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1. Sender: Artemis
Date: Tue Sep 30 16:08:14 2003
To: Wedge
Subject: Meeting
I would like to speak with you about some things that
have happened in the past.


2. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Oct 11 01:01:06 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: Insanity
I have the faculties of reason and compromise.
What need do I have for sanity? ;)

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

3. Sender: Wedge
Date: Thu Oct 9 02:35:24 2003
To: All
Subject: Nonla
Let it be known that only Mayln or myself can formally decree Nonla's
support for any war or entity. As of now, we are supporting no other
clan in any of their affairs. If there is enough interest, we would
like the clans to sign a formal agreement that would take place should
the city become threatened. I will write it up if there is enough

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

4. Sender: Quakank
Date: Sun Sep 28 08:02:44 2003
To: Whoever
Subject: Re:
It is nice to see that Ira has finally begun to take some measures in
expelling its rotten innards.

5. Sender: Jander
Date: Tue Nov 4 16:55:48 2003
To: Citizens
Subject: spirit
Earlier today, I was stricken with an inner feeling of ineffable
proportion. It was the feeling that the spirit of an ancient sh'kura
hero was returning to the world. Upon further examination, I sense
that he is now residing in an ancient battle arena, east of Pentir City.

Good luck adventurers,


6. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sun Mar 2 10:17:07 2003
To: All
Subject: Drygonite 1
A few days ago, Palermo and i decided to put aside our different
ways of seeing things to learn more about drygonite, a substance
used to kill dragons, much like utonium can be used against
Thinking that dragons might know of such things, we started in
Ryshikannan, the city in the clouds, a known dragon hot spot.
We spoke to the rather rude gate guard there and then decided to
speak to the priest.
Waldo showed up around this time to help us find out more.
Some confusion ensued over which priest we should speak to, but,
eventually we ended up speaking to Buraf.
He told us that the god of thieves, whose name has been forgotten
in antiquity, created drygonite, not to use himself, or to have
other gods use it to slay the true dragons, but to put it in the
hands of mortals.
More specifically, a race known as the Djakiar.

7. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Sep 12 20:47:58 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: War
No war will start again as long as you lead Forsaken?
No peace shall come until you have begun repairing the
damage you have caused.

Perhaps you should go peaceful and endulge yourself
in the teachings of the Hip'pi Church, as I have no
interest in reading your novels during times of war.
You may attack my reputation all you wish, it matters
little to me ... your actions will be what you are
judged on.

Indigo may speak to you all he wishes, for the good
that it will do ... I shall wait for someone of more
authority to take the reins.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

8. Sender: Daemon
Date: Mon Mar 10 22:15:56 2003
To: All
Subject: Danger
All thee be known,
Upon my recent visit to Master Tylican, in search of training,
I stumbled across a place that rips my stomach to shreds. To
my dismay, I discovered a sh'kur base that lies just east of
our city walls. I know not the size of their army there, for
as I grew closer, I sensed I was being watched. The base itself
seems to be heavily guarded, but there were certain portions of
which one with skill could easily penetrate.
This was the same place to which I was held for months upon the
stake, waiting for death to envelop me. I wish not this upon anyone
and pray that Xantheus band together to destroy this stronghold which
threatens our beloved citizens. I shall go to Inuzofucevil to search
out for help from Lord Adiux Dtemas, for I sense he is willing to aid
in the defeat of the sh'kur.
I bid thee well Xantheus.
Daemon Schalevin

9. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Nov 23 17:21:16 2003
To: Indra
Subject: Re: hehe
Silly Indra, I could rip that note apart with all it's silliness, but
instead I'll just say this. Vicks threatens Nonlas. Who are most
definitely not at war with Ira.

10. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Oct 6 20:49:33 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: Support?
Hah! A Nonla expressing their support in a war. I suspect
you are the one who needs to think things through a bit more.
That aside, your support is meaningless; your "witty replies"
only demonstrate your lack of experience regarding war.

Ramble onward, doofy kender: Your words will play no meaningful
part in this war. Nor will you.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

11. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:51:39 2003
To: Fragma
Subject: Re:
Hip'pi did not just "allow one of its great followers to fall." Elstin
was one of the oldest men in this town, very few having lived here
before him. I myself can remember when he first arrived and NONE of
you were there. It was long before any of you appeared. Many generations
have passed through here. The only reason I have outlived him is due
to my newfound kender youth. Elstin was cursed fool. He was forced into
staying in this world but with help he has finally defeated it. He IS
with Hip'pi now, and that is a great relief on his soul.

12. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Nov 25 02:24:02 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: War and such
I care not for your Gods, be they here or not.
I am not here to debate a dopey kender on the finer
points of religious worship. I am a soldier; the
Spirit of the Wolf guides my blades.

Having put that behind us, I would like to thank
the Gods (be they yours, mine, or whatever), that
you are no longer a member of Nonla Arahanala. Your
attempt at a takeover was a disgrace, and I could
not be happier that your stain has been removed from
their fine halls.

Finally, as happy as I am that you are now "quite able
to have a place in this war", it seems that the war
is coming to a close. Yet another event in Arathnos
where you prooved an irrelevant factor, I suppose.
At any rate, I hope that this will put an end to
your endless parade of meaningless banter ... perhaps
now you will begin to back your words with actions.

Then again...

Lord Vicks Erebor

13. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Oct 2 04:03:51 2003
To: Forsaken
Subject: War
To all Forsaken who remain in these lands:

You are a scattered clan, honorless and defeated.
I offer you the chance to end this war now; say the
word and we can begin discussions regarding the terms
of your surrender. This war need not destroy the small
fragment of Forsaken that remains.

Hail Acerbus
Lord Vicks Erebor

14. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Nov 30 04:26:38 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Recent events Pt.1
Recently, Xantheus was visited by the one known as
Lloydryn. He summoned a group of us to the tavern,
where he disclosed his past dealings with the Forsaken
regarding the Incohation. According to Lloydryn, Di
Eamen was granted access to the Incohation beneath
Forsaken's Halls in exchange for some aid that he
would not reveal (see: The attack on the Halls of Acerbus).
This deal eventually led to the freeing of the elementals
that have plagued our town in recent months. It seems Di
Eamen could no longer control these rogue elementals, so
Lloydryn gave us the name and general location of a mage
who held the key to eliminating all influence of the
elementals within a radius of 10 miles.

(see next note)

15. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Wed Sep 24 20:13:41 2003
To: Wedge
Subject: Fane
Wedge, my friend,
Fane has the ablilty to abduct and possess as well as enhance
a person's ability at will. Seeming to totally control that person and even
force them to do his bidding. I call that a threat to all people
here. A dire one at that. I think as soon as I can reach the proper
channels within my clan, SoN will show their support to Acerbus Ira
to help rid Indigo, as well as all of us, of this evil presence.
As well as hopefully return Indigo to his clan unharmed. Fane already
made the first attack. Now he's going to try to get others to join him by
using promises of power. Just what he needs, more people to control.
We need to unite against this force, and hopefully, next time we might
be able to stop him before we lose others.

Nightblade and I felt his presence once, and fell trying to do our best
to defeat this 'monster'. I think we all need to get together and plan
our next defensive and try to defeat Fane once and for all.

Glaykor, the lost.....

16. Sender: Fragma
Date: Thu Oct 2 20:54:41 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: RE:
Sorry my speach is sometimes hard to understand for those small in brain size.
what i mean is you eem to be afraid to aquire the skills needs for the gods to
not worry about you beng hurt by someone of my skill. As far as that note yes
I asked to leave, but i was also brought back in by the old leader of forsaken
lord cedrick. I left the land to come back to see i was outcasted again. and
that was not from me asking. I was never around to be told why i was outcasted!
As far as being slayed, not entiraly true. Seeing i was weaken from battle
by one of the beast that runs these worlds and a member of your clan chooses
to attack at nearly dead player doesn't show that they are strong, maybe smart
to detail but not strong.

fragma slayner
thief for the wolf

17. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Sep 28 17:59:09 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: re:
Make no mistake, if Palermo and I were to
meet on the battlefield, with you in the
middle, our differences would be forgotten.

Get back to leveling ... you're starting to
smell like fish.

Lord Vicks Erebor

18. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sun Mar 2 10:19:02 2003
To: All
Subject: Drygonite 4
His words were as follows:
'Epyranth is known as the Ruler. He will come and appoint the one
Born to be King. Once the rightful King sits on his throne at
Xantheus, it will become an impenetrable land, untouchable by
He also spoke of the Djakiar and where they were. We asked him a
few questions about their location and how to get there. He told
us he wasn't a travel agent.
Imagine, hiring someone merely to buy you a ticket on a boat!
Palermo seemed to lose interest at this point, so Waldo and I
decided to investigate further, as I had seen a flag of the
Djakiaron the top of a mountain, claiming it for their own.
We found nothing but a flag.
I believe this needs further investigation and will continue
in my quest to find out more. Any information on this subject
would be greatly appreciated.

19. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Oct 7 19:28:17 2003
To: Nandor
Subject: Prayer
It can do much indeed.

But it cannot save the Forsaken.

Lord Vicks Erebor

20. Sender: Elstin
Date: Fri Oct 10 05:36:00 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Vicks, stop
I never asked you to trust and forget, I always, always
preach forgive, but never forget. I was simply saying that
if you don't trust them, then inviting them in could leave them
a big opening for attacking. Also, you have some blame for this war
to happen. You are not only quick to insult, but also quick to threaten.
There are times when I read your notes and with one tiny insult from one
person you threaten their life. Now, by chance, could you please use your
brain and think that maybe, just maybe, they didn't do anything to your
clearing and that possibly, the incohetion was never under their control
and it was an idle threat during a time of war? Please Vicks, think things
through more before insulting people, espcially myself, for I know many things
and I also tend to use my brain more than my, lack of, brawn.

