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1. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Jun 9 15:13:00 2001
To: Elstin
Subject: Thanks

You are one step ahead of me. I was seeking the drygonite with full
intentions of handing it over to you and your church. I know if
anyone can find a counter-element you can. I give you my full support,
and offer myself if you need any assistance.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

2. Sender: Nero
Date: Sat Feb 24 17:24:56 2001
To: All
Subject: all
this letter concerns all who dislike the ways of the armored red dragon...
I have made a proposition of a change on my behalf if you shall
accept my apology
I feel that I should apologize for the things I have said... Not done...
I have helped many in need and I feel that my actions have not
effected my character but my speech that impaled me on the
stick of hatred

written from the heart of the armored red dragon,

3. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Mon Apr 30 19:03:35 2001
To: Naboth
Subject: Ha
You speak of not punishing you because of what those before you have
done? Is that not what vampires did to the Sh'kur? This is
what we have been through all these years. Now that you are feeling
it, you do not like it. Shame, it must continue until the scales
have balanced.

4. Sender: Magyana
Date: Tue Mar 20 12:06:00 2001
To: Vicks
Subject: You have no rights to tell my children what to do
Glaykor is one of our children and has the right to decide what he will
and will not do during this war. Your senseless insults and accusations
have hurt enough people. I am tired of Acerbus Ira looking for a way
to blame everyone but themselves for what has happened to that
once noble rainforest. The children of Sword of Night were told many
moons ago that we had established peace. Only for Acerbus Ira to turn
up now, yelling of a crime committed by Dethan, one who is not
with is anymore, and using it to justify your honorless harrassment
of my children. I do not want to war. I do not approve of such senseless
killing; however, I will not let my children be abused for the amusement
of others. Centhwevir has told me and our clan that he has worked
with one of Acerbus Ira to reestablish peace between the clans.
If Acerbus Ira is not able to abide by such decisions then they
have no one but themselves to blame for the blood.

5. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:35:15 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: Bounty

Finally! Someone who has seen the light! I graciously accept
your offer and will bring you as many vampire corpses as I can



6. Sender: Elstin
Date: Fri Jun 1 17:35:31 2001
To: Unthegental
Subject: RE:
Business involing the city and it's people is my buisness
As for illiterate I am very literate
correctly. As for not being able to get out. When I wrote me note,
I knew what I would have to do. I chooce to get involed

Pope of the Hippie Church

7. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Apr 28 13:11:13 2001
To: Nandor/all
Subject: re:
The problem with the vampires is not so much felt
by the powerful. Perhaps you should ask the poor souls
that they feed on where this dislike for the vampires

I myself have had no problems with vampires specifically,
but surely everyone can see that the vampires have
brought part of this upon themselves.

Vicks Erebor

8. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 19 21:39:07 2001
To: Glaykor
Subject: re: Vicks
"one of the main Anarchists"? My "terrorizism"?

My good man Glaykor i know not of what you speak.
There are many more than I who were responsible for
the wars of this land. I speak not good or ill of anyone;
the truth is all that i offer.

By helping those involved you are endorsing the war;
by witholding your magic from all deadlies involved in
these wars you would be making the statement I think
that you wish to make.

Vicks Erebor

9. Sender: Uthegental
Date: Tue Jun 12 20:56:29 2001
To: The Mayor
Subject: New Blacksmith
I was thinking. Maybe we can get a new Blacksmith and give the one
we currently have a new job... or something like that.

Uthegental Rincewind

10. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Jun 23 13:20:45 2001
To: All
Subject: Announcement
Fellow Adventurers,

I am pleased to announce that I have been recently wed to Ksdra
Lindhall by Mayoress Mayln Wildfyre in the holy grove. We are very
happy with this and would like to thank those of you who attended

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

11. Sender: Murphey
Date: Mon Jun 25 20:39:25 2001
Subject: RE:
Magik, you are a mage in Nonla... you aren't much help to the
deadly world. We have a mage in the Xantheus potent Handlers.
He is Norka, and he is showing promise. Ben, you are a monk.
Sure, you can brew stonefist, but so can Doomweaver. And his
last even longer. Please people, come to the Xantheus Potent
Handlers for anything. Besides, we are clerics, and mages...
how much more could you ask for? Thank you

P.S. I supply scrolls but not flasks. and my price of 30,000 coins
still stands for each scroll or potion.

12. Sender: Cedric
Date: Sun Mar 18 19:12:07 2001
To: Mayln
Subject: Problem for the Mayor
I am writing as the elected Chairman of the South Xantheus
residents' association.
The poorly-maintained sewer underneath us, with the
entrance from the south of the city, is becoming ever more
out of control, and, not to put too fine a point on it, smelly.
It is not at all pleasant to have to live in an area so infested
with unpleasant aromas.
The SXRA demand that something be done about this immediately.


13. Sender: Centhwevir
Date: Fri Mar 16 09:39:19 2001
To: Norik
Subject: Sh'kura
Norik, I'll admit I'm a rather bloodthirsty person. But
don't you think I have killed Thorn quite often enough
to satisfy even my own deep bloodlust? As far as
that goes, consider yourself warned as well. And,
since I am certain your "brethren" are watching, they
can all consider themselves warned as well. Stay
away from me as if I weren't there.
I am a rogue at heart, and rogues have a certain
dislike of being noticed by those outside their
cricle. And since we're on the subject of warnings,
you should consider spending some of your
"looming threatening" time on Nero. I've killed
him often enough as well, yet he insists
on attempting to taunt me, him and Gnimelf.
Trying, however unsuccessfully, to shove a
person outside of town is offensive and a waste
of time.
-Centhwevir Veltesh

14. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Mar 16 14:35:44 2001
To: Magyana
Subject: re:
How soon we forget, M'Lady. Norik is not starting any war.
You see, the war that began while i lead Acerbus has not
yet come to a formal conclusion. Perhaps if you and your
clan had taken Norik's numerous requests for peace talks
seriously, you would not find yourself with so many enemies.

Just something to think about

Vicks Erebor
Former Lord of Acerbus
Slayer of Nightmare

15. Sender: Mayln
Date: Mon Mar 19 16:06:20 2001
To: Dethan
Subject: Guards
Your idea would indeed make it easier for people to practice
certain skills, however, I believe it is in your own hands as
citizens to simply know whether or not to murder the ones that
serve to protect you. The Captain does not roam these streets
for you to slaughter him, he is here to help. And if you cannot
see that, and continue to kill him, that is a problem you must
deal with amongst your peers. I halt what killings I see, but,
of course, I cannot see them all. Every action bears a consequence
and this is the realization. I simply ask you to stop these crimes,
gain some common sense, and you will make your own lives easier.
- Mayln Wildfyre

16. Sender: Waldo
Date: Sat Apr 7 19:03:49 2001
To: People of Xantheus
Subject: Saftey
Dear honoured people of Xantheus,

Traveling on a trail out side of your Northern gate, i discovered something
quite alarming, a freshly severed head of a city guard. Attached to this head
was a scroll with some disturbing words. The scroll is still sitting there as
I write this note and if you are wondering what it reads you should go look for
it lying on the ground just to the left of the path. Any ideas as to who wrote
this message would be welcomed by me, I would like to get to the bottom of this


17. Sender: Uthegental
Date: Mon May 28 13:13:35 2001
To: Kalypso
Subject: Re: ENOUGH!
How dare you scold me. You nothing of who or where I come from. Vampires
have ruined my life, and the lives of many other Sh'kur. Including Contradox.
Yes, he was a vampire, but only because the blood sucking thieves
went after him and FORCED him to become a vampire. Even he was ridiculed
by other vampires, or so I've heard, because he was Sh'kur and a proud
Forsaken. So how dare YOU come talking foolishness to me.

18. Sender: Nero
Date: Fri Apr 27 09:59:25 2001
To: Kayantai
Subject: mercutio
it comes odd to me as well. A person such as mercutio engaging
in war with vampires such as the ones in your own clan. A
paradox it seems to be. joining a clan with vampires and yet
bias to others around him.


19. Sender: Nameless
Date: Mon Apr 30 02:06:22 2001
To: All
Subject: Continue from above
Bring it on, for I am itching to feed on something with alittle wriggle


20. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Aug 4 00:38:22 2001
To: Amen
Subject: Challenge
I challenge you for your #3 spot on the top 10
dangerous list. You have a week to respon or somethin
accoring to the rules. Peace

21. Sender: Boadicea
Date: Thu Mar 22 14:22:19 2001
To: All
Subject: An End to War
Friends and Strangers,

I have not been here, as long as most and for the most part (even after reading
all posts) I do not know what this bickering is about. Many claim this war has
been going on for a long time but what is it that you wish to accomplish.

Wars are a last effort to right some wrong, but it still has attainable
results. We all need to look at this logically. What wrong has been done here?
What does each side wish to gain from all this fighting? What is each side
willing to loose? It seems that there are three sides here. I am watching the
entire city take sides and many friendships lost. So do not tell me you are
willing to loose nothing because entire clans could be lost due to this war.

I do not wish to offend anyone, I go out of my way to help anyone who asks for
assistance even at great risk to myself. Currently I am clanless and I only
make suggestions but I think it would show great effort and superiority of
everyone involved to meet and talk this out instead of bickering in a posted
letter. If everyone cannot meet I suggest an uninvolved party listen to each
side and help negotiate a resolution.

22. Sender: Vicks
Date: Mon Mar 19 15:34:05 2001
To: Glaykor
Subject: re:
You'll have no part in this war...

Except to heal one side's members...?

It sounds to me like you have chosen a side after all.
If you are so very much against the fighting, perhaps it
would make of a statement not to heal either side, be
they Sword of Night or not.

At this point, there are no innocents involved - at least
this way your actions will match your words.

Vicks Erebor

23. Sender: Selmer
Date: Tue Feb 6 09:06:41 2001
To: People of Xantheus
Subject: Ande Quest 2
And un escapable.
2) Gather the Utonium and force it upon Ande causing him to be exterminated.
We found a person known as Brother Anderson, a Cleric in the ways, whom knew
what and where Utonium is. He told us that Utonium is from either: Sword of Nig
(Sword of Night) Di Eamen, or Sh'kuras in general.
After that I was drawn from the quest for other duties and the quest was stoppe
Soon my friends, Ande will be gone!

On a side note, the one knwon as Alucard is working with Ande. He refuses to he
help destroy him in anyway. So please be careful if you notice these two
masterminds together, for trouble is lurking in the distance.

Selmer, Informer.

24. Sender: Piotre
Date: Fri Jun 29 02:28:30 2001
To: Mercutio/Norik
Subject: Bounty
I owe each of you two money, please see me soon
about possibly earning more.

25. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Jul 1 22:59:40 2001
To: All
Subject: Hippie quest 2
after he arrived. I would very much appreciate any other
member of the Church or even Nonla or anyone that was at the quest,
to write the final moments down for myself and the town's people to see.
Thank you everyone who helped out! Your helpingness

Hippie Brother, Akastron Humperdink.

26. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon Apr 30 17:28:53 2001
To: All
Subject: Vampires
Let's not call each other names here.
This discussion is far from over. You
just can't bury the hatchet with these things.
This one is going to take a while to discuss and
namecalling isn't going to help. Let both sides show
what they got and in the middle we will all meet...


27. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Thu May 3 17:47:59 2001
To: Turgil
Subject: Hollowness and the liking
So my words are hollow? Then may my actions be full of words!
You speak of things you do not know. Things in my past that
are to horrid for even me to speak of! My hatred towards vampires
is of my own accord, and if Piotre wishes to pay me for each one
I kill I will let him.

And why not balance the scales? I do not speak of one being more powerful
than the other. But where in this land is there hatred and discrimination
towards vampires? The only hatred and discrimination towards them
I have seen is from Piotre, myself, and a few others. Towards
Sh'kur, however, it is abundant. I am sick of it, Turgil. If
you want to speak to me, speak to me, do not leave messages concerning
that which you know nothing about.

Mercutio Roedran

28. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon Jul 9 14:15:12 2001
To: 10th
Subject: challenge
to the 10th most Dangerous person!
I challenge ye to a fight to the death for your
spot. Please get a hold with me sometime soon.

Akastron Humperdink

29. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Wed Jan 24 15:38:32 2001
To: All
Subject: Shkur/Vamp
How odd, i have been away for a few days and suddenly its
the vampires that are the ones who some people want to be rid
of, rather than the normally hated sh'kur. It seems thouhgh
that the only people who really want to rid this city of vamps
completely are none other than the ones who are attacked and
hated by the vampires....the sh'kur. Now, granted there ARE
a few vamps out there who many would LOVE to be rid of, but
it is looking as if its only the sh'kur who want them all gone.
So this looks much like an attempt by the sh'kur to make their
lives easier and possibly more peaceful. So instead of yelling
that the sh'kur are fools and idiot and so on like many have, I
will say these couple things: They have a right to want to live
more peacefully and happily rather than being hunted, But the
vampires have just as much claim to this city as anyone here.
I am not saying anyone should hate anyone nor am i saying that,
"I am trying to restore balance," because i doubt any type of
balance will ever exist, but instead of yelling that vampires
should be kicked from the city, perhaps you sh'kur should act
more peaceful and argue that you want freedom and peace, rather
rather than making yourselves look like the ones who have caused
the problems...you might get farther...


30. Sender: Wedge
Date: Tue Feb 6 00:31:40 2001
To: Adventurers
Subject: Important!
I and a group of fellow adventurers were hired to seek out information
concerning DiEamen. We were told that they were constructing a portal
to the new continent of Djakiar. We found this belief to be true. The
entrance to the portal lies somewhere east of town near Prehistoria.
When we arrived inside the un-completed portal, we were greeted by two
warriors, who posessed no capabilities of logical thought process, however
they were good fighters. After a brief questioning of them, we were
greeted by a man named Tshmakal. I believe him to be a citizen of
Dkjakiar. He was dark skinned and had a slight accent. He was wearing
very strang garb of an off-white color. His head was covered, as if he
had been in harsh sunlight. He was obviously strong, because he carried
the larges scimitar I have seen. As I later learned, Dragons and Half-
Dragons are enslaved on the continent of Djakiar and he believed me to
be a lost pet. When I told him I was no pet, he attempted to 'claim' me
himself by forcing a piece of Drygonite on my person. I have been badly
burned and am seeking the help of the Hippie Church. I have been informed
they are seeking a cure. Elstin, I believe you are still their leader,
please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I was saved from the
Drygonite by Norik. He in turn gave the Drygonite to a man named Bolkins.
I do not know what he intends to do with it and I did not have a chance
to speak with Norik. Norik I would like to speak with you as well.
That is all I have to tell.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

31. Sender: Ben
Date: Mon Jun 25 18:42:56 2001
To: Adventurers
Subject: Competitive Edge
Looking for that competitive edge in battle? Tired of mages kicking your
butt? Or maybe you just want to get higher on ratings. Ben's wonderful
potions and scrolls will do the trick. With the power of wonderful spells
as battlemind and stonefist. One of Ben's truesight potions will help you
vanquish those who would gouge and blind you. And unlike those other guys
Ben's potions and scrolls both cost the low low price of 25000! That low
low price includes the flask/scroll. So the next time you need a damroll
boost or any other of Ben's great spells all you need to do is send him a
mail and he will get you your order as soon as possible.
Dont Settle for the rest, Come quaff the best!

32. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Wed Apr 25 16:55:55 2001
To: Piotre & all
Subject: Your bounty
I don't know who you are, or where you're from. I don't even
care where you've been. Your idiotic litigation is only going to sound
the horn for another war. We finally achieved a honorable peace here.
We don't need the likes of you to start another.
Take your bounty and go back where you came from. We don't need these
kinds of troubles around here. And everyone else who reads these notes;
remember the troubles, the bloodshed, the pain and heartaches of
the last anti-vampire demonstration. Nothing was truly accomplished. Don't
fall for another anarchist's try to make Arathnos into 'his' idea of
a perfect world. There isn't one.
I don't want to lose my friends again in another senseless war.

Peace my friends,
Glaykor, the wandering priest

33. Sender: Naboth
Date: Mon Apr 30 17:56:04 2001
To: Vampire Hunters
Subject: Who really cares?
Who really cares? Rangers are superior to vampires in combat, and no one can
deny them that. But vampires such as myself who have just come to Xantheus and
done nothing wrong shouldn't receive prejudice because of what others before us
have done. *ooc note that these sh'kura hunters are mobs, not people, live with
it.* To call vampires bad, evil, whatever, I just don't understand. Sh'kura
are a race of evil like no other; not even the most moral of all them
is close to being 'good'. I am not saying this as an offense, but people who
think we vampires are spawns of evil, look first to those who would
say such things.


34. Sender: Magyana
Date: Fri Mar 16 19:46:06 2001
To: All
Subject: Centhwevir
While we are mourning the depature of Dethan, life must go on.
Because of this Sword of Night has promoted Centhwevir
as her number 2 and Lord of Nightmare.

35. Sender: Akastron
Date: Tue Mar 20 17:10:49 2001
To: CLans
Subject: bickering
Come on people... this bickering will get us no where.
talk face to face so you don't have to bother some players.
Leaving accusation notices isn't a "good solution" to the problem.
Use your heads and agree on some terms that ALL leaders from
BOTH clans will agree on. Not the number twos or the number ones.
Be smart... get on with your life.


36. Sender: Lain
Date: Thu Feb 8 18:19:34 2001
To: Everyone
Subject: Election Agenda Cont...
Deadlies, as much as they constitute a very large percentage
of the voting population, are still menaces to the security of the City.
A peaceful preson can be considered a menace as well, and I am by no means
innocent. However, the startling regularity with which some people kill
innocents in town is shocking, and the majority of those kills are caused
by deadlies, for fear of leaving the town and exploring, they stay in the
gates and by way of venting their frustration, they kill and hurt all
around them. Selmer, Naryssa, Dethan, and everyone who has ever slain a
child, townguard for their keys, the priests, etc... you are all as evil
as Ande is. I ask you how many of you would survive OUTSIDE of the town
if you were aligned to the side of good. How many of you would have to
cower in the walls to protect yourself. Almost all of you is the answer.
Protection that you abuse as of this moment.

Love your comfort, because if I do somehow manage to get elected, your
bubble of comfort will disappear, and you will be humbled.


37. Sender: Uthegental
Date: Fri Jun 1 15:42:29 2001
To: Elstin
Subject: Mind yer business
Keep the affairs of Sh'kur and Vampires to Sh'kur and Vampires, Human.
Don't get yerself involed in things you can't get out of. And for being
a human you can't read very well. My name was on the note you read.
So, mine yer business you illiterate human.


38. Sender: Uthegental
Date: Sun Apr 29 00:09:57 2001
To: Glaykor/All
Subject: Thoughts
Why do you love vampires? They are non-living creatures that lurk on innocent
people. I thought clerics despised the undead... I myself do not like vampire
very much. I tolerate only the vampires in my clan because they have proven
their existance. And Mercutio made a very good point. If all of you do not
want hate in your precious town, then why do you allow people to openly attack
someone because of their race? Hmm, maybe our new mayor should do something
about this... Anyhow, vampires mean nothing to me and they never will. I thin
I think this world would be safer without them.

And Glaykor. We litter this town with blood? How did you come to that
conclusion? We are the ones openly attacked. Are we not to defend ourselves?
Or would you rather your vampire friends just kill us all?

Just my thoughts.


39. Sender: Kalypso
Date: Mon May 28 01:24:56 2001
To: Uthegental
Subject: ENOUGH!
I have had ENOUGH of your harsh words. I shall let you know that some
of the greatest leaders of your clan, when it was in their best times,
were Vampires. How DARE you insult them. I should know, I used to be one.
There is no need for your hatred around, it's digusting and immature.
Grow up and see with open eyes.

40. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Aug 12 14:09:40 2001
To: Nero
Subject: ...
Nero, I am writing this to you to inform you that
you are public enemy number 1... If I were you, I'd give back
the container and apologize for stupidity. Yes, STUPIDITY!
Do you realize how many problems you're going to cause yourself?
From one man to another... give back the bag, drop the act, get on with life.
Or flee/recall will be your most used commands in the near future.

Outraged Civilian...
BloodMaster Akastron Humperdink.

41. Sender: Norik
Date: Thu Mar 15 20:28:39 2001
To: Magyana and Cent
Subject: Warning
Dear Magyana,
Control your vampires, they need not to attack my fellow
Sh'kur. For, if I see your clan members attacking my
bretheren, I shall take action. You vampires have ruled this
world long enough.

As for you Centhwevir, consider yourself warned. If you lay
one more finger on Thorn, you, your clan, and your fellow
vampires shall face my wrath.


42. Sender: Uthegental
Date: Tue May 29 07:55:30 2001
To: Kalypso
Subject: Again...
Like I said. You no nothing of where I come from, Vampire. Typical
of you to not even try to understand. I have been hated by your kind
for years. The only vampires I can stand are the ones the leaders of
Forsaken deemed respectable. And instead of writing to each other, let us
meet face to face and speak. I would like to see this big, strong, Vampire
that once lead Forsaken.


43. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Sat Apr 28 22:36:25 2001
To: Glaykor
Subject: Prejudice
Bah! This entire city glorifies vampires! Look at what they
do! Any creature that must KILL and then FEED on their blood
to "survive" does not deserve the right! And you speak of me,
killing out of enjoyment? I kill to avenge the wrongs that
have been done against me. Just look around you! I, and
many of my brethren must travel to the small town of Anon
if we want our equipment repaired. And you great town
healer abhors "Sh'kur scum". And your Mayor, a vampire,
I might add, does nothing to abolish this problem? Fine!
I will do something myself then. Vampires have hunted us
down for ages, it's time the tables turned. I can't
even walk this cities streets without being attacked
by a moronic Sh'kur hunter... also a vampire. Open
your eyes and see. It is time these wrongs are righted.
By the blade if necessary.

