funny, you didn't seem to find the time to respond to my
note (that's number 14 for reference), yet you bring this matter
to my attention?

Saul is not of my clan, and even if he was, as I have stated
no treaty has been finalized. I suggest you open your lines
of communication so that one can be reached.

Lord Vicks Erebor

59. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 22 22:04:53 2004
To: Norik
Subject: Dangerous List

While you may still yet be "dangerous",
I hardly consider you "in Arathnos" at this point in time.

I am challenging you for your title. You have one week to respond.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

60. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Apr 1 04:31:51 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re: Fane
Your constant mention of Fane Vattar amuses me ... what help
would a coward such as yourself be in defending this city from
his power? The only way I can see you connected at all to Fane
is if you and he were (or perhaps are) allied in some way.
And, if that is the case, I will be the one to make sure that
you do not live a second longer than he does.

Rally your troops, halfling ... you wanted a war, you've got one.

Lord Vicks Erebor
General of the Armies of Acerbus

61. Sender: Seph
Date: Fri Nov 19 07:38:56 2004
To: "Doom Squad"
Subject: My Suggestion
I, being merely an old ghost, almost faded from this realm,
have a suggestion of my own. As trivial as my aging opinion
may be upon the youth of today, I feel it must be submitted.

Rather than continuously slaughter the defenseless of this world,
consider taking the call of the wolf. My members of Acerbus Ira
shall answer any blind hatred your peoples can muster.

The Dark Anger shall meet your brethren within the renowned arena
that lies within the very walls of which you now stand.
The great city so many have come to defend in valor with their blood.
The great city many of your kind call home.

If you seek attention, it is unfortunate to say you have found it.
If you desire to be feared, I hear only laughter at the mention
of your names.

Come, hunt something that can hunt back for once.

Merely a Humble Suggestion.
Ghost Seph Eleison Vehenemance
Number One, The Dark Anger

62. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Fri Apr 9 04:19:21 2004
To: J/S
Subject: Re:
I never listed a price.....

63. Sender: Meci
Date: Tue Nov 16 02:59:22 2004
To: Neq
Subject: Doom Squad
---Doom Squad--Understand the title Neq, we cause doom. If you can not handle
what happens in the world, perhaps you should leave it.
We do not appreciate your recommendation to kill us, not
that death is something of fear to us.
By the way, how is it you can condemn us, when you
were younger, it is more than likely that you killed a few
animals...and even now I believe that you kill.
So if I find anymore threats against Haji, everyone will not only have
him to be against you...but I as well.
By the way, this note was written in the blood of the Shire....

64. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 18 05:37:27 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Truce
I need to speak with you ... details remain to be

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

65. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Nov 18 01:53:52 2004
To: Dethan
Subject: Andersen

I'd like to ask you more about your discovery of Andersen.

Sir Wedge

66. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue Apr 6 06:01:16 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: You
There is nothing to talk about.


67. Sender: Haji
Date: Mon Nov 15 07:11:01 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Lunch?
Cedrick, or whomever you are, you do not engage my intilect in the sligtest
however you do temp my lust for blood, perhaps i shall go get more
dimemberd body parts from the shire and eat them, perhaps i could bring you
a sac too, my only hope is that i find a distant relative in the shire that
is related to you. With you being in Nonla then you apparently cannot attack
nor stop my actions, your getting upset by this tiny little fraction of the
populous in this world is obviously weaker than me, and so i shall enjoy the
carnage... try as you might, i shall eat them for breakfast, midsnack, luch
and dinner. Also if you come to the shire,,, my new home. I shall haver you
seeing me eating the fallen limbs from my victims...
but there is no need for you anger to get out of hand here, perhaps we could
discuss this over a lunch. I know this place west of the city that has a
wonderfull meat selection, and of course the meal will be on me
-enscribed- Haji The Terrorist of The Shire. Doom Squad

68. Sender: Waldo
Date: Sun Apr 4 21:50:18 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: Adventure
In the mountains East of Pentir, a mage of some power has set up shop in a
watery maze of death. All should be careful in his lair, he is known to kidnap
unwarey explorers.

69. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:14:09 2004
To: All
Subject: Failed quest
I began a quest a few weeks ago, to acquire Neq's fondest
desire, the elusive Slippery Nipple. Neq had recently
informed me that a man, known only as the Skipper, was
selling this rare delicacy. Why Neq would want a man's
greased nipple was beyond me, but since he asks for so
little, I chose to ignore this strangeness. My only qualm was
praying that I didn't have to remove said nipple from this
nautical wonder. Neq told me later that it is a drink of the
tropical sort and I felt much better pursuing this quest.
Wanting to surprise my friend, I set off in search of this
strange mariner. I had assumed that such a man would be near
water, so I packed up a small bag and was on my way.
I don't swim well, especially in full armor, so I chose to
use the powers of flight that the gods have gifted me with. I
found my way out to the open sea and promptly got lost. I
tried to mark my way with coins, but fish seem like corbies
or merchants in there greed for gold, or else the coins sunk,
which seemed more likely.

70. Sender: Sir Gladiviir Ethalysis
Date: Tue Sep 14 17:55:04 2004
To: Karvin
Subject: Territory
Your people venture too close to Inuzokacefuvil, and too often.
We have not sought to encroach upon your terrority; keep your
men away.

Sir Gladiviir Ethalysis

71. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Apr 3 01:28:28 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re:
Don't interfere.

I can handle this by myself...


72. Sender: Seph
Date: Sat Sep 4 10:12:35 2004
To: All
Subject: Tarnishment
A great artifact that has been passed upon this old,
barren soul has become etched with a powerful acid.
I, being old and somewhat forgotten from these lands,
am searching for one capable of restoring the quality
of this great item of power.

Of reward, I can offer little, however I am sure that
an agreement can be met, should a remedy prove itself
at hand.

Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number One, The Dark Anger.

73. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Jun 13 10:51:20 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Stotriz

I have spoken with the Lizard-man, Stotriz, that Neq spoke of in his
note. Arrangements have been made for his sect, Ghrissik, to begin
trading with us. Please treat him and his kind with respect and

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

74. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Apr 2 23:59:00 2004
To: Glaykor
Subject: Hm...
Norik was recently slain by Yasmine, with the help of Violence.

To the leaders of Sword of Night: whose side are you on? If you claim
neutrality then I believe you should be rid of Violence. I was
under the impression that we were on good terms with one another.
I must speak to you, Glaykor, and soon.

Lord Cedrick Elysium
Leader, Forsaken

75. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:18:18 2004
To: All
Subject: Failed quest II
After a week at sea, I grew heartily tired of eating fish and
seaweed. I used my powers to return home and think this
matter through once more.
I had met a merchant in my younger days. He worshipped
dragons and sold strange candies. One of these candies could
send someone randomly about the world. Perhaps I would be
able to find this Skipper in this fashion!
I proceeded to his place of business and was turned away most
rudely. Some nonsense about all the havoc I had caused in the
shop in my youth.
Frustrated, I returned home to ponder again.
Since I had done so much business with this gentleman in the
past, I figured he wouldn't mind if I summoned him to me
instead of going to him. This worked famously. He had a
strange habit of running his tongue over his blackened gums.
I quickly made my purchases and returned home to brush my
I repacked my bag and was off, once more in pursuit of the
Skipper and his wonderous concoction. I ate the teleportation
candy and found myself in an old abandoned house.

76. Sender: Norik
Date: Wed Apr 7 04:20:29 2004
To: Aka
Subject: Re:
I'm in.


77. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Wed Mar 31 06:39:00 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: My Proposition
Oh, Vicks... a shame. I spoke to your left hand Seph recently.
He, apparently, was accusing me of trying to kill Yasmine...
bollocks. You know I'd never break a treaty, approved or no.

But onto the purpose of this: you also know that I will never
accept unconditional surrender. Not from you, not from
Glaykor, not even from Fane Vattar. If it is war that you desire,
then please, feel free to say so. Unfortunately your clan is
quite disjointed and two-faced, so I do not know whether helping
you kill Fane is worth my time. And then there's Jalharluth...

Vicks... you have proven, time and time again, that you are incapable
of dealing with anyone in a peaceful way without contradicting yourself.
A savage man like you in charge of Ira is a contradiction in and of
itself. Why do you feel you need the last word in everything?
Whatever... this is a formal statement that your terms are null
and void in my eye, and if this means war, then come - I insist.

Lord Cedrick Elysium
Leader, Forsaken

78. Sender: Pacifica
Date: Sun Mar 21 15:56:38 2004
To: All
Subject: Attack from the Underdark cont.
Drow Attack Cont.

In the aftermath of the Stone Golem attack on the city, I search
the bodies of the beasts in order to see what I might find about
the magics used to create them and found a colour swirled stone
enchanted with powerful magics. Saul and I went to Zorian for
information about the stone, and Zorian indicated that it was a
summoning stone, likely the one used by the summoner who brought
the Stone Golems to life. In the meantime I will be studying it
in the hopes that its secrets can be unlocked and then used to
protect the city and its people.

With the Forsaken and Acerbus Ira no longer at war, we can focus
on the defense of the city, especially now that we are besieged
not only by the drow, but also must content with the ever-looming
threat of Fane the Possessor.

If you have any information about Drow in general, or the Mri'Kul
amulet in particular share it please! The city cannot stand if
it remains divided by hatred and mistrust.

Pacifica Kasull
the Scrapped Princess

79. Sender: Koptor
Date: Mon Aug 16 16:28:16 2004
To: Sir Palermo
Subject: Obsidian Circle
I have recently completed my conscription period with the Sh'kur
Army and have been discharged with full honors at the rank of
Sergeant. My travels have since brought me here to Xantheus,
where I seek shelter.
I can be contacted by the mailbox in the square.

Koptor Rikoptar

80. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun May 23 20:17:16 2004
To: Ashenkur
Subject: Jander
Sh'kur or no, it makes me wonder why you made one who follows the
path of peace a lieutenant in your army. It's awfully hard
for him to slay vampires that way, isn't it?

81. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Thu Dec 16 22:59:41 2004
To: All
Subject: The Ruined Library
Hullo there! I've finally returned from my random wanderings and boy do
I have some stories to tell! Like my most recent adventure! It all began
when I met this very interesting elf while while I was visiting the prison
in Naukral. It's really not a bad place, but I have seen better. Anyway,
while I was playing with the jailer's keys in my cell, I got to talking
with this unhappy looking elf in the cell next to me. Apparently he had
been off adventuring as well and had found something he felt I'd enjoy.
He offered to tell me his story if I gave him the keys I had, so of
course I agreed! As he was sneaking out of the jail I let myself out
of my cell with my trusty lockpick since my elf friend mistakenly forgot
to unlock it. I assumed he wanted to travel in silence since he didn't
look at me or say a word as we snuck out of the city. When I finally
asked him to tell me his story when we were outside the city he seemed
very surprised and annoyed at something. Anyway, after a couple hours
of travel with me he finally relented and told me how he found some
exciting ruins that were very old. My elf friend said there were all
sorts of dangerous and fascinating things there, and when I mentioned
going there he insisted that he'd be okay without me. So off I went!
I found the ruins quite easily and they were indeed VERY exciting. It
was this HUMONGOUS, fancy building with spires and everything! Though
it was a wonderfully beautiful structure, it had apparently seen better
days since it looked as if a couple of marauding giants had used it
for a game of catch then tossed it off the edge of a cliff when they
were finished. Anyhow, I spent quite some time exploring all its nooks

82. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun May 9 21:13:35 2004
To: Alucard
Subject: Seph
What Seph means to say is, he wants a bunch of stuff
from you.

83. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Mar 14 02:03:07 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Deadline
Sorry Vicks, but it's been a week. I guess you'll just have to suffer
for your insolence. And what's this about my ears? I'm no elf.
Anyhow, I'm sorry you couldn't see the benefits in a truce, so don't
take it too personally when you are wiped off the face of Arathnos.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

84. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Apr 1 05:16:15 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
I'm in no way affiliated with Fane. However, you consistently
ignore how big a threat he is. But, I won't try to change
your mind. You seem dead-set on killing me, but I feel
I will have the last laugh.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

85. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Nov 18 02:27:01 2004
To: Wedge, all
Subject: Explanation
I voted 'no' because I believe the Doom Squad doesn't deserve a trial.
Just execute them. No one will miss them.

86. Sender: Pacifica
Date: Sun Mar 21 04:47:46 2004
To: All
Subject: Attack from the Underdark
The Drow are resurfacing...

The Events of yesterday were unsettling. Xantheus was swarmed by
worms, spiders and all manner of disgusting pests. Cries of pain
and fear echoed through the city as Monstrous Stone Beasts attacked
the townsfolk with Impunity. Through the brave efforts of Saul, Lord
Vicks, Jamuraa, Gorock and others we were able to fend off the two
beasts threatening the town. A manhunt began, to search for those
responsible for the attack. Search parties left in all directions
scouting for Drow and others who might wield such mighty magics as to
bring together the power of elemental stone down on the City.

Through fortuitous luck, Pacifica spotted a Drow Scout lurking in the
vicinity of the Holy Grove, and with the help of its inhabitants was
able to corner the scout and interrogate him. Sadly, a large magical
explosion rocked the area, severely wounding the scout. Before magical
aid could be applied, the scout died, leaving one final comment in Drow...

'uk olis'inthar... ulu dra'val... lueth THAS'LA... lil mri'k-k...mri'kul ilinsa
mri'kul ilinsar....'

If anyone knows what this is... it is urgent that it be translated

87. Sender: Waldo
Date: Tue Apr 20 04:48:49 2004
To: All
Subject: A Tale of Adventure (I)
Two unlikely adventurers meet in the deep forest on Pentir Island. Wedge, the
Xantheuan Knight, braver than any who have walked the land in years and Waldo,
the dastardly thief who wouldn't think twice about murdering a family of fair
Pixies. Wedge was in need of wit and sent for Waldo to come to him. The
Shadowmaster left at once to meet the Knight. He was bored with the wine
cellars beneath the Vaynol Arms and wanted some change.

Wedge was, as he often is, helping the downtrodden. A Dryad, Semlina, was
driven from her tree and came to Wedge to help. A group of evil Elves had
taken up residence within the Dryad's tree. The sprite was unable to drive
them out with out the help of the Heart of the Tree. So Wedge searched in
vain for the tree and when he did find it, he could not discern the entrance.
Waldo, who was by this time following behind Wedge used his experiencing in
finding hidden doors ands open it for Wedge. Wedge entered stealthily past
the evils that had fouled the tree and right into the new master's room.
Again he could not find anything out of the ordinary, but Waldo, with his
keen eye found a compartment tucked beneath a loose board. The two unusual
companions then ducked in and begin looking for the Heart of the Tree,
thinking that it had to be in such a well-hidden place. The Knight had
about given up when the Shadowmaster uncovered a small branch and brushed it
aside, revealing the Heart of the Tree.

>>Continued on the next note.

88. Sender: Alucard
Date: Sun Oct 31 20:24:42 2004
To: All
Subject: LS Continued
For this to work, I vote that all wars/attacks be called off except
against the LS. For together, we're stronger than alone.

-Lord Alucard

89. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Apr 1 01:06:58 2004
To: Wolfies
Subject: No, and no again.
HAHAH! You blathering idiot. I cannot believe you... you're so
willing to give up possible peace that you're going to threaten
me? Your insolence will cost you. The city will pay for your

Shadowkaun, what hole? That was an incomplete project which has
since been given up. We were hoping to find magical artifacts,
or perhaps drygonite, but it had been stolen... to prevent
further incursions we filled the hole.

I hope you're proud of yourself, Vicks Erebor.
You have condemned Xantheus to annihilation.

You and your followers should escape now, while you still can.
Fane Vattar will show no mercy...

Lord Cedrick Elysium

90. Sender: Seph
Date: Mon May 10 02:06:07 2004
To: Nightblade
Subject: Your Tongue...
I resent that statement, thief.
Especially coming from one who has chosen such a peaceful
path of life. If you have anything to say to me, speak it to me,
not upon a notice board.

Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number One, The Dark Anger

91. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 18 03:11:36 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: Choices
You would be so foolish as to try and attack the
vampires of Acerbus, while in the middle of a
campaign against Sword of Night? I warned you
once, master sh'kur ... I have run out of patience.

Acerbus Ira hereby declares war on the Obsidian Circle.
We shall aid any in Sword of Night, should we find
them engaged in battle with any from the Circle.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

92. Sender: Seph
Date: Mon Mar 29 02:33:46 2004
To: Lightwind
Subject: Clarification
Please clarify your note, young one.
I have no understanding of what you are trying to say.

Ghost Seph Eleison
Number Two, The Dark Anger.

93. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue May 11 07:50:05 2004
To: Anyone
Subject: Re:
Well in that case, whoever took over for him...


94. Sender: Dante
Date: Thu Nov 4 00:15:29 2004
To: Alucard
Subject: re:
This is not on behalf of Sir Palermo, but what of our war? Or am I
woefully behind on news, and this has been resolved?

Dante Valtaa

95. Sender: Violence
Date: Fri Mar 26 04:11:43 2004
To: The Warring Parties
Subject: A State of Affairs
Well...it would appear we have a regular Tower of Torach here.
Such a silly little war.
Both sides claim to not threaten one another. Yet...
They make veiled 'promises' and 'warnings'. In this atmosphere...
Peace cannot reign. Both sides claim to have the good of Xantheus in mind.
Yet neither seems to. Swords need lain aside before sides need be taken.
More things than The Wolf and the Forsaken and even Xantheus are at stake.
And soon sides will need to be chosen.

So let us just play nicely...for soon, tensions will explode and blood
will rain from the skies. This is not the way. That is all I have to say.


96. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 25 16:20:52 2004
To: All
Subject: Cedrick
All I request is a meeting with Cedrick. If you can arrange
this, then you have done all you can regarding this matter.
I have a good idea what any potential treaty will look like:
this treaty will be signed on the terms of Acerbus.

The sooner this meeting takes place, the better.

Lord Vicks Erebor

97. Sender: Bain
Date: Sun Apr 18 20:23:45 2004
To: Father Anaeas
Subject: Safe journey?
I hope this reaches you in good health.
Your arrival caused more of a stir than you may have realised. One
of the council members has already stepped down over the incident,
and there is also the question of the missing ship.
I am sorry I had to move you so quickly, for I would have liked
to speak to you and to my childe. Unfortunately time and danger
pressed far too urgently.
The danger in Djakiar is not where you may be looking, and their
culture too ingrained for Xanthean morals to interfere; I
humbly suggest that any such notions not be entertained
further. Instead I pray you seek the good there - for to the north
lies the Keep of the one who must one day wield the Light of Hope.

Yours in blood,

98. Sender: Palermo
Date: Sat May 15 19:08:55 2004
To: Jander
Subject: re:
Idiots? The Sh'kur who are constantly fighting
Vampires are idiots? The Sh'kur who put their
lives on the line to defend their race are idiots?
Tell me, Lieutenant, how many Vampires have _you_
slain? And why would you ever become a member
of a clan that was lead by a Vampire?

Sir Palermo Roedran

99. Sender: Sethar
Date: Mon Nov 22 16:14:41 2004
To: Doom Squad
Subject: growing
As the shroud of darkness brings near the ranks of Doom Squad are growing
please welcome Accolade Accolade The Half-Orc Warrior.

100. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Apr 17 23:49:30 2004
To: All
Subject: Fane and Indigo
We have finally managed to free Indigo of the embodiment of evil known
as Fane. Unfortunately, we have failed in saving Indigo. He was a brave
and loyal warrior who will be greatly missed. My condolences go out to
Vicks and the rest of Acerbus Ira. We must not let his death be in vain.
We must stop Fane Vattar. I believe he is more vulnerable without his
host body, but we must find a way to stop him.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

101. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Sun Sep 12 22:03:01 2004
To: Maxen
Subject: Re:
You fail to mention, Palermo seemed to have attacked Saul first. Then continued
the attack while Andersen was being possessed. I recall slaying atleast 5 troll
before he fell to Fane.

Sword of Night

102. Sender: Palermo
Date: Sat Sep 18 05:08:49 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
Lord Vicks,
I did not attack any member of Acerbus Ira until I
was attacked by Akastron. In fact, I have not attacked
a member of Acerbus Ira accept when I was being attacked
by your clan. Even then, I took it in stride. I did
not declare war, as you are attempting to do against
my clan. You say your clan has honor, Lord Vicks. Is
your idea of honor waging war against a clan who hasn't
done a thing to your clan? Or wait, you're going to
change your mind of why you're waging war against
Obsidian Circle as soon as you read this. Let me guess,
you're going to say you are now siding with the Vampires.
The same Vampires that you said this about: "Take all
the vampires you want from these walls, for it is doing
us a great service. Just be sure you leave the 'people'
of this town untouched." I only have one question,
honorable one. Why, if Vampires are below you... as
you publicly announced before, do you insist upon
helping them? Anyways, that's beside the point. Next
time you accuse me of attacking Acerbus Ira... make
sure that I've actually done so! It would truly make
you look a tad bit smarter.

Sir Palermo Roedran

103. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Apr 8 03:19:59 2004
To: All
Subject: Challenge
Norik = dead

104. Sender: Quakank
Date: Wed May 12 20:00:53 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Re:
What else would a sh'kura use holy water for? I don't
suspect it's because he's thirsty...

105. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Oct 24 06:11:35 2004
To: Stormblade
Subject: Re: Payment
That patience is now gone.

You think you can hide from me by seeking
refuge in Sword of Night? You will pay
me, be it in money or blood.
Regardless of what clan you join.

Lord Vicks Erebor

106. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sat Apr 3 10:58:39 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
I did read Violence's note, you impertinent twit, and I do not
think he is the leader, or even A leader, of the clan in question.

Your clan is composed of liars, so it would not surprise me that
you would attempt to tack the blame on me.

107. Sender: Nock
Date: Wed Sep 29 08:02:53 2004
To: All
Subject: ::a crumpled note::
::writing you can barely read, as if
the one writing it can't read or write::


108. Sender: Jander
Date: Wed May 12 08:05:16 2004
To: Norik/else
Subject: water
The sh;kura armies are indeed extremely powerful and we may have
holy water from the shkura priests. As commander I shall seek to it
that the holy water is retrieved and if the need it worthy I shall
consider your purpose. Let me know what you want to do or you shall be
ignored from further correspondence.