Pope of the Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour

21. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Nov 14 18:17:11 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: re: Cares
Ok, we've established

a) You don't care about me
b) I don't care about you.

Now that we've got that out of the way,
Kindly shut up.

-Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

22. Sender: Azael
Date: Sat Nov 29 19:18:52 2003
To: Palermo
Subject: missing note
About your missing note.. i was unconscious the other day
the normal drinking mistake.. and when i came to. I was holding
a strange note, with the words "you suck donkey balls"
Could this have been yours? i still posess this note, if you
want me to return it.

Azael :)

23. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Dec 7 20:54:50 2003
To: Bolkins
Subject: Boat

You also have my aid in this matter, Bolkins, We have un-finished
business, but your boat is certainly needed, let me know of any
way I may help.

Sir Wedge Mathiu

24. Sender: Nandor
Date: Mon Oct 6 22:09:54 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
Pardon me but the witty reply was indeed mine, not Nightblade's. He
was simply doing me a favor in pointing out the falsehoods in your
statements. Unfortunately Vicks, our support is NOT meaningless. The
Hippie Church is not meaningless. We follow our God and I follow the
Pope as he is the head of the church. If he supports Forsaken then
it follows that Hip'pi supports Forsaken. You may not think much of
a kender or a lowly monk, but what do you think of a God?

Nandor Delacour
Brother of the Hippie Church

25. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Oct 5 02:32:37 2003
To: Nandor
Subject: Re:
Perhaps if you yourself were not a coward your words
would hold more weight with me. As it stands, I see
not how you figure into this conversation.

Lord Vicks Erebor

26. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Nov 11 04:46:09 2003
To: Drak
Subject: War
I have advised my clan ... and have shown considerable
restraint myself ... to relent in attacking your clan
for the time being. It was my hope that under a setting
of nonviolence a peace agreement could be reached.

However, it is beginning to seem that our end to the
violence is not acting in our favor; you negotiate to
prevent wars while you allow another to fester.

I hope that we need not proove that we make far better
allies than enemies.
I hope that you will adress this matter with the haste
and attention it deserves.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

27. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Fri Nov 14 23:38:02 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Hi
You kind of have to admit tho, he has a point Vicks. You always act mean
and threaten people. Heck every time I walk into the room you threaten me!
I really don't understand that. It's not like a steal stuff or anything.
But you always say that people are going to end up on your sword or
something goofy like that, but I've never seen a person on your sword so
I'm not sure if it ever really happens. Maybe after they go on your sword
they fall off or disappear! That would be so exciting to see someone
disappear like that!

28. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Oct 8 20:47:47 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: War
Ok, so you do not condone war...

Yet you support the Forsaken's war

Yet you do not support war?

Forgive me for my lack of clarity on this issue, but
I am affraid I shall need a clarification on this.
All I wish to know is whether ye be friend, foe, or
merely observers.

Lord Vicks Erebor

29. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Sep 11 21:53:56 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: Actions
Our terms of peace are simple, and have not changed
with the departure of Cedrick: Repair the damage
done, and Acerbus shall agree to begin peace
talks. Not only has the Forsaken failed to appologize
for their attack on our halls, you have yet to
even accept any responsibility for it.

This war will end on our terms, not yours. You
began this war in an attempt to intimidate us;
now you shall live with your consequences.

In short, your choices are to repair or regret.
The choice is yours, O'Mighty Lord.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

30. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Oct 9 16:36:47 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Life
No offense to you or your Church, but your words
are a joke. You feel that we are asking too much of
the Forsaken? To this point they have done *NOTHING* -
no appologies, no offers of aid ... they have yet to
even account for their actions regarding the incohation.
You would instruct me to stop refering to the Forsaken
as evil? They ARE evil. You say that allowing them into
our hall only opens us up for further attack ... should
I take this to mean that the Forsaken have plans to
strike again? You tell us to trust and forget, yet you
give us no reasons to do so. You have lost your path,
Elstin. You have lost your perspective.

Lord Vicks Erebor

31. Sender: Priestess
Date: Sat Nov 1 23:27:41 2003
To: All
Subject: From the Priestess of Ofcol
Our fair city came under attack from Fane Vattar's Legion of Darkness.
Only the brave attempts by Xanthean adventurers kept him from
consuming us all. For that we thank you.
They have moved on, heading east we believe.
They are searching for somewhere that they may call their stronghold.

32. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:01:25 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: re:
Thanks for getting to the point. Sometimes I forget myself and
use words vaguely in hopes that they will see my hints.
In which, I hope that they will stop and see the problem and get
a broader picture while thinking for themselves. Next time I see
you remind me and I'll buy the first round for you as soon as you
help me find my misplaced coin pouch. ;)

Glaykor Fawson, searcher of the sacred secrets.

33. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Oct 2 21:27:23 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: Summary
You are weak indeed, Quakank. Where is this clan you
speak of? Forsaken has no "ranks", at least none of
any strength or courage. You are affraid to die:
you will fade from these lands both a weakling and a

Lord Vicks Erebor

34. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Mon Feb 24 22:27:23 2003
To: Tshmakal
Subject: Bounties
Because we are at war with Ira anyway, I will take you up on your
offer, Tshmakal. I do consider Wedge a friend, but those other two
are scum as it is, and I must take such matters into my own hands.

Lord Cedrick Elysium
Leader of Forsaken

35. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Wed Nov 12 23:17:36 2003
To: Unclanned
Subject: Rallying cry
For those interested in a bit of work, please contact me.

Duke Cedrick Elysium

36. Sender: Quakank
Date: Fri Sep 12 18:19:32 2003
To: Ira
Subject: Re: cont.
because during war, our leaders are military leaders. They don't lead
as well during times of peace so we bring in new leaders who can do
the job better. But the constant through everything is Vicks. No matter
what changes in Forsaken, Vicks remains the same, and war eventually
starts again. What is the point of all this you ask? Simply this.

Vicks is a warmonger. Nothing more. He exists simply to create tension,
anger, and hatred between our clans. He causes war because he's afraid
that without a common enemy in Xantheus, everyone will realize how
corrupt he really is. You Indigo, have followed him too long. I've
never seen you spitting insults and throwing threats around, and yet
you've been leading Ira for a long time. Why do you follow such an
ignorant warmonger? Whatever your reason, I tell you this. My clan
is not the problem. We went to war to rid this city of the corrupt
leadership in your clan. This includes you and whoever else leads Ira
at this time. You are considered corrupt, simply because you follow
Vicks, and by the same token, your entire clan is the problem. I'm
getting tired of bothering with war though. I think it's time to make
everyone see just how deranged and corrupt your clans leadership really
is. If peace comes. No war will start again as long as I lead this clan.
Why? Because I want people to see what a mess Ira is. I want everyone to
see that Ira is NOTHING without a war.
NOTHING without Forsaken

37. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:17:30 2003
To: All
Subject: great loss
To all people of Xantheus,
I'm sad to announce that Elstin has passed away from us and
is now with Hip'pi. May his blessings shine upon us.
He gave his life to defend the city from the Matron Mother, when she
asked for the unconditional surrender of our town. With out his
power we might have all perished. Give thanks that a person
is willing to give up everything in his life for the good of all. May
there always be others to stand up for us when the time comes again.

Glaykor Fawson, Seacher for the sacred secrets

38. Sender: Indigo
Date: Sun Sep 14 22:07:37 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: Reply
First, I would like to address you, Quakank. In your note
you talk of how I am the best leader for Ira or I am a good
leader for them. But then you go on to say that I am corrupt.
I wish you would make up your mind as to what "I" am. I would
still like to talk to you about these matter personally. You can
use mudmail to speak to me if you wish. Secondly, I do not
appreciate you telling me you wish to speak to me alone
and then bringing up your problems on notes for me to address
them. I will be in touch.
-Indigo Erebor

39. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Nov 22 18:47:45 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re: :)
I thought you said Gods weren't here Vicks...and yet here you are thanking
one. You're very confusing. You said in note 69 on this very board:
"The Gods long ago left this Codex ... they abandonned it, so to
Despite the broken common you speak with, you thanked a God. Do you
mean to say you thank Hip'pi that Quakank and Harkonnen are not commonly
present around here? If so you should state outright what you mean.
When you're not busy threatening people you're making goofy statements.
Who's the doofy one now, hmm?

The "Doofy" Leader of Nonla Arahnala

40. Sender: Elstin
Date: Sun Oct 12 20:07:33 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Xantheus
And people wonder why I backed away from Xantheus and went to
explore and chart new lands and creatures. Everyon here is either
to stubborn or to much of a fool to try and solver problems,
but they all seem really good about trying to create and prolong
them. For now, I'm leaving Xantheus again, I hope upon my return you have thing
worked out. Good luck with all your problems, and don't look
to me for advice immediatly. Though I do hate to abandon such
a wonderful city. It just seems like my advice falls on deaf ears
and I am wasting breath.