Mercutio Roedran

44. Sender: Shadows
Date: Tue Jul 3 20:40:43 2001
To: Vicks
Subject: Dangerous List
You have to make the challange one at a time up the rank of the list.
Starting with the one before you, #10 if you are not
on the list.

45. Sender: Elstin
Date: Tue Jun 5 14:55:33 2001
To: All
Subject: RE:
For those of you wondering.. I am going to carry this drygonite for Wedge
I will help make a counter to it for I can heal it also.

Pope of the Hippie Church

46. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Aug 11 22:44:25 2001
To: Mercutio
Subject: re:
That would depend on the clan and the circumstances.
We are more concerned with protecting clan equipment.


47. Sender: Nysander
Date: Thu Feb 8 22:20:30 2001
To: Lain/all
Subject: your note
M'lady Lain,
I do not care for your note overly, not that you care. I have lived my life
as a slave, bearing witeness to countless acts of violence, which has
taught me never to take life without reason to do so. Not some
lousy reason, but a true reason to take it. We are not cowards, and I
for one, know that I do not need the walls of the city to keep me safe.
I am a ranger, and I know how to live from the land, so do not tell me
I would not last without these walls.
-Nysander Stormbringer, Darkest of Elves.....

48. Sender: Azael
Date: Fri May 18 20:33:45 2001
To: Immortals
Subject: marriage
I am writing this in hopes that you can set up a marriage...
Azeal and I wish to be married...
Thank you for your time...

49. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sat Apr 28 19:53:55 2001
To: All
Subject: vampires
Mercutio, and all you other would be 'hunters',
Use your head. (It's that lump 3' above your bellybutton) Think
on what you say. Vampires feed and kill others to survive. Hmmm to
survive. While you kill them and others for your enjoyment and
advancement. Hmmm, who are the real monsters then. Look closely at
your reflection before you start pointing fingers calling people monsters.
Every race has those 'Monsters' , bad apples if you please. Watch your
racism. It has no place here either. If you've been wronged, take actions
against that individual that wronged you. Not the entire race. We've been
through all this before. We don't need it again.

Glaykor, the wandering priest

50. Sender: Norik
Date: Mon Apr 30 17:04:02 2001
To: All
Subject: Constant Bickering
After many many many many many discussions about this,
I have reached a conclusion: no matter how hard anyone tries,
this constant bickering will never see an end. Best thing to do
is to bury it and for get about it. No need to bring it up.


51. Sender: Grendel
Date: Mon Jul 16 23:05:24 2001
To: Drak/Shads
Subject: Message from Vicks
I have been sent as a messanger of the Lord Erebor.

Emily's week has expired; therefore, in accordance with
the laws of the land, her spot now belongs to him. Thus,
he hereby challenges the one known as Drak for the No.5
position and the title that comes with it.

Glory and Honor
Grendel Stormblade

(ooc: I'd have Vicks post the note himself ... but he's "busy"
at the moment. Hope this is sufficient :)

52. Sender: Lain
Date: Tue Feb 6 22:56:41 2001
To: Selmer, the Paranoid
Subject: delusions... and more delusions...
To imply that Alucard is in some affiliated to Ande is kinda ridiculous
Also, Ande is less a threat to Xantheus then you ever were. Given the
choice, I would seal you in something unopenable and let Ande run free.
He seems much less harmful then you are, Paranoid Ira Soldier.


53. Sender: Abyss
Date: Fri Mar 16 17:57:31 2001
To: SoN/Ira
Subject: Where is the war?
I truly believe that there is some miscommunication on the part
of Acerbus Ira and Sword of Night. The actions of one does not
represent the actions of the whole. But, when the one thorn in
everyone's side becomes a leader, there is reason to believe that
the ones wanting peace are actually disguising it with the spilled blood
of other clans' members. This isn't the first time it has happened
either. Rest assured, that when the time comes, the clan that continuously
belittles the rest of us will perish a rather painful and agonizing

This is spoken on behalf of myself, not my clan. Leave my clan alone
Sword of Night.

Abyss - of the Icelands

54. Sender: Aneirin
Date: Sun Apr 29 09:18:41 2001
To: All
Subject: vampires
I believe this is a long time coming. I have spoken out before trying
to help people understand. Pyotr, Mercutio, vampires MESMIRIZE
their victims so as not to struggle as they feed. This poor town is
truly nothing more than a kitchin for their fiendish desires. Ha
saying such things as 'honorable peace' is rediculous! How can
any peace with such a creature be honorable. I believe the word
you are looking for is APPEASEMENT. Those who we appease will
only come back for more. Your foolishness is your own end. You
are lucky if we rid this city of vampires before it is your turn to
'offer blood in friendship.'
- Aneirin

55. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Jul 27 13:56:15 2001
To: Shadows
Subject: Daemon's week
Daemon's week is gone. I haven't gotten anyword from him
about fighting for his spot, so I assume I will get his 3rd
dangerous spot and his WarMaster title.

Thank you Shadows,


56. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Mar 31 01:12:50 2001
To: All
Subject: Disturbance
While venturing with Elstin and his Hippie Church, we traveled to
Pentir. While there, I personally witnessed disturbances in the ether
all around the city. These disturbances were accompanied by the
appearance of Tshmakal's men. These men attacked Pentir. Fortunately
we were there to stop them. If anyone has any information as to
how these disturbances are occuring, it is greatly appreciated.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

57. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Jul 31 19:46:38 2001
To: Monks and Mages
Subject: Brewing
I am looking for both a monk and a mage of
reasonable stature to do some brewing for me.
If you are interested, let me know.
You will be paid well for your assistance.

Vicks Erebor

58. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Jun 2 21:05:43 2001
To: All
Subject: Drygonite
Friends, Citizens, and Adventurers of Arathnos,

I am in need of a rare material. It is known as drygonite. It is
to dragons and dragonhalfs as holy water is to vampires. I seek a
piece of this nasty material so that hopefully a counter-element
can be found, for I wish to do battle with Tshmakal, who has
enslaved many of my people on his home continent of Djakiar. If
any of you can help me, please let me know.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

59. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed Aug 8 21:29:17 2001
To: All
Subject: Cegfuin
It gives me great joy to announce to all of Arathnos
that the leader of the dreaded clan Di Eamen - Cegfuin -
has perished. A group of brave souls gathered on the
brink of the hellspires to engage him in combat.
After a long battle, he tried to flee our wrath. However,
the one known as Akastron was able to track him down
and crush the last breath from his body.

A great evil has been lifted from this town. I have every
confidence that this is the first major victory in the battle
against tyranny.

Strength and honor
Vicks Erebor

60. Sender: Selmer
Date: Tue Feb 6 09:01:52 2001
To: People of Xantheus
Subject: Ande quest
A few days ago, a single person was chosen knight of Xantheus. His task
was do eliminate Ande and his followers for good. When this time came
a group of hopefuls gathered in the town to express ideas. In this group we
had; Dethan, Emily, Amen, Glaykor, and Selmer.
Together we tried to eliminate Ande. We followed Dethan to Ande's layer, in
search of a way to keep him locked up forever. There, we were met with Dethan's
maker, and after being threatened by her, Dethan and the followers were forced
to leave.
We needed ideas for destroying Ande, and by now, Dethan was already too weak
to fight. We called upon the cleric Glaykor to perform his rituals, and seeming
it worked. We devised a few ways to defeat Ande.
1) Seal him in something incapable of being destroyed, opened, or touched by
2) Find the someone who knew of such things like Utonium, a vampire's nightmare
After repeated attemps of holy water, it was time for a member to be gone.
Amen had other business to do so she left. After walking around town looking fo
for someone to talk to we stumbled across the captain of the city guards
He was a nice smart man and offered many tips. But unfortunately, Dethan
had to leave for more important issues. But just before Dethan left, Ande had
attacked the guard, leaving us useless in our ways. So Dethan had gone, and
soon after Emily left too. Now it was up to me and Glaykor.
Just by luck we noticed the cityguard was alive for some strange reason, and
we decided to pursue Dethan's idea. We talked and he came up with two

61. Sender: Magik
Date: Mon Jun 25 19:54:29 2001
Subject: Magik's Shoppe
Hi. I am Magik, a level 53 mage. I have tons of spells to offer, such as,
but not excluded to: antimagic shell, dragon wit, kindred strength, dragonskin,
demonskin, eldritch sphere, elven beauty, fireshield, fly, iceshield,
shadowform, sagacity, slink, trollish vigor, valiance, and much much more.
I am willing to brew or scribe at the low low cost of only 20k gold per scroll
or flask provided you supply the flasks or scrolls. If you have any questions
to what spells I am able to brew/scribe for you, do not be afraid to ask.
Oh, and one more thing, I cannot brew/scribe for deadlies. Thanks.
Magik Rievet
Mage for the Greater Good!
Member of the Hippie Church

62. Sender: Nameless
Date: Mon Mar 19 12:00:07 2001
To: Deadlies
Subject: honour
To All,

I am fed up with the petty skwabbles and backstabbing running
through the hearts of the deadlies of this land.
The idea of honour seems beyond the scope of most of
you and your attitudes and actions show your immaturity and
lack of responsibilty towards the lifestyle you live.

My faith in the honour deadlies should hold is depleated,
and I am tired of it all.
From here on in, I am withholding all aid to those of the
deadly lifestyle. No council will I give, no spells, no items.
You are all on your own. Spread your ways, your dishonour as you would,
I will not aid you in your travels.

You have all shattered my faith in the honour I though
men and women should possess.


63. Sender: Mayln
Date: Fri Mar 16 13:31:59 2001
To: SoN/Ira
Subject: A small hope..
I apologize for being curt, but haven't we all had enough of this killing?
How much blood must be drawn before you realize that enough is enough? Things
are not as they were, we must begin to put behind us the prejudice between
the Sh'kur and my kindred. Just because you believe yourself to be an 'enemy'
of someone because of their race is as pointless as disliking someone because
they have wings as Pixies do, or pointed ears as do Elves. Yes, we do have a
history, but has history not also taught us that such things were wrong?
It is noble that you wish to protect your friends and clansfolk, but I believe
there is a line to be drawn between honor and what is just plainly ridiculous.
What is there to prove by taking another's life? The first time it's done,
we're aware you can do it. But what about the second time - third? What point
does this hold? You may say that I simply don't know because it is not my
way to do so, but I know that by this you tear apart the city. You should
think of everyone, not just 'honor and family', before you initiate such a
-Mayln Wildfyre

64. Sender: Friedman
Date: Tue Feb 13 20:57:55 2001
To: All
Subject: Mayoral Canidate
I hereby wish to add myself to the list of mayoral canadates.
I will do my utmost best to keep this town running smoothly, reduce
violence in our streets, lower taxes and stop the corruption of our
city guards. I am not a smart man, or a rich man. What I am is
a truthful man. If I am elected I will not just try to do everything
promised, I will do them all.