Lieuetant of the sh'kura armies

109. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Apr 3 15:42:21 2004
To: Vicks and Cedrick
Subject: Idiots

Youre skills at making something out of nothing while
making yourselves seem like buffoons to the rest of us
are amazing. This is a war.... and you guys are writing love notes back
and forth to each other. So sad.

What happened to the chaos of war?


110. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:18:29 2004
To: Seph
Subject: Job
I have a mission for you, if you'll accept it. It would not be
very risky for one such as yourself. Meet with me later for

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus
No.1 Nonla Arahnala

111. Sender: Grendel
Date: Sat Oct 16 23:11:52 2004
To: Casik
Subject: Blood
I hear that you had an encounter with my brother.
Exactly as I told you you would.

Grendel Stormblade

112. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Apr 10 20:40:12 2004
To: Sh'kura
Subject: We shall unite!
My fellow Sh'kur,
It is time we unite once again to rid this land
of the plague that is the Vampires. My brothers
and sisters, now is the time that we shall show our
true strength and power.

Forget any petty squabbles and move on, we must
take back what is ours and unite under a single cause:
The death of all Vampires!

Who is with me?
One ANGRY Sh'kura.

113. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue May 11 05:04:54 2004
To: Anyone
Subject: Holy Water
I wish to acquire some Holy Water.

Please contact me if you where I can find some.

114. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Jun 15 23:07:49 2004
To: Retribution
Subject: Future
Retribution, Why don't you and your band of people move in, out of the cold
harsh battlements of this town and into a more suitable dwelling. Clan Forsake
n would welcome you with open arms. Cedrick has left and I feel you would
feel right at home.

Why don't you bring this up with your friends?


115. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Jun 1 00:35:04 2004
To: Magik
Subject: Re;
All I seek is potions, yet from what I have heard
of your brewing fees I shall certainly wait for
a better offer to come along. Appologies.

Lord Vicks Erebor

116. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Apr 4 08:12:36 2004
To: All
Subject: Nonla
A large portal opened up over the city today, and an un-identified
object fell from it and crashed into the entrance hall of Nonla
Arahnala. When the object seemed to include traces of drygonite,
the cave was emptied and the dragons sought refuge at Ryshikahnan.
When I asked the mages Qaz and Pacific to check the object, it exploded
leaving no remains at all. Any clues to who made the portal, and whether
this was an accident or a direct attack will be greatly appreciated.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

117. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun May 23 20:43:33 2004
To: The Sh'kur
Subject: our people
To the Sh'kur of Xantheus,
I must speak with anyone and everyone. It is
vital to our people, please see me when ever you can
Time is of the essence.

Maxen Fighter for his People

118. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Nov 7 18:56:52 2004
To: All
Subject: rejoice
Attention town of Xantheus,
Friends, foes, and the feared in Arathnos...
Today is a day of rejoice. I'm known mostly to all and all know mostly
me. There is much laughter and praise coming from the lands and in the
air surrounding my being. The chirldren play and the women dance! The men
stop their trecherous adventuring and all turn towards my gathering here,
upon this great day, this great hour, this great city to relinquish some
outstanding news to the gathered people. The warriors rest their shields and
stretch their backs, the magii gather together to call upon outstanding
weather, The thieves step forth from their shadows showing partially their
true identities, the paladins rest on their crusade for holyness, the temple
bells ring as clerics finish their worships and make haste in my presence, The
vampires step forward from their underground dwellings with no intention to
feast, and the nearby towns and cities send a member to gather with Mirza and
bring back some old memories of famous battles as well as mysterious happenings
Today, my friends... is a great day indeed. A cup of ale for everyone! Today,
on this very hour, this very spot, is the day Akastron turns 600 years young.
Please, celebrate this outstanding victory against the battlements of time with
me and let's, for one hour, for one reason, gather and strengthen our lovely to
-wn by celebrating as one!

Thank you!
(I need a bathroom soon, i haven't peed in 600 years.)

119. Sender: Maxen
Date: Sun Sep 12 22:06:35 2004
To: Jamuraa
Subject: Re:
well you fail to mention that Saul decided not to stop.... mmm, well i guess
its just me, but maybe Palermo decided there were more important things to
be dealt with, but I guess Saul didnt

Squire Maxen Roedran
Obsidian Circle

120. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 3 04:09:12 2004
To: The Forsaken
Subject: re:
At least Norik acts as a member of a deadly clan.
That being said, he also seems to have the ability to die
as a member of a deadly clan. Perhaps your cowardice is paying
off afterall, "Lord" Cedrick.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Forsaken Destroyer

121. Sender: Adrian
Date: Fri Oct 15 05:18:36 2004
To: Clumsies
Subject: Accidents
There sure are a lot of accidents goin on... You ppl
need to be more careful...

122. Sender: Set
Date: Tue Nov 23 00:57:49 2004
To: All
Subject: Doom Squad
Hello everyone,
I would like to address the matter of the doom squad.
When i was in search of Pope Elstin, I needed assistance from
the Hierophants in the holy grove. They are much a part of the reason
Elstin is avialible to teach young ones the sanctuary spell.
I promised the hierophants protection, and i so far have not been
keeping my promise. Please I am begging you to cease the
killing of the Grove
they have done no wrong.

Set Conerria

123. Sender: Jander
Date: Sat May 15 07:08:12 2004
To: Idiots
Subject: read me
You morons, I never said anything about "Which vampire?" in my note
nor did Norik say anything about slaying a vampire in your notes.


124. Sender: Set
Date: Sat Sep 25 23:38:33 2004
To: All
Subject: Pope Elstin
Dear Adventurers,

Today was a very glorious day! Most of you can probably recall
the late Pope Elstin. Who died saving our realm a long time ago.
But today Me, Bryrin, Pope Lord Glaykor and Saul were able to bring him
back! Me, Brynin and Saul were originaly searching for someone to take the
place of Brother Andersen until we could return him from Fanes cluches.
So Saul suggested the Priestess of Ofcol. So we ventured up there and spoke
with her about the matter. She said she could not be able to teach others this
glorious spell. The one known as Sanctuary. So she said we had some options.
1. Free Andersen from Fane Vattar. 2. Have a young cleric train for months
and give up adventuring to forever stay and teach others.
3. Call upon a greater Cleric who would be willing to give up their
adventures and teach.
I immediatly volunteer for the job. But Saul suggested that we seek out
Pope Elstin. We then told the priestess about how Elstin died.
and she said that it was possible for him to be summoned back. But
it could also not be able to happen, depending on where his soul was
she said that we would need to get herbs and wax candles to preform this task.
Bryrnin and I ventured to the Holy Grove and negotiated with the
Hierophant there for some herbs. We promised the Hierophant assistance when the
y requested it. We then met Saul at Jerel's Platform. And Pope Glaykor joined u
s there. We ventured to Elstin's altar and had a ceremony for him. We were
able to bring Elstin back and he now resides in Brother Andersen's home

125. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Nov 18 01:32:08 2004
To: Citizens/Adventurers
Subject: Possible Trial
I have observed much dislike for a group known as the "Doom Squad".
A vote will be taken, and if a considerable majority is found to
believe that the "Doom Squad" has committed deeds evil enough to
cost them their lives, then I shall hold a trial in the name
of Xantheus, with myself presiding as Judge and Balif. A panel of
believed neutral persons will be selected by both parties to decide
the ultimate fate of the accused.

Now, the question: "Should the Doom Squad be held on trial under
Xantheus law?"

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus

126. Sender: Haji
Date: Mon Nov 15 00:43:36 2004
To: "The Cleric"
Subject: I shall wash my hands in their blood and eat their memberments
Neq Dow,
Your passion for these weakling is grotesque and it appals
me that you think that they can make me pay. Do so by whatever
means you feel is necessary. You will find me in the Shire
killing these weak creatures, eating their fallen memberments
and washing my hands in their blood.
Furthermore i shall not sacrafice their corpse instead
i shall let them linger about the shire, fully visible to you
incase you decide to show up and inspect for yourself.
We have not had a formal introduction i do believe, so i look
foreward to your stellar debut no doubt. You dub yourself
"The Cleric" hehehe we shall see how your magic fares against
mine. I am level twenty seven on the stature list and i do not
enter the arena so you must use your wit and intelligence if you
plan on stopping me.

-scribed- Haji The Terrorist of The Shire -doomsquad-

127. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 8 16:11:53 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: War
You are, in both name and in deed, both a weakling and a coward.
Acerbus laughs at your "ultimatum". Admit we were wrong to fight you?
You attacked us ... declared war on us ... and now you seek to avoid
the punishment Acerbus has prepared for you.

I will nail your ears to this board myself if that is what it will take
for you to hear my message: You cannot win.

Fear is the mindkiller

Lord Vicks Erebor

128. Sender: Iorek
Date: Thu Apr 29 21:16:42 2004
To: Tshmakal
Subject: Hmph
I feel so left out.
How many more people do I have to slaughter to be as
"special" as these fellows?

Iorek Byrnison

129. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat May 15 06:55:05 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Reasons
I seek holy water to create peace.


130. Sender: Seph
Date: Wed Mar 3 21:09:40 2004
To: Fools
Subject: If memory serves me...
I believe, if memory serves me... I have already died once.
I believe, if memory serves me... I am still already dead, shifting
through the etherial plains uncontrolled.
I believe, if memory serves me... I have been fighting wars all my life.
I believe that I will be fighting wars for the rest of my lingering to this
I believe I fear not death nor the slow decay of time, etching tirelessly
at the mortal fabric which you hold so 'esteemed' as to claim it your
I believe I fear you not, Cedrick.
I believe I have heard tales of you boasting of your own self-imposed
I believe I have not seen this power in work.
I believe there are far scarier things roaming the forests and swamps of this
You will believe, however, that I am one of them. When the time comes.

Once Lord Seph Eleison,
Now merely a spirit that wanders without cause and destination.
You have just given me that cause and destination.

Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number Two, The Dark Anger.

131. Sender: Norik
Date: Thu Jun 24 06:24:07 2004
To: All
Subject: Adventures part 3
clan that Stotriz and Isskyssossk are part of, are
traders that work with the dwarves, and they both
mutually benefit from the association... After that,
everyone wanted to see what Stotriz had to trade
and then everyone went their seperate ways.


132. Sender: Maxen
Date: Thu Jul 29 16:16:36 2004
To: Karvin
Subject: Reply:You Reformation
Dear Karvin,
Thank you for letting us reform this brotherhood of
Sh'kur, for to long now Xantheus has been overpowered by these undead scum
with this brotherhood, we may now have our own foothold in this place
We shall not let you down.


133. Sender: Lightwind
Date: Wed Apr 21 19:19:41 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: re: black dwarven ring
If you refer to the ring we Elves called Lhoch I Naug Moru, it
was destroyed in a ritual a few years ago; one which went awry
when the required gemstones were taken at the last moment.

Lightwind of the Elven Woods

134. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 27 19:30:22 2004
To: All
Subject: OOC correction
OOC: For some reason in my note I refered to
Dole as the Shaman that we encountered, but
in fact the Shaman was simply in the service
of Dole.

He whipped us up good too *grins*

Didn't want to have to redo all my notes,
so there you have it. :P


135. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 13 03:04:31 2004
To: Haji
Subject: Re:
Because halfling youths pose such a threat to the
Sh'kura Nation....?