Pope of the Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour
'Love and peace'

41. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Nov 23 18:17:48 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: re:
note write
A) I said the Gods have left this Codex. I never said they
no longer existed. Get your facts straight.
B) Nonla's have no place in a war such as this. Those who
stay clear of the violence will have no problems from me.
That you would attempt to take control of Nonla while preaching
your perverted and misguided thoughts on this war is a discrace
to the great halls of Nonla. If you would learn to shut your dopey
little mouth, you would not find yourself in the position you do.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

42. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Oct 12 20:54:04 2003
To: The People
Subject: Funniness
You know, I have been laughing for a really long time over the happenings
around here, but I wasn't sure if anyone else got the joke. It seemed that
no one had any idea just how funny everything was. So, I decided to search
back and point out some really funny stuff. Unfortunately for Vicks, most of
it deals with him, hehe.
Funny thing number 1: Every note Vicks writes has a threat or insult in it, or
is simply of a horribly aggressive nature. Look back through the notes. I'm
sure you'll notice it.
Number 2: Vicks' threats are aimed at anyone and anything. Notice how he tries
to threaten to kill Fane single-handedly, when he previously ran away like a
little girl.
Number 3: A simple kender making jokes drives people insane. Now THAT'S funny!
Number 4: Not just Vicks, but others as well state how Forsaken is practically
dead with no members, no activity, yaddayaddayadda. I want you to take notice
of ALL the other clans. Nonla: Most active clan with sometimes 3 members on at
one time!!! Most active member being myself. SoN: Second most active, only
because Glaykor reappeared and is acting all fancy all the time. Now the really
funny part. Now that Indigo is all evil and stuff, Ira really only has one
active member - Vicks. Now compare to Forsaken who has only one active member
- Quakank. That's funny, cause Vicks makes fun of Forsaken, when the only
active people in either clan is the two of them, and Quakank stated a long
time ago that he's not reading or responding to Vicks anymore. And then
Vicks is writing notes to Quakank constantly. See? Funny!!!
Number 5: Vicks says he isn't waiting for anything. See note 22:

43. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Feb 8 16:47:32 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: Dragons, Drow, and Elementals
The city was again attacked by Elementals. During our fight
with these elementals, a man showed up, claiming to be from
the mists north of the great continent. This man claims to guard
knowledge about the Great Dragons. He reports that one of the
great dragons, Epyranth, is awakening soon. Epyrnath is supposed
to be very similar to Falisvir, but much much older. This man
had a fellow traveler who dissapeared in the night while they
were traveling through the northern plains. It is believed
that this man was attacked by Drow. He sought refuge in Srobus'
hut. Upon arrival, the man was dying, not even the combined
efforts of Retribution and Payne could bring him back. Saul
attempted to give him another form of life, but it was also
fruitless. The man entrusted Saul with The Light of Hope,
making Saul the new Guardian of Hope. When he did this, he
said that "The Darkest Hour will Arrive, and From Thence
Will Rise the Greatest and Noblest of Dragons, and unto him must be
Presented the Light of Hope, that he may Rule Wisely" I believe
this to be good news, but we must be careful, and assist Saul
in whatever way we can. I am now seeking the man so that
I may question him further.

Sir Wedge Mathiu

44. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Tue Nov 25 00:15:58 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
A) And yet you thank them as if they were still here. As one is.
B) You will be happy to know then that I am no longer a Nonla
and thus am quite able to have a place in this war now. You say I'm
in a position of some sort, what position is that Vicks? I don't seem
to be under attack...I'm quite happy...my clan hall isn't all icky and
gross. I really don't know what you're talking about. As to me taking
control of Nonla, I simply did what needed to be done. Unfortunately
I was removed by a supreme being and Nonla will now fall into yet another
decade of pointless sitting and blathering about waffles. You say my
thoughts were a disgrace to the "great halls of Nonla." I must say that
I'm not so sure I disagree. Indeed, by the measures of Nonla as it
currently is, they were a disgrace. But I felt things needed changing
and thus took it into my own hands. There was a time when Nonla was
open to reform, in fact I helped push a few changes myself that were
accepted back then, and they were definitely for the better. But now
the clan is a blob of inactivity and stubborness that simply will not
budge. Not my problem anymore. Perhaps now that I'm free to do as I
wish we can end this grotesque display of verbal annihilation I've
laid down on you these past months.

Nightblade Caruso

PS- Where'd Palermo's note go to? It was the first I've actually agreed
with him on and it was very true and amusing.

45. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sun Mar 2 10:18:26 2003
To: All
Subject: Drygonite 3
A battle ensued,and since heavy breathing and weapon use doesn't
make for good information gathering, nothing more was learned.
At least we got a reaction out of him.
So many of the people here don't respond when spoken to.
After trying a few more times to speak with him and a several
of his rather nasty cohorts, we heard a voice from above, telling
us that these remains would tell us nothing useful.
Imagine our surprise when we learned that the voice was none other
than Brother Andersen, an old teacher that we had all learned from
in our youths. He still lives in the same place and doesn't look
like he has aged a day since I last saw him.
Brother Andersen told us that a true dragon was destined to return
to this place and that his name was Epyranth.
We were chatting for a bit and then he broke off into prophecy....

46. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Oct 12 20:54:14 2003
To: The People
Subject: cont
Indigo may speak to you all he wishes, for the good
that it will do ... I shall wait for someone of more
authority to take the reins.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Soldier of Acerbus

See? That's funny too cause he actually said he's waiting for something
from Forsaken, but then says he isn't. This is after he tries to make
fun of Elstin for the same idea, although I think Vicks just misunderstood

Anyway, if anyone else finds this funny, please tell me. Then we can go
sit in the tavern with Hrothgar and laugh it up.

Laughing Like Mad Kender of the Hippie Church

47. Sender: Rorick
Date: Sun Feb 9 12:36:27 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Drow
Today Our beloved town was attacked by the drow.
I fear the worst is yet to come, they have created
an army and send troops one by one. A group of
Drow destoryed the Manor. The Second floor
rooms are completely destoryed

Citizen, watch your back, the worst is yet to come.

Rorick Cutpurse...

48. Sender: Quakank
Date: Thu Oct 2 19:31:30 2003
To: Fraggy
Subject: Re:
Fragma, you disappoint me. You and Shadowkaun were not "taken out" of
Forsaken. You left, by your own choice. In fact the notes you both wrote
still exist on our clan board! You specifically asked to be removed, and
thus you were. I do believe that following that you Fragma were slain by
a member of Forsaken. If this truly is a clan of the wear and powerless
then apparently you're in the wrong place my friend and someone in Forsaken
needs to be kicked out. Luckily though, Forsaken is -not- the weak clan
you make it out to be, so I will not have to deal with you in the ranks
beside me any longer.
On your next claim I am a bit confused. What is this 'leveling' that you
speak of? Surely that is not a common phrase in this world, perhaps
someone should research that...


49. Sender: Quakank
Date: Fri Nov 14 02:31:24 2003
To: Cedrick
Subject: Re:
That note is rather confusing Cedrick.
"I don't understand why such a man as you wishes to fight someone
who desires a mutual understanding..."
Not hard to understand. He doesn't want peace my friend. He never has.
He never will. I wonder how long it will be before the people of this
city actually open their eyes. Maybe when that time comes Xantheus will
finally see peace on all fronts, not just the interior struggles. It
is truly not safe to walk the world blind.

Devoted of Hip'pi

50. Sender: Quakank
Date: Fri Oct 3 17:55:49 2003
To: Fragma
Subject: Re:
Indeed your speech is sometimes hard to understand Fragma, but I really
don't think that's due to the reader's brain size. Perhaps you should
read over your messages before posting them so that you don't look silly
talking about "speach" "eem" "aquire" etc.
Now that that is cleared up, on to real business.
You and your brother were indeed brought back into the ranks of Forsaken.
I know this. Unfortunately for you, no matter what your intent was, the
person who reinducted you was not truly Cedrick. I have explained this to
your brother so perhaps you should have some family time with him and get
things cleared up? It is not my problem if your family is dysfunctional and
doesn't speak to one another. As far as being removed from the clan the second
time, I really had no choice. You were inducted by an imposter after previously
leaving the clan in a maddened rage. What am I to think Fragma? A change of
heart came over you and your brother and it's just a coincidence that you were
inducted by an imposter? That doesn't exactly look good for you two. Especially
since Shadowkaun acted as a spy in the Ira ranks for us for so long. It's hard
to put those ways behind you. No choice you see?
Your words are true when you say our members are smart. I have preached long
and hard about intelligence over brawn in battle. I have also stated more than
once to be sure, that this is truly war. If your enemy is weak and defenseless
and standing right in front of you, of course you'll kill them. That's simply
how it is. I always stress the use of intelligence in battle. That has been my
way for longer than I can remember. The fact remains that you were weak in the
mind, and thus taken down by those that are stronger.

51. Sender: Drak
Date: Mon Feb 10 13:53:17 2003
To: All
Subject: Battle(cont)
sweat of those choosen few who would see evil
purged from these lands, and those who wish for
none to exist whos evil can surpass their own.

As the battle flickered and died out so did the
drow and their evil ambition to overtake our home
but victory comes with a price ... the once
beautifull and glorious manor was destroyed along
with many precious memories of my own, leaving
a burned out and hollow shell where it once stood.

Is this the end, or merely a glimpse of things
to come ... can a battle ever truly be called
great ? Only time holds these answers.

52. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Oct 26 23:06:47 2003
To: All
Subject: latest attack
To all here,
Another attack happened. This time a large group of orcs and
trolls marched on the village of Gedhron on their way to attack
Reinhold Castle. The Duke enlisted our help and we charged off to do
battle. Saul, Diexer, Jander, Vicks, Retribution and myself
did our best to slow the advances of the forces while the Duke
prepared his forces. Even though I didn't get a chance to view
the leader of the forces, the description sounded a lot like Indigo
who was possessed by Fane.
Fane is looking for a fortress to inhabit and his forces were stronger
than the ordinary orcs and trolls that we are used to.
With the help of the Duke's forces we were finally able to
repel the forces and finish of the remaining few.
One strange thing, one of the orcs, when it died had a strange
glow that flashed around its neck.
All tavelers keep your eyes open for these forces in case they try

Also, thank you to Lucifer who got us the message from Duke Reinhold
so we could get there in time to help.

Glaykor Fawson, Keeper of the sacred secrets.

53. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Fri Oct 10 17:48:03 2003
To: Vickie
Subject: Neeener
I actually spend a ton of time with Hrothgar. Me and him are really
good friends! Anyway, if you respect Elstin so much, name him by his
proper title, which he earned and deserves. I think you'll find it hard
to speak with him if you don't even know his station.
Secondly, you are really sick Vicks. Not many people I know would willingly
like to see a dead body all bloated and smelly and gross. Maybe you should
ask Elstin for some healing of the mind hmm? I do believe that would
help the situation considerably anyway, since it's quite obvious the main
problem here is your sanity.

Kender of the Hippie Church

54. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Nov 14 03:30:14 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
No, you'll be in touch with me as well. This concerns me as much
as, if not more than, Drak, and anything you need to say to him
you can say to me. This isn't only your concern.


55. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Dec 6 23:03:07 2003
To: Bolkins
Subject: re: Your boat

If there is anything that I or my clan can do to aid
you, in any fashion, you need only say the word.
I shall instruct my clan to track the whereabouts of
the creatures that destroyed your boat ... Something
tells me that Fane is somehow related to all this.

Take care, Master Bolkins ... and do not do anything
that might put your life in danger. You have done much
for the adventurers of this town; it seems the time to
repay you has arrived.

Lord Vicks Erebor
General of the Armies of Acerbus

56. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Oct 9 03:47:31 2003
To: Wedge
Subject: re: Agreement
Acerbus will sign no treaties involving the
Forsaken until they offer their surrender and
agree to our terms.

Lord Vicks Erebor

57. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Sep 15 03:45:22 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Memories
Let me begin by stating I have no ill will
towards the Hip'pi Churh ... my brother is correct in his
words to you. Quakank is a fool ... he has much to learn.

As for memories of the Ira/SoN war, I have a few myself.
I remember you swearing allegiance to Acerbus prior to the war.
I remember you accepting funds from our clan so that you
could aid us with your brewing and scribing. I remember
you betraying us ... taking our money and giving the
potions to Sword of Night.

I remember taking the potions from Alucard's corpse myself.

After all this, I would still harbour no ill feelings towards
you or your Church ... after all, the past is the past.
However, I seek meeting with you so that we may end this
before it goes too far; any friend of Quakank's is no friend
of Acerbus.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

58. Sender: Indigo
Date: Sun Sep 14 22:11:00 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Hip'pi Church
Dear Pope,
I have been a life long friend to you Elstin. You were
even a member of Acerbus Ira for a long time. I don't
understand your sudden hatred towards us, your roots.
Vicks was not insult the Church he was merely just
stating that perhaps Quakank should become a member
and follow your great teachings. I myself have been a
member since its creation and I hope you remember
me, your friend. Please do not involve yourself with
these dark dealings of war.
Your Friend, Indigo Erebor

59. Sender: Jithe
Date: Thu Sep 25 23:43:33 2003
To: "Fane"
Subject: Meeting
I desire to meet with you.

Jithe, the mercenary

60. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:08:59 2003
To: All
Subject: Elstin
Today Xantheus is gripped in sadness. As our great Pope Elstin was
meditating near Mirza a drow Matron entered and attempted to confront
him. The people of this town willingly defended our Pope until the
Matron turned on them. Through prayer and the power and goodness of
Hip'pi Elstin rose and smote the drow down in a blast of light. It
seems Hip'pi had finally decided to allow Elstin to join him, and
in this final act of protection of the people, our Pope joined Hip'pi
at his side. As Elstin died, his features grew much older until he
finally disappeared in a burst of light, leaving behind Honor Blade,
his Holy Symbol of Hip'pi, and rose petals for all who were present.
We all heard Elstin's final message, "Thank you for freeing me of my
curse." Our great Pope has finally left us and is now where he truly
belongs. He was a great friend of mine, as close to family as I had,
and I will surely mourn his loss as I'm sure many others in this land
will. But I must also rejoice, for he has finally after a long time
been released from this world and stands now beside Hip'pi. We will
all miss him, for he was the greatest man this fair city ever saw.

61. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Nov 14 02:41:48 2003
To: Quak/Ced
Subject: Appologies
I appologize ... I forgot that the two of you are
such upstanding, law abiding citizens.

Give me a break. The two of you have caused me nothing
but headaches since you stumbled into leadership ... just
be happy Drak has stepped up to save your sorry little clan,
and enjoy whatever days you may have left as a leader.

I will be in touch ... with Drak, of course. The two of
you are no longer relevant in my eyes.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

62. Sender: Indigo
Date: Wed Sep 24 01:50:57 2003
To: Acerbus Ira
Subject: Join Us
Dear Acerbus Ira,
I have come to you with a proposition. I request that you join us,
if you do not then you will be subject to many painful deaths. If
you join us then you will also receive "aid" in certain areas that
will perhaps interest you. You will become very strong. I enjoy
hearing your answer.
Fane Vattar

63. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Oct 7 17:06:09 2003
To: Night/Nandor
Subject: Aid
I am interested as to what aspects of this war, as peacefuls,
you support, and in what ways you would do so?

Wax the boots of the soldiers? Stitch the tears in their
garb? Perhaps prepare a nice warm meal for them?
Or would you simply pray for them?

As helpful to Forsaken as I'm sure all these things could be,
I'm quite sure they *desperately* require support on the
battlefield, as opposed to off of it.

Without soldiers, Forsaken will have no side for you to
offer your support.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

64. Sender: Saul
Date: Sun Oct 12 23:16:07 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: a tattered piece of parchment
On this Day of Deception, 16th the Month of the Ancient Darkness,
the Pope Elstin Delacour has given his life freely in return for the
protection of our City of Xantheus.
Earlier, in response to an attack from a Drow Matron Mother, the
brave adventureres: Retribution, Vicks, Glaykor, Nightblade, Gorgoth
and myself intered into battle. It became readily aparent that the
Drow would soon overcome these brave adventureres. Elstin Delacour
then stepped into the battle in one flash of light slaying the
powerfull Drow Matron Mother with the power of the Hip'pi, thus
saving all of the lives of the adventureres and Xantheus as a whole.
Having thus expelled much energy, the Pope fell to the ground,
and after some magical properties took form around him, breathed his
last. On his passing he vanished and left behind a few powerfull
relics of the Hip'pi. The adventureres devided these relics up so as
to remember the Pope always. Furthuring the memory of the Pope's
essense were magical flower petals from the Hip'pi that fell from the
sky on the adventureres.
The Pope Elstin Delacour will not be forgotten as he gave his
life up for Xantheus and all the people this great city houses. I
would not even be to surprised if we were to feel his essense guiding
our city, or even to glimpse a ghost of his former self wandering
around these magical lands. Rest in peace Elstin Delacour.

65. Sender: Elstin
Date: Mon Sep 15 04:49:24 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Re:
It appears you all have misunderstood what I meant by my last
note. The Hip'pi church does embrace peace, but I was simply
trying to get across that I agree with Quakank here. I meant
not to create hostilities between myself and anyone as it appears
I did. I also did not mean to come off that the church in any
way using power as a threat as Gorok took it. I was simple
saying that support Quakank in this current feud between
Ira and Forsaken. Now VIcks, I will meet with you, but you must come
tthe Hippie Church's catherdral because as of now I am very
weak after a large ceromony. As to Palermo
You can attack me for being kind to the Kindred but I am here
to tell you now, I know more of them then you ever shall and I
am currently seeking a way to free them of their curse so their
binds on humanity may be removed. If you want to gather knowledge
talk to me, do not threaten me. I am afriad that if you ever
did find me outside and attacked me, you will know how much
my God does support and love me. I hope to one day shed the light
of Hip'pi to you all.
Indigo I do remember you and I embrace you as a brother and I mean
no ill towards Ira in any violent ways. I would also like to talk to
you and catch up on old times. As for my roots, they were first with Nonla
and now they are here again.
Pope of the Hippie Church, Elstin Delacour

66. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Oct 12 19:09:02 2003
To: Glaykor
Subject: Suffering
note write
Rest assured, Lord Glaykor, we "wait" for the Forsaken to do
nothing. They have no strength, no honor, and no wisdom. They
are cowards and fools. This town needs not the protection of the
Forsaken; for this reason, Acerbus is in no hurry to end this war.
You may also rest assured my clan does not suffer, nor have they been
drawn into a war against their will. They have my support and I have
theirs: the Forsaken will be held responsible for their actions.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

67. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Sep 20 01:00:37 2003
To: All
Subject: Fane Vattarl
So there we were, Glaykor the fancy Cleric, Vicks the big-mouthed Ranger,
Indigo the soon-to-be mean chap, and of course myself, Nightblade the
Happy, Flappy, Mappy, Sappy, kender. We were sitting with Mirza when
suddenly a shadow passes just out of view! Then a couple of mean elementals
appeared and we decided to deal with them. They were dispatched easily.
Soon after the darkness starting pulsating a bit and landed on me and SWOOSH!
It took me away! As I sat in nothingness a felt something in my head, then
a voice told me I was too weak!!! Hmph, the nerve of darkness. Anyway, he
chucked me back to everyone else and we went to Zorian for help.
We asked him what to do about this Inchoation and advised us to check
out the chessboard since the darkness was heading there. After a bit
he came up with some parchment telling us how to close off the chessboard
and it's powers and such. Really hard to understand when the ole feller
speaks in riddles and such. He really should learn some conversation skills.
Anyway, we had to line up the chessboard pieces with power in the center
and crucial on the outside. We spent several hours debating, in the mean
time the shadow tried to grab Glaykor but got slapped away by his cool
clericalness. By the time we finally started with placing pieces, Indigo
got taken away for quite a while, and then when he returned and I asked
him how the possessing was he said something to the effect of, "I am
Fane Vattarl, (something) of evil!" Then he attacked Vicks!
After easily dispatching Vicks, he attacked me! ME! Of all people!
Well I didn't stand a chance against quantum spikes and such and I went
down. Fane disappeared and Zorian said we took too long and the darkness

68. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Sep 28 05:01:07 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Palermo
Let it be known that Palermo has stated his
desire to leave Acerbus Ira. His business is
now none of Acerbus' concern. For the moment,
at least ;)

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

69. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 15 17:03:04 2003
To: Harkonnen
Subject: No better?
I need not answer to the likes of you, boy. In fact,
I value your opinion about as much as I value Quakank's.

Thank God neither of you spends much time in Arathnos.

Lord Vicks Erebor

70. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sat Oct 11 02:49:19 2003
To: All
Subject: insults
For the last 30 notes all it's been is constant bickering and insults
flying, and mud slinging. Some advice was given, more insults fly.
Try to solve the problem at hand and not look for more fights and
hurt feelings. While you are wasting time with this, who knows
what is going to hit our fair city next.
You know there are natural ways to take care of poluted waters
and what sounds like some drastic environmental changes. You might
want to talk to a druid. They might know more than I. But I have some plans
that I've seen work before. What we need to work on is these attacks on
our city before things get out of hand like last time and we act too late.

If you want to talk, you know how to find me.

Glaykor Fawson, searcher of sacred secrets

71. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Oct 11 02:20:57 2003
To: Nighty
Subject: Re:
If it will shut you up, then it is sufficient.

Lord Vicks Erebor

72. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:53:22 2003
To: Fragma
Subject: faith
There is more to Gods than just stepping in and solving our
problems. What would we become if all we had to do is pray
a problem away and all will be okay. Just think how lax life
would be if they aways took care of us. There would be no growth
of spirit or character. No. The power Elstin produced is
way beyond anything I've seen any other do. It was his care
for his city and of us powered with his faith in Hip'pi. He
willingly gave himself to destroy this threat as all there
could confirm. And he happily did it for us, and went to join Hip'pi in
his sanctuary.
Don't belittle the things he did for us and in the name of Hip'pi.

Glaykor Fawson, searcher of the sacred secrets

73. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Oct 9 04:40:34 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Re: Bloodshed
We were the ones who were attacked, Elstin ... what if
it had been your Church, burned to the ground ... what then?
You would allow them to destroy your property and mock you,
without a hint of remorse or appology? Nay, Elstin, I
understand far too well.

Forsaken began this war on their terms.
Acerbus shall end it on ours.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

74. Sender: Indigo
Date: Fri Sep 12 01:23:50 2003
To: Quakank, Forsaken
Subject: This War
I have been gone from these lands for many years now. I had
a personal crusade that rendered me to travel far from my home.
I left shortly after this "war" began. I saw the carnage and even
felt the wrath myself. After the war began I personally asked for
peace from Forsaken, Cedrick's response was "Vicks is a moron."
It amazed me that this war was based on one clans hatred
for another ones leader. Vicks leads Acerbus Ira, Acerbus Ira is
not Vicks.
My brother is stubborn this I know, but he is not impossible to deal
with. Cedrick refused to even listen to anything I have to say. So I
left on my journey. Many days past until I returned. I arrived here
only to see my clan hall left in ruins due to Forsaken. Even now
Forsaken is blaming us both for the war and for our own
clanhall's devastation. Now I personally believe that I'm a peaceful
man, and through my 1100 years as a resident of Xantheus I think
I am a respectable person. I don't intend you, Quakank, to fix
or even take full blame for this deed. I just hope that you will
lead Forsaken from this dark age and talk with me. I don't hate
Forsaken, I was once a member long ago. I left when the leader-
ship went bad. Then it went to good, to bad, to worse. I hope you
have good intentions for your clan, and I would like to talk to you
in a peaceful conference.
Your Friend,
Indigo Erebor

75. Sender: Doreen
Date: Sat Nov 1 05:58:25 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: The Call of the Seabass
Inspired by and dedicated to Drak and Jander.

The Call of the Seabass

Out on the waves where I'll always roam,
Upon the great waters happy I'll be,
Though I must abandon the comforts of home,
The Call of the Seabass takes me to sea,

The ocean she is a wearying mistress,
And sailing can leave a body withdrawn,
The heart grows cold and the spirit restless,
But the Call of the Seabass drives me on,

We lost forty good men in the wreck of the Vesper,
In the poor year of eighteen-eleven,
May their deaths be much as their lives were,
And the Call of the Seabass guide them to Heaven,

What sailor's not stood in the mainland's great thronging,
And said "This was my last trip, my loved ones insist."
Then stood by the sea and fought his great longing,
For the Call of the Seabass few men can resist,

76. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Oct 12 20:40:26 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Missed it again
How thick can you be? I don't care about your petty war.
And you've just proven evrything that Saken and the rest have said
about you. All you have is war and conquest in your mind and you still
can't write a note without insulting everyone. Almost every note you
write and every sentence you say, you have to take a rip at
someone. I've mentioned there are ways to fix what you need done.
I've never mentioned anything about your war's cause. I don't care
about it's cause. I care about the outcome and what it means to the
city. Heck, currently there aren't even the same people in this war anymore.
Your war has grown stagnant. There isn't even a point to win anymore.
The city needs your help as well as your own clan members.
Just declare a simple truce and fix what needs to get done, and
prepare for the next attack on the city.
THAT'S what we are all trying to tell you. There will never be a true peace
but we can at least put it behind for a while. New threats demand our
attention. That's what I've been trying to say.
And insult my intelligence all you want. I'll not make anymore effort
on this. We'll meed room for important messages about Fane and
things we can do to stop this.
Thanks for your time,
Glaykor Fawson, searcher for the sacred secrets

77. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Nov 13 03:50:08 2003
To: Cedrick
Subject: Incohation
Give me the details about the attack on the
Forests of Acerbus, or I shall hunt you to the
end of your pitiful days.

Lord Vicks Erebor

78. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 13 05:52:21 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: re:
What Palermo said

-Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

79. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:42:59 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Elstin
Elstin has done many great things for the people; he has cured
many ailments and fought many evil entities; I am sure we are
all saddened by his loss. He even cured a permanent wound I receieved
from drygonite, and assisted me in finding a way to resist its affects.
I am sure many others have similar stories. I hope his legacy can live
on, through his church and its members, as well as through his deeds.
Let's not let his death be meaningless. I hope it opens our eyes to the
other dangers that exist in the world, and the evils that reside outside
these walls. I will soon be setting off to search for a man Elstin knew,
to let him know of the news. I do not know where to begin looking, for
I know him only by name: Copimius. I will also be stopping by the church
of Hip'pi to pay my respects.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

80. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Oct 11 03:12:46 2003
To: Glaykor/all
Subject: Forsaken
The reason this war persists is that the Forsaken
refuse to do *anything* to aid us in curing our
clearing of the disease they unleashed upon it.
They are proven liars and cowards, and I see no
hope of change. Until we see a reasonable amount
of co-operation from the Forsaken, we shall hunt
them. I will declare no truce until a solution
is reached and progress is made.

Some would say that Acerbus asks too much ... I would
say that those people are either extremely biased, or
extremely ignorant. What is your take on the matter,
Lord Glaykor?

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

81. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Sep 20 01:00:59 2003
To: All
Subject: Cont.
had found a victim. That's about it for now. I'm still mad at him for
calling me weak tho...

Kender of Xantheus

82. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Sep 22 18:19:45 2003
To: All
Subject: re: Glaykor's note
Lord Glaykor brings up an interesting point ... my attacks
were also of no use against Fane. It seems as though we
will need Zorian's aid to disrupt his hold on Indigo.
Should you encounter him, I suggest you make haste
and be on your way.

Lord Vicks Erebor

83. Sender: Balsa
Date: Sun Mar 2 10:17:49 2003
To: All
Subject: Drygonite 2
This thief god's logic being mortals, being rather weak and power
hungry, would probably use the Drygonite to wreak havoc against
the dragons, leaving the Gods unchallenged in their power and him
with his hands clean of any real wrong doing.
Thinking that perhaps a well established thief might know more on
this subject, Waldo went alone to speak with the thief in
Ryshikannan, as she doesn't like me much and Palermo had not yet
met her.
Her response was less than friendly.
We returned to speak more to Buraf. We spoke of the ghosts of the
gods and thought perhaps they might answer a few of our questions.
Off to the ancient battleground of the gods.
We asked the remains of the god of thieves if he had anything to
tell us to enlighten us further in our quest for knowledge. His
response was much like the thief previously encountered. (These
thief types seem to be so touchy!)