Friedman MacKee, the Sane Choice

65. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Aug 3 18:57:16 2001
To: Alucard
Subject: DeathMAster
Alucard, your title has been on you for too long. I am here
to fight for it. I believe that you aren't the DeathMaster no longer.
I'll be waiting for a reply within a week or else the title is no longer
yours to keep. Don't forget, one week... your time starts now...

BloodMaster Akastron Humperdink

66. Sender: Turgil
Date: Thu May 3 02:11:53 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: empty words.....
Like before you show up when you can find those who will listen
to your hollow preachings. I know not what past trajedy has caused
you to launch this crusade against the kindred but know this! We
will not stand for it! You say that you are to cleanse the world
of vampires. I say you will never succeed. To succeed one has to
inspire those who follow them and I see no proof of this (Mercutio's
rantings are hollow ..... and very uninspired). Know this as well.
We are watching you. So take care, lest you invoke the wrath of
someone who IS inspired and has crusaded to rid the world of you.

Turgil Telepelen, Lord of the Celestial Hall

67. Sender: Amen
Date: Mon Apr 30 09:26:31 2001
To: All
Subject: Vampires
It seems to me people who wanted vamps dead are those that think that
vamps are all powerful...too powerful. If the people who wants vamps
dead coz of rp reasons...i think thats okie. But i feel ppl just
want vamps dead coz they still think they are the most powerful class
well...to all those who feel this way...u are dead wrong. Vamps are
now so suxxy that a newbie avatar ranger can kill me even tho i have double
his hr/dr more hp and ac. Well some will say i suxx as a pker..but
the truth is...no matter how much i suxx..its still silly to see that
i can be killed by a newbie ranger. Therefore..it proves that vamps
have been lower way too much. so if u still hate vamps coz they are too
powerful...i guess u have no reasons to fear us now.

68. Sender: Wedge
Date: Wed Aug 8 23:23:39 2001
To: All
Subject: Cegfuin/Leader?
I too, witnessed the one known as Cegfuin's death, however, I question
whether or not he is the leader of Di Eamen. I have heard he always
introduces himself as "The Voice of Di Eamen". I urge you do not lower
your guard as of yet. There are others besides Cegfuin to be wary of.
I believe the one known as Ande is still alive, as well as Tshmakal and
Izrick. Also, does anyone know what it is Cegfuin wants? And has there
been any further development in the rumored Sh'kur camp near the dwarven

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

69. Sender: Friedman
Date: Tue Jun 5 07:20:11 2001
To: Wedge
Subject: re: Tshmakal
I may not be much help in battle, but I think that this Tshmakal
is becoming too large of a threat. I have started off to look
for this drygonite that you seek.

Friedman, Demon Slayer

70. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Mar 16 10:26:53 2001
To: Cent/Nori
Subject: Peace
Norik and Centhwevir,

You two at least should realize what you are doing. Do you not
remember our journey? There are powers far beyond ours in
the world, and they are coming nearer every day. Now is not
a time to war between ourselves. It is a time to band together
and face this power, whether it be friend or foe. I have
already branded it as foe, and I believe we will have to
work together to put an end to it. I speak of many things.
One is Djakiar, another Cegfuin, also Tshmakal and Ande.
A wheel is turning, something is coming near, it is obvious in all
that is happening. I urge you to postpone this war of
yours until the danger has passed

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

71. Sender: Panserbjorne
Date: Thu Aug 9 22:18:53 2001
To: Daemon
Subject: Re:
Because I was yelled at for about a week about doing
a similar thing and i just feel that all people here
should be treated fairly. :)

72. Sender: Kalypso
Date: Tue May 29 00:59:21 2001
To: Uthegenal
Subject: re: ENOUGH!
How dare you speak of my deceased husband like that! HOW DARE YOU!
He left the Leadership in the hands of Jericho, Drak and I.. most
of us were Vampire.. and yes he was proud to be Forsaken, as was I!
I was proud to be their leader until tough times came along and
my title was stripped from me.
and I will say this now, I never once ridiculed Contradox for being
both Sh'kura and Vampire. He was proud of the fact, as was I! He
was a very very strong man to live thru such advertisy as that.
I have had my say for now. But until later on.

73. Sender: Magyana
Date: Tue Mar 20 12:08:49 2001
To: Nameless
Subject: My dear friend
My darling Nameless I am deeply sadden by your departure
from us. I hope the moon finally leads you to your happiness
and peace. No matter what path you take. No matter if you see
me or not. I am there with you. You will always be one of my
family and one of my friends. Should you ever need to call
upon the darkness. I will be waiting.

74. Sender: Aneirin
Date: Sat Jan 20 16:30:14 2001
To: All
Subject: vampires
Why would anyone true to themselves be a friend to a vamp?
Mages believe in the purity of their magic. How can they be
friends to beings who corrupt it with blood?
Clerics bow to the sacraments of their gods.
Why would they care for the unholy undead beings?
Warriors bravery and skill honor death as a part of life.
Why would they care for the corrupted undead?
Thieves live of the prosperity of others, but they have an
honor code of their own. How could they be friends with a
being that kills without scruples?
Rangers and Druids pay homage to nature. Should not their
natural enemy be the parasite sucking the beauty away?
Monks believe in pure doctrine, purity of mind and spirit. Why
should they bow to the murky demons?
Illusionist and Augurer pride their intelligence and truth. Why
would one who knows truth seek for friendship in those with
rotting minds and demonic will?
They are corrupt and have corrupted us. It is time we seek
the true path, the path of life, purity, knowledge, faith, wisdom,
honor, and courage. Put their demonic spell aside! It is time to
rise up and fight back for what we cherish and hold dear!
For our life and for the lives of those we love!
- Aneirin

75. Sender: Abyss
Date: Sat Mar 17 16:36:06 2001
To: Centhwevir
Subject: Re: Re: War
In my last statement, I was very diplomatic
and I spoke with a calm tongue. However, I do
not wish to do so anymore. Centhweiver, you have
attacked members of my clan ruthlessly and without
remorse, even when our Leader wished to abstain
for the forthcoming clan wars. I spoke directly of
you. You are a killer, you are a hunter, and you have
little knowledge of such political issues. You are
the main cause of this one. I have asked you to
leave my clan alone. Now, I am telling you to do
so. If it means leaving my clan to prevent
further war, I will do so to protect them. You
have been warned Centhwevir. Do not make
me angry again. You are spoiling the friendships
I have formed my entire life with members of
Sword of Night. Do not make me ruin those
that I hold dear. I will if I have to.

Abyss - of The Mystics

76. Sender: Magyana
Date: Sun Mar 11 16:34:14 2001
To: All
Subject: Akastron and Sword of Night

I want it known that until the leaders of Acerbus Ira stop the one
known as Akastron from hunting my children he will be an enemy to
Sword of Night.

Norik, Nameless, and Indigo,
I wish to meet with one or all of you to clear this matter up.
I do not want to war with you again, but I will not let my children
be abused.


77. Sender: Mayln
Date: Tue Feb 13 19:56:02 2001
To: All
Subject: Mayoral candidate
Greetings! I would like to announce my running for official seat of mayor. I
don't believe in telling you all to "vote for me!" and "I'm the number one
choice!", because in the end it's up to you, not what the candidates think.
I would like to say, however, that even though I am a member of a peaceful
clan, I -do- believe in equality for everyone. No discrimination against
anyone, whether you are a Vampire, Sh'kura, Troll - whatever you may be.
This city is our home, regardless if is inhabited by thieves, vampires or even
mages. Many of our fellows follow the path of killing. While of course I do
not advocate you cannot strive to change the beliefs of people, only discuss
with them different opinions. In this, a respect for each other must be
endeavored for, because in the end, respect will lead to a more sacred
kind of kinship amognst us all. I do wish for peace, but that does not mean
everyone has to share my thoughts. I cannot stress that enough. I am entirely
willing to hold councils composed of ideas you suggest, because no city
can work without input from its citizens. In retrospect, I strive to for a
sense of unity that Xantheus could benefit from, while retaining its original
sense of identity that makes each one of us unique. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask me. Blessed be!
*Mayln Vehenemance

78. Sender: Doomweaver
Date: Sun Jan 21 05:14:05 2001
To: Nameless
Subject: feeding habits.
It is true nameless, the numbers of any one race should not become
too large lest nature, or the other races take action. As vampires
switched their diets from rats and worms to the humanoid races to
keep their numbers in check, so did we Sh'kur change part of our diet
to feed on the flesh of vampires that is so commonly available.
We however now live in a place where all races live together, supposedly
as equals. In this realm it cannot be tolerated that one eats another,
as we are all as one and thus this would be an act of cannibalism. There
is an abundance of feeding possibilities available for every single one in
this city, without having to turn to our own.
We welcome you to live among us, if you live here as one of us, but it can
not be tolerated you prey and feed on your brethren.

79. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Apr 29 02:58:54 2001
To: Uthegental
Subject: Vampire
When I first came to this town, the only, And I do mean ONLY person
to help me at the begining, was a vampire. He had shown me around
and made sur I knew the main laws around here. This was way before
I had any good spells to give. It was a kindness I won't ever forget.
Others almost always seem to have an ulterior motive. One living
being even had the audacity to say in my face, " You can come
but just to heal us." Now who has shown me the most kindness. If it wasn't
for cetain members of Nonla and SoN. I wouldn't even be here today. And you
really want to know something? The two that helped me the most, stuck
with me when I was going to quit, and picked me up, lightened my heart,
and gave me the strength to go on,..... were both VAMPIRES. Open your
eyes like they have opened mine. There is friendship and goodness in
all races, if it's given a chance.
And about bloodying the streets. I haven't seen the priest, the healer
or the townspeople attack if unmolested. Yet I still find their corpses in
the street. I didn't point out as a act by vampire haters. I pointed it
out as a fact that there are people that will do anything, just to advance.
*ooc And I roleplay according to my character's history and relations*

Glaykor, the wandering priest

80. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Wed May 2 22:03:07 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: Naboth

I have slain Naboth. I expect my pay.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

81. Sender: Centhwevir
Date: Fri Feb 9 09:08:04 2001
To: Lain
Subject: Generalities
Since generalities seem to be your forte Lain, I'll give you one or two
of my own. Generally speaking, I should kill for the insult you have
handed me. I would, except I am forbidden from doing so due soley to
your own cowardice in choosing the path of a peaceful. Don't start
blathering about your pure intentions either. Nobody chooses such a path
because they don't want to kill people. They choose it because they don't
want to be killed. How's that for a generality? So here's a suggestion,
why don't you refrain from slinging insults at a group that, from your
own mouth, makes up a significant percentage of the voting population?
Or perhaps at the very least, visit me in the arena so I wipe some of
what you've been throwing at me off on your face.