Lord Vicks Erebor

136. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Apr 22 07:18:38 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Golem
Our city has been attacked by a large golem. It was defeated, but
the mage who created it, Jalharluth, promptly brought it back to life.
It was defeated a second time, and did not arise again. The mage left,
claiming we would not fare so well against his second 'toy'. Many
adventurers gave everything they had trying to stop this monster, and
they should be thanked.

Some damages the city has incurred is a demolished portion of the
north eastern battlements, as well as the commemorative statue
on Justice road.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus

137. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 27 19:16:49 2004
To: All
Subject: Thomas and Epyranth 3
After investigating the massive door and strange runes scribed at
the top of it for some time, doubts of our success had began to
surface. However, it was at this time that the ground began to
shake: The great Volcano had begun to stir. Suddenly, a blast of
flame and rock radiated from the mountain - A great Dragon emerged
from the chaos and began circling our position. It's color seemed
to shift as it soared through the sky; after a few moments it's color
settled upon a deep black.

Thomas explained that he had hoped that this dragon, the Great Dragon
Epyranth, would help him rule his kingdom. However, he explained that
at each awakening Epyranth would emerge a different color; Black is
not a good omen, as this is the color Epyranth assumed thousands of
years ago when his actions spawned the fear and hatred of dragons
throughout the continent of Djakiar ... a fear and hatred that remains
to this day.

Thomas was last seen flying off on the back of Epyranth. I hope and
pray that he has the power to protect himself, however there is much
that still remains uncertain. My expectations are low ... but hope yet

Lord Vicks Erebor

138. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Mar 30 00:42:31 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
Excuse me? To which process are you referring to? You're the one
evading me.

139. Sender: Kalindor
Date: Tue Oct 12 04:08:42 2004
To: The dragonhalf et al.
Subject: Shiny Visors
:: scrawled in a short, neat hand on a crumpled piece of parchment ::

I spoke with a young dragon half named Vicks who told me that I would
be hunted for a shiny visor I'm wearing. My big friend Nock and I
wanted to make it clear that we like the shiny visors and will happily
kill anyone who wants to steal it from us. Shame on them -- dirty


140. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Fri Apr 9 02:06:48 2004
To: Nightblade
Subject: re: Super store

141. Sender: Uecef
Date: Sat Aug 21 09:09:30 2004
To: All
Subject: All Will Know PAIN!
The original bad ass, myself...Uecef the Great is back. Upon hearing
a dark cry echo into the cosmos my immortal soul was beckoned into
the body of one of the great warriors of this land. Which one of you
am I? The world is not far from knowing!!
I pledge to once again wreak havoc of hellish power upon
all you foolish mortals and feed on your pitiful flesh.
All will know pain.

142. Sender: Tshmakal
Date: Thu Apr 29 17:41:22 2004
To: Bounty Hunters
Subject: Wanted List
I have placed bounties of a million gold coins each upon
the heads of the following criminals.
-- Cllr. Tshmakal

Sir Wedge Mathiu
Lord Cedrick Elysium
Lord Vicks Erebor
Indigo Erebor
Seph Eleison Vehenemance
Amen Pongtiplat
Saul the Butcher
Jander Erolith
Bolkins Marchant
Father Anaeas

143. Sender: Retribution
Date: Sun Oct 31 22:10:32 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: In Reply

Anyone who would like to know both sides of the story
before making a decision is welcome to come talk to me.


144. Sender: Haji
Date: Tue Nov 16 16:55:13 2004
To: Citizens
Subject: I Shall Not Fear Mirza
I am very eager to see what the people of Xantheus City have instore.
as it seems Mirza the executioner no longer executes. So i fear him not.

145. Sender: Seph
Date: Tue Mar 30 02:15:14 2004
To: Norik
Subject: Dangerous
You have had one week to respond to the challenge issued to
you by Vicks.
That week has come and gone.
You now posess the #5 spot on the Dangerous list.
This spot shall be occupied by me.
I challenge you, Norik, to battle to the death.
Should you even be around to accept, that is.

You have one week.
Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number Two, The Dark Anger

146. Sender: Waldo
Date: Sun Jun 13 17:01:18 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: lizard-men
Well I for one am glad. A few lizard men walking around Xantheus and
all of a sudden us half-trolls don't look so bad to all the ladies.

Thanks Wedge.

147. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Wed Apr 7 00:58:29 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Norik's attack
It is true SoN wants not part of your war. But we honor our
personal friendships. If our members hunt with one another
under a sign of peace and trust, and another attacks that group, we
will not stand by and watch our friends being attacked. Norik made a
mistake attacking that group of friends. Even though regettable that
one of my members was part of that group, I'm proud of the fact that he
stood by his promise and honored the partnership he had made. Maybe
you should talk to your member about attacking my members when they are
part of a party. Because if the boot was on the other foot and it was one of
your members with one of ours in that type of comradship, you can be sure that
that SoN member would act the same way to the attacking member of the Wolf.

That is always a problem with that lifestyle. As I've been telling Vicks, there
is always room for more that walk in the lighted way of the peacefuls. He
hasn't taken me up on that either. And yes I can see the uses for those of the
darkened path so don't twist my words either.

Glaykor Fawson, Leader Sword of Night

148. Sender: Gavalan
Date: Fri Apr 2 21:06:06 2004
To: All
Subject: Increased Activity
I have noticed shadowy figures moving about the city
rooftops recently. I do not know their origin, or what
they are, but I would protect your valuables.

149. Sender: Quakank
Date: Tue Mar 23 00:21:27 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
I refer you to note 12 Vicks. The city was told, by a leader of your
clan, that an agreement had been made. I myself was not involved
in the making, but we were given the assurance that we were
at a cease fire. I suggest you take a look within your own clan
and open lines of communication there, since that seems to be
where the lack of understanding is coming from if the Leader of
Ira goes against a treaty.

150. Sender: Set
Date: Sat Sep 25 23:39:52 2004
To: All
Subject: (cont) Elstin
(cont) and is willing to teach all who are able this wonderful
Perhaps he could be of some assistance in the matters
of Fane Vattar as well...


151. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Apr 12 19:13:25 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: War?
War has been ongoing for weeks, yet I have not had the
pleasure of spilling your blood all over the plains of Xantheus.

Come out of your hole and fight, little one ... I suspect your clan
will only tolerate your cowardly actions for so long.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Forsaken Destroyer

152. Sender: Akastron
Date: Wed Apr 7 03:00:03 2004
To: Forsaken
Subject: Challenge
I am issuing a challenge to any member in Forsaken who thinks they are
smart enough, strong enough, and fast enough to take me down. If there
is anyone even in Forsaken who isn't a coward I'd like to know of them. Bring
your best, bring your strong, but be ready to die. I have returned during these
troubling times and I shall see an end to them.
Akastron ... ... ... ... ... WarMaster

153. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Mar 25 02:12:55 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
Sorry Vicks, but that does NOT justify an unwarranted attack on
Waldo. Everyone above has proven very valid points, aside from
you of course. So WHAT if there remains details to be 'finalized'?
That's not justification to continue to fight us. And, from what
I heard, both you and Saul attacked Waldo. Do you deny this?
Do you declare that you had no part of this? Or is it what I
suspect: that you are incapable of even _attempting_ a temporary
peace before details are 'finalized'? Doing that is reminiscent
of being stabbed in the back, and I will not have it.

Allow me to make a rephrasal: you cannot kill Fane Vattar without
me. Do not think you can play with Xantheus' fate by pulling a
fast one on me. The next time you or one of your colleagues, not
to mention Saul, attempts to harm one of us, there will be
dire, dire consequences - and this applies to the city's plight
as well. Be reasonable. Don't be a fool. Your insolence will
be as a boomerang - throw it at me, but it will eventually
come around and wound you in your back. This is not a threat,
merely an early warning.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

154. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Nov 7 04:37:37 2004
To: Delnoir
Subject: Acerbus
Stay away from my vampires, lest you end
up like your "brother" Ande.

I will not warn you again.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

155. Sender: Norik
Date: Sun May 9 00:06:18 2004
To: All
Subject: (cont)
I forgot to mention this in the last note,
but please do not hesitate to contact me.
Every last bit of information is vital
to my research. Please do not hold back.


156. Sender: Ronin
Date: Fri Jun 18 03:38:19 2004
To: Thiefs
Subject: Services required
I wish to have a weapon poisoned. I recently aquired some particularly
dangerous powder, and now requre a thief to perform the steps required.

I offer 200,000 gold coins to whomever can and will do this for me.
Haggling is not out of the question.

- Ronin

157. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue May 25 21:33:29 2004
To: Chronos
Subject: Important
I need to talk to you as soon as possible.


158. Sender: Palermo
Date: Wed Apr 21 12:03:57 2004
To: All
Subject: black dwarven ring
I have heard stories from the past about a black
dwarven ring. It has come to my understanding that
it may have been destroyed. If anyone has any
information regarding the ring, if it still exists,
I will reward them greatly.

Sir Palermo Roedran
Dark Knight of Xantheus

159. Sender: Messiah
Date: Mon Sep 13 21:45:50 2004
To: All
Subject: Shadows lurking among us.
Let it be known throughout the lands, let it be whispered
in hushed tones. Let all be warned that the Forsaken
have risen anew.

Now led by the infamous thief, Shadowmaster Waldo Humperdink.
Expect nothing to be held sacred among this band
of skilled assassins and thieves. They come once again
to remind these lands to fear the shadows.

Now is the time of those society has cast out, now is the
time of their revenge. Let it be heard, let it be known.

If you feel wronged by society, and thirst the bloodshed of
your persecuters, speak with Lord Waldo about joining
his ranks.

160. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:24:50 2004
To: All
Subject: Failed quest V
After all this time, I was NOT going to give up on my quest!
He tripped and fell and hit his head on a coconut and
expired. I tried to revive him, but to no avail. I had killed
a man for an alcoholic beverage. My penance will last for
the rest of my life. There is nothing I can do to bring back
that innocent, but really rather rude man.
I am sorry Neq, you will have to survive with ale.

161. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Tue Mar 23 16:38:00 2004
To: Ira/Saken
Subject: Pact
You know, a lot of people tend to consider us kender to
be foolish, but even I can see you people are being complete
Firstly, Forsaken, pacts are usually made with clear rules
and are discussed by the Leaders of the clan, with the
lower leaders in tow. Despite this, a pact of some sorts
was definitely made, and/or was being discussed. Vicks,
it shows much irresponsibility and disgusting arrogance
that you would attack a member of the clan you are
definitely trying to work a cease fire with. That is most
certainly not the way to go about forming an alliance.
I don't think I would be completely unhappy if Forsaken
decides to let you all rot and just leaves the town to its
own demise. It would serve you right. But as it is, both
are at fault, even I can see that. Thus, I suggest you both
calm down and discuss in a civilized manner what the details
of the pact shall be.
Honestly, you'd think you're all children the way Uncle Nightblade
has to lead you around by your hands.


162. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 3 04:25:46 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Oh yeah, one last thing
Did you not read note 60, or are you just that dense?