84. Sender: Gorock
Date: Sun Oct 5 07:21:47 2003
To: Nandor
Subject: READ
Well i am grately sorrow that you have misunderstood yourself nandor
appologize for disgraceing the clan halls i call home.
the only home that has taken care of me
no one is perfect but ira is the closest
if you do not withdraw your words then you have made a mistake.
i dont disgrace anyone except forsaken.
and i have a reason to punish them with words.
i was in their halls and i was in the middle of the crooked
ways of the forsaken

85. Sender: Nandor
Date: Tue Oct 7 19:10:22 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
You would be surprised just how much prayer can do.

86. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Nov 30 05:13:08 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Recent Events Pt.2
A group of us travelled to Pentir (I will not name names
for fear of leaving anyone out), and eventually our group
was able to locate the Mage. Her name was Fire, and
she seemed quite unhappy to see us, to see the least.
It seems that Nightblade, in an attempt to steal the
item that we needed to destroy the elementals' influence,
angered the mage to the point of attack. Forced into
battle, we had no choice but to kill her.

Upon our return to Xantheus, we sacrificed the object at
the Square (as we were told that this should be done at a
location central to Xantheus. A few moments later, a light
elemental that had appeared crackled and fractured.
It seems that Xantheus is now safe from the danger posed
by these elementals.

I am sorry if I have left anything out; I ask others
to add whatever they feel necessary.

Today is a good day for Xantheus.

Lord Vicks Erebor

87. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Sun Nov 2 23:54:40 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Hi!
I'm back. I guess Quakank is to remain leader of Forsaken, though
I dunno how long that'll last...


88. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 20 02:49:44 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: re: Aid
Your aid was far too late to be of any good to
me ... although your efforts are appreciated,
they in no way saved my life.

Lord Vicks Erebor

89. Sender: Gnimelf
Date: Mon Oct 13 05:36:48 2003
To: All
Subject: elstin
I rember when the great god Hip'pi first came and showed himself to Elstin.
back then he couldn't find anyone to believe him. There was only
Selmer and Elstin. Through thier great strengh in their faith the converted
Akastron to the ways of Hip'pi. And from Akastron came I Gnimelf, known
back then Gnimelf MacMourgh, sorry if that wrong, i am losing my memory in my
olden age. I rembering havng to fight with people that Hip'pi was real, and
not just a joke, the town did finally give us the church that we needed,
but not on the mainland, but the island, i didn't get the chance to see the
church grow into what it is now, with so many members and believers.
Elstin was truelly a grean man that devoted his life to saving others, and this
devotion caused his death. Let us not forget him, lets all for atlest one day
forget the wars between The wolf and Forsaken, the battles between the peaceful
and the deadly and have a day of morning for our fallen brother, to show that
his death was not in vain. this is what i ask of all of you. In the name of
Elstin and in the name of the great god Hip'pi.

Gnimelf Humperdink

90. Sender: Wedge
Date: Wed Sep 24 16:44:49 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: Fane
I have not yet spoken to this entity, but from what I know, he must
be eleminated. I plan to use Nonla's full resources to assist in
getting rid of Fane Vattal should he prove to indeed be a threat.

May Falisvir Bless and Protect us all,
Sir Wedge Mathiu, No.1 Nonla Arahnala

91. Sender: Elstin
Date: Thu Oct 9 04:05:35 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Re:Vicks
It appears as if you don't seem to understand very
much. What I was saying was that The Hippie Church
supports Forsaken's dicision to not sign under your
terms as that will only cause more wars in the future
Don't you learn from past mistakes? By asking so much you
only invite more bloodshed. You really need to learn to read
more than just what you want to see Vicks. If I am the first
person to tell you this, then it is sad and I can only blame
myself. Also from past arguments I can see that you hardly
ever come to fully understand what people are saying and only
see what you want to see. The church still feels strongly you
adjust your terms and finally end this war instead of prolongingi
it. Maybe it isn't forsaken causing bloodshed, but Acerbus.

Pope of th Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour

92. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Sep 24 03:08:14 2003
To: Fane
Subject: "Aid"
The only "aid" I would ask of you is that you release
your control over my brother ... if you fail to do so,
I shall have no choice but to kill you.

You dare threaten us? Return from whence you came,
or Acerbus shall remove you from these lands by force.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Assassin of Acerbus
Leader, Acerbus Ira

93. Sender: Quakank
Date: Thu Sep 11 23:53:02 2003
To: Ira
Subject: Re:
Since apparently you neglected to read my note beyond the first sentence,
I feel no need to answer what I've already stated once. You may now go back
and read, slowly if your intelligence demands it, and then answer your own
On to new business. I never asked for your terms of surrender, but if you'd
like to state them now, I'll gladly listen and read thoroughly.
I feel no need to apologize for the actions of my clan and comrades since this
is indeed war. I ask for no apologies from yourself. This - is - war. Should I
say it again? I hope I don't need to but your recent writings seem to demand
people to write the exact same things over and over for it to all sink into
your brain...or lack there of.
When it comes to accepting responsibility for the destruction of your clearing,
I'll gladly take it. But I feel I must spread this love and glory through to my
entire clan and any others involved. For surely without the combined efforts we
could never have accomplished such a glorious strike.
I'll gladly live with any consequences of war, and I feel like reiterating this
from my previous note, if only to make a simple point: I willingly accept any
losses during a war. That's just part of war. YOU are the one who doesn't seem
to be able to accept the consequences.
Finally, I'd like to settle a trivial matter. I am not a Lord. I refuse the
title as I do not plan to remain leader of this clan. I never aspired to
lead, and do not plan on staying in this position. I will find a replacement
and then return to my number 1 position and serve as an advisor, as was my
original desire when I joined under Cedrick.

94. Sender: Gorock
Date: Sun Sep 14 21:51:31 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: POWER
OK i would like to point out the fact that you elstin need to recognize
the place in which you stand
You may be of a great church but from my knowledge, church's know not of war.
They as i believe take peace and mend it into everyone's soul.
I would wish that you would NOT take this power that you have
and believe that you are some type of god.
And the statement that you helped in attacking ira i despise that

95. Sender: Fragma
Date: Thu Oct 2 05:23:12 2003
To: All
Subject: Forsaken doom
For those who are left in Forsaken
Though you may find yourself in the rank of this shattered clan don't feel
safe. For if you show promise or stengh they take you out of their ranks.
It seems the only people worthy to be within their ranks is the ones that are
weak and powerless. Tis this not why me and my brother were taken out? because
i know it was not for dishonar or loyalty. Forsaken does not stand a chance, a
leader afriad to level is not going to make it agianst of clan of such power
as ira is. the wolf i am sure will forever out last the petty forsaken
I bet my life and soul on it. I may have followed a path that i am now ashamed
of, but no longer am I. For hail the wolf and hail Ira! Long live the wolf!
and sort live the forsaken!

Fragma Slayner
Thief for the Wolf

96. Sender: Harkonnen
Date: Sat Nov 15 07:36:42 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
You accuse them of not being law abiding? Yet what have they done that
you have not? They have killed, but so has Ira, they have stolen, but
so has Ira. So unless you are saying that your clan hasn't killed any
of the Forsaken, you are no better than them.

97. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Fri Oct 10 14:55:45 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: WHOA!
Wow, I think that was the most incredibly lame attempt at an insult
that I've ever heard in my entire life. Oooooo Elstin, he called you
Bishop! Oh my! Don't explode Elstin, it's just an insult! Vicks, how
dare you use such a deep striking insult on the Pope! I thought you
knew better!

Seriously...that was REALLY weak.

Kender of the Hippie Church

98. Sender: Palermo
Date: Thu Nov 27 22:31:32 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: Missing Note
I believe my missing note ran away. If someone were to have found it
then it probably says something about how Indra said not to post
pointless comments when his whole note(# 132) was exactly that. Also,
if anyone finds my missing note I will kindly give them 100 gold
pieces and some rabbit meat.


99. Sender: Quakank
Date: Fri Nov 14 15:10:27 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
I will make an exception to a rule I laid down for myself long ago.
I would like to point out Vicks that long ago I stated I would no
longer reply or even read any note you ever posted because every
single thing you write is the EXACT same thing you ALWAYS say on
EVERY note. Thus you proved how pointless it is to even listen to
For those people who tire of reading Vicks' notes, here is the main
idea on all of them:
Me strong! Do this or me kill you! HAHAHAH

That's about it.
Because of this Vicks, it's really quite silly to try and claim
that you're not going to be in touch with myself, or that I'm even
relevant to you because in truth, you never were, and of course I
was never relevant because I never talked to you. I only make this
exception because I think you have forgotten how little I care. So,
I reiterate. I do not care. At all. I never have. I never will.

Devoted of Hip'pi

PS- I know you will probably attempt to write a witty response and fail
miserably, so please don't even bother to respond. I'm not going to read
it anyway. Thanks!

100. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Oct 10 07:27:26 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Truth
You are truely a fool. You would dare deny the damage that
they caused? Do not ever speak to me of truth, Bishop Elstin,
for know I know that you truly know nothing on the matter.

Lord Vicks Erebor

101. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Feb 23 13:56:58 2003
To: Tshmakal
Subject: Bounties

Why is it you wish to see Indigo and Vicks dead? They have done
nothing to you. If you are ever here again, be sure to find me,
I have a favor to return.

Sir Wedge Mathiu

102. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Thu Sep 4 23:38:12 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: Pentir (cont)
In additional, the healer told us that someone failed to harness the
inchoation, and that a shroud of darkness had fallen over the western
portion of Pentir!

