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Abandoned Codex is a modified Smaug/Diku MUD with optional (encouraged) roleplaying and optional pkilling.
Set on the fantasy otherworld of Arathnos, its main focus is the once-proud but now crumbling city-state of Xantheus. Her government collapsed, the city is run by an uneasy balance of the military and the clans. Far to the west, the tropical island of Pentir beckons with easy riches and new dangers. To the south lurks the stricken continent of Djakiar, with its magical storms, endless desert, and absolute rule of law.
Closer to home, a boy purported to be descended from the First God returns with a mysterious Dragon to unite the lands as one nation. Will he succeed, or will the many competing powers conspire to stop him?
And finally, the Codex itself. An ancient pact made between the Gods and the Mortals, whereby the Gods gained power from their worshippers, and in turn fed that power back - until greed destroyed all but the last fragment, and the Gods left the world. Many have searched for signs of their return; will such an event prove welcome?

More details of the world's background and history can be found on the backstory page.


Abandoned Codex makes good use of the Smaug 1.02 features, plus:

  • 85 mortal levels, with a new uncapped points-based combat system and quest-based higher advancement for avatars.
  • Revised clan system with war code.
  • Constantly moving storyline, incorporating quests and a good balance of admin-guided and player-driven plot.
  • 110 areas and growing, the majority of them unique to Abandoned Codex. Areas are more cohesive and interconnected than on most diku-type muds, with rigorous standards applied to quality and relevance (no smurfs).
  • Qpbuy command to upgrade stats, rename items and so forth.
  • Ability to place bounties on deadlies' heads.
  • Skill award code to gain new abilities via quests and the like.
  • Salutations and Honorifics - many attainable In Character ranks.
  • Area exploration questpoints - bonuses awarded for visiting distant and obscure areas. Clerics also gain exp for discovering special temples.
  • Lots of new prompt options, including battle prompts.
  • Ratings code, a global Top 60 of most powerful players.
  • Lifestyles replace Deities, along with several code enhancements.
  • Racial abilities for some races
  • New skills and spells, including (amongst others): absorption, assassinate, barkskin, blue fireball, breath of life, create cookie, crystal disruption, damage knowledge, destroy undead, detect temple, disintegrate, dragonsfire, firebless, flip, fright, fury of nature, heavensbless, hellscurse, hiheal, lay on hands, learning, martial arts, mavenspower, meliorate, minisanc, passive dispel, phantom warriors, quantum blast, rune blast, souldrain, stonefist, strength, total heal, transfer mana, coup de grace, hone, observation, sneakyfollow, surefootedness, worship.


The Fundamentals: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior
The Combination Classes: Ranger, Druid, Vampire, Augurer, Monk, Illusionist
The Remort Classes: War Wizard, Paladin, Assassin, Necraladin, Naturalist, Deathknight


The Classics: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf
The Magicals: Halfling, Pixie, Gith, Kender
The Evil Half-Things: Half-Ogre, Half-Orc, Half-Troll
The Advanced Races: Sh'kura, Pureblood Vampire, Dragon-Half
The Obscure Races (invite only): Drow, Wood-Elf, Ent, Dragon


A guide to roleplay will appear here soon.

Unlike a lot of muds where the staff are referred to as 'immortals', the administrators on Abandoned Codex are purely out-of-character entities. They are not 'Gods' or anything of that ilk, so should only be responded to in character when they have specifically taken the form of an NPC.

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New and improved features

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