Lord Vicks Erebor

163. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 29 19:21:30 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re:
I am losing patience with this process.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

164. Sender: Bronze
Date: Fri Oct 8 21:02:05 2004
To: Cedrick & nock
Subject: mangy mut?
Nock kill what mangy mut? whois mut?
why nock wear two clan items ? I think nock acerbus too.
nock says he is good, but i am good
why nock hunt me.
why nock hunt purest knight? bronze purest knight
bronze try help, nock try hunt bronze
bronze is for peace
bronze want peace with nock

165. Sender: Fragma
Date: Fri Jun 18 07:42:01 2004
To: Ronin
Subject: RE:
i am willing to try but know this
this powder you speak of does not come
into the hands of us theives that
often, though i am willing to help you
know it is not my fault shall my hand
fail to get the job done. Though ofcourse
no payment needed if i shall mess up
i mean its only fair

Fragma Slayner
Acerbus Ira

166. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat May 8 20:45:57 2004
To: Alucard
Subject: Re:
Wooohoo! Alucard is my hero!

Kender Extraordinaire

167. Sender: Norik
Date: Sun May 16 01:42:41 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Re:
I'm waiting.


168. Sender: Chronos
Date: Sun Jun 13 21:23:10 2004
To: The reflected
Subject: musings
Are we not drawn onward, we few,
drawn onward to new era?

169. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 23 16:15:28 2004
To: Daemon
Subject: Feed?
That you did not "feed" is a fact that may yet keep
your arms and legs attached to your body. I will state
this one final time:


God you Forsaken can be dense.

Lord Vicks Erebor

170. Sender: Kymil
Date: Thu Oct 14 13:00:35 2004
To: The people
Subject: RE:
To Whom It May Concer,
It must be generally a funy day...
When Casik was about to buy his looted equipment back from myself
after slaying him, of course, he seemed to drop gold, 500,000 to be
exact. I immediately took it and threw the bag and equipment I looted
away. I must have confused the gold for buying me to leave. It seems
like humor is all around. Kalindor, all of your looted equipment was in
there as well. I guess I'll have to recollect equipment by killing you
Forsakens again so I can finish my trading deal.

*written in the blood of a fallen thief*

171. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 23 01:30:28 2004
To: Quakank
Subject: re: Notes
So a number two now outranks a Leader? Seph was a little too
optimistic in announcing the treaty ... this is no crime.
Note 14 comes AFTER note 12 ... thus, you can consider note
14 an UPDATE to the goings on in Arathnos at the time.

Any more of my time you wish to waste?

Until you have met with me to resolve these issues, I will place
my approval on no deal between our clans.

Lord Vicks Erebor

172. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Apr 30 02:51:56 2004
To: Tshmakal
Subject: Bounty

Though we may be considered criminals in your land, we are free of such
charges here. As such, I encourage everyone to not claim these bounties.
I suggest you stay on Djakiar and hide behind your council, Tshmakal, you
would not be so welcome here. We do not support the enslavement of any race
and frown upon such acts. Normally, I would suggest we speak about these
issues we seem to have, but I know personally how you feel about my kind,
so know I will not rest until your ill-treatment of Dragon-Halves is

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
Leader of Nonla Arahnala
Knight of Xantheus

173. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Mar 26 05:08:48 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Our Proposal
OOC: I tried to do this all IC, but there's some terms and concepts
(such as pkill and loot limit) that I had to include.

The treaty Acerbus proposes is as follows:

Rule #1: There will still be player killing between the two clans
(we are, after all, both DEADLY clans). In addition, the victorious
fighter may claim one item from the fallen adventurer's corpse as a

Rule #2: No attacks during quests or other imm-run events.

Rule #3: No teaming up with someone else to fight a character that is
of a lower level than yourself.

These are the conditions of peace that Acerbus offers. We are open
to negotiation on some of these points, and are willing to add amendments
should they prove helpful in ending this conflict.

You now have our terms ... we await your response.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

174. Sender: Amen
Date: Sat Apr 10 05:35:30 2004
To: Alucard
Subject: Challenge
I challenge you to the Deathmaster/mistress title
You have 1 week to respond.


175. Sender: Waldo
Date: Tue Apr 20 04:49:23 2004
To: All
Subject: A Tale of Adventure (II)
Wedge was so very happy, for he could finally return to the Dryad and restore
the balance of nature. Waldo reluctantly followed along, knowing that Dryads
were magical in nature and sometimes powerful and that such creatures often
give out great rewards to those who are helped.

Semlina was so pleased when Wedge handed her the Heart that she kissed him on
the cheek, but disappeared before Waldo could demand his just compensation.

Waldo just shrugged and wandered off, back towards the city of Pentir to
await greater adventures.

176. Sender: Wedge
Date: Wed Apr 7 00:57:15 2004
To: Matron
Subject: Agreement
I suppose you would be dead if you had gone against the agreement.
If these Drow are not yours, then whose are they? Is there disorder
even among the Drow?

Sir Wedge Mathiu

177. Sender: Perna
Date: Sat Aug 7 12:28:46 2004
To: Mithrandir
Subject: Journey's End
Mithrandir my husband I love you and always will
But I am leaving and not returning
If and when you see this
Please move on.
I have to believe in you for time has kept us apart
I will be withyou always and remember me fondly.
Eternally yours

178. Sender: Seph
Date: Sun Mar 28 05:55:20 2004
To: Citizens
Subject: Drowish Stones
Upon this day, we the citizens of Xantheus were confronted with
a task. A dying troll explained to us that a race whose description
resembles the Drow attacked her Den, and took with them a piece
of an inscribed stone. We fanned out, searching the lands, and somehow
managed to locate four of the eight missing pieces.
I myself also managed to gain some interesting information on the
problem at hand. We learned that the pieces, when assembled, formed
a key which guards a mighty demon. I spoke with the Vampire Elder Adiux,
learning that this demon is so powerful and dangerous that even he
fears terribly. The wise elder elf informed me to seek out those who had
once lived with the drow. This end I shall follow further in time. In the
heat of the moment, I went straight to the source.
Although the Drow Priestess was rather uncooperative up untill the time
of her death, she did mention a name. "Jalharluth"
She also mentioned something about a circle of runes.
This end will also be followed up upon.
Take care, and tread swiftly when outside the gates of the city.
I fear the Drow will come looking for the other 4 pieces.

Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number Two, The Dark Anger.

179. Sender: Norik
Date: Thu Apr 8 02:21:06 2004
To: Ira
Subject: Challenge
I am issuing a challenge to any member in Acerbus Ira who thinks they are
smart enough, strong enough, and fast enough to take me down. If thee
is anyone even in Ira who isn't a coward I'd like to know of them. Bring
your best, bring your strong, but be ready to die. I have returned during these
troubling times and I shall see an end to them.


180. Sender: Amen
Date: Sat Apr 10 05:07:13 2004
To: Akastron
Subject: Challenge
I accept.

p/s: how to set time? i dunno whats the different time zone
u are in... based on wat time i write this note..i am available
from this timing from monday to wednesday april 12 to 15

181. Sender: Casik
Date: Sat Oct 16 05:24:12 2004
To: All
Subject: Grendel weak!!!
nock slayed grendel and set his life to 0
grendel stood no chance

182. Sender: Seph
Date: Tue Apr 13 22:27:45 2004
To: Citizens
Subject: Drow Army
The Drow will come, but not as our protectors.
The Noble himself said that the stone will be in their posession,
weither we grant it to them, or by force.
The Drow are an arrogant and determined race, and the will have
the stone, for whatever purpose.

Take arms.
Die well.
Ghost Seph Eleison

183. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Sat Apr 3 00:19:51 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: Drow Invasion
Today in Xantheus, the drow invaded the city by the dozens. One drow noble
continued shouting about having six peices of the key, leaving only 2 left
out of the eight. People of Xantheus, prepare for war...

184. Sender: Neq
Date: Tue Nov 16 02:31:25 2004
To: Mirza
Subject: Execution
I personally belive killing of the innocent for recreation
is a crime that should be punished. I ask you people of
xantheus, or more importanly Mirza. Please arrange
for the excution of the following two.
Haji and Meci. two evil elves

Neq Dow, the cleric

185. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Mon Apr 5 23:10:25 2004
To: All
Subject: Kelpie
While in The Plottings of Keraptis. You might encounter a creature called
Kelpie. This creature is very attractive and your equipment will
be removed, and then she will take it all. Be warned..

186. Sender: Lightwind
Date: Sun Mar 28 13:09:10 2004
To: Seph
Subject: Drowish Priestess
Funny, she doesn't look Drowish to me.

187. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Mar 25 05:04:12 2004
To: Ira and Forsaken
Subject: Treaty
If the clans will allow it, I would like to be allowed to write out
this treaty. As a member of a peaceful clan and a Knight of Xantheus,
I could create a formal document that would bind the two clans for however
long is agreed. I was ecstatic when I saw Seph's note
now this. Seph is
right, we cannot be weak. Especially now. Please, allow me to act as a
mediator between these two clans, and if we work together, we can come to
a peaceful end.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
Knight of Xantheus
No.1 Nonla Arahnala

188. Sender: Wedge
Date: Mon May 3 23:38:31 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: A Grand Occasion!

Truly, we are blessed! Fane once again sought a form to claim as his
own. Jamuraa, Psychotic, and myself did our best to deter him, but
our efforts were fruitless, until a formless entity pushed the darkness
that was fane back. Fane unleashed multiple ghasts upon Xantheus,
which used Costic energy to try and defeat us. The will of Xantheus
was too strong for Fane, and the white entity pushed him back completely.
I had known from the beginning my dream would finally come true. Falisvir
had blessed us with his presence. He took form and spoke with us. His
words are as follows:

Proud Xantheus, how you have battled through the Ages of Man.
I will not deliver you from the evil, which you have brought.
But you have the goodness in your souls to redeem yourselves
And one day you shall all be as Gods, safe from the touch of thine Enemy.
With those words, he gave us a warning of costic energy, blessed us,
and flew magnificently into the sky.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl
Knight of Xantheus
Leader of Nonla Arahnala

189. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Jun 6 00:43:47 2004
To: Xantheus
Subject: the Forsaken...
... is no longer led by anyone. It has no members to speak of,
either, but it exists. I leave its fate within your hands.

190. Sender: Soulez
Date: Tue Jun 1 17:58:40 2004
To: Magik
Subject: Mightiest?
I'm certain Adrian would turn you to dust. You
really shouldn't claim to be something you're not.

Vicks, I'll be able to help you shortly.

Dark Wizard of Despair

191. Sender: Daemon
Date: Thu Mar 25 03:24:13 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Re: Feed?
I asked a simple yes or no... thus, since the question remains
unanswered, I shall assume the answer for you...

Daemon Schalevin

192. Sender: Matron
Date: Wed Apr 7 04:29:08 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: Re:
I am not here to teach you a culture lesson about drow
fool. I myself would like to survive for a few hundred more
years, but you ignorant louts in Xantheus are making a good
job of bringing death to everyone. Or have you not noticed
that you now only hold one piece to the key?! Ingates.

193. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 25 18:19:14 2004
To: All
Subject: Cedrick
On a side note, I wish to know what benefit Cedrick would be to
improving the safety in Xantheus. He almost destroyed this town by
attempting to channel the powers of the incohation that was discovered in
Forsaken's little hole. I would argue them more a threat than a protecting

Lord Vicks Erebor

194. Sender: Casik
Date: Fri Oct 15 04:08:48 2004
To: All
Subject: more funnies
Yeah something else happened funny!!!!
I accidentaly murdered Grendel the puny with no mercy
and took his fallen mayor chains
accidentaly of course


195. Sender: Neq
Date: Fri Mar 19 02:14:21 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: mirror
Dead Wedge,
I was hoping you could give a few more details about
the mirror. Or do we just bring any mirror we find to you
to see if that is the right mirror.