82. Sender: Harpell
Date: Tue Jun 5 14:12:37 2001
To: Wedge/All
Subject: Drygonite
From what I've heard, Drygonite would kill you if you touched it. You
may want to find something that can counter its magic, if magic is what
it consists of.

Harpell Arloft

83. Sender: Shadows
Date: Tue Jul 17 07:19:49 2001
To: All
Subject: Top Ten
first room - 12315
As very few have applied to join the ranks of the most
dangerous people in Xantheus. I have decided to
cut the list from 10 to 5 people. If in the future we
appear to have a greater need for a larger list
I will listen to a petition to reopen the last 5 spots.

84. Sender: Aneirin
Date: Thu Mar 22 16:49:11 2001
To: All
Subject: Honor
Once again, I hear you all banter an about honor. This is something
you know nothing of. I make my statement once again.
(ooc see note 77)
- Aneirin

85. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sat Feb 24 22:29:24 2001
To: All
Subject: Tshmakal
Dear Fellow Adventurers,

I have come accross new information regarding the man I am seeking, Tshmakal,
I have been told that he has visited the Half-Draogn city, so I will be
spending much of my time there, until he decides to show up again, or I
receive new information. The reason I am telling you all this is that I
seek help. I know now that if I challenge him in my current state,
the out-come is unclear. I may be victorious, maybe not. If there
is anyone out there willing to train me for my hopeful encounter with
Tshmakal I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

86. Sender: Oooog
Date: Mon Jul 16 00:05:49 2001
To: All
Subject: Pudding
As Sandwich said him and I encountered cauldrons of black pudding
creatures. They lined an entire passage way within the Orc holding.
When we attempted to sacrifice them though they only came back a
few moments later (repop I believe). So I believe we have found
where the puddings have originated from.


87. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Jul 15 20:10:36 2001
To: Dragon-Halfs
Subject: List
Fellow Dragon Halfs,

I would appreciate it greatly if you would please sign your name
at the bottom of this notice. It is for a very important matter that
I am not at liberty to discuss. Please, I want the signatures of Dragon
Halfs only.
(ooc note)- Ok, if you're not a dragon half, don't vote (norik...)
If you are a dragon half, vote on anything, yes/no/abstain. It
doesn't matter, I'm simply compiling a list. Thank You.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

88. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Wed May 30 19:22:15 2001
To: People
Subject: Bickering 2
Nightblade, in your note you adressed that Sh'kur "have been wrongly
hated for many years", and I would like to say that you are absolutely
correct..... you just left out the part where we're still hated and still
discriminated against today!!
Mayln, in your note you said brandying words will get us no where. Apparently
you're absolutely correct. Turgil requested something from you, and from the
looks of the notice board, he was blatantly ignored. He had a very good point
too. This city.... your city, still has vampires roaming the streets with no
purpose other than to kill Sh'kur. Are you doing nothing about this because
you too, are a vampire and support what they are doing? Who knows?
Elstin, in your note you say our actions will enrage the current vampires.
GOOD! Maybe they'll get an idea of how we've felt all these bloody years!!
Maybe when they start having to look over their shoulders everywhere they
go to make sure no one's about to stab them in the back, they'll realize
they never should have kept pushing us Sh'kur. What goes around comes
around my vampire friends, and if I have my way, what you've done to us
will come back to you.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

89. Sender: Norik
Date: Mon Apr 30 17:24:03 2001
To: Mercutio
Subject: Re:
I used to see things as you used to, but lately, I realized
that there is no point in all of this. It is a waste of time,
blood and friendships. You can call me weak for succumbing
to the vampires, but, be prepared to face any and all of
the consequences. I have been here longer than you.
Maybe I know more than you.


90. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Fri Aug 10 17:25:32 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: Payment

I have killed yet another vampire, this one by the name of Lestat.
You owe me quite a bit now, if I'm not mistaken. I wish to speak with you
about payment. Soon.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

91. Sender: Blight
Date: Tue May 1 23:48:36 2001
To: All
Subject: Common Sense Part II.
the two of you. Touch my friends, my family, or my clansmen and you
will feel the brunt of my wrath. I won't spread my attention out over
your entire race. You won't have them to hide behind. It will be
you, Piotre, and you, Mercutio, along with anyone else you may employ
to do your dirty deeds for you. Watch yourselves.

Blight Fawson
Son of Nightmare

92. Sender: Magyana
Date: Fri Mar 16 09:35:38 2001
To: Norik
Subject: The blood there will be
I applaud Acerbus Ira for showing concern for another clans weakling;
however, I will not tell my children to stop attacking one that has brought
them displeasure to the level that this Thorn has.
As for your threats to my children and my kindred. I stand ready to face
you any night and most days. I have tolorated the invasion of sh'kur
into my home, but I will not allow such animals to threaten my
family. All you have done is proven the vampires right in
believing the sh'kur to be vile and dishonest. You paraded
around here as a friend to us and even called upon us for
aid. Now we see your true colors and will remember it will.
I also take this note to mean as leader of Acerbus Ira, you
did intend to start a war with Sword of Night by sending
that fool Akastron out. So I will let my family know
that there will be no peace between the night and the

93. Sender: Indigo
Date: Fri Mar 23 16:38:14 2001
To: Magyana
Subject: Re:All
Times have dwindle upon my clan. In its years of greatest
we have become less strong. It is a great loss to myself and the
clan that Nameless a great and loyal disciple of the Wolf left
us. I do not wish to go to war anymore, the bloodshed has been to
great to go back to pointless killing. Magyana if you have a time
of freedom I would greatly honor a meeting with you. That is all.
-=Indigo Erebor, Diplomat of the Wolf

94. Sender: Nightblade
Date: Sun Apr 29 00:15:43 2001
To: Uth/All
Subject: Vampire
Umm...isn't our Mayor a Vampire?


95. Sender: Naryssa
Date: Wed Feb 7 11:34:36 2001
To: Lain/all
Subject: Precaution
I must agree with Dethan and Selmer on this occasion. Ande and his little
clique are quite dangerous. They are rogues, in a way, as Dethan said they
cannot be controlled. They speak the truth, and if you ever encounter them
for any length of period of time, you will soon see this. As for Alucard,
well, to each their own. Step with caution, watch with care around them.


96. Sender: Murphey
Date: Tue Jun 5 14:22:43 2001
To: All
Subject: re:Tshmakal
Drygonite has been found... now all Wedge
has to do is hook up with the holder of it.
Yes, it is very lethal, but let's hope he can
handle the confrontation without any problems.
good luck to you Wedge, and if anything should
arise, I'll put my clerical powers into the mix
and uplift all who need it.

Murphey the Murphster...

97. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Sat Aug 11 21:48:58 2001
To: All
Subject: 3-item rule?
Clan Leaders,

Is the law concerning how many items one can loot currently being


98. Sender: Akastron
Date: Thu Aug 9 16:43:18 2001
To: All
Subject: Cegfuin
The Death of Cegfuin wasn't done just by me, or the other
fellow adventurers who tried. After minutes of exhausting battle,
Zorian sprang from his shop and into action when he heard about
Cefguin's attack. With Zorian at our side for the fight, Cegfuin went
down like a rock! We owe gratitude and love for our beloved Zorian.
Once gone, now returned, all good, great helper... ZORIAN!

99. Sender: Vicks
Date: Wed May 2 19:20:11 2001
To: All
Subject: Equality
Equality would be all well and good ....

But are we all really equal?

100. Sender: Nandor
Date: Fri Apr 27 23:16:08 2001
To: All
Subject: Vampires
Tell me Piotre, Mercutio, why is it you feel this hate
towards vampires? I myself am sh'kur, yet I have no
hate for the vampires. Do you two even KNOW why you
walk this path? Perhaps you would like to inform
us all and perhaps let us see the "light" as you
call it, eh?

Nandor Delacour, Brother of the Hippie Church

101. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Fri Jun 22 18:38:13 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: N/A
Piotre, you are starting to make me angry! I have been patient long
enough. If I do not get a response from you soon, I will begin to hunt
you down. I urge you to make contact with me, because I believe we could
help each other out. But if you fail to do so you may find yourself looking
at the tip of my blade.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

102. Sender: Norik
Date: Wed Jul 4 12:28:27 2001
To: Nameless
Subject: Dangerous
Well then,
Hi Namey, I challenge you for ur #4 spot.
Gimme a time/place and I'll be there =].


103. Sender: Magyana
Date: Mon Mar 12 21:00:48 2001
To: Akastron
Subject: Your misguided path
I have spoken with two of your three leaders and both were shocked to hear
of your behavior. While I can not speak for the third, it does seem suspicious
that you claim to act for the clan when two of your leaders disapprove.
As for the incident you mention with Reality, no one came to me about
the incident. Nor do I see my children stalking those of Acerbus Ira. So I
stand by my decision that you are misguided and acting of your own
accord and therefore not worthy of the friendship and respect I give
to the other members of Acerbus Ira.

104. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Mon Apr 30 17:19:31 2001
To: All
Subject: Reasoning
Why does everyone assume that I want to kill vampires because they're
"Too powerful", or "A plague", or some other nonsense. Not only have
vampires treated Sh'kur like the reputation that preceeds us deserves,
but they lash out at us without a moments hesitation. Or at least have
in the past. I feel that it is time things went full circle. Let
the reputation vampires now have for attacking Sh'kur come back to haunt
them as I try to even things out a little bit. They say "Bury it", I
say sure, bury it, just wait until I feel things are even. Then we
can bury it.

Mercutio Roedran

105. Sender: Sandwich
Date: Sun Jul 15 23:45:54 2001
To: Town
Subject: Warning
In our expeditions, Oooog and I ventured to the Orc Stronghold. Here, we
encountered cauldron after cauldron of puddings. Due to hearing reports of
pudding nuisences, I decided that the town should be alerted on this matter.

Sandwich the Waffley

106. Sender: Daemon
Date: Thu Aug 9 22:17:26 2001
To: Panserbjorne
Subject: Looting from Erogar
If Erogar doesn't complain, I don't see why you
should Panser.


107. Sender: Lestat
Date: Wed May 30 20:28:58 2001
To: All
Subject: Bickering
Contradox did not get enough mocking, as far as I am concerned. That
deformity should have been killed long before he was. I was hoping
never to hear that mutant's name again, but if I must, I shall dance
upon his grave on the crossroads for each time I hear his name. That
mutant was a disgrace to the kindred, and was a detriment of the
combined IQ of the town.