103. Sender: Fragma
Date: Sun Oct 12 22:40:55 2003
To: All
Subject: elstin and god?
Some god this Hip'pi must be to allow one of its great followers to fall.
wow guys this god must really care for you, letting you die off, what
a joke, please tell me you don't believe in that crap. The gods have long left
this place, you fools there is no gods, no one watcing us, and no one caring.
people just don't put your silly lives in the hands of somthing that just isn't
there or you will end up like the great but foolish man Elstin, dead and gone
I will trully miss Him, and i will say that guy was awsome to give his life for
the town and the people in it, but it wasn't no fake god that did it
it was him

Fragma Slayner

104. Sender: Zorian
Date: Fri Sep 19 23:32:02 2003
To: All
Subject: Inchoation
It is a mystifying thing. The dark energies have been released,
and will embody a living being to bring death and destruction on
our lands. Resist!

105. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 20 23:46:44 2003
To: Zorian
Subject: Incohations
I have some questions regarding these Incohations.
Let me know at a time when you are available
to give counsil.

Lord Vicks Erebor

106. Sender: Fragma
Date: Thu Sep 4 22:54:27 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: pentir
The healer of Pentir has come to us with a warning. A warning that
the elements of our fair lands are attacking. Good nor evil could stop it
on Pentir. The healer has warned of the power and that it must be stopped
please everyone in this fair land to watch out

the traviling fighters

107. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Oct 6 22:22:57 2003
To: Nandor
Subject: Gods
The Gods long ago left this Codex ... they abandonned it,
so to speak. All that remains of them is in Spirit.

As for your Church, many of my clan are considered members
in your parish; Would you use the Church as a method of
intimidation? If you wish to see blood spilt, have the
courage to do it yourself; your cheerleading will be of
no service to anyone.

Lord Vicks Erebor

108. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Nov 29 00:34:21 2003
To: Drak
Subject: Incohation
I wish to know what has been done, what can be done,
and what will be done regarding the Incohation beneath
your halls. The peace between our clans may rest within
this discussion. I ask that you visit me, upon your
next convienience.

Lord Vicks Erebor

109. Sender: Bolkins
Date: Sat Dec 6 18:23:04 2003
To: All
Subject: Unsafe waters
Dear all! My boat was destroyed in the harbour today
by a vicious hoarde of Orcs and Trolls. I have alerted the cityguards,
but they seem unwilling to leave their posts to help.
Be on your guards!


110. Sender: Indigo
Date: Thu Sep 25 02:28:19 2003
To: Acerbus Ira
Subject: Your Aid
Dear Acerbus Ira,
Your Lord Vicks has spoken for you. I want the aid of Acerbus
not just their Lord. If the other clan members agree to aid us then
this "thought" from Vicks will go unnoticed. I do hope you will
assist us, for your sake.
Fane Vattar

111. Sender: Elstin
Date: Thu Oct 9 15:56:09 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Re: Vicks
No Vicks, I'm afriad you do not understand. Even had it been my church,
there are things I have learned in my much longer life then you,
That is to forgive quickly to end bloodshed. Had they burned down
my church, I would have rebuilt it, grander than it was. By
demanding much more than Forsaken can do you are just provoking more
bloodshed. I suggest you lessen your terms for peace, stop refering
to forsaken that they are evil, and with your pride rebuild your
own clan hall. Also, wouldn't giving them access to you hall and
letting them rebuilt it just grant them more ways to access your hall
and destroy it again in the future? You say you preach peace, but it seems
to me, you are always the first to reduce to threats and brandishing weapons

Pope of the Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour

112. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Thu Nov 13 14:34:35 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
All I did was invoke a simple decay spell, one that I have known
for years upon years. It seems that your forests, however
magical, are subject to instant decay. I know a group of
people on Pentir, the ones who taught it to me, who use it
regularly to clear out unwanted tracts of wilderness. Ask them.


113. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Thu Sep 4 23:38:25 2003
To: Everyone
Subject: The Form!
So off we went to Pentir! Myself and Vizeral led the mighty charge into
the heart of darkness itself! I was casually walking around in this
shroud of darkness near the Pentir Inchoation when suddenly that drow
necromancer fellow wails like a madman that he's being consumed!
CONSUMED! I thought maybe a dragon had appeared and eaten him, so I
ran off to see what was happening, but there wasn't a dragon, and no
sign of the Necromancer. Suddenly things got really dark and ghasts
and ghouls and other wispy type things started popping up all over the
place! Vizeral and myself handily dispatched several of them before they
overcame us with sheer weight of numbers! As I was licking my wounds above me
the Darkness took Form! The Form descended upon the Thousand who cried in
terror as their Souls were Rended!!! And then, the most amazing thing!
The Form spoke! Really! It did!
It said, "I have come. I will embody a living being and will Rule in Darkness."
And then 'poof!' No, it didn't say poof....it flew away to some place we don't
know. It was really very exciting! I personally am going to search for
this form because it seems really interesting. Imagine being able to rend
a thousand souls at once! WOW!

Kender of Xantheus

114. Sender: Palermo
Date: Mon Sep 15 01:50:09 2003
To: Elstin
Subject: Unjustified War?
What was unjustified about killing Vampires who were
attacking us? Nothing. And know now that if I ever see
you I will kill you. If you helped a Vampire then they
obviously have control over you and you're "church".

115. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Nov 13 19:50:42 2003
To: Cedrick
Subject: Your claims
I shall investigate your claims. Should they proove
true, it will be a large step towards peace. Should
you be proven a liar, however, you will find yourself
finding much more time upon the end of my sword.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

116. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Mon Oct 6 19:24:05 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
I usually try to stay out of silly things like this, but since it involves
people who are like family to me, I feel I must break my silence.
Vicks, I have no clue where you get off calling Nandor a coward. What has
he done that is in cowardice? He posted a witty reply to your, in my personal
opinion, silly remark? Ooooh no! He's a coward! You really should think things
through a bit more Vicks, I think it would be better for everyone if you did.
Anyway, Nandor (and myself, since I know that'll probably be your next line
of attack) figures into this conversation because he belongs to the
Hippie Church, and as our valiant leader so graciously put it, we support the
Forsaken in this current feud. So deal with it! :P

Kender of the Hippie Church

117. Sender: Quakank
Date: Tue Sep 16 03:39:12 2003
To: Indigo
Subject: Re:
I do state that you are the best leader Ira has Indigo, and that is the
truth, but that doesn't mean you aren't corrupt. Lets just call you the
lesser of two evils for the time being, shall we?
Next, on the matter of speaking privately, I never said if I'd speak to
you in private, or public. Simply that I would, one way or the other, or
even both, speak with you. I did not bring up matters for you to discuss.
As I said in the beginning of my declarations, I was simply setting the
record straight. My writings did not beg a response. In any case, you never
actually stated what you wanted to talk about. If you meant to speak about war
then that is fine. I will gladly tell you to your face what I think of war.
I will also tell you what exactly I think of peace. If you wish to meet, then
I will meet with you. I have no misgivings about this. I really do not care one
way or the other about war as it stands.

Duke Quakank
Leader of Forsaken

118. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Nov 3 01:43:58 2003
To: Cedrick
Subject: Your Return
Welcome back.

Acerbus has some matters that need to be settled which
involve you. I seek meeting with you so that we may
tie up some loose ends, so to speak.

We shall be in touch
Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

119. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Oct 11 01:09:39 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: You're Kidding Right?
Holy crap Vicks. That's the dumbest, most false thing you've ever

120. Sender: Elstin
Date: Mon Sep 15 05:01:56 2003
To: Xantehus
Subject: Re:
I would also like to state, the I have changed my plans and will be resting
in Xantheus for a few days. Feel free talk to me, or in some cases
insult me

Pope of the Hippie Church
Elstin Delacour

121. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Mon Sep 22 15:56:21 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: re:
I died right beside you, my little kender friend....
for some reason all my spells wouldn't effect the possessed one.

Glaykor Fawson
Keeper of his sacred secrets

122. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Oct 11 04:24:18 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
You should know by now that I don't shut up.

123. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Oct 10 16:50:38 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: Insult?
Are you lacking that much intelligence, or have you
simply been spending too much time with Hrothgar
lately? I have no interest in insulting Elstin ... he
is one of the few followers of Hip'pi that I respect.
You, on the other hand, I would just as soon see lying
dead and bloated in thieves alley.

Lord Vicks Erebor

On a side note, Elstin is the only member of the Hip'pi
Church that I will discuss this matter with. That is the
last I will speak on this matter with the likes of you.

124. Sender: Indra
Date: Sun Nov 23 16:36:33 2003
To: All
Subject: Vicks
Ok, lets review.
Vicks equals big and strong, and yes, he has a sword

You know, part of this thing about vicks wanting to use
his sword but never kills anyone is that, oh wait, you
guys always run away.
Wow, did we ever think of that one. Only one who ever
fought Vicks was Waldo, and I dont see him much anymore.

No offense but Ira and Saken really arent suppose to be friends.
Why should they be, so start making moves, not threats.

Indra, Son of Blood

P.S. Dont write back to me with dumb talk, show action or do nothing.
No one needs pointless comments.