Neq Dow

196. Sender: Matron
Date: Tue Apr 6 02:21:40 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: Re:
You, Nonla, misjudge the happenings in your own city.
If you were to be attacked by the drow you would surely
know it. As it stands, I have NOT gone back on any agreement.
It is not I who is orchestrating these thefts and distractions.

197. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Mar 31 16:38:32 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: New Terms
Very well, if that is the game you wish to play.
I have some new terms for you:

You shall leave Forsaken and become my Squire. You will
spend your days cleaning my office and mending my equipment.
Whenever you leave Xantheus, it will be with a note pinned to
your breastplate. The note shall read: "My name is Cedrick.
I am a moron and a coward. Please do not spit on me." In
addition, you will spend one hour of every day waiting in the arena
so that any whom you have wronged in the past may come and
repay you for your past deeds.

Do not play with fire, boy. You'll get burned every time.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

198. Sender: Neq
Date: Fri Jun 11 00:32:05 2004
To: All
Subject: Celebrate
Okay everyone the big Celebration is about a month away. All I am
asking is that Everyone please bring some food and especially
lots of things to drink. Sorry but I couldn't find anyone to give me
money :)
O and before I forget please do not bring tofu, a wheel of cheese,
gooseberries, roasted lamb, green apples, or a juicy pear. Since I
Know Xantheus has many adventures I was hoping some would be willing
to bring back some rare food many people don't get to eat.

Neq Dow

ooc: I would like this to happen tomorrow, well friday for me, at
10:00 pm est Thanks

199. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 3 17:06:34 2004
To: Norik
Subject: re:
I am happy to kill you the second that you leave town.
Unfortunately, you never do.

Lord Vicks Erebor

200. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Mar 26 03:52:42 2004
To: City of Xantheus
Subject: Insolence..
Vicks... why? You ask a lot for someone who claims to be for this
city. I cannot, and will never be able to, comprehend your headstrong
and arrogant insolence. I've wanted peace for a very, very, VERY
long time now, and you claim to want peace too.

Am I missing something here? You, Lord Vicks, are a walking mass
of contradictions, of self-centered, smug, perceived superiority,
and of irrationality. Do you want Xantheus to remain a
prospering and generally happy city? I do. You're giving
off the impression that you want it to be burnt to the ground
and its inhabitants maimed, raped, and tortured.

everything that does not cast upon you a false image of
nobility is a threat. One last warning... and that is it.

PS. You cannot strive for peace whilst simultaneously attempting
to kill Waldo. Don't try.

Lord Cedrick Elysium

201. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Sep 14 06:56:22 2004
To: All
Subject: Forsaken
Waldo is a strong leader, I can vouch for him.

Though I am no longer with the clan, I shall support them from
where I stand now. The Forsaken are the fallen, the outcasts,
and they shall be feared by all. Do not cross them.

202. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Jul 16 02:12:58 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: Adventures
A group of adventurers, Psychotic, Norik, Neq, and Myself were
visited by our bipedal lizard friend Stotriz. He asked that we
recover an item stolen from a dwarf for him. We of course ventured
out to do so. If you'd like more details, speak to one of us who
participated. Needless to say we were successful.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Leader Nonla Arahnala

203. Sender: Quakank
Date: Sun Mar 21 07:59:47 2004
To: All
Subject: Translation
Quite literally the translation is:
"He plots to find and use the 'Lock Amulet'"
I used the phrase lock amulet very loosely. The
word for lock I see as a much more important
word in the grammatical sense. It carries much
more weight. I would suggest it better to call this
item the Mri'Kul Amulet.
I have told a few all the information I can already.

204. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Apr 3 04:28:22 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
Watch your tongue if you value the lives of your clan members.


205. Sender: Daemon
Date: Wed Apr 7 04:06:43 2004
To: Akastron
Subject: Re: Challenge
I accept, tell me when...

Daemon Schalevin

206. Sender: Shadowkaun
Date: Tue Dec 28 17:09:07 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: Trial
Wedge, I was wondering when this "trial" is going to
proceed. I honestly doubt the doom squad has stopped their
slaughter of our friends and nieghbors. I still say they should
be tried under Xantheus Law. The Shire and Grove have treated
us well and helped us when they could. So lets help them
The stronger the doom squad grows, the more innocents will
be murdered.

Shadowkaun Slayner, Warrior of the Wolf

207. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Nov 15 15:42:13 2004
To: Haji
Subject: Confusion
Your words confuse me.

Are you a deadly? Are you the Thain?

Are you retarded?


208. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Fri Apr 9 01:50:11 2004
To: Nightblade
Subject: Super Store
The reason nobody wants the stuff, is because your prices are outrageously
high. Lower the prices and people might think twice.

209. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sat Mar 6 04:23:34 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: War
Now that I am, both in name and in deed, the Lord of Forsaken once
again, I issue to you an ultimatum. You have one week to surrender
and admit that you were wrong to fight us. Do this and we will leave
you unharmed, and we can forget this whole silly ordeal ever began.
Otherwise, you will regret your decision until the end of your

Lord Cedrick Elysium
Leader, the Forsaken

210. Sender: Jander
Date: Fri Apr 23 22:23:20 2004
To: People
Subject: Obliteration
I am putting up a huge huge reward for the recovery of an ancient artifact
I am looking for. It grants the ability to obliterate all the creatures in a
small space. The power is limited and comes from a staff. The obliteration
somehow does not affect the user, but only the other creates around him.

Please let me know if you have any information. I have learned from this staff
in my archaic journeys across the lands.


211. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 30 16:08:02 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Deadline
I am through playing games with you, little one.
You have three days to agree to the terms of the treaty proposed
in note 41. If you fail to respond, or attempt to waste *any* more
of my time, you will live just long enough to regret it.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

212. Sender: Wedge
Date: Wed Jul 28 23:48:21 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: Man-Apes
A group of adventurers set out to the Manape village on Pentir
Island when we received a distressed call from their chief. It
turns out his daughter had been captured by Trolls on a big black
magic boat. We trailed them here to Xantheus, and confronted them
in the inn in the dark southern forest. Needless to say we were
attacked, but we stood our ground and fended them off, protecting
the helpless manape girl. After we secured her, we returned to
Manape village where she was reunited with her father. He rewarded
us quite handsomely and also gave us a peculiar item. It is a
sigil of a clenched fist. It's glow is quite peculiar... blue like
the water, I think I've seen it before, but not sure where, maybe
someone reading this could help. More to the point, no one is
really sure why the Trolls kidnapped her. Maybe they were bored,
or maybe it's more significant.

Sir Wedge Mathiu

213. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Nov 18 01:25:24 2004
To: Adventurers
Subject: Brother Andersen
This is truly cause for mourning. Brother Andersen was a kindred spirit
who shared many of the same ideals of Nonla Arahnala. We shall hold a
day of mourning for him. Continuing, Nonla Arahnala will happily donate
any resources needed for a proper memorial and burial.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Leader of Nonla Arahnala

214. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Wed Mar 31 06:43:25 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Possible peace
Oh yes, as a footnote... my terms are as so:
-A formal, written apology, addressed to myself, posted here.
-Taking one hundred percent of the blame for this war's extension.
-An honest promise that your clan will not raise arms against mine.
-the removal of certain 'troublemakers' from your clan
-Saul's personal acceptance of these terms.

215. Sender: Ryune
Date: Mon Mar 15 22:21:57 2004
To: Pacifica
Subject: Happiness...
Firstly, I'd like to start out by thanking the lovely mage that has just
increased the ammount of blood I will spill in the days to come.
How wonderful and thoughtful of you!

As a token of my apprecieation, I will continue to hunt you untill your
mangled form lays at my feet.

But why, you ask, am I so pleased about this little "Bounty" that has been
placed upon my head? Well, quite simple. The fear I drive into the hearts
of others is intoxicating, however rather inhibiting of my natural bloodlust.
You have just given those others a reason to hunt me. You have just
led them one step closer to their doom.
How very humanitarian of you.
If you think for one second that this act of cowardice will save you, that
somehow by hiding behind all these bodies will be a form of protection,
you shall soon find those bodies little else than corpses. Torn asunder in
the wake of my wrath. And then it will be just you, and I.
And for all this,
I thank you.

216. Sender: Palermo
Date: Wed May 12 14:17:57 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Worthy..
When is killing a Vampire _not_ worthy?

Sir Palermo Roedran

217. Sender: Kymil
Date: Fri Oct 15 15:27:05 2004
To: Casik
Subject: Humor
To Whom It May Concer,
I think Grendel and I have the last laugh because most recently,
it was the two of us who shattered, mashed, mutilated and smashed both
you, Casik, and Kalindor. I'd guess there was an elapse of about 4
minutes in between your deaths and yet again, your equipment will be
put in our chest. To top off the situation, Grendel hadn't gotten enough
of a challenge smashing Kalindor to pieces so him and I decided to fight
each other, a REAL challenge compared to any Forsaken. It was a true
battle, compared to fighting any of your clan. I appreciate your humor.

But know whilst you laugh, you're dying... and while I'm killing...
You're Crying.


218. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Apr 16 07:14:53 2004
To: All
Subject: Drow
After the event Akastron describes in note 103, Gavalan came and
talked with us. After a while, he was angered by Violence, and
charmed a drow to teach us a lesson and left. Well, this drow
was very confused, and after a short talk, we decided to allow him
to stay in Castle Grayskull until he could find his way back.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

219. Sender: Alucard
Date: Sun Oct 31 22:52:50 2004
To: All
Subject: re:In Reply

You know nothing of what you speak. You folks simply do not
comprehend what others are saying.

You should only go to Retribution if you wish to be bored,
frustrated and made dumber from his jibberish.

You'll be there for about a month, trust me...

-Lord Alucard

220. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Mar 27 04:36:53 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: re:

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

221. Sender: Bronze
Date: Wed Oct 6 08:53:50 2004
To: Every good person and Nock
Subject: Nock Bad!
Nock steal acerbus visor from corpse
nock wear acerbus visor
Nock forsaken!
forsaken good
Nock BAD!
forsaken hunt SON
nock bad!
be good nock
nock no wear acerbus visor anymore

222. Sender: Seph
Date: Sun May 9 20:16:37 2004
To: Alucard
Subject: Return

It is good to see you within these parts oncemore.
For a long time I had feared your fate had been similar to mine.

There is much we must discuss, old friend.
Please contact me as soon as possible.

Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number One, The Dark Anger.

223. Sender: Norik
Date: Tue May 11 05:27:44 2004
To: Cegfuin
Subject: I need to talk to you
Better yet,
Cegfuin, I seek your Utonium Sword.


224. Sender: Palermo
Date: Thu May 13 14:32:30 2004
To: Jander
Subject: re:
Yes, what do you suppose a Sh'kur would use
holy water for? And does it really matter _which_
Vampire he kills? A Vampire is a Vampire. I
guess you must not want your precious clanmate
to die. Weren't you inducted by a Vampire as well?
Hmm, are you sure you're fit to be a Lieutenant
for the Sh'kur?