Lestat, Vampire

108. Sender: Blight
Date: Tue May 1 23:46:07 2001
To: All
Subject: What has happened to common sense?
First, let me apologize for not having joined in this discussion until
now. I have been dealing with personal problems, and have honestly not
been paying attention until now. To come back to this line of...
discussion... is truly bewildering. I have not spoken to Piotre, but
I have spoken to Mercutio, and may I say, I have yet to make any sense
of him. On one hand he is claiming to be against discrimination and
racism. On the other, he groups all vampires as deranged, depraved,
murdering beasts who take pleasure from nothing but killing children and
Sh'kur. I personally have a problem with this, Mercutio. First, I've
no deep, set-in-stone hatred of Sh'kur. I call one Sh'kur my brother,
and I'm honored and proud to know him. Yet I am a vampire. Second,
I know I peronsally don't go out searching for the innocent to kill,
as you imply that all vampires do. Yet I am a Vampire. How can
you claim to oppose discrimination, yet discriminate against those
you don't like with such broad strokes? Ah, there lies the crux of
the matter, does it not? It is not discrimination you oppose, is it?
It is discrimination against YOU that you have a problem with. I
have learned to look beyond race, to realize that one specimin does not
necessarily represent an entire people. And, Mercutio, Piotre, if one
you consider to be lower than scum can learn this, and you can not, what
does that say about you? I do not blame the Sh'kur race for your actions,
or what will happen as a result of them. But take care. I am watching

(to be continued...)

109. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sat Jun 2 21:14:50 2001
To: Wedge
Subject: re: Tshmakal
Alas, I have no information to give you on the whereabouts
of the cursed material known as drygonite. However, I
offer my assistance in overthrowing Tshmakal. He has been
a terror to our people for far too long ... his rein must end,
and I will fight by your side; to the death, if necessary.

If I can be of any help to you in your search or your
cause, do not hesitate to contact me.

Vicks Erebor
The Elder Wolf, Ranger of the Abyss

110. Sender: Elstin
Date: Wed Jun 13 17:42:26 2001
To: All
Subject: RE:
Reality and Norik kindly gave me the Drygonite. I will start making the
antipotion as soon as posible.


111. Sender: Turgil
Date: Mon May 14 07:28:49 2001
To: Sir Wedge
Subject: Oozes? Ack!
Are you sure you rid the City of all the "oozes"? I have no idea
what they look like but something has been misplacing items in my
house and no matter how hard I try to find the culprit, I end up
with failure. If you have the chance please check my home for any
of these "ozees" as you are already familiar with what they look
and act like. It would be disasterous if even one was growing and
multiplying in my house to one day cause havok to our city and its
inhabitance. My thanks in advance.

Turgil Telepelen, Lord of the (Messy) Celestial Hall

P.S. I have asked Mayln, our mayor for carpenters to add
the non-existent door to my house. If one has appeared
and is locked, our mayor should have a spare copy. Oh,
forgive the mess. I haven't had time to clean :P

112. Sender: Vicks
Date: Thu Aug 9 15:30:47 2001
To: All
Subject: darksilver
I have an item in my posession taken from the corpse
of Cegfuin. It is composed of a material known as
darksilver; I wish to know more about it. Any who
have any information on it are urged to contact me.
If your help prooves fruitful you will be well rewarded.

Lord Vicks Erebor

113. Sender: Akastron
Date: Fri Jul 27 16:28:36 2001
To: Amen
Subject: BloodMaster challenge
Right now, like I said in my previous note, Daemon's week
is over, and I challenge you Amen, for your second most dangerous
person in Arathnos. Please leave a note on the IC board so I know
you wish to defend your spot. Thank you.


114. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Mar 20 15:48:24 2001
To: Magyana
Subject: re:
You say that Ira is honorless, and that we take no
responsibility for the war. That we blame others for
the battles that have crippled this land?

Nay, M'lady. I accept the fact that I played a rather large
part in this whole mess; I was the one who declared it in the
first place. And if I could do it all again I wouldn't change a
thing. Sword of Night did much to push me into my decision;
I made the best one I could have under the circumstances.

So do not say that we do not take responsibility for our
actions, at the same time pushing all the blame upon us.
I will not be responsible for the breaking of this peace, for
I seek blood no longer. None would like to see peace more
than I. Whether that peace is achieved through the destruction
of your clan, however, is another matter.

One that you seem to have left to your "children"

Vicks Erebor
The blood of the Wolf

115. Sender: Mayln
Date: Sun Apr 29 21:48:31 2001
To: All
Subject: My view
I believe it is time a one of the Kindred spoke on our own behalf.
Those who wish us dead see from narrow views. They believe we are
not capable of seeing that those of my kind who kill the Sh'kura are
wrong, and that action does need to be taken against them. Not
every Vampire wishes to hunt you. You are making a grave stereotype
when you state that, we are individuals, able to think independently.
Whereas you have a hive bias, you see that we are all the same, with
the one motive to kill. That is not true. And I can't say that I do
understand what it is to be attacked for no reason, and I don't claim to.
I sympathize with what you go through, and that is not how it has to be.
I am working with members of Xantheus to ensure that Sh'kura will be able
to stroll the streets without the fear of being shunned by a mere few with
narrow views. In order for this to work, we must forsake the inborn hate
that is burrowed within us to bring peace and fellowship amongst us.
- Mayln Wildfyre

116. Sender: Shadows
Date: Tue Jul 10 07:12:31 2001
To: Aka and All
Subject: Those who think they are Dangerous
As I'm sure you've seen there is no name
for the 10th spot. And your note brings
a valid point as to who should get that
spot. After careful consideration...
I have decided those who want it. Should
e-mail me (Magyana@magyana.com).
Depending on the number of applicants
I will announce how you could win
the spot.

117. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Jul 8 19:32:06 2001
To: Those Eligible
Subject: Squire
I, Sir Wedge Mathiu, am looking for a young person, male or female
who would like to become a squire under me. Under this squireship,
I will teach you the ways of a Knight so that you yourself may
possibley become one. To become my squire you must be noble,
willing to learn, obedient, and loyal. Please apply with
a note or letter addressed to me.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

118. Sender: Piotre
Date: Tue Apr 24 18:35:43 2001
To: Arathnos
Subject: Bounty
I have returned from my voyage and I offer the same bid as
before. 100000 coins for every vampire each person brings
to me. The time has come to put an end to this poison that
has affected us for so long. Beware, all ye parasites.


119. Sender: Dethan
Date: Tue Feb 6 23:30:43 2001
To: Lain/all
Subject: re:paranoia
Selmer is correct in what he says about Alucard. Second, I know first
hand how dangerous Ande is. Cireen cannot control him anymore. And
she is queen of my kind. What does that say? He may not be the best man,
but Selmer is trusty worthy in what he says. You were not there. Do not
make fun of him so quickly.

120. Sender: Wedge
Date: Mon Feb 12 23:00:49 2001
To: Citizens
Subject: Mayor
As the Election Official and Knight of Xantheus, I have composed a
list of the people who I know are running for Mayor. They are as follows:

1. Lain
2. Levet
3. Kirren
4. Abu
5. Elstin
6. Dethan

121. Sender: Lain
Date: Wed Feb 14 20:58:28 2001
To: Everyone
Subject: Election Platform cont....
Citizens of Xantheus,
As the election draws nigh, you may have noticed
that more people have joined the race. Sadly, they tell the same story
that all the other candidates tell. Equality, happiness for all, and
all the other promises that either mimic a promise I made, or go
against something i've said, which some people found a little too
controversial for their tastes. Sadly, this ploy shows a lack of
creativity and vibrance, neccessary qualities for your elected officials!
My policies may sound harsh, but I care not what someone does outside
of our fair cities' walls, only what happens inside, where we work, live
and breath! Equality means that people will still kill the guards for keys.
Equality means that anyone can walk in anywhere at anytime and destroy
what has taken you years to build. Don't let the promise of "Equality"
lull you into a false sense of security. Before you vote, think about
what is important to you, and vote with your best interests in mind.

Lain, candidate for Mayor
note to Everyone

122. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Sun Apr 29 16:07:44 2001
To: Glaykor
Subject: Bloodied Streets
Glaykor, you speak of those that you find dead on the street.
Unless these are the Sh'kur hunter you speak of, they were most
likely killed by a vampire, and then drained of blood. Is this
note how they sustain themselves? Think before you speak. I
seek revenge, mostly. Kayantai, do I wish to purge the world of
all vampires? Naye, is too big a task for me alone. Perhaps
if all these vampires would live off of rats and small rodents
and stop their discrimination and open hatred towards my kind
I would cease. However, I will continue as I am until I feel
I have set things right.

Mercutio Roedran

123. Sender: Wedge
Date: Fri Feb 9 18:59:07 2001
To: All
Subject: Tshmakal
I seek information regarding a man by the name of Tshmakal. If
you know anything about him, please let me know. He is described in my
previous note (136).

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

124. Sender: Dethan
Date: Sun Mar 18 22:48:10 2001
To: Mayln
Subject: mayor stuff
As mayor, I ask you to fix our advanced combat training programs.
Leaving everything on ONE guard is not fair to us, when you know
damned well that people kill that one person all the time. I ask
that you transfer it to ALL guards, not simply one guard.
-Dethan Stormblade, Guardian of the Gates

125. Sender: Moridin
Date: Tue Mar 6 23:45:18 2001
To: Everyone
Subject: Marriage
I would like to announce and cordially invite all those
of Arathnos to the wedding of :

Moridin Wildfyre of Clan Nonla Arahnala


Mayln Vehenemance of Clan Nonla Arahnala

The wedding will take place on the 13th of March and will be
at or around 10.00pm EST.

May you find honor and beauty in all you do.

126. Sender: Quemot
Date: Tue Jul 31 22:48:23 2001
To: Vicks
Subject: Brewing-monk
Hello Vicks.
I'm a level 48 monk. I can brew and scribe.
Write me a mail if you are interested.


127. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Wed May 2 22:16:56 2001
To: Blight
Subject: Common Sense

You put words in my mouth. I admit, I did say I am against discrimination.
I also said, however, that I am an advocate of vengeance. Paradoxial, I know,
but I feel that the discrimination against Sh'kur is greater than the
discrimination against Vampires. I am trying to balance the scales.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

128. Sender: Norik
Date: Sat Jul 28 20:41:19 2001
To: Daemon
Subject: Challenge
Dear Dae,
I know this is a mean thing to do, but a guy
gotta do what a guy gotta do. I challenge you for
your spot on Dangerous.


129. Sender: Nameless
Date: Sun Jan 21 03:23:31 2001
To: Aneirin
Subject: vampires
I seem to have come across some very, entertaining notes
about the horror of my blood so to speak. I will thank Aneirin
for thinking so highly of me to ALLOW me to live here, my home
whereas the rest of my brethren be cast out, by force if need be.
I did not think that my actions negated the blasphomy of my race, or
forced upon race, should you consider my... creation as it were.

Such praise of my individuality, however must be rejected as it
is an attack on myself when the vampire race is singled out because
of our evolvement of the mortal races. You spoke of how many of the
other races and their respected roles in this world are there to preserve
nature, to honour life and its cycles, its faiths. Well vampires are that
cycle. Nature will sprout its own defence when one set of beings becomes
too dominant to that of thier surround environment. Mice are prey to cats,
cats enemies to dogs, dogs outclassed by bears and so on. Vampires
are the solution to humans and the other races that now feel they are at
the top of the food chain. We are born to keep that population in check.
Vampires are here to balance the threat of you other mortals from
disturding the natural order of things.