125. Sender: Quakank
Date: Sat Sep 13 05:42:28 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Final
Vicks, I wasn't talking to you. I was speaking with the more intelligent
and all around better leader of your clan. But since you feel the need
to respond, I feel it's time I say this:
I find it a complete waste of time to not only respond to your notes,
but to read them as well. They're all the same. Over...and over...and over.
It NEVER changes. I'm done with you. Literally. I will no longer read your
notes, listen to anything that comes out of your mouth, or consider anything
you say or do worth a response. You're done.

126. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sat Oct 11 20:40:55 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: re:
That's your main problem and why this war is neverending.
By relying/waiting for Saken to do/agree to this unimportant doctrine,
you and your clan are suffering for it. Maybe it was their intention in the
first place. For while you wait and wait the problem gets worse and
harder to fix.
Really, stop and think about it. Right now you are almost enslaving
yourself to Saken and the problem they cause by waiting for them to do
something when you can try and making something good out of it. Some
friends, some hard work and you could not only repair the problem with
your clan hall, but maybe even add a few surprises. But as long as you
keep falling into petty quarrelling, nothing is getting accomplished.
In a true war there is no winner, only survivors. Forsaken doesn't
look to be surviving too much. Don't let your clan fall into the same abyss
by not fixing your problems and letting your clan suffer longer than
they have to. From what I've read, this whole thing, once again, has
nothing to do with the clan war as much as it is about fixing the damages
of the war and the decisions made during it. I'm not saying let bygones
be bygones, each side will think that it's side is seeking justice. Just take
care of the problems at hand before they get worse which can turn the
tables on you when you least expect it.
For some day the city might be next to fall while we are staring
daggers at one another. That's my side, and that's my point.
Glaykor Fawson, searcher of sacred secrets

127. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Dec 7 22:07:06 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Threat

As a knight of this city, I feel I should inform you of the imminent
threat along our eastern borders. The City of Anon errupted in confusion
as the one known as K'Tarn, general of the Sh'kur army used it to launch
an assault on the fortress of Fane Vattar, an embodiment of evil.
Many adventurers lent their assistance with help from Ryshikahnan and
New Ofcol. Needless to say, it was a fruitless strike. There were
massive losses on both sides, but Fane Vattar and his army still
exist. It is my fear that we are next. We must find a way to
combat this evil. I will take any suggestions from anyone, any
citizen, any shopkeeper; but we must stop Fane before his influence
grows larger.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, Knight of Xantheus

128. Sender: Cedrick
Date: Fri Nov 14 00:56:31 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Peace
I've wanted peace for some time, but all you do is attempt to fight
me! I don't understand why such a man as you wishes to fight
someone who desires a mutual understanding...

129. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Nov 4 21:45:26 2003
To: Cedrick
Subject: re: Matters
Due to recent developments, my offer to you is hereby
retracted. It seems this is yet again a clan matter.

Lord Vicks Erebor

130. Sender: Nandor
Date: Tue Oct 7 05:00:26 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
I still find it hard to believe that people still do not believe in
Hip'pi. Yes, the Gods may have left but Hip'pi is here, and I simply
don't understand why people refute that.

Nandor Delacour
Brother of the Hippie Church

131. Sender: Palermo
Date: Fri Sep 26 20:18:23 2003
To: Indigo
Subject: re: Join Us
I would love to fight beside a true warrior! I am
more than willing to join your ranks!

Palermo Roedran

132. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Nov 25 05:14:02 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: One other thing
"my clan hall isn't all icky and gross"

What clan is that, exactly?

-Lord Vicks Erebor

133. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Sep 20 01:28:17 2003
To: Nightblade
Subject: re: Dispatched
For the record, I was able to exit the chessboard
without serious injury.

-Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

134. Sender: Elstin
Date: Sun Sep 14 20:03:36 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Hip'pi Church
Your insulting of the Hippie Church angers me, using it as
an insult against Quakank makes me seem you disrepect the power
inwhich the hippie church truly has.
I will not tolerate this disrepect to my holy church.
I would also like to inform you that, though we preech peace, we know war.
I remember when Ira went to war against SoN in an unjustified
war. I also remember spending my night brewing potions and healing
the SoN memebers as they slaughtered your Ira forces.
I suggest you not insult the hippie church again or I may
be forced to take action.

Pope of the Hippie Church and supporter of Forsaken.
Elstin Delacour

135. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Sep 25 04:03:35 2003
To: Fane
Subject: Acerbus
Your first sentence was correct ... you should have
stopped there. You will find you aid from Acerbus Ira;
Any who would side with you would meet their demise -
Right before you meet yours.

Lord Vicks Erebor
Leader, Acerbus Ira

136. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Sep 12 01:45:46 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: Surrender?
Acerbus will see your sad little clan reduced to ruin
before you will see any surrender from us. Your deeds
shall be compensated for, or you will pay for them
in your blood.

Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor

137. Sender: Quakank
Date: Fri Sep 12 18:19:12 2003
To: Ira
Subject: Re:
I will gladly speak with you Indigo, at least you seem to show that
Ira has some intelligence when it comes to their leaders.
I would like to set the record straight that we did not go to war simply
because Vicks is a moron. Granted, it had much to do with the fact, but
it wasn't the only reason. War has raged between these two clans for
centuries due to one reason or another, and from my experience neither
side knows exactly why the other goes to war. Mainly it seems most of the
warring is brought on by leadership though. Unfortunately Vicks does not
seem to be able to write a note that doesn't contain a threat to one
person or another. Even when all the clans are at peace, and Arathnos is
quiet, Vicks finds the need to threaten and insult constantly. Now, my clan
is commonly seen as the antagonist in any conflict and Ira as the protagonist.
Perhaps this is simply due to the history of the clans, or maybe people feel
that my clan really is forsaken. Either way, we have accepted this through the
years. And yet I wonder. Why is it that the leader of the so-called "good clan"
is constantly insulting, ridiculing, and threatening people, Forsaken or not,
during times of peace? Why is it that Vicks simply can't leave things along as
they are? Why is it that every time peace is laid out between Forsaken and Ira,
war eventually begins anew? This question bothered me but I tell you, I have
noticed one common factor throughout the past several wars. Forsaken leadership
has been different, and Iras has not. During every time of peace Forsaken's
leadership changes and grows, meanwhile Ira's stays the same. Now you might be
thinking, well the new leadership in Forsaken was created due to a desire for
war. But that's completely incorrect. The change in Forsaken leadership comes

138. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Nov 14 20:53:24 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: One more thing
I also notice you fancy quoting people.

Quakank: "...and of course I was never relevant"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Lord Vicks Erebor

139. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Oct 10 18:57:14 2003
To: Elstin and Nightblade
Subject: Us
Please refer to the Nonla notice board, I have a word to say to the
two of you.

Sir Wedge Mathiu
No.1 Nonla Arahnala

140. Sender: Drak
Date: Mon Feb 10 13:38:28 2003
To: All
Subject: Battle
A thunderous crash ...

A billowing cloud of grey smoke ...

It had begun, the furious anger of the drow,
bottled and corked for far too long unleashed
upon our fair city. But hope is never lost
as long as long as there are those who will
take up arms and forgo their own safety to
protect that of others. A battlecry heavy in weight
from the lips of the towns kindred rings out,
filling the air with an undescribable tension
as the battle-hardened juggernauts tighten their
armor, entranced in thought, thoughts of those
they hold dear ... of things once past ... and
things yet to come ...

A sudden attack ...

The ground rumbled with heavy footsteps as
the clash of well-forged swords reverberate
throughout the manor, shaking its very walls
its the once peacefull refuge was became a
bloodstained battleground, permiated with the

141. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Oct 3 17:59:13 2003
To: Quakank
Subject: re:
"This is truly war"

How's it look from the inside of your clan hall?

-Assassin Lord Vicks Erebor
Forsaken Destroyer

142. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Mon Sep 15 20:16:11 2003
To: All
Subject: Hippie!!
As official Kender of the Hippie Church I would like to just make it
clear that Elstin is a really smart guy. He has a funny hat too.


143. Sender: Nandor
Date: Sat Oct 4 21:38:01 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Clan Halls
I myself have never been in either of your clan halls, but I do believe
Vicks, that the view inside the Forsaken hall is better than the desolate
waste that you call your hall.

Nandor Delacour
Brother of the Hippie Church

144. Sender: Elstin
Date: Wed Oct 8 05:33:26 2003
To: Xantheus
Subject: Re:
To all Xantheus,
Let it be known that the Hippie Church does not condone war.
However we do support Forsaken in the matter, and though we
avoid going to war and don't support it, we do take notice of it.
Now Vicks didn't lie when he said the Gods abandoned this codex, however
Hip'pi does take a passing interest in the affairs of this fair realm.
Now, I would like to mention in this note, a new student to the ways
of Hip'pi. Quakank has bowed before me and pledged to the way of Hip'pi
I want every member of the Hippie Church and Citizen of Xantheus to treat him
as a loyal member and with the same respect as a high member of our fair church
He will speak on some issues for the church and should be treated with as much
respect as myself regarding certain issues, However, mine and Nightblades
rulings will override him when we speak on certain issues.

Thank you,
Pope of the Hippie Church
Elstin Delacour

145. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sat Sep 20 02:46:14 2003
To: Vicks
Subject: Re:
You were thoroughly dispatched. You yelled for my aid and I lept into
action! I single-handedly took on the beast for several minutes, allowing
Vicks, and others to escape the deathtrap!

146. Sender: Tshmakal
Date: Sun Feb 23 11:27:20 2003
To: All
Subject: Bounties
In view of continued attempts to block my trade, I am forced
to offer bounties of 1 million gold coins on the heads of the
Dragon-Halves Vicks and Indigo.


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