Sir Palermo Roedran

225. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Thu Dec 16 22:59:56 2004
To: All
Subject: The Ruined Library(Cont)
and crannies, squeezing my kender body into all the rooms that were
blocked off with rubble and I found the most amazing library I'd ever
seen. The walls were completely lined with bookshelves, which happened
to be mostly empty (Probably due to the giants tossing it around).
Unfortunately, before I could read any of the books and discover their
wonderous secrets, this HUGE monster attacked me! I thought perhaps the
gems I had collected were what it was after but it seemed very intent
on removing my topknotted head from my shoulders and devouring me whole.
Needless to say, I excused myself from its presence and spared its life.

After that I decided that since I was in the area I'd come visit everyone here
in Xantheus, so here I am! If anyone wants to hear more of my stories come
find me, I'd be very happy to relate them to you!

Your (Once Again) Resident Kender

226. Sender: Alucard
Date: Sun Oct 31 23:23:08 2004
To: All
Subject: Truce...?
I have tried to reason a truce until matters could be settled
with the knowledge we gained from the prophecy on this day,
but Saul refused.

Take that into consideration that they do not wish for peace.

-Lord Alucard

227. Sender: Sethar
Date: Fri Nov 19 08:00:09 2004
To: Everyone
Subject: Arena
today is the day of the bull, 8th the month of the Shadows.
a true triump in the eyes of the Shroud of darkness.
i have hear Seph and his idle chatter, upon 8 o'clock pm i
answered his threats and challenged him to the arena. I enterd
i waited untill the time ticked to 10 o'clock pm, my
stomach growes hungry and i lust for blood, still Seph did not
enter, he stood before the entrance, whimpering about his foolish
ideals. I have waited two hours in the areana to be attacked by
perhaps this is a victory if the opponant is to affraid to show

228. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri May 14 06:42:15 2004
To: Jander
Subject: haha
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Splat.


229. Sender: Lucifer
Date: Thu Mar 25 21:10:14 2004
To: All
Subject: Re: Re:
i speak for myself


230. Sender: Illysth
Date: Thu Sep 9 08:06:11 2004
To: All
Subject: OC RISING
With the slay of the first vampire by Obsidian Circle,
I, Illysth Verju "deadly I.V." declare to all vampires.
Eventually your time will come.... i am leveling,,, on my way
and this clan of mine, my brotheren shall strengthen me..
i have my goal in sight.... a vampire of legend who
shall be slayed by my blade!... I am commin, My clan is
comming.... Obsidian Circle just made our entrence!
Illysth Verju "Deadly I.V."

231. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Oct 9 03:05:00 2004
To: Bronze
Subject: OOC
Since when do Pixies talk like blithering idiots?


232. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon May 31 20:55:24 2004
To: Mages
Subject: A Job
I seek a mage of moderately high stature
to perform a task for me. You will be paid
just compensation, and the workload is small.
If you are interested, contact me so that I
may verify that you are qualified.

Lord Vicks Erebor

233. Sender: Neq
Date: Sat Jun 12 05:41:33 2004
To: Al
Subject: Lizard
The Celebration was a lot of fun. And because of this when we have
another one it will be better. If you were not here you better
make sure you come next time. This time after the celebrtion we
met someone named Stotriz. Stotriz is a bipedeal Lizard with
forearms, that are capable of grapsing things as wells as being used
as a weapon. Luckly he didn't use them on me while i was in my
drunken stupor. But back to the point Stotriz Came to use in need so
Solitare, Yasmine, Gnimelf, and of course myself. Listened to his
story. It seems that Stotriz lived underground and because there was
a cave-in he needed help rescuing his king offspring. He also told us
that the cave-in was caused by someone else. Who in my drunken state
i couldn't remember. So let that be lesson do not drink.
But Stotriz had another problem he didn't know how to get back to
where he lived thus we took what little information we had from
the fact that he came in the western gate and tried to find his
home. After futher questioning we realized he lived by the great
eastern desert. We defeated the monsters there saved Isra
a young lizard and return Stotriz to his home.

Neq Dow

234. Sender: Wedge
Date: Mon Apr 19 05:40:49 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Revival
Perhaps if Elstin were still alive, he would have an idea.
I know of a Mage he spoke with in his travels who also might
know something. His name is Copimius. If these paths prove
un-fruitful, perhaps Falisvir or Epyranth will finally awake, and
bless all of us with their power. That would be great indeed.
I will help you seek a way to bring Indigo back.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

235. Sender: Palermo
Date: Sat Aug 14 21:04:11 2004
To: Glaykor
Subject: Sh'kur
The younger Sh'kura will have protection within
the halls of Obsidian Circle. If more Vampire
Hunters decide to show their faces around Xantheus then
I, and my fellow clanmates, will promptly put an
end to their pitiful existence.

Sir Palermo Roedran
Leader, Obsidian Circle

236. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Tue May 11 19:01:21 2004
To: Norik/Merc
Subject: Re:
Good luck getting Elstin to make some...you know...
cause he's dead.

237. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 3 04:47:30 2004
To: Norik
Subject: re:
If you value your own life, you will either convince
Cedrick to agree to our terms, or crawl back into the hole
that you came from.

Lord Vicks Erebor

238. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Oct 20 23:00:21 2004
To: Stormblade
Subject: Payment
I expect payment soon.
My patience is not what it used to be.

Lord Vicks Erebor

239. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Apr 5 21:39:24 2004
To: Violence
Subject: Mortality?
Unfortunately, I cannot and will not die until my work here is
complete. Why must you pick Vicks' side, anyway? He's not your
friend... is he? Vicks is a buffoon, and you shouldn't side
with him. As for Norik's attack, I will speak to him about it -
we are not fighting Sword of Night, and although apparently
you attacked us first I am not the kind of person to simply
break relations off without discussing it first. Violence and
Norik, I must speak to the both of you soon... I have nothing
but the utmost respect for Sword of Night, and will try to patch
things up between us. However, be warned: defense of a Wolf will
result in a counterattack against both the defender and the Wolf.

Lord Cedrick Elysiumn

240. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:19:51 2004
To: All
Subject: Failed quest III
Several poor souls had become ghosts and seemed unable to
proceed to the afterlife. I took pity on them and dispatched
them, sending them on their way. They almost immediately
reformed! I was terribly confused, usually when a paladin
sends someone to the afterlife, they go. After spending a
long time in these rooms I understood, there was no way out!
I feared that I may become one of these ghosts if I stayed
much longer. I prayed for their lost souls and then for the
deliverance of my own, the gods answered.
I ate several more of the candies, visiting places both
familiar to me and others that I had never been to before. It
was glorious!
Finally I found a man wearing a strange hat flipped down and
a red shirt. He smelled of the sea. Perhaps he could help me.
He had his hands completely full of wooden balls and wagon
wheels. When I asked him if I could be of any help, he
ignored me.

241. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Fri Apr 9 00:24:28 2004
To: All
Subject: Super Store
Super store is now closed. Since no one seems to
want this loot, I'm sacrificing it. It's seriously taking up

242. Sender: Seph
Date: Wed Mar 17 05:16:10 2004
To: Citizens of Xantheus
Subject: Civil Unity
Citizens of Xantheus
Upon this, Day of the Bull, 15th the Month of the Dragon
The ranks of Acerbus Ira and Forsaken have found an agreement.

Our quarreling has led to a weakness within these city walls, a weakness
of interests, that has led some of our citizens into the hands of the dark
mists that lurk outside of our gates. Fane grows more powerful as we, we
grow more divided.

Untill such a time arises as Fane and his forces have been forever
silenced in their attempts to overthrow these lands, the two clans shall
remain bonded as one, in the protection of Xantheus.

Should both sides remain true to their word in the coming days of hardship,
a lasting peace between bitter enemies shall emerge, and the city herself
shall be joyous, and prosper.

Here it is written, and thusforward shall it be honored.

With much joy,
Ghost Seph Eleison
Number Two, The Dark Anger

243. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 18 05:21:44 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: The Past
Things change, Palermo ... much as you did when
you decided to betray your oath to Acerbus and
leave on your foolish crusade against all vampires.

I was foolish once in denouncing *all* vampires.

Much in the same way you have been foolish in
drawing the attention of Acerbus.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

P.S: I did not say you attacked a member of Acerbus.
I believe the word I used was "try". Now we
shall both be "trying" ;)

244. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Mar 25 18:15:58 2004
To: Iorek/all
Subject: The Past
I appologize if I "offend" anyone with my notes, especially
those of the Forsaken. However, I suggest they get their crying over
with promptly, as I will waste no time in trying to become their friends.
We will end the war, but I can promise no more than that.
Not, however, until Cedrick has met with me face to face.

Lord Vicks Erebor

245. Sender: Bronze
Date: Sat Oct 9 03:43:33 2004
To: Blithering idiot
Subject: blithering idiot
Blithering idiots come from all races and classes
this pixie talks like a blithering idiot so other
blithering idiots can comprehend.
thank you
- blithering idiot~

Sender Akastron~
Date Sun Oct 10 01:17:58 2004~
To Amen~
Subject BM~
Voting 0
Yesvotes ~
Novotes ~
Abstentions ~
You haven't shown up for our match. I am going to notify the powers
that be about the situation. You can challenge me at anytime since I'll
be one spot ahead.


246. Sender: Onyx
Date: Wed Oct 13 19:03:00 2004
To: All
Subject: A blood-smeared note


The beast Lloch now kills any who cross his path..

Raina, the priestess, and myself.. Victims..


247. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Tue May 11 16:17:21 2004
To: Norik
Subject: Di Eamen
Dungortheb Fuin, better known as Cegfuin, was the former voice
of Di Eamen. He was, indeed, slain by the forces of Acerbus
Ira. The new voice of Di Eamen I believe, is Lloydryn. I do
not believe the Utonium Sword you seek still exists. Most believe
it has been long since destroyed. I think Alucard would know more
about its location than I do... if the rumors are true. As for
holy water, I am sure Elstin could make it. Or perhaps the Sh'kur
armies have some. Good luck with your vampire hunting, Norik.
Don't get yourself killed.

Mercutio Roedran, Demons Bane

248. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Wed Apr 7 06:17:25 2004
To: Akastron
Subject: Me.
Of course I'll fight you...


249. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat May 15 17:46:09 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Re:
I believe the expression I am looking for here is
"reading between the lines". You have a strange
mindset for a Sh'kura Lieutenant ... It is a far
cry from the Sh'kur soldiers I have encountered.

Strider Vicks of Acerbus

250. Sender: Nock
Date: Sat Oct 16 03:35:53 2004
To: :: scribbles ::
Subject: a piece of bark
:: it appears a big circle has been drawn here ::
:: some other scribbles seem to make up this area of the note ::


251. Sender: Seph
Date: Fri Sep 10 02:26:15 2004
To: All
Subject: Further Information
Now, atlast my strength has begun to return, I can go into
further detail.
Troubles began when a womans voice was heard warring
within the sacred glade known as the holy grove.
Upon arival, Jamuraa, Shadowkaun and myself discovered
Orcs slaughtering all manner of life within the clearing.
The orcs would not speak, and were easily taken care of.
The female voice, who I have come to believe was the one
who calls herself 'Daughter' would not respond, but merely
fled upon our involvement.

On our return to Xantheus, we three met to discuss these events,
shortly thereafter interrupted by a ghastly fog searching...
For something.
Again, I reiterate I know not what this spectre sought, simply that
it's etherial fabric is much the same as mine. This leads to
speculation that this ghost is looking for a host of some kind.