Aneirin, you may see me as, better then my blood dictates, but threaten
my kind, and you will see how much sin I can commit with your blood
in my veins.

130. Sender: Akastron
Date: Mon Mar 12 16:00:06 2001
To: Magyana and co.
Subject: Re.
Magyana... your children have stuck the first blow...
Not too long ago poor defensless Reality (which i might
add was afk) was shoved and attacked by your own number 2
so you see it was just a thank your card from Acerbus Ira... to
your children Sword of Night


131. Sender: Glaykor
Date: Sun Apr 29 00:01:14 2001
To: Mercutio
Subject: So called brethren
You knew what you were getting into when you chose to come to
this town. *ooc you chose the race, live with it* Some of us even show
compassion by helping out, when we can, with your wounds and such.
Others, your brethren included, litter this town with blood for no reason.
Other towns have had enough of all races and attack indiscriminately. Instead
of being happy that there are those that help, even some vampires here help out
a lot, you chose to discriminate the whole race. Why? Because they are
unnatural. Next will be the halfelves, or gith (forgive me my friends). They
aren't wholly natural. Cursed mixed breeds,, they aren't natural, let's kill
them all. Half elves, half ogres and trolls (forgive my words my friends,
while I make this point) They aren't natural either. Finish them
See where your destructive tendencies can lead, using your
own words, you own train of thought. Don't start a murder spree
that you can't handle. It might not be long before another race
thinks that you are not natural, that your race should be gone.
You already said that Ofcal excepts you. Other towns will too.
most people in this town except your brethren. Those that don't *shrugs*
that's something you have to live with. I have to live with
paying astronomical prices for everything because how I look.
(maybe we should kill all you handsome and beautiful people because
it isn't natural or fair that you get better prices) Same ludicrous
excuses for another perceived injustice.
Glaykor, the wandering priest

132. Sender: Akastron
Date: Sun Jul 1 22:56:19 2001
To: All
Subject: Hippie quest 1
The Hippie quest went very well in my perspective.
The curse that hangs over the church forced us hippies
to move to another place in search for a nice area to build the church.
Pentir immediately came to mind. Once there, we confronted
Quinlank, the bartender, who was very generous. He
was able to tell us of some land that is owned by
different shop keapers in this town. We were instructed
that Jorandel, the black smith, was holding some land.
He instructed us to check it out east of the town and
to the southeast of the guard tower. The ground was nice,
for building on.
We ran into a big problem with a tall warrior that was
hiding out in Pentir from the last time we had our
altercations. After disposing of him, we confronted
Quinlank once again in hopes to have him approve of
the land. He was very outgoing and he agreed that the
land was good for the job. We asked Jorandel how
much he would sell the land for and it turned out that we needed
to bargain with him. We were instructed to gather fine
equipment. Good enough equipment to make
competition in Pentir.
During this process, we ran into a very big problem.
The creature known as Balrog came out and started his assault.
I wasn't able to hurt him enough to kill him. I had to go shortly

133. Sender: Magyana
Date: Fri Mar 23 09:12:39 2001
To: Acerbus Ira
Subject: This Nonsense
Acerbus Ira,
I do not know what the leaders of Sword of Night have done or not done.
I do know that losing Nameless was a very heartbreaking moment for
me. I hope it was at least half as painful for your clan. If you still
insist upon blood, then I will have no choice but to defend my
clan. I would just like to go on the record as stating that my
heart is not with this battle and I feel it has cost us too much
already. If you want peace, come to me.

134. Sender: Turgil
Date: Thu May 3 01:54:43 2001
To: Mercutio
Subject: hate binds.....
"I am trying to balance the scales." -Mercutio Roedran. People have
used such words in the past and for greater need but I think that
hatred and thirst for vengence has blinded you. You say the same
words over and over ..... listen to how hollow they sound! My
homeland (far from here) has never known any of the kindred so
when I first arrive in Xantheus I must admit I was a bit taken
aback but reason told me that they, like most sentient folk
choose the path of light or dark. Release you hate and know
that Piotre is only using you.

Turgil Telepelen, Lord of the Celestial Hall

135. Sender: Naryssa
Date: Thu Feb 8 20:08:16 2001
To: Lain
Subject: Thought
I am not totally appreciative of your note. You are generalizing, and whenever
one does so, it tends to stem from a lack of knowledge on the subject.
Observations are one thing, and actually doing something is totally different.
You insult us, calling us cowards, though in not so many words. I am
wondering if you've taken the chance to ask any of those that you've
listed - including myself - if we actually were aligned with the good. If you
had, you would've found that I am. I do not kill without reason, I do not
enjoy taking the life of another without true purpose. Again, generalities.
Perhaps you should spend time among us and see how things really are before
commenting. Please keep this in mind.

136. Sender: Ethiylas
Date: Fri Mar 2 00:36:10 2001
To: All
Subject: The Final Page
It began, shortly after my world was formed...
I left, to train as an enigmatic, yet charismatic, Paladin.
Noble and True, my guild smashed all the evil from the land.
Yet, as the greatest of the Immortals witnessed this, he spawned a demon
He spawned pure evil. He spawned Vengeance. He gave it catastrophic power,
and he released it upon all the peoples. Quickly, however, Vengeance grew
stronger than it's creator. It destroyed my village, and in one final showdown
the demon lept within me. The greatest creator took his last chance, and
banished me to another world. Eventually I was freed of the demon... yet
before I could finally take my revenge, the creature suceeded in destroying
The God of Good upon that world. Before he died, he bestowed me with his powers
His death brought about the death of my world. Yet I managed to take the great
demon Vengeance within a crystal shard known as the Twilight's Requiem.
However, Seph... my young brother, was also tainted beyond heal.
Now he has been slain by the demon within him... and has left.
I leave with the courage of Haveesh, and I go in his holy name.

-Lord Ethiylas Eleison, Twilight's Lament.

*The final entry into the ancient tome of a once great family...
You stair upon it, feeling your heart quell and stir.
For you know, that you will never see either man again. A great
saga has ended... This frail sheet the last reminder of a once great family.*

137. Sender: Kayantai
Date: Sun Apr 29 00:25:13 2001
To: Vampire Haters
Subject: Creation
it is a shame those who are set in their ways are so close minded, or else
they would see just what my darling Glaykor is trying to tell you. Our
clan harbours many vampires and I am sure Glaykor and I will not see
any harm come to them just because you don't understand the balance
and fate that is existance and life. Who are you to judge a race and say
that one race is better or worse than other? All races were created, there
is no good or bad, they just are what they are and because they were
created gives them the right to exist how they want.
It makes me wonder, you vampire haters, what made you so high
and mighty that you may put yourself on such a high place that you
can decide what race can exist and what cannot. I may not quite be
all right all the time, but I do know that none of you vampire haters
have a "I am God" sticker on your forehead. So stop acting like
you are.
You have no right to judge another creature, lest you be judge.

138. Sender: Vicks
Date: Tue Jul 10 10:28:10 2001
To: Emily/Shads
Subject: Dangerous
Seph's week is up. That makes me No.8 if i'm not mistaken.

Emily, i'm affraid you are next. I have no choice but to call
you out for your spot. May the sun shine on your shoulders.


139. Sender: Elstin
Date: Tue May 29 16:02:38 2001
To: All
Subject: RE:
Normally I don't join in on any of these fights between races...
but this I can't miss. This is a very stupid sight to see you
unthegreal or.. how ever you spell your name, trying to fight
against vampires because they were racist to you. Now,
I can see you being upset, but going after them isn't the right
thing to do. For one, attacking will only make matter worse
by enraging the current vampires and taunting will only start
fighting. That is the last thing I want to see in this fair city.

Pope of the Hippie Church,
Elstin Delacour.

140. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Jul 1 23:07:03 2001
To: All
Subject: Hippie quest 3
As a Knight of Xantheus, I yet again am writing to inform you of
what has been happening in this land. Just to clear a few things
up, the warrior Akastron spoke of was one of Tshmakal's men, whom
I despise very much. As Akastron said, the Balrogs, there were a
a total of two, were causing us trouble. If any of you ever encounter
one of these horendous demons, be sure to have Vicks with you, as he
directly killed both of them, however, the poison that was running
through them thanks to one of my spells seemed to help immensely.
We paid Jorandel for his land, and the building of the church commenced
immediately. It is currently under construction and should be finished
shortly. I foresee a great many things coming from the church!!

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

141. Sender: Selmer
Date: Wed Feb 7 15:06:03 2001
To: Lain and town
Subject: Ande
Lain you expect to be chosen Mayer with the fear you are
willing to let loose on the city? You have seen our guards and
people get killed by Ande, and yet you wish to turn your back
on the town and let Ande live? You are a disgrace to the campaign
I hope the townsfolk see your true identity and have you voted out!
Listen town of Xantheus: Is this the kind of mayer you want leading
your town? You want to hide in fear of Ande!? Vote no for Lain for she
cannot make this town safer.

Selmer.... the reviser

142. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun May 13 21:16:58 2001
To: All
Subject: Town Attacked
Citizens of Arathnos,

As a Knight of this land, it is part of my duty to keep you informed
on the happenings in our city. Our town was infiltrated and attacked
by dozens of 'oozes' that found their way in by means of a black
cauldron. Eyecap was the first to discover them and send up a
warning. A small battle soon incurred between Arathnos's adventurers
and the 'oozes'. Chaz, Mercutio, Stoneface, and Lakirch fended off the 'oozes'
in our town, while Glaykor, Rhaz, and myself combatted the 'oozes'
in our neighboring towns of New Ofcol and the Gnome Village, which we
were informed were under attack by Dune. There were already many
casualties, so Orkus and Arknor set up at Mirza to heal the wounded.
After a bit of research, we discovered where the Cauldrons originated
so an effort was made to return them. Once all the 'ooze' were destroyed
and the cauldrons sealed, they were taken back by Zokor and Viktor. Zokor
played an essential role, being the only one with enough strength to carry
the massive cauldron back where it belonged. I must add that I was very
pleased that everyone was able to set aside their differences and ban together
to combat this evil. I do not believe this to be an act of any of our enemies,
I believe it to be a freak mishap, and nothing to worry over.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

143. Sender: Elstin
Date: Mon Jun 25 20:29:43 2001
To: Nightblade
Subject: re
Hehe actually nightblade... I do supply the flask/scroll... but that's just
me. Murphey and them I don't know if they will. But I do..

144. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Apr 8 19:08:17 2001
To: All
Subject: Thalos
Does anyone know just what did happen to Thalos? If so,
please inform the rest of us.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

145. Sender: Kayantai
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:02:35 2001
To: Mercutio
Subject: Observation
Such an odd thing to hear coming from you after you asked for acceptance from
Sword of Night, founded by a vampire and lead by one.
How very, very interesting indeed.

146. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Aug 12 11:34:28 2001
To: All Clanned
Subject: Nero
It seems we have our first target.
Nero has attacked and looted one of my clan.
He shall be hunted by Ira until he is driven from these
lands. I hope that we can count on your support as well.
He took eq that belongs to my clan; I want it returned.

As for you Nero, your days in these lands are numbered.
Until you return all that was taken from Erogar, I hope for
your sake that we do not find you outside of these walls.
For if we do, your blood shall paint these lands, and your
equpment shall stock our chests once again.

Hail Ira
Lord Vicks Erebor
Nero's Bane

147. Sender: Argel
Date: Tue Mar 13 22:10:50 2001
To: All
Subject: A quest
I have a question for all that may be brave enough to attack it:

Which is better, brown or country gravy? Many mothers across the land
state that brown gravy is healthier, but many other mothers would argue
that country gravy is much much yummier. This question has plagued
the back of our minds for too long; it is time to conquer this beast within us!

Please respond to my inquiry when anyone has an answer. Who knows where
the true answer lies?

-Argel, the speaker of the Sacred Flame

148. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Sat Apr 28 16:40:48 2001
To: All
Subject: Vampires
Fools, you think it odd that I try to join a clan with vampires
in it? Not strange at all. If you simply thought about you might
understand why I would. Vicks, though he has befriended some
vampires understands where this hatred stems. Vampires are not
exactly among this mortal coil. They kill other races daily to
stay alive. This is a very disgusting habit, and the world should
be rid of them.


149. Sender: Centhwevir
Date: Fri Mar 16 10:36:11 2001
To: Wedge
Subject: War
Indeed I had forgotten that. My memory is not what
it should be perhaps. Yet I do not speak of war with
Norik or his sh'kura. I ask merely that they leave me
alone, and warn them of consequences should they
ignore my request.
-Centhwevir Veltesh

150. Sender: Mayln
Date: Mon May 28 21:21:16 2001
To: All
Subject: Bickering
I think you all forget yourselves. Bandying words like this certainly isn't
going to get you anywhere, neither is drawing a blade. If you can't be
civil perhaps you should take an old piece of advice and not speak unless
you have something polite (and beneficial) to say. Besids, squabbling isn't
very becoming or authoritative.
- Mayln Wildfyre

151. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Sat Jun 30 23:32:24 2001
To: Piotre
Subject: OK
Just give me a time and place.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

152. Sender: Ethiylas
Date: Fri Mar 2 00:26:36 2001
To: All
Subject: Forever...
My friends,
I come before you with grim news.
Seph... or whatever has embodied his twisted and mangled remains, has
left this world. Left this plain of existance. He discovered the few
scraps of pages of the Tome of Eleison... the story and history of my
once proud family. Attatched to this note is a brief reccolection of an
old man... all that remains of my few shattered memories.
Using the scrawl on the pages, he managed to unlock the key to an ancient
secret... the power of Trangeomaterialization. In short, he has managed
to open a portal to one of the other worlds created by those who created
you... created me. He leaves, perhapse, back to my home. Perhapse, he
leaves back to the world we were both origionally from. Perhapse also
he leaves to ravage a new world. His distructive nature will not be stemmed
untill he is finally destroyed. However, my powers as the Lord of all Good
upon my world weaken with distance and time away, yet I will undertake this
one final trial. My world was completely destroyed by the sire of the demon
whom resides within Seph. I leave now, to find where Seph has travelled to,
and hopefully, to end his rain of destruction, by destroying my own being
in one last flash of holy wrath. Justice shall be served... Eternally.
... Why then, am I afraid... to finish this last task of mine?
I do this... for the light. May the sun shine always...
Forever. Goodbye my friends...
-=Sleep Well, Sweet Child... The Lord Holds Thee Now=-

153. Sender: Boadicea
Date: Thu Mar 22 14:24:18 2001
To: All
Subject: An End to War (continued)
Thank you for listening. I look forward to a peaceful means to an end. I also
petition others to convince those involved to convince your friends to take
responsibility for their feelings and actions and talk this out.


P.S. As I have tried to decide exactly what to write to inspire a peaceful end
to this war, others have asked what I was doing and I told them my concerns
they asked me to add their name. While I would like to I prefer those people
who agree with convince the parties involved toward resolution. Thank you.

154. Sender: Mercutio
Date: Mon May 28 12:32:03 2001
To: Kalypso
Subject: Heh
Uthegental is a smart man.

Deal with it, Kalypso, most vampires are disgusting creatures, maybe
Uthegental has come to where I am, maybe he's finally had enough of
getting the short end of the stick. I've had enough of this prejudice
being directed only at Sh'kur. It's time the vampires felt a little.

Mercutio Roedran, Vampire Hunter

155. Sender: Vicks
Date: Fri Aug 3 18:45:29 2001
To: Daemon
Subject: Dangerous
I'm told that you are now No5 on the dangerous list.
For that reason, i'm affraid i must challenge you for
the title of Assassin.
I await your response.

Vicks Erebor

156. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Feb 18 20:00:35 2001
To: All
Subject: New Mayor
As the Election Official, it is my job to inform all of our citizens
of the election results for Mayor. They are as follows:

Kirren: .97%
Friedman: 1.82%
Levet: 1.94%
Abu: 7.99%
Elstin: 10.33%
Dethan: 14.10%
Lain: 26.71%
Mayln: 36.14%

157. Sender: Nameless
Date: Mon Apr 30 02:05:16 2001
To: All
Subject: all this nonesense
This squabble is quite amussing.
We have here a little pebble crawling back into our lands asking
for the heads of vampires since he cannot retrieve them himself.
Offering a reward, a bounty for their deliverance. He marches through
the gates and feels to start a deadend war against the Kindred.

Then we have the riff raff of Xantheus. The ones who find pleasure in
hoping around picking off the weaker jump at the chance to rally and
hopefully pick off the scraps of our dear Piotre.

I see a fickle lot. All you would be "hunters" saying all vampires shall die
except the ones we like. I went through this before. A call to "rid
Xantheus of the vampire plague" but only the bad ones...the others
can stay if we like them... This is tiresome. Sh'kur say we vampires
have hunted them for centuries...well the blade turns both ways and
u dwarves are not so innocent of the same accusation towards my kind.

I truely find this all humorous for it is not something new...it isn't the
first time someone has taken a step to launch us into this nonesense once
again...nor do I think it shall be the last.

I say do what you can, it will give alitte entertainment to this land for a
short while, and then we shall be back to where we started, with the
hunters wallowing back to accepting that which is. Piotre...all I say is

158. Sender: Vicks
Date: Sun Jun 10 14:04:28 2001
To: Lady Kalypso
Subject: Waldo
Greetings, M'Lady. I have been informed that you have
assumed temporary control of clan Forsaken. It is good
to see that honor still shines strong in your halls.

However, this honor is not shared by the coward known
as Waldo Humperdink. His constant attacks on our clan
have upset many within our ranks. In addition, I have
clear and undisputeable evidence that Waldo broke Forsaken
clan rules; rules which clearly state, if broken, will result
in the offender being outcast.

He attacks us ... he mocks us ... he spits on the honor
that we have tried so hard to maintain between our clans.
I ask that you put this foul creature out of his misery, and
allow us to freely extract our revenge upon his foul

If my words are not enough, I seek meeting with you to
speak my case. Waldo is not worthy of your clan's

Thank you
Vicks Erebor,
The Elder Wolf

159. Sender: Centhwevir
Date: Fri Mar 16 19:32:15 2001
To: Abyss
Subject: Re: War
I am not entirely certain as to the thrust of your notice,
Abyss, but that is not important. Know however that I
have been approached, and have spoken with, members
of Acerbus Ira who dream of peace. We have made no
binding agreements between our clans, yet we have
come to some accord between us. Nevertheless, if
the members of Acerbus Ira cannot halt their pointless jibes
and attacks upon my clan there will never be any peace
between us. You say the actions of one donot reflect
on the whole, but I say you are wrong. Does the theif
who steals without the sanction of his guild go free?
No, he is punished. Reprimanded in the least. If
Acerbus Ira cannot control it's members even that well
then perhaps they should be dealt with by the other clans
of the realm before they truly get out of hand.
-Centhwevir Veltesh
Lord of Nightmares

160. Sender: Wedge
Date: Sun Aug 5 22:44:57 2001
To: All
Subject: Trouble
People of Xantheus,

As a Knight of this fair town, it is my duty to keep you up to date on
what events have taken root. Alerted by the scream of a dying guard,
a group of us rushed to his aid, lying there we found a note, written in
an ancient dragon script. It was a summon to Izrick, a white dragon who
resides in Little Haven. He asked us to take his key and retrieve a keepsake
he left guarded by Anger in the Ancient Battlegrounds. We did as he asked,
and Anger gave us a white cross and told us it was useless. We took the cross
to him and I foolishly gave it to him. This item was a relic of sorts that
gave him immense power. Our attempt to kill him failed miserabley. We were
called by Arequatra, another dragon, who explained everything to us. There
were once two Dragon Clans, one that wanted to live in peace with all the
creatures of the planet; another that wanted the planet to themselves. Izrick
believe what the latter clan believes. Arequatra told us we must get to the
other relics before Izrick does. We are currently searching.

Sir Wedge Mathiu, the Duke of Earl

ps Forgive me for my foolishness, I knew not what I was doing, Falisvir
protect us all.

161. Sender: Magyana
Date: Thu Jun 28 19:21:42 2001
To: My Past
Subject: A passing thought
For those too young of this land to know me ignore these words.
I'm writing to let those who once walked here to know I am well.
I am also looking for a true vampire. Someone who knows what
being a Kindred really means. I do not know if our city is still
blessed with such creatures. One can only hope..... When
the Moon is right I will return. The wind will carry your
voice to me and mine to you when you are ready.
La Rein de Noir.
In darkness there is only lies and blood.

162. Sender: Caligula
Date: Fri Aug 10 18:31:48 2001
To: Leaders/Members
Subject: looting clan bags
Hello leaders and clan members,

The recent changes of looting rules forced us, Xantheus' clan leaders,
to make our own rules and enforce them. Whether you're allowed to loot
depends on the clan rules and the loot list. A clan bag, however, shall
not be touched. If you loot a clan bag you'll be outcast and pursued by
all deadly, clanned players. Clan bags are considered sacred, if you
accidently take one, you'll have to give it back asap together with the
complete contents. Briefly: don't touch anyone's clan bag.

Agreed on the rules,

Caligula, No.1, Forsaken
Vicks, Leader, Acerbus Ira
Centhwevir Veltesh, No. 1, Sword of Night

163. Sender: Nero
Date: Sat Jun 23 17:01:28 2001
To: Wedge
Subject: RE
terribly sorry I couldn't make it... but I give you deepest blessings
on your marriage and I wish you well throughout your journeys.
happy hunting!.

Nero Enterage Archdemon , Assassin of the Shadows

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