Once again, be on your guards.
Ghost Seph Eleison
Number One, the Dark Anger

252. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue May 11 22:52:49 2004
To: Norik/Merc
Subject: Dead people
Is it me or is everyone dead?...

253. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Fri Aug 13 01:07:01 2004
To: Maxen
Subject: undead
Now another one time friend is about to turn on me and those I lead.
The vampire hunters were vanquised so the Sh' kura could walk these streets
in peace. You don't have a foothold here? What delusional force has
brought you to this idea? This city changed to let those of your race walk in
peace here. And now you want to start this feud all over again. Don't start
this now. There are other tasks that need attention and we will need all the
help we can get.
Fane is still around. And he seems like he feeds off this type of war and death

And I don't think the city will abide too much more violence in the streets.
The last thing we all need are the return of the vampire hunters stalking
the streets, preying on the younger, and most times, defensless Sh'kura
that start out in this city. Don't start the snowball rolling down the hill.
None of us can predict the growth and speed of this danger once it starts.

Glaykor Fawson; Leader, Sword of Night,
Keeper of sacred secrets

254. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Sun Apr 4 05:21:29 2004
To: All
Subject: Second Wave
Today. There was another drow attack coming from the northern gates.
Seph, Yasmine and I fended the Drow off from entering to far into the city.
Though there will most likely be more to come. Xantheus is in grave
danger it seems.

255. Sender: Violence
Date: Mon Apr 5 20:29:58 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Beware Thy Mortality
I thought that perhaps seeing the fact that I took Ira's side in this would
bring you around. You know full well that I will always defend the right
and do what I may for my friends. However, it has not. Norik's attack
against the friend I was adventuring with resulted in his death. While we
may have escaped his first attempt at aggression, I issued him a challenge,
and the mighty Slayer fell under our blades. However, after the fight I acted
with the utmost respect for Norik, returning all of his belongings except for
one circlet which was taken as a small trophy. I even healed the man's wounds.
And now you are trying to attack my ties with my clan.
This is unacceptable. I may no longer be the beast of murder I once was, but,
my old friend, you have crossed the threshold. Your death is ordained. Goodbye,

Your old friend,

256. Sender: Otto
Date: Wed Oct 6 03:13:26 2004
To: All
Subject: locate object
You are very badly wounded and are covered in blood!
If you need me to cast locate object for you ask me and I will.
> I'm collecting corpses so I can sacrafice them and gain money so
> just give me a corpse and I'll cast locate object for you

257. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Mar 2 02:16:19 2004
To: Wolves
Subject: Forewarning
To Seph, Jamuraa, and Yasmine...

I recommend you talk Vicks out of this nonsense about warring with
us at once. We offer to help the city against the orcs, and he claims
that our help is unneeded. I've offered to cease the war - not surrender,
mind you - and he declined, many times. Prove that you are civilized and
devoted to this city and help him come to a reasonable solution.


258. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Sep 19 18:45:40 2004
To: Palermo
Subject: Your "Purity"
Perhaps you might want to look in to the activities
of your Number One. It seems that he feels perfectly
happy aligning himself with vampires, so long as they
are powerful ones.

I wonder what Karvin would have to say about that.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

P.S Keep holding your breath for that appology ;)

259. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 30 05:10:42 2004
To: Akastron
Subject: re: Dangerous
You know what that means, old friend.
I challenge you for WarMaster.
One week etc. etc.

Lord Vicks Erebor

260. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:23:49 2004
To: All
Subject: Failed quest IV
Not one to interrupt jugglers when they are practicing, I
bowed before him and wished him a good day. I walked about
the island for a bit. I met a woman with an incredible
wardrobe for living in such primitive surroundings and
another man with a lot of green paper he kept trying to give
I knew I was close, I had to be, I peered through a bush and
saw a fat man with a blue shirt making drinks. This had to be
the Skipper! I rushed to his side and asked him for a
slippery nipple. In my haste, I was somewhat hidden in the
bushes. He Informed me that he didn't trade with folks he
couldn't see. I then came out of the bushes fully, greeted
him and asked him again for a slippery nipple. He told me
that he didn't sell that and to try his list. I searched for
this list and found nothing. I then asked him what he did
sell. He ignored me. I grew angry and struck him.

261. Sender: Sethar
Date: Fri Dec 10 19:12:04 2004
To: Interested?
Subject: bounty list
Gold has been aquired. The hit list is up. If you seek fortune from
bounties please contact doomsquad for more information.

262. Sender: Uralaem
Date: Thu Sep 30 00:29:17 2004
To: All adventurers
Subject: --lost--
During my recent travels, a set of mayor's chains that had been given
to me as a gift by someone i hold dear, has dissapeared... should
anyone happen to come across them, i offer a large sum of gold as a
reward for their return.


263. Sender: Jamuraa
Date: Thu Mar 25 02:30:59 2004
To: All
Subject: Resigning
I am sick of your little 'war' both of you, Vicks and Cedrick. Take this treaty
and shove it up your asses. What is the point when one cannot seem to
grasp the concept of 'peace.' I hear by pull back all my ties with any
clan or group of people. I am through with this all.

Jamuraa Hellforge..
Lone wolf

264. Sender: Seph
Date: Mon Apr 19 07:19:11 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: Revival
I can share what I know on this subject,
however, I myself am not even sure how I remain attached to this plane.
nor for how much longer.

I feel myself getting weaker...
Ghost Seph Eleison,
Number One, The Dark Anger

265. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu May 13 04:02:56 2004
To: Jander
Subject: Cause
Please check our hall's notice board.

Sir Wedge

266. Sender: Seph
Date: Thu Sep 9 23:08:40 2004
To: All
Subject: a Great Blackness
I am weakened, thus this shall remain short.
A great blackness descended down upon the city.
A great fog. A great presence.
It was searching for something. Someone.
Of what I know not.
It passed through my form, both of ours being much one in
the same.

This fog may return.
Be on your guard.

Ghost Seph Eleison
Number One, the Dark Anger

267. Sender: Norik
Date: Sun May 9 00:03:41 2004
To: All
Subject: Chronicles

I wish to start writing a book on the history
of the Sh'kura peoples, their humble beginings and
their place in the world today. If you have any
information, no matter how small or large, I will attempt
to find a place for it.

I am especially looking for first-hand accounts dealing
with the Sh'kura Nation and the long-forgotten clan of
Sh'kur, The Obsidian Circle. Other points of interest
is the conflict with Vampires, past and present, and also
of the substance known as Utonium.


268. Sender: Violence
Date: Thu Apr 15 03:49:34 2004
To: Seph, Xantheus
Subject: Die?
I will stand by you, Seph. I have dealt with dark elves in the past. It has
never turned out well. The attack of this noble after the discussion, which
slew several and wounded myself, should be a precedent we cannot ignore.
I will destroy them alongside you. We will take arms, but we need not die this

So all citizens of Xantheus, arm yourselves. The day is today.

269. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Nov 21 21:38:34 2004
To: Citizens
Subject: Why Xantheus
Xantheus has long been a defender of those who
might not be able to defend themselves. Our neighbors,
the Holy Grove and Shire are definately those under
our protection. This is why the Doom
Squad is part of our concern. The general
consensus seems to wish for a trial.
Once the citizens have been polled, that
decision will be made.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus

270. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 27 19:08:22 2004
To: All
Subject: Thomas and Epyranth
It is my solemn duty to inform you of the death of the great'
Prophet Chronos has been slain by the Vampire Queen, Cireen.
Alas, there was nothing we could do to prevent his death; however,
before he died he revealed the existence of a power great enough
to counter the evil strength of the being known as Fane: a power
which resided in a young man by the name of Thomas. According to
Chronos, this boy will one day take the throne as the King of
Xantheus. He had been under the care of Father Anaeas, and a
select few even knew of his existence. Soon after revealing the
location of Thomas, Cireen appeared from nowhere and struck
Chronos down in a single blow before disappearing into the

Adrian, Norik, Shadowkaun, Saul and myself set out for
Thalos in an attempt to reach Thomas and ensure his safety.
Upon reaching Thalos, it was revealed that orcs and trolls had
taken over the city. It was here that we had our first encounter
with the Shaman Dole: we were informed that Dole has assumed
command of the armies of Fane (we had earlier learned that Fane
was "unable to be located" ... we assume he is still alive, but merely
undetectable by standard magics and methods). Nonetheless,
our party battled through the beasts wandering the streets and
eventually reached Thomas.

271. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Apr 16 03:51:41 2004
To: All
Subject: Drow
A Drow Noble came to town today looking for the decision we had made
concerning the piece of key which was under our control inside the walls
of Xantheus. A lot of communicating went on between adventurers such as
Wedge, Norik, Vicks, Violence, Jamuraa, Morock, Psychotic, myself, and
others which i cannot recall. After what seems like a stalemate upon both
sides of the conversation, a plan was issued to the Drow. We would allow
about 100 drow mages and priests to enter the town and we'd supply a
refuge, Greyskull, but that offer wasn't looked kindly upon by this Noble.
After a long and pointless conversation, the vote of the people of Xantheus
stayed the same throughout and the Noble became rather annoyed. He headed
to the north to take his frustration out on a poor and loyal guard protecting
the gate. The guard, who will always be honored with valor and courage,
defended to his death the city of Xantheus. After we saw the poor devestation
the Drow could inflict we began the final assault to it's life. After a long an
and grueling battle, Jamuraa came through with the final death blow. A sigh
of relief is shared amongth ALL of Xantheus atleast for the time being. Please,
give much thought to the poor guard who followed his job to the death not
because he had to, but because he chose to. A lot of respect and dignity should
go out to the guards and a job well done indeed. Adventurers...be warned, the
Drow will be back and the Demon has not been eliminated. Until then, we must
unite and continue the quest to save our Home.

Akastron...doing his part.

272. Sender: Palermo
Date: Thu Nov 18 03:45:54 2004
To: Wedge
Subject: Trial
As far as I know, they have done no harm to the citizens of
Xantheus. So why are the people of Xantheus to decide their
fate? Let the people, or what's left of them, of the towns
they committed crimes against hold their own trials. It is
none of Xantheus' concern.

Weaponsmaster Sir Palermo Roedran

273. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Tue Apr 13 00:23:48 2004
To: Vicks
Subject: re: War?
Are you bored, sir? I'm more than willing to fight you... sadly
you're never anywhere to be found.

274. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 3 04:50:25 2004
To: Cedrick
Subject: Meeting with Glaykor?
It has recently come to my attention that Norik was the
*aggressor* in his fight with Yasmine and Violence. You would
have your clanmates attempt attacks, only to complain when they
die upon our blades? Where does one so weak find such moxy?

Lord Vicks Erebor

275. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat May 1 04:52:00 2004
To: Tshmakal
Subject: Bounty?
It will take more than a million coins hanging
over my head to hinder my actions. Save your
money and come to Xantheus: we have much to

Strider Vicks Erebor
Lord of Acerbus, Assassin of Arathnos

276. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Apr 4 08:09:29 2004
To: Matron Mother
Subject: Agreement
We had an agreement. Please desist in your attacks on the city
or the agreement will no longer be valid.

Sir Wedge Mathiu

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New area

Av3 and Norkives

General mud forums de-announced at mudsnippets.net

General mud forums announced at mudsnippets.net

New site goes online